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Americans Surpass Nazis in National Fraud

"They say, but do not do what they say."

    On June 15th Public Television aired its documentary, "The People's Century, Master Race." The documentary outlined the rise of the Nazis and some of the principles that governed their thinking. Shown were the dancing Germans who welcomed their new leader with joy and worship. Shown were the Jewish and Gypsy persecutions and murders along with others who would not conform to the national dream. Nazis were offended that the Jewish media pressed hard against them and demeaned the efforts they took as grand and noble aspirations of future glory. Since the Jews played an adversarial role and made efforts to weaken the German cause through their media and businesses, they were seen as the enemy and they were exterminated as the enemy. Gypsies were viewed as nonproductive and thieves. Since they were not of "The Order", and could not be made to conform, they also were deemed expendable. This is the nature of all socialist states.

    As the documentary progressed, it became clear, though unintended, that the new order now sweeping the world does not use the name "Nazi" but is fully involved with its principles. It does not require a Nazi to eradicate dissent. This eradication happens in America, Israel and in most other countries. The Nazis used various forms of propaganda as is done these days to form public opinion and bring everyone into support of the Third Reich.

    Adolph Hitler was not elected by public majority, but became chancellor by a political deal. This is also true of our own president who did not gain the presidency by popular majority vote. The chief of the United Nations does not even pretend to be elected in this way. When men rule, and that rule has not been given them by popular consent, there must be force and coercion to sustain it. This was true in Germany and it is true in American as well.

    As was said, the National Socialist German Workers' Party of the Nazis would not tolerate divergent ideologies. All were to be brought into the grand and Third Reich. There were to be no nationalities holding back. This is also true for the United Nations. Those who are not cooperative and supportive of the New Order are viewed as pariah states, and the national propaganda machine and international sanctions are used to starve the offending state into submission.


    The Public Television documentary also revealed the horrors of human medical experimentation of new drugs and surgical procedures in Nazi prisons. This may well have been speaking of our own culture. On June 8th the Spokesman Review printed a book evaluation written by David Kinney of the Associated Press. The story reviews the book, Acres of Skin by Allen M. Hornblum. In his book he reports of the human experimentations in a Philadelphia prison. Prisoners were used as test agents for Dr. Albert M. Kligman who ran the experiments for about twenty years. Hornblum states, "Kligman established something thoroughly unique in this country: a human research factory, a department store of experimental research." I do not know what race Dr. Kligman belongs to, but it does not take a Nazi to experiment on humans. Kinney reports that Dr. Kligman was the inventor of Retin-A, the acne and wrinkle remover that was first tested on a group of Holmesburg prisoners. Kligman tested incapacitating agents, radioactive isotopes and dioxin on prisoners for various outside interests. Why is it we have such a fixation on the Nazis when we do the same things ourselves?

Federal prison seal

    Recently, 60 Minutes revealed how this human testing has gravitated to the general population. In order to make easy cash people are induced to rent their bodies for testing. The tests on these individuals sometimes end with catastrophic results. While it may be stated that these individuals are not forced into testing these substances, the argument will not hold in that personal need is relative to the situation. Some have personal economic needs and will choose testing rather than starve. Prisoners, who are often penniless, would opt for testing to make a few hundred dollars a month. Nazi prisoners may have submitted to testing so that they might extend their lives. The principles are the same, only the names and places change.

    The WINDS recently received an e-mail objecting to our article on prison slave labor. The sender, as with most Americans, has a general benign view of our prison system. While we have been indoctrinated how evil and low the Nazi and Communist prison systems were; while we have been subjected to the propaganda of the evils of North Viet Nam's system of incarceration, we hardly take notice of our own monstrous caves of containment. Yesterday I received the following letter in the mail which was written by Patrick Swiney. This letter reveals the hypocrisy and general apathy of Americans with the human suffering of others. Following is Mr. Swiney's letter in full:

June 11, 1998

I speak to you from the absolute pits of hell, an Alabama Prison. Historically, the State of Alabama has been notorious for its atrocities within its prisons. My fellow Americans and human beings, nothing has changed. I humbly convey to you an ancient scripture: "Let he who hath eyes - see and he who hath ears - hear."

I hear corrupt politicians promise you to lock them up and throw away the keys. I also hear your cheers! They - our only defender - knowingly overcrowd the prisons dangerously. The Federal Courts say nothing! I also hear your cries to pack them in like sardines - for who cares? News leaks out about the atrocities: the physical, mental, emotional - all types of Human Rights abuses. The courts turn their heads. Again, I hear your cheers, as though to say: Crucify them! Crucify them! I've read these words all my life.

To put things into perspective, I'm a 53-year-old man in very poor health, a former police officer of 13 years. I have been held in this septic tank (Holman Prison in Alabama) for 10 years on a wrongful conviction. The major point I submit to you is that I can see both sides of the coin. Actually, I can see all sides of that coin, for much more than two sides exist.

Holman Prison in Atmore, Alabama, is known as the "Boddom" which is Southern for bottom. Either way, it's as low as you can possibly go in this country. In response to your cheers, may I say that you have been successful. We are packed in like sardines: the Innocent - the Guilty - the Sick - the Lame - the Lazy - the Cripple - the Crazy - but all God's children. "If you have done it to the least of these...."

At times, I absolutely hate 90% of these people which I mostly refer to as sick-sorry-slime. But when I hear the masses cheering the deceptive lies of corrupt politicians, then these people here start to look much better, for even the sick-sorry-slime extend to an old man far more compassion than the corrupt politicians of Alabama and their cheering section. The result? The blinded masses stubbornly follow the pied piper closer and closer to total destruction. So be it.

prison bars

We have become a nation of individuals - "Self," with the general view that if adversity does not affect me, then I don't care. We have become a people completely self-centered, self-righteous, and isolated within "Self," even to the exclusion of children and grandchildren. This is in direct conflict with our natural instincts. Americans have lost their "natural" instincts. They have mutated.

I think the Apostle Paul describes our nation of today perfectly. "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful-unholy, without natural affections, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those who are good. Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God. But they shall proceed no further, for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as theirs also was." 2 Tim. 3.

Holman Prison is made of open-filthy dorms - very crowded to say the least. The showers, commodes and lavatory are included within the open dorms. None are vented. The humidity from the showers pours throughout these dorms. Any gases from the toilets pour out in these dorms. Humidity is always extremely high. Mold and mildew grows on the walls and ceiling. The floors are always damp. The heat index remains ungodly high in summer - cold and damp in winter. The place is crawling with cockroaches the size of your hand.

We can only send out bed linens to the laundry once a week. That, after perspiring on them all week long - a daily wetting of these linens. 96 men live in a dorm approximately 35 feet by 108 feet. That's an average of 39 square feet for each man - less if you deduct corridor spaces for walking from one place to another. Less still, if you deduct shower, commode and lavatory spaces within the dorms. Here is where each man spends his entire life, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year after year after year...the Innocent - the Guilty - the Sick - the Lame - the Lazy - the Cripple - the Crazy - but all God's children.

Can you possibly think of any other condition that could breed diseases any better? It appears to be "the perfect" environment for breeding a culture for many deadly diseases that we know. Possibly many that are unknown to modern science. A perfect place for these deadly diseases to mutate and a wonderful place to share our joys with the rest of the world - transporting to "Your" world.

Here at Holman Prison, we have had a large breakout of TB. Some have died, others transferred never to be heard of again. Respiratory ailments are our "normal" or our most common. Medical care is almost a joke. Our Deputy Warden (Jerry Farrell) is charged with the responsibility of seeing we get proper medical care. Only thing is his wife is an Administrator with Correctional Medical Services (CMS). This is the company holding the contract for medical services (much like the company holding the contract for telephone services). Mrs. Farrell has a vested interest in saving costs for her company. Every dollar she does not spend on our medical care is profit in her company's pocket. Thus, you have a direct conflict with medical care and the Deputy Warden. Does this project overtones of corruption?

Not only that, but Deputy Warden Jerry Farrell forces all inmates outside at 7 a.m. under the guise of cleaning the dorms. However, every single dorm cleaner will tell you that it was much easier cleaning when the people were NOT outside. In the past 15 days, they have been transmitting health alerts in our area due to 2,000 out-of-control fires in Mexico. The entire Southeast has been covered with insecticide-laced smoke. All TV stations have transmitted this health alert, warning people to stay indoors - especially the sick and older people. All this week, South Alabama has been under a heat alert! The heat index has been into the 120 degree F. range. Again, warning people to stay inside. And again, specifically warning the sick and elderly to stay indoors.

Yet, every day Warden Farrell has forced inmates outside for two hours. Many are older and sick. They have no place to sit, except on the concrete-covered ground. They have no shade to seek. They must stand or squat for those 2 hours in the blistering sun and extraordinary humidity, which is contaminated with smoke and pesticide. I myself have suffered 3 heart attacks, developed inflammatory spinal arthritis and have also developed emphysema. Yet Warden Farrell forces this old man outside with all the young punks and maladjusted people, posting no guards whatsoever.

And, yes, the State Capital in Montgomery, Alabama, backs Jerry Farrell completely. The Alabama Good Ole Boy's Club is a alive and well. Welcome to Alabama the Beautiful, and the Alabama Department of Corrections. Yes! I still can hear your cheers!

Even if myself and the rest survive all the airborne insecticide, the heat, the humidity, the filth, the abuses, it for certain weakens the immune system. And that welcomes diseases, many of which may be fatal. Fatal not only to me, but to you, the cheering masses.

They cannot isolate these possibly deadly germs to this hell hole. The guards come and go. Nurses, doctors, administrators, postal workers, and visitors carry these germs-bugs-viruses with them when they leave. Guess where they go? To you via schools, churches, mail, grocery stores, work places, and many other ways.

Since you are creating your very own nightmare, it's tempting to refer to this as "poetic justice," but in all truth I do not feel this way. I'm actually greatly concerned for all of you. "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do."

No! More tax dollars are not the answer. You'd just make officials of Alabama even richer. Then they'd cheer you - in silence of course.

I do not have the answers, but I felt I "must" let you know the truth. Yes! The sky is falling. Don't look up. Just take cover.

Photograph of Patrick Swiney

I am far from being eloquent with my words, my communicating skills are extremely limited. If I have offended anyone with my words, then Good! That's my intent. In closing, I shall add that I speak of the cheering I have heard. But where is the so-called silent majority? I so wonder if God is more disgusted with the ones who cheer the Human Rights Abuses - or more disgusted with the ones who sit and do absolutely nothing!

Although it means pain and suffering, I shall choose the cheering, torturous, sounds of the followers of their corrupt pied piper than to hear the silence of the spineless nothings. For it's better to light one candle, than to curse the darkness."

Respectfully, I am, Patrick Swiney
154406 - D-2 Holman
3700 Atmore, AL 36503-3700
E-mail: <> (my wife)

     Our federal prisons today are places of containment for only 2.5% violent offenders. That is out of 200 inmates, five have committed a crime of violence. One hundred and twenty or 60% are there for some drug violation. 97% are male and the average offender is given 5-10 years. In 1970 only 16% of the prisoners were there for some drug offense.

    TheProtocols  clearly reveal what has been said in this letter.

"The intensified struggle for superiority and shocks delivered to economic life will create, nay, have already created, disenchanted, cold and heartless communities. Such communities will foster a strong aversion towards the higher political and towards religion. Their only guide is gain, that is Gold, which they will erect into a veritable cult, for the sake of those material delights which it can give." No 5.


    The power of propaganda which has been attributed to Nazi and Communist governments and which has been accredited to the pariah states more recently is more readily discerned in our own culture. In recent months we have seen the agitation between the president of this country and Kenneth Starr. Never has there been a more orchestrated event to form public thinking. If one is not asleep or drunken, he can see the pattern for what it is.

    The media, in the beginning, reveals the relationship between the president and his intern. The wheels are in motion and the public is shocked awake. Then, a few weeks later, Kenneth Starr is made to look like a devil making up things about the president, lying and disseminating misinformation. A few weeks later, new revelations reveal the Starr investigations are on course and the president is down and nearly out. In any normal society this situation would have been quickly resolved, but we are not in a normal society. We are in the presence of a media propaganda blitz with a clearly defined agenda. This situation is not supposed to be resolved yet. There is too much useful material here. The people need to be brought to despair. The media must move us one way and then the other till we are just about to pull our hair out. The president and Starr are useful pawns in this most revealing game. As it has been written,

"The second secret requisite for the success of our government is comprised in the following: To multiply to such an extent national failings, habits, passions, conditions of civil life, that it will be impossible for anyone to know where he is in the resulting chaos, so that the people in consequence will fail to understand one another. This measure will also serve us in another way, namely, to sow discord in all parties, to dislocate all collective forces which are still unwilling to submit to us, and to discourage any kind of personal initiative which might in any degree hinder our affair. There is nothing more dangerous than personal intiative: if it has genius behind it, such initiative can do more than can be done by millions of people among whom we have sown discord. We must so direct the education of the nation communities that whenever they come upon a matter requiring initiative they may drop their hands in despairing impotence. The strain which results from freedom of actions saps the forces when it meets with the freedom of another. From this collision arise grave moral shocks, disenchantments, failures. By all these means we shall so wear down the nations that they will be compelled to offer us international power of a nature that by its position will enable us without any violence gradually to absorb all the state forces of the world and to form a super-government. [The United Nations]." Protocols  

     Agitation, as described here, is evident as previously stated and also evident with the current violence in Kosovo. ABC News reported that Slobodan Milosevic agreed to back off on the attacks on the residents there if the separatists would stop their fighting. Ethnic Albanians have been waging a separatist movement which Milosevic has attempted to quash. U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright does not accept that offer and wants NATO forces to continue the pressure against the Serbs. This is all made to look like the U.S. is concerned for ethnic Albanians. This is nonsense and pretense. If Texans in this country were doing the same things the Albanians are doing, the U.S. government would terminate the whole state of Texas. The U.S. does not tolerate resistance by its citizens, as recent history has already proven, but feigns such human concern when other nations seek to stop rebellious elements in their own societies. This is done for the reasons stated above. By fostering and supporting dissenters the U.S. is able to weaken the fabric of nationalistic states and make them more pliable for the new system of things now being set up. Nations which have a strong love for country must be demoralized and diminished as is Yugoslavia. The same kinds of efforts are made towards Islamic groups who are strongly individualized and not susceptible to control by world government and international bankers. While Nazi Germany wielded its control in obvious and open ways, the New International beast, sometimes misnamed in American propaganda as the "family of nations", is using deceit and chicanery to destroy the ethnic and nationalistic societies and bring them into complete submission to the new super government now taking charge over all kindreds and peoples.

    The point of this writing is not to say that the Nazis and Communists did not do bad things. The point concerns our own hypocrisy in pointing to the Nazis as some great evil regime when we do the same things ourselves, except that in our own nation we are not so honest about it as Hitler was. The Messiah spoke well of the elite when He said, "They bind heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on men's shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with their finger. They do all their deeds to be seen by men; for they make their phylacteries broad and their fringes long, and they love the place of honor at feasts and the best seats in the synagogues." Matt 23:4-6.

    It does not do violence to this statement to rephrase it as such. "They say many wonderful things about love and justice in their speeches and to do these things is good, but they do not do any of them themselves. They do their good deeds and make their fair speeches to impress men but in their heart they have far different plans in store. ...For they are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within they are full of dead men's bones and all corruption."

    The conclusion of the matter is laid at the feet of the people. The "Master Race" film reasoned concerning the duplicity and knowing ignorance of the German people in regards to Hitler and his purposes for world control and the annihilation of certain populations. The modern propaganda machine mentions nothing of our own willing ignorance. We elect immoral men, support oppressive and inhuman prison conditions, and lie to the population regarding our true political purposes in enforcing a world government on nations around the world. No matter how we cut it, we cannot claim a better state of morals than the Nazis. If the truth were told, we cannot claim the morality of the Nazis. One could at least look at a Nazi and see where he was heading. Our citizens are at the very least as unaware or unwilling to be made aware of our national decadence as were the German people. The very things to which our government and national media claims to be opposed are the very foundation of the government now in power. While the Pope of Rome considered it beneath him to apologize for the oppressive system Rome supported in Germany, it seems beneath all religion today to acknowledge their Christless ways in the support of an immoral and despotic system now ravaging the world. Whether a nation claims to be American, Russian or German, free or democratic, all socialist systems are bound to grind the people under the heels of those who rule over them. The great mystery is how so easily this is done and why so few care that it is being done. Even so--the day of justice will surely and swiftly arrive.

"Woe unto you, ...hypocrites! for ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion (sanctions) and excess." Matthew 23:25.

Written 06/17/98


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