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Some Folks Like That!

    Words are wonderful things and, when used specifically, they can be very helpful in communication. As man's intelligence gets closer to the intelligence of apes, however, words do not mean much. We make sounds like words but they almost always mean something else. We can do almost anything we want with words and men these days usually do.

     On occasion, we at The WINDS receive an e-mail with a flood of blather furiously ranting on about who we are (usually involving numerous expletives) but the grand majority of those kinds of letters do not give the writer's name and specifically why they hate us the way they do. I have even received a death threat that I would not publish because of its obscene nature. Rarely do these ranting persons reason out the purpose for their rant. They do not want to understand anything, they just want to blow someone up. The threats and expletives we receive do not come from Neo Nazis or bomb-throwing Middle Eastern terrorists. Our threats come from "nice" people who believe in liberty for all and freedom of the press. The attackers we hear from are those who shout "unity in diversity". I would like to suggest a reason for the fury of some. I would like to suggest that it is because they hate to hear truth presented in a believable way. If The WINDS staff wrote about a planned invasion from Mars by yellowed-bellied woolly worms, I suppose we would not receive one offended response from anyone. But when we write of things which expose the purposes of evil men to the light, making them seem as ridiculous as they are, hot fury is the result.

stomping boots


     To show the kind of writing which reveals those hidden things that make people furious, I will use some recent events to make the point. There are many who are beating the drum of global warming these days but none beat those drums more than the presidential staff. The WINDS has seen the motivations for this as international control of resources and industry rather than the concern for human health since there is an overwhelming lack of evidence for the fact of global warming. The stated purpose of those in national policy is that there needs to be controls on industry's pollution so that the planet will not overheat. This is ridiculous and nonsense. It does not seem to occur to some that there seems to be no one waving of flags to control pollutants because of water and air pollution. That happened in years past but not so much these days. The global warming flag is the one that we see most now. Why is this? It is because pollutants can be measured. Industry can be cleaned up. One can know when it is cleaned up. This does not serve the purposes of those who want to manipulate and dominate the affairs of industry. If global warming is the issue, then there is nothing that can be measured or proven unless one wants to wait 6000 years to see what happens. In this way industrial production can be kept in an unbalanced state of humble submission. Any set of contrived statistics could wipe out or strike fear to anyone who plans to exercise some personal initiative.

     We have written of this previously, but July 27th The Washington Times did a very good job of proving the point of what I am trying to say. Their front-page article entitled, "Clinton, Gore Blow Hot Air on Climate Issues" by Paul Bedard accurately reveals the way words can be used to say what is commonly referred to as a prevarication. Do I dare use the "L.." word? The story reads:

President Clinton and Vice-President Gore are using this summer's dog days to bolster fearsome warnings that the globe is warming up, but experts say the duo are overheating Americans with fudged data.

With greater intensity as the summer days get hotter, the President has been declaring that the climate is its hottest in 500 years while the Vice President has said evidence of global warming is "piling up" week after week.

But in each case they are leaving out key facts, according to climate experts:

* While Mr. Clinton is using newly reviewed 2,000-year-old Chinese weather and crop data to make his case for global warming, he is only looking back 500 years, a time of the sharply cooler "mini-Ice Age," and ignoring the data showing that the world was warmer than now.

* Mr. Gore's charge last week that "the evidence of global warming keeps piling up, month after month, week after week," was made without the obvious context that the calendar is moving into the dog days of summer.

* The government office in charge of temperature readings claims accurate data only goes back 100 years.

"It's getting silly," said Thomas Gale Moore, a former member of President Reagan's Council of Economic Advisors. "Next they'll be saying it's significantly warmer today than six months ago [in January]," he added.

"This is what they usually do, play with the data. Depending on where you start and stop, you can make the data say what you want," said S. Fred Singer, president of the Science and Environment Policy Project.

"The public is still not wise to it," he added.

stomping boots

The administration has been using the heat wave to build its case for a global warming treaty that would sharply reduce industrial pollutants and provide money to study the issue and educate the public on global warming.

Mr. Clinton and the Vice President have referenced global warming at each campaign stop. They have suggested global warming is to blame for the fires in Florida and a recent heat wave, despite climate experts claiming it is an aftereffect of El Nino and its summer cousin La Nina.

Mr. Gore, for example, held a recent press conference to blame the daily summer temperature increases on global warming -- not the arrival of late July and August, commonly the hottest time of the year.

"Usually the climate does warm in the middle of July. That's normal," said Mr. Moore.

The President increased his focus on global warming after returning from China, where he claimed to have received data dating back to the 15th century showing temperature increases on the globe.

Speaking at a July 9th Miami Democratic fund-raiser at the home of film star Sylvester Stallone, Mr. Clinton said, "When I was in China, I was reminded that one of the reasons we have weather records going back hundreds of years is that the Chinese weather people -- what we now call meteorologists -- have literally been keeping detailed records since the 15th century. And we now know that the five hottest years recorded since the 1400's all have occurred in the 1990's -- every one of them."

A week later, he told a gathering of Girls Nation, "There is ample evidence now that what my wonderful vice president has been saying for years and years and years is true: that the climate of the globe is warming at a rate which is unsustainable, which will lead us to more extreme weather conditions. We now have records going back over 500 years which we can use to measure what the temperature was on this planet."

Here to host a weekend retreat of major Democratic donors, he said early yesterday: "This is not a game. We cannot afford to go into denial about this."

Elliot Diringer, spokesman for the Council on Environmental Quality, said the President was referring to soil samples and tree ring data. "That type of evidence does suggest climate change effect in that region," he said.

What Mr. Clinton didn't say, however, is that the Chinese have kept crop and weather data for over 2,000 years.

According to that information, the weather was warmer 2,000 years ago than it is today.

Mr. Moore, in his new book Climate of Fear, said Europe and China were unusually warm from about 800 to 1300. After that, a "mini-Ice Age" occurred in the 15th century, dropping temperatures some two to four degrees below those of the 20th Century.

"If you start then, there's no doubt that the world has warmed since," he said.

"They just conveniently pick their starting point at the coldest period," Mr. Moore said. "You can't do that in science...."

    The report stated that it is generally accepted in scientific circles that in the past 300 years the climate has warmed one degree due to greenhouse gasses. Some reports have the planet cooling very slightly. Come January when I am looking at temperatures of 17 degrees below zero, I think I would appreciate a little global warming about then. Perhaps in another 600 to 900 years my winter temperature would only be 15 degrees below zero in the winter.

     I just know how mad it might make one to have his serious announcements totally undone by some simple reasoning, especially if there are hidden motives regarding the announcements. I am willing to be convinced of anything if some serious evidence can be supplied. Sadly, so often, that evidence is not forthcoming. Large doses of fearful forebodings are broadcast everywhere from the spider to the fly. The spider seems to have so much insectly compassion for the little flying creatures and wants them all safely home in his web. To use words again, I do believe the globe is warming, but not in the way Mr. Gore would have us believe.

stomping boots


    Another local event has transpired this month to reveal the way words are used to say what they don't mean. Recently, Coeur d' Alene, Idaho hosted an Aryan Nations march. I think these people believe that white people are the true Israel of God and blacks and Jews aren't the true Israel. Mormons believe that God was once like a human and humans are going to be like God. Catholics believe that the bread used in the Mass is the actual flesh of Jesus. Seventh-day Adventists believe that Sunday is going to be the mark of the beast. They believe the Catholic Church is the beast. Pentecostals believe one must have ecstatic utterances called "tongues" to show one has the Holy Spirit. Baptists believe that you have to be immersed clear under the water to be really baptized. Everyone has beliefs. Some of them true, some false and we are supposed to learn which are which as we mature. Concerning the Aryan parade, I was quite amazed to read the account of that gathering by the Spokesman Review concerning the reaction of "tolerant" citizens to their beliefs.

    The parade was held July 16th and lasted for about 28 minutes. A little over 90 people walked down the street. One lady reported that the Aryans looked smug. Now that must be something to see--smug Aryans. The onlookers were quite different though; you know, those who believe in acceptance in diversity; those who believe in freedom of speech and love and joy. Well, as was reported by the Spokesman, this loving crowd were the ones who seemed hateful. The Jewish Defense League representatives flew all the way out to the west so they could hate hate. The United Front Against Fascism was there. Sure makes one feel good to be against those with unpopular beliefs. About 100 Quakers, Buddhists, members of the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force and assorted other protesters prayed in a church parking lot before facing the marchers, said the Spokesman. These 90 marchers, including women and children, posed a formidable threat to the community according to some onlookers.

    Some of the loving group of protesters all uniting to stop the Aryans shouted, "stop the Nazi scum", "2-4-6-8, we don't want your racist hate," shouted another. One little boy, well schooled in the art of love and acceptance in diversity, did all that he could do and say to promote it. He was making faces at the Aryans and sticking out his tongue: "Ppllbbbbbtttt!" Ahhhhh! The faces of love, free speech, joy, peace and diversity. One lady bystander reported,"You come here to protest against it [hate], but you end up feeling it instead." That was probably the most accurate remark of the day. One man spectator who was against hate groups was arrested with a concealed weapon. Some had weapons in their cars. None who were part of the "hate" group had any weapons. Excuse me! Which is which here? I think the President wants to ban guns, but I am concerned that all of those unity in diversity folks may get to keep theirs. That doesn't look good to me.

    I was in the local supermarket yesterday and saw Randy Weaver's new book. He tells how the feds came in with their gunships and sharpshooters, reducing his family by a good percentage. Yes, I think we need a reality check. I think today's real hate group is described as wonderful and freedom- loving since they believe in unity in diversity, and people with beliefs which may be unpopular, are described as hate groups. AAAaaaaghhhhhhh!!!! Words don't mean anything anymore!

    It seems that men use the hatred of some to coalesce the thinking of all Americans into a single channel. When certain individuals both black and white have turned their hatred into action killing through race hatred, others opposed to them do their killing just the same for other alleged just causes. My purpose in saying this is not to justify race hatred. It is to show how race hatred is not confined to a small group of racists here or there. The principle of bigotry goes all the way to the United Nations. Hatred is not confined to some obscure group of bigots. It is fully involved in the Anti-Defamation League, the White House and every other corner of this earth. Hatred is a human problem and not simply a problem of some sect of racists. Yet, all men are being orchestrated to believe hatred is out there rather than "in here". The threats I myself received are from those who preach unity in diversity out of one side of their mouth and exclusion out of the other. Social and political bigotry is every bit as ugly as religious bigotry. While men in high places preach tolerance, their actions against dissent reveal their true intolerance. They preach love and human rights, yet, would like to end this person's human rights just as soon as possible. I think my point is this. Nothing has changed. Wicked men still rule the lives of the masses and wicked men still control the thoughts.


    I have studied the rise of the Third Reich and the life of Adolph Hitler. Here was a man who boasted of his knowledge of controlling mass thought. He was able to manipulate an entire nation into his plans for world conquest. The whole nation sang his praises and shouted "Heil Hitler". Yet, that same science is now being used by men in high places today. Adolph Hitler did not have a corner on subterfuge. No one has ever been more skillful in public manipulation than those who lead the world today. If Adolph Hitler was the alpha of public manipulation, we can now see the omega.

    The Times reported that a war criminal snatch has been botched. This is how the world courts work these days. They kidnap their suspects and drag them off to the Hague for trial. No habeas corpus, no serving papers, just find 'em and steal 'em. Kidnap the crooks and throw them in the joint. These days we act like two-year-olds fighting in the sandbox rather than the intelligent men we profess to be. While we will not be surprised to hear that Hitler kidnapped his enemies, we seem loathe to accept that the World Court acts as Hitler did. I think Darwin was wrong. He thought men came from monkeys. The truth is monkeys come from men. My apologies to the monkeys, but I have to make a point here. If much more time goes by, men will evolve into cloned, single cell amoebas.

stomping boots


    A published report came out of Washington about two weeks ago reporting on a request by the Clinton administration seeking broad new authority from Congress to plan and mount covert operations against Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Clinton wouldn't talk about it and Cohen also refused to comment on intelligence matters. Doesn't sound too intelligent to me. Mike McCurry said the most about it. He said he would not comment on covert operations. The secret report stated the request for power and authority was for the purpose to "go far beyond past efforts by the Central Intelligence Agency to encourage resistance inside Iraq." On the face of it, most Americans agree with this but, then again, most Americans are not noted for using their gray matter much. If Iraq or Iran were seen voting for power and authority to overthrow the American government, I think heads would roll. Some in government have suggested the assassination of Saddam. That sounds about par for the course these days and the true level of our moral integrity. If Hitler had assassinated the heads of state of those nations opposed to him, we would sure hear about that today. These things are suggested by the moral paragons of power now influencing all of the "tolerant" hate groups of America. They say they hate intolerance, but intolerance is their most coveted moral possession. Since the Aryans are stereotyped these days by their detrators, I think I will give it a try. All of these "unity in diversity" types seem to be those who are most perverted in international dealings and intolerant of any international resistance to their ideas. The actual truth is, however, humans are all the same. All are playing the same game. My point in making these comparisons is simply to expose hypocrisy in this thing. I think the powers of influence and control these days should clean up their own house before they go sweeping out someone elses. It is true that Nazis practiced bigotry and racism. It is also true that Republicans and Democrats do this too.

    Have you ever heard a speech and wondered if you were hearing right? These days I watch the hate groups and then I watch the loving, peace and freedom people and I think I cannot tell the difference. When I hear one of these "freedom in diversity speeches" and then watch those same individuals cursing and threatening those who are diverse from them, I have to keep making sure I am hearing right.

    Why am I saying all this? It is not being said to complain about government and political theories. I know very well that does no good. Men have always done what they now do, whether one is a Hitler or a Clinton. Only the facial features change. Only the names and places sound different but all things remain the same. The point being made is that in the face of all this talk of human rights, peace and love, we still have the same old wicked men running things. Things have not changed and neither will they change. One liar will be driven from office or voted out in favor of a new, improved liar. This may sound cynical. It does to me. Even so, it is simply how things are and how things have been for a long time. Few men will give up their lives for honesty's sake. Most men will lie at some point to save their neck. Some will even stoop to asking someone else to lie for them. This is how it has been and this is how it is. So, the question may be asked, how can we change the country and make things better? I know of no new suggestions. If the suggestions uttered by the Christ so many centuries ago are not accepted, there is nothing more that can be said or done that will help. Men love good words as opposed to bad words but, any more, the words themselves have no real meaning. Everyone knows where we are heading and it is too fearful a thing to contemplate for long. Most people don't.


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