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Gay Martyr Used to Promote Hate Crime Legislation

Emotions Running High in Skillfully
Manipulated Media Event

    A University of Wyoming student was beaten, robbed, and left for dead outside of Laramie, Wyoming last Wednesday. National politicians, as well as President Clinton, joined activists in condemning the attack as "horrifying" and "heinous." The story has received nationwide coverage since Thursday and has been accompanied by calls for tougher laws. If robbery, assault and attempted murder are a part of everyday life in the United States, why the exceptional outcry over this occurrence? The simple answer is that the victim is a homosexual.

    Matthew Shepard, a 21-year old college student, was allegedly lured from a bar by two other men late Tuesday night. He was beaten and robbed of his wallet and black patent leather shoes. Twelve hours later, passers-by found him unconscious and tied to a fence along a rural highway. He was suffering from severe head injuries and hypothermia. He was taken to a hospital where he died on Monday morning. Police have charged two persons in his death.

Hate Crime Hysteria

    The facts of the case paint a picture of a violent and ugly crime, the kind that merits a swift and severe punishment. Things were not to remain so black-and-white, however, because by the weekend the national news media began to shriek hysterically that Shepard was a victim of a "hate crime," that nebulous, subjective and vaguely defined phrase that seems to mutate at the will of the cultural cabal.

    It is reported that two of the suspects made anti-gay remarks after the assault. These remarks, coupled with the fact that the victim is gay, has transformed your average run-of-the-mill murder into a full-blown national media event. Matthew Shepard has become the latest poster child for the socialist agenda, a martyr in the fight for "human rights" and "tolerance." This young man's picture is now emblazoned everywhere as vociferous homosexuals and socialist change agents use this unfortunate event to hammer down biblically derived values.

    For example, President Clinton, America's cynical chief opportunist, issued a statement on Saturday saying he was "deeply grieved" by the attack on Matthew Shepard. He went on to tout the Hate Crimes Prevention Act -- a law that would broaden the powers of federal prosecutors and eliminate jurisdictional issues -- urging Congress to pass it before they adjourn. "By doing so they will help make all Americans more safe and secure," he promised. "All Americans deserve protection from hate."

More Mindless Slogans

    The proposition that government can "protect" society from "hate" is so preposterous that it doesn't even merit debate and, yet, these mindlessly surreal platitudes are all the president needs to muster to justify his proposed expansion of the federal police state. Vulture-like, the president, his network of socialists in government and the media, as well as homosexual activists, circle over sensational acts of violence that can be used to generate support for their ambitious goals. By using the misfortune of Matthew Shepard for their own political advantage, they reveal the depth of their callous and cynical self-interest.

    The power of this agenda should not be underestimated, as it has had other national politicians scrambling to issue statements condemning the attack in a rare display of unity. House Speaker Newt Gingrich called the attack "horrifying" and said that no person should suffer such "inhuman savagery." House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt said, "This heinous crime deserves the condemnation of all Americans." Hundreds of murders were committed in the U.S. last week, yet this one deserves statements by the national leaders because it is a "hate crime" -- the worst of all crimes. No one wants to be left looking like a right wing bigot in an election year and, of course, no one wants to appear to be against "hate crime" legislation. This is the crux of the matter. Anyone opposing new laws giving special protections to homosexuality will be branded as "hateful bigots" and run out of town.

Special Rights, Not Equal Rights

    There are already state laws dealing with kidnapping, assault and robbery, observed Wyoming Governor Jim Geringer during a homecoming parade in Laramie last Saturday. "We deal very toughly with criminals of any kind.... In this case I don't know how you would make it tougher [with hate crime legislation]." Geringer took his political life in his hands by revealing this simple fact -- what happened to Shepard is already a big time felony in Wyoming. Yet, perhaps because he sensed the wrath of the nation's cultural elite, Geringer caved in and uttered the required Sieg Heil: "I am outraged and sickened by what appears to be a very heinous crime committed on Matthew Shepard.... Hate crime legislation is needed."

    Before parroting the party line, Gereinger essentially exposed a blatant fabrication of the cultural cabal; that homosexuals are vulnerable to attack without the protection of "hate" legislation. This is the paramount deception of this agenda. Homosexuals are protected from assault under the law just like everyone else, and what is sought is special rights and protection above what everyone else has. Essentially, they aim to make sexual deviancy a protected and privileged class above normal behavior, and to make speaking out against sexual deviancy a hate crime.

    The myth that the absence of "hate crimes" laws encourages attacks on gays was promoted by CNN (Gay Student Clings to Life After Savage Beating, Oct. 10, 1998) which reported:

Several national gay and lesbian groups said Wyoming's failure to adopt a law against hate crimes signaled that such depraved acts might not be aggressively prosecuted. "More rural states are known for having a less tolerant, more aggressively hateful political structure and social structure," said Lester Olmstead-Rose, executive director of Community United Against Violence, a gay rights group in San Francisco. "If there's a feeling that you can get away with it, you might just try."

'Normal Society' Under Attack

    The inference made is that it is open season on homosexuals unless there are hate crime laws in place. This San Francisco activist also revealed a thinly veiled hatred of the "rural states" and their "political structure and social structure." This is a change agent speaking here, identifying his target as those areas where the biblical family still makes up the core of community, where there is still resistance to the cultural rot emanating from both seaboards, where traditional values still have a toehold, those pockets of normalcy in the rural West. This is the final frontier for the homosexual barbarians who are overrunning Western civilization, and the murder of Matthew Shepard is a watershed event providing a national focal point for social reconstruction, this time in the heart of the rural West.

    This same CNN article quoted Alicia Alexander, a 20-year old sophomore and classmate of Matthew Shepard. "That has to do with the fact this is a cowboy place," she said. "People aren't exposed to [homosexuality]. They're too close-minded."

    "It's really hard to be gay and live in Wyoming because of the good-ol'-boy network. It's such a conservative state," lamented Kete Blonigen, a college junior, also quoted in the same CNN article. "I'm almost afraid and half expecting someone to say, 'He was gay. What does it matter?' I can totally see that happening."

    Yet, it is not just traditional family values or rural communities that are targeted by this media smear, but Christian organizations have been maligned and misrepresented as well. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the largest national gay and lesbian political group, has undertaken the task of marginalizing and misrepresenting those groups opposing their agenda. Kim I. Mills of the HRC told the Associated Press:

There is a climate right now of intolerance that we believe is being fostered by religious political organizations such as the Family Research Council, Focus on the Family and the Christian Coalition [who have a message] that basically says there's something wrong with being gay and that you should and can change your sexual orientation. They hear these messages and say, "I am going to go out and beat up a fag because they are bad."

    Again, the inference is that if you speak out against homosexuality, you are creating a climate of intolerance that will cause someone to assault a homosexual. One would have to be deaf and blind not to see that if the cultural change agents have their way, "hate crime" will include speech against any particular group or lifestyle, and that having one's "prejudices" forcibly cleansed through reeducation lies not much further down that primrose path.

Emotions Running Roughshod Over Reason

    As this article was being prepared for release, the news that Shepard died from his injuries electrified the Internet and news media. On Monday, CNN's web site conducted a poll asking if hate crimes legislation should be passed, with 83% responding in the affirmative. Presidential spokesman Joe Lockhart said that Clinton was "horrified" by the attack and repeated the call for "some kind of a national standard, law, on hate crimes." Sunday night a thousand people gathered for a candlelight vigil at the University of Wyoming, and a choked-up hospital administrator went on national television and said: "Matthew's mother said to me, 'please tell everybody who's listening to go home and give your kids a hug and don't let a day go by without telling them you love them.'" Emotions are running high as the nation is being prepared to support a national "hate crimes" law.

    Foes of the traditional, partriarichal family are making maximum use of this powerful propaganda. The Associated Press reports that on Sunday 363 United Methodist clergy and laity signed a letter urging the church to end its ban on celebrating gay and lesbian marriages. The letter was issued by Jimmy Creech, a "minister" who was asked to leave his church in Nebraska after performing a same sex marriage.

    Creech told the AP that the attacks "like the one against a homosexual man in Wyoming last week" are not isolated incidents. He claims that the church can reduce the frequency of such attacks by taking a stronger stance against those who condemn homosexuality. "As long as the church remains silent, it is responsible for the violence it breeds," he intoned in what may be perceived as a veiled threat.

    The letter issued by Creech states: "Our church is adrift, buffeted by forces that seek to steer our course away from the prophetic, just and compassionate course of Christ." This is certainly an understatement, and the "buffeting forces" are the socialist change agents such as himself and others who capitalize on violence as a means to cram their perversions down the throat of society. It is not just Methodists, but the entire nation and the world that has been sucked into a hurricane of sexual perversion and lust. If there were any true love and compassion left in the churches, they would fearlessly expose the likes of Creech and his mob, as well as the agenda behind their work.

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Tragic Pawns of the New Order

    The tragedy of this great deception is not just that homosexuality destroys the individual trapped in it, as well as the society that tolerates it, the tragedy is also that homosexuality is a tool used to destroy this nation from within by liquidating the strong, patriarchal family which at one time formed the backbone of national strength. There will be no "happy hereafter" for homosexuals, because as this nation falls and tyranny consolidates its power, sexuality will be severely repressed as something that distracts the slaves from their labor (Read George Orwell's prophetic 1984 ). This was seen in Soviet Russia and Communist China. We must also consider how Adolf Hitler welcomed homosexuals into the ranks of his brown shirts, using them as terrorists and then shooting many of them after he came to power. We cannot overestimate the cynical way this New Order will dispose of its pawns once all credible resistance has been broken.

    In the ancient book of Genesis (chapter 19) we find a microcosm of our current national dilemma. A man named Lot lived in a city called Sodom. One night he had some guests over and some folks from the local human rights task force gathered outside his house, demanding that he bring his guests out for "sensitivity training". Lot went out and said to them: "No, my friends, do not do anything so wicked." The mob outside railed at him for his bigoted and judgmental attitude. They tried to kill him on the spot for committing hate speech but, instead, he was whisked away by protectors while the city was burned to the ground. We cannot expect it to turn out any other way in our day.


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Written 10/13/98


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