Editorial 11/05/98

The devil


Dear Uncle Mephistopheles,

    With great pleasure I write and, as your affectionate nephew, I am busting my buttons as to the success of your venture in America. So much is happening and I know that soon you will have America firmly in your grasp. Daily I awake feeling somewhat impatient over this long process. I cannot wait for some real suffering to begin. I was wondering if you could give me a little hint as to when the grape will be squashed.

Your Nephew,
Lucius Tapeworm

Dearest Lucius,

    Your eagerness is certainly commendable, but you are still such a stupid little devil. What do you mean "soon" I will have America in my grasp? Have you no eyes to see even now? I have created the ultimate coup and you still look forward to something? No boa constrictor has ever had a better grasp on his prey than I. I have ascended to the heights of fiendish excellence. Let me refresh your memory and give you something to spend your mind on other than emotional excitement which runs amuck far too often in your case.

    Consider this most recent election. Have I not done my work well? His Luciferian Highness will reward me with great honor over this. I have installed a perverted and degraded human over their nation. Their president is just the man for the hour. A wonderful example of how we shall direct this stupid people. Next, I caused the nation to be split right in two facing off each other with warlike tempers. Then I mock God by having their perversion go into the churches and sing and pray as if everything is quite all right. I have utterly demoralized the country and their religions and made them irreparable. They are totally given over to our great Luciferian Majesty. How much better can it get? You little devil, it doesn't get better than this.

    If this were not enough, I have caused Iraq to resist the powers which have been thrust upon them. Now these perverted powers that have stood against that nation can stand up in apparent righteous indignation and threaten to bomb them once again. Of course, it must be said that we have given them an abundance of illusions about weapons of mass destruction and all that so that they might think they are doing something noble. One cannot do better work than to get someone with a perverted sense of things to stand as a noble paragon before his countrymen. There is nothing that sets an example better than this. There are no awards higher in His Majesty's hell given for any other kind of work. We are greatly rewarded when we can so wonderfully pervert justice. Everyone sees good things as bad and bad things as good. I can hardly contain my pleasure over this. I chortle all the way to the portal over this little masterpiece. May I indulge a little boasting? And have you not seen the polls? 80% of the people want to either invade or bomb Iraq. I just scintillate with effervescent joy when I consider the results of that. There is soon to be more blood in our pot. But, little Lucius, one does not want to bring the climax on too quickly. One likes to enjoy this lustful pleasure for as long as possible. Once the climax, all is over. How can one have any fun then?

    Yes, the climax will be the squashing of the grape. The whole world will lay in a massive heap. While we do look forward to this as our final triumph against our enemy, it will end our power here. The good times will be over. After it's over, all we will have is ourselves to look at. What a depressing thought. While there is a certain joy in seeing a game come to an end, the greater pleasure is in the game itself. Consider the sniffing of the bouquet of some fine wine. This wine of Babylon which is brewed in our cellars is the king of fine wines. Have not you heard that one should take time to smell the roses? We are standing in excellent and grand posture smelling the wonderful stench by which we have flooded the earth. You are like one of those human brats who gulps his food down so he can get on to something else. Chew your food, Lucius. Enjoy each bite of those human offscourings. Take time to "feel their pain." Have not you heard that phrase before? Enjoy their misery. When they are gone there is no more misery to enjoy.

    Americans cannot be brought lower than they are. We have focused their minds on the altars of lust and have placed a sword in their hand for the bloodletting of the entire earth. We have mixed in this brew the self-righteous justification for the pain and suffering they inflict upon the whole earth. We have caused them to believe they have some noble purpose. Their country is wholly given over to our Luciferian Master. Can you not see this? Lucius, we wait for nothing. We already have the whole pie.

Your Uncle Mephistopheles


Dear Uncle,

    Please forgive my ignorance. I surely do see the pure pleasure of it all. You have managed to bring things to a most delightful conclusion. One of their political parties is rife with sexual perversion and the other one with self-righteousness about it. I can see that both of their political parties are as two heads on the same body and the heads are fighting as if they didn't agree. Indeed, this is most hilarious. Any carnival would delight in having this sideshow to watch. In our celebrations all of my devil friends can hardly contain themselves with the pure pleasure of watching the results of your work. They have national leaders who cannot tell the truth since we have given them the spectacles of our making to peer through. Others are great standards of corruption which we delight in. We have men in bed with men and women with women. Public officials sleep with their secretaries and fornicate with their interns. Ministers and priests are molesting children. We have their unborn brats massacred before they even see the light of day. Everyone is drunk with their cinema or chemicals of some sort and to top it off, they are planning to bomb countries that do not follow their example. Truly, uncle, this is the most perfect thing and totally enjoyable to us. We have even made those who claim to be on the enemy's side believe that truth is in their church or party. We have subtly crafted their perceptions of reality so that they do not realize they are making themselves the truth rather than the truth. The graven image of their god looks like themselves. In this we effectively cause them to deny real things and accept our wonderful fantasies in their place. This confusion must rise as a sweet incense before our Luciferian Majesty's nostrils. Such a delightfully sweet smell. The churches are wholly given over to us. Their arms are open to all of the perversion we can imagine for them. We have caused them to attribute this openness and acceptance to being magnanimous and loving. Surely, we have succeeded in this to no little extent.

    My nagging question is still that our great enemy (I shall not even mention his name) has threatened to undo us. You may remember the great flood. Even though we have made many human cows deny that flood, we remember it. I know that our enemy said he would never do that again, but I fear worse terrors are before us than a flood of water. The omen I speak of is connected to a small company who will not yield to our sophistries. They seem to focus on truth itself, rather than their group or party. If we are unable to make those human cows follow men and media we are doomed. This has been most frustrating to us. No matter what we try they see through it. We cannot rest until every last soul is as morally bankrupt as their leaders. We desire to see them all blind and fully awash in immoral slime, yet fully righteous about their condition. It seems if one of them is left standing, we still haven't proven our point that our enemy is to blame for all of this. It seems we can only really win if we get them all. They must be made to see that it is God's fault for the problems they face. In this way He will have no followers left. This is the only true evidence for our position.

Your Nephew,


My dear little devil,

    You do see some things truly though you forget other things. It is true there is still a small remnant who will not yield to our smoke and mirrors. They do not seem to believe our spin on things, however, we have other plans for them. All is not yet lost. As you know, we have a wonderful feast of diversions available to these individuals. We get them to seem to need to build houses and plant vineyards. We may even get their attention focused on having a family and taking care of their little brats. We make them need a multitude of delightful toys which we so ingeniously have created for them to get their minds off of real things. Most often this requires some debt which locks them into our purposes in spite of themselves. We cause them to feel guilty if their little rug rats are not raised in our form of education so that they might get ahead in the world. This human pride will work to our advantage.

    If we cannot secure them this way, we use selfishness. This often is expressed in the use of money. They are enticed to gamble it on speculation as in our stock exchange or to purchase something we cause them to think they need. In other words, we get them out of focus. A powerful gun not focused on the target is useless. We have nothing to fear from it. It will end up just making a big noise, but no real damage will come of it. They will go to their churches and make a big noise and sing some old songs or babble this or that, but it will only cause to serve our purposes since they will believe that that exercise will somehow fit them for our enemy's world even though they stay as they are. Our fear is that some of them will start thinking as our enemy thinks. In this is our danger. When they see as He sees we are in big trouble but as long as they are simply babblers of the ideas we put within their heads we have nothing to fear.

    Humans, especially American humans are such easy prey. I love to eat American flesh. It is scintillatingly tantalizing because of its lustful softness. Americans are the Satanic Majesty's filet mignon. Americans have a certain national pride. They think very highly of themselves. Their self-centeredness and lustful extravagance goes down so smoothly. His Majesty loves to take his time in savoring this wonderful feast. Their boastfulness and arrogance as a people is such a tantalizing elixir. Once in a while he gets a bite of a humble human and it leaves a bitter taste in his mouth. He has to spit that one out but this does not often occur with the American strain. Ahhhhhh! Aged to perfection. Instead of real issues and deep and serious consideration, we have placed before them their football games, baseball games and a host of other games. When they are tired of doing that, we have them vote for some nonsense we place before them. Their politicians all parrot our themes of family values, freedom and human rights which are about as real as smoke and mirrors, but they do not see this. We get them all excited about education. Little do they realize it is our education that is set before the minds of their little guttersnipes. We will have them all a confused mass of sexual perverts before we are finished with them. Their leaders along with their party affiliates have assured this. They have thrown their whole weight into our system of educating their offspring. We have wonderfully succeeded. I hope we are not finished too quickly, however, since this is such great sport. Even a cat likes to play with its mouse for awhile before he ends the little varmint's existence. We have their little brats shooting guns and destroying enemies in all of the wonderful plastic experiences we have placed before them on their TVs, arcades, videos and computers. What a joy this is. What pure ecstatic pleasure!

    Lucius, think on these things. Don't be so afraid of our enemy. He can't stop us now.

Your affectionate uncle,


Dear Uncle,

    Of course you must be right. You seem so sure of yourself. I realize that I am just a learner and have not been at this as long as you have. It is true we have made great strides in the last hundred years or so. The most wonderful thing about it is that they do not see the situation in which we have placed them. They are like a bunch of cows at a slaughterhouse, but they do not see at all where we are herding them. They think they are heading for green pastures instead of the meat lockers for our table. This is all too funny.

    Even so, I am somewhat agitated because I have seen our enemy work before. It seems we have had some wonderful successes, but he ends up winning the game. It always ends up this way. While it is true our meat lockers are full, I fear we are going to lose the argument. Our case against our enemy will be lost. If only two escape our grasp, we lose our argument. That Christ was the first one who got away and you know what happened because of Him. There are a few who are following His example who are not of our religion's smoke and mirrors. Somehow I see deja vu all over again. A few humans may get away and we will lose the argument as if they all had gotten away. While we are somewhat intoxicated with all of this wonderful blood we have been able to acquire to our score, I wonder if there will be an awakening when we see that we have lost the contest.

Your affectionate nephew,


Dear Lucius,

    I fear you will have to be dealt with when you return from your work. You think too much. There is a strange cloud hanging over your writing. I think when I get you back home and you can spend some time looking over the recent election results, or involve yourself in the most recent scandal, I can help you overcome your fears. If that does not work, I know of a good ball game you can watch. Buy yourself a good pair of running shoes or some skis. Yes, winter is coming on and you can ski. Before long you will be thinking right again.

    It is true the enemy has made threats. His whole book is full of them. He even threatens to throw us into a lake of fire. Have you ever heard of such a thing? That is like throwing a fish into a lake of water. We love the fires of hell. We have brought those fires to this very earth. They burn now. Cannot you see this most wonderful blaze of fire and smell the aroma of sulfur? Ahhhhh. Such a delight to watch the humans squirm and writhe in everlasting torment. They get no rest from it. They are always wanting to elect someone to something or make some change. They are always fighting for their rights or bombing someone who does not give them what they want. They continue striving to become somebody important or to gain wealth. Even so, they find no rest to their souls. Hell does not get better than this. The whole earth burns now to our most fiendish delight. We end up causing everyone to believe it was our enemy who brought it. We turn this fire to our advantage and suggest that He is the cause of all the suffering. We accuse our enemy and his followers of hate speech and extremism. When our enemy speaks against our most wonderful perversions on humanity we accuse him of fomenting a hate crime. Lucius, we cannot improve on this. Open your eyes! The whole race is firmly in our grasp. We need only to relish our morsels roasted over the fires of this lake. Of course, we have given these humans some doctrines that explain how this fire will burn sometime later. We have caused them to believe that all things good and evil come at some future time. In that way they cannot extricate themselves from our torturous glee. They swell in the flames, writhing through their wars and elections always hoping for a better world. What a masterful piece of work we have concocted for humans and their little brats.

    While it is true I have considered those things you have mentioned, long before your puny brain ever considered them, and that our day will come, I try to put it out of my mind (as you should) by rushing out as a raging lion seeking whom I may devour. This helps me to get things focused again. A good feast has a way of causing one to forget his troubles. I only like to think good thoughts. Thoughts like creating some new disease that humans will try on each other through their germ warfare experiments. Americans seem most efficient and obedient when I put these proposals before them. I encourage myself by thinking of new weapons I can teach them how to make with which to annihilate each other. This keeps me from having to consider any unpleasant future time. If I spent my time thinking as you do, I would soon become useless. Come to attention, little devil! Get your mind back on meaningful perversions. Stop looking at the end of the road and look at this wonderful table set before us. Live in the moment. Such a feast of perversion, retaliation and murder we have never had before, and the best part of the whole thing is that America is in love with it. Oh, yes, we have had it before, but there is so much more now. Everything is so much more tasty now. Yummy! Our cup runneth over. We can hardly take it all in. Certainly this is a most glorious time to live. Be thankful to our Luciferian Majesty for bringing such a wonderful thing to maturity. Truly, all of hell looks up to us with adoring pleasure.

    Keep up the good work. Keep the humans and their little urchins thinking how the world is going to get better if we all just unite. Cause them to believe that if all the nations will unite under one rule, the sorrows will end. Cause them to speak of a common currency and nations without borders. Cause them to think that borders are only lines on a map. Have them believe that attacking our wonderful plans for them is the evil. Cause them to believe that rebuking perversion is the great hate crime. Give them the view that immorality and sexual perversion is natural and all of their teachings against these wonderful schemes are unnatural. Keep them thinking that their unborn brats are only hunks of tissue. Don't let them see that they have humans in their womb. Keep speaking through their leaders about tolerance and family values. Talk about the naturalness of their orientation sexually. Make no mention that it is we who have oriented them through the training of our illustrious servants. Nothing causes their maker to look more ridiculous and nothing gives us quite so much hilarity. And, finally, cause them to think there is no judgment. Make them believe God doesn't see what they are doing and that nothing good or bad will come of it. If they cannot stomach doing that, simply cause them to not pay attention to any of it. Cause them to not want to think about it. Have them believe that they, themselves are righteous enough and they need not notice the unpleasant things around them. This works especially well with old people. We tell them they are just old and don't understand young people. We accuse them of being Puritans and that usually keeps them minding their own business.

Your Uncle


Dear Uncle,

    I will do as you say. I will thrust myself entirely into the work. I will go directly to the political figures and leaders in Washington and drive them to some other fantasy which we can manipulate to our advantage. We may be able to get them to bomb someone or vote for some other slaveful purpose our cunning has devised. We will cause their leaders to make some decree or some other executive order so that we may tie them securely. Perhaps we can get some of our Washington mob to stand before the cameras, real serious-like, and have them plan some attack on Saddam. It seems we can still get some mileage out of him. If not him, we can use the Serbs as their punching bag. I promise I will find something useful for the Americans to do for us so that their minds are diverted from real things. How foolish of me to think for a moment that we might lose or that we will come to our end soon. I can sure see the fallacy of losing my focus. Please forgive my immaturity. I will try to enjoy my work more and make it fun. No one likes an old stick-in-the-mud. I will look at the bright side and try to see the good that will come from all of our fantasies since the human race is well-nigh brain dead when considering real things. I will try to overcome the thoughts that come to me making me think it is we who will fall into the hole we, ourselves, have dug as a trap for them.

Your Nephew,
Lucius Tapeworm


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