Editorial 12/13/98

Insane court joker

Insanity Stalks the Impeachment Process

    On December 11, 1998, the House Judiciary Committee approved articles of impeachment against President Clinton alleging perjury and obstruction of justice. According to Webster the word "impeach" means:

(a) to bring an accusation against, (b) to charge with a crime or misdemeanor; specif: to charge (a public official) before a competent tribunal with misconduct in office.

    The irony of charging the president after all that the nation has experienced so far seems somewhat bizarre. For years we have known that the president has lied and now it seems we officially know. It has become a true thing since a group of men decided it was. Yet, we do not seem to really know for sure since the vote for impeachment or to charge the president with lying was divided strictly along party lines. That means the Democrats who voted against impeachment (accusing the president of lying) are sending the message that they do not believe the president should be charged with lying under oath. That means they do not believe he lied under oath. Any five-year-old child would know that the president lied, but a house full of Democrats cannot seem to grasp that. That is how it seems to this writer. If any one of those august lawyers had the table turned and it was a Republican president, they would all certainly believe the president lied under oath. The Republican president would be impeached by the Democrats. Besides this, each and every one of those lawyers in any other circumstances would, in any court, recognize that the one charged perjured himself, but since he is the president and of their own party from which they take lucrative financial remuneration, the president somehow should not be charged with perjury. What twisted logic and mental gymnastics we must all endure for the sake of ruined men.

    What is evident is that the nation is no longer run along moral lines but party lines. Let us suppose the president murdered 30,000 people and all the Republicans wanted him impeached and all of the Democrats did not. It would mean that judgment was not according to right and wrong but according to group wishes, or how things seem to the group in charge as they related the event to their own gain or loss. If Democrats controlled Congress, do you suppose the committee would have voted for impeachment? Clearly no, yet the same circumstances of perjury would still be true. Congressional Democrats must believe the nation they oversee is a nation of idots with no capacity to judge the circumstances.

Led by the Insane

    I have been considering the word insanity. Webster's states what insanity is:

2 : such unsoundness of mind or lack of understanding as prevents one from having the mental capacity required by law to enter into a particular relationship, status, or transaction or as removes one from criminal or civil responsibility;

3 a: extreme folly or unreasonableness b: something utterly foolish or unreasonable

    I truly believe that Washington is being run by the insane. That is -- men who no longer can reason between right and wrong but who base right and wrong along party lines. While it is certainly unclear where the Republicans stand because of their party affiliation, it does not take the proverbial rocket scientist to recognize that the Democrats are insane. This is not intended as a cute joke or a mocking jest. This is not a contemptuous statement. It is based on the reality of the meaning of the word. When something can be readily seen as extremely unreasonable or utterly foolish, and when judgment comes along party lines rather than truth for its own sake, then we have insanity. This, according to Webster, prevents one from having the mental capacity required by law to enter into a particular relationship. As we know, when a man is deemed insane, he cannot be brought to civil responsibility "by reason of insanity." When men can no longer judge right from wrong, they are now classed with the insane. I think that is a terrible omen especially for the Democrats of the country. We generally elect those who most perfectly reflect who we are. After listening to some of the debate, I was seriously questioning the saneness of all of the Democrats and some on the other side of the aisle as well. I think they must certainly reflect the reality of who Americans are. ABC News this evening went out of their way to show that Americans do not really care about the matter. They would rather shop or something though ABC didn't ask me. The media seems to be milking this for all it is worth. The Americans who would rather shop than make a clear statement deserve to have the effects which will most certainly come from this scandal.

     The Associated Press reported today that Democrats are threatening that the government will be shut down if the president is impeached. One Democrat is quoted as saying, "So wake up, America! Our government is about to shut down. The public's business will grind to a halt." Awesome how insane men can make some people fear that by removing liars and perverts from public service, America will somehow be shut down. It seems backward to me. But then again, we are not dealing with sane men. My own personal view is that those who make such insane statements are terrified that the people of the country will finally come to realize how important they are. That is--we don't need Congress at all. If they were very busy for six months having a trial for the president and everything still went on okay, we would all get the message. When doctors went on strike awhile back, the death rate dramatically dropped. Perhaps if Congress has something useful to do, like removing the president, they would not have time to pass all of those laws which are removing the freedoms of Americans.

    This event is revealing a most terrible reality. When our nation is run by the insane, we are in most perilous times. I received an e-mail today which quoted an alleged famous prophecy of Nostradamus (C10Q72). It was called the doomsday prophecy by the writer. It reads:

The year 1999, seventh month, From the sky will come a great King of Terror: To restore to life the King of Angoulmois ...

    I do not know what will happen next July, but I do know that what has happened this December is sobering enough and certainly we are heading for real trouble in future months. I cannot say I feel especially comfortable having insane men in charge of my affairs. It makes it especially sobering when I realize they are using my labors in the form of my tax money to pull off some of the things they are pulling off. That makes me responsible for what they do in their insanity.

    What is happening now is that men who feign sanity are our examples and the examples for our children. Sanity has become one of those pretend things. When I was a small child I remember we used to go around and pretend we were grown up. These days men go around pretending they have all their marbles and Americans cannot help but vote for those who pretend mental stableness while, in reality, there is none.

    I think a case in point is in the current world news. As always, Iraq does not want the great Satan poking around their political headquarters and the U.N. (the President of the U.S.) is threatening to attack. Remember, now, we are not dealing with rational men in government. When any of us go to an asylum, and watch the mentally disturbed, we can see the odd behavior of some of them. I visited one of these institutions some years ago at the request of a friend and got into a discussion with one of the nurses there. One of the inmates was acting rather odd thinking he was God and the nurse commented that most of the inmates had behavior similar to that until they went to the park for a picnic. The nurse went on to say that the rule is they must act sane out there or they cannot go for a picnic. She told me they act as sane as anyone when they must. While it is true not all insanity may be so simply described, anyone can see a form of it in the political realm these days. In front of the cameras the leaders of the nation must act in certain publicly acceptable ways or they do not get to remain in office. There comes a time, however, when some of those who are mentally disabled do not recognize their own odd behavior. I cannot say there is anyone alive who acts more appropriately sane than the president, but the things he does reveals another thing altogether.

How Insanity Plays Out

    In regards to the Iraqi situation, we are continually reminded of the danger from weapons of mass destruction. In mental institutions the inmates often have delusions where small things look large. Some who have taken LSD also report distortions in what they previously considered reality. Now "sane" men are wanting to poke around someone's political headquarters to look for weapons of mass destruction. This odd behavior is not noticed by most people for what it is.

    While growing up we often deceive ourselves and our parents by presenting some desired thing in a way that will get us what we want without revealing our true motivations. When men turn to lying as our president has done, along with most of those who see as he does, the real things do not appear as they should. The United States is in no way afraid of weapons of mass destruction. People in the know are in no way afraid Iraq is going to take over the world. The U.S. political machine has a cunningly devised plan, again entering into the insane, to get what they want. The Congress has approved $100,000,000 to supply mercenaries in Iraq with weapons and other material so that they might overthrow Saddam. The U.S. wants a pretext to bomb Iraqi weapons storage yards so that Iraq will not be able to defend itself against American paid revolutionaries. If America wants a war, the manly thing to do would be to send our troops in and take over the country right up front. Instead, we have chosen a coward's plan of paying someone else to fight for us. The media says that America wants to bomb Iraq to keep it from hurting its neighbors. I suppose disgruntled northerners in the country might be considered neighbors but that is not the intent of the statement. This insane illusion is concocted intentionally. Iraq would have never been a threat to any neighbor without U.S. supplied weapons. Iraq is not a threat now, but insane men set out to create their delusions for what they regard as profitable to them.

    To put this event in the right light, we must look at ourselves. Let us suppose the folks in North Dakota wanted to take over the government in Washington. Some outside force was willing to fund those who wanted revolution and at the same time they were willing to destroy the military of the U.S. so it could not defend itself when the North Dakotans entered Washington. This could hardly be considered a popular rebellion, but Washington would have us believe that is what is occurring in Iraq. But, then again, we are not dealing with sane men.

    I must say I am surprised, however, at the naiveté of the Moslem population of that country who are taking U.S. tax money to gain strength so that they might rule Iraq in their own way. They all know the danger of the "great Satan," and they know of his immoral behavior worldwide, yet they ask the "great Satan" for help. One should always remember that when one asks help from Satan, Satan comes to collect one day. When one sells his soul to the devil, he cannot simply say he changes his mind after the devil has delivered on his benefits. No, the debt will be paid. It seems Muslims have lost their heads in asking help from the king of thieves. They may think they can escape later on, but it will be to no avail. If these individuals who are taking help from the U.S. do come to power, they will not rule their own way. They will rule as the U.S. tells them to rule.

    Iraq and Iran are two forces in the Middle East which oppose the Jewish state and the Jewish takeover of Palestine from the Palestinians. They have been vocal and intransigent. They have not readily yielded to the western powers in their world takeover. They must be punished for this. All of the Saddam talk and all of the danger talk is concocted to move the public into a false vision so that the other motivations cannot be recognized. In the past, a nation would just give notice and say, I am coming in and taking over and if you resist, I will kill you. The conquering nation would be honest and up front about it. Today there is a problem with that. The stated message of these modern world conquerors (which is a lie) is that men should have freedom of religion and every nation should have territorial sovereignty. We boast of human rights and all that nonsense. Those who rule the world these days have no belief in that whatever, except for themselves. Because of this obvious lie seen by anyone who is in any way at all sober, they must concoct dangers and mysterious phantoms in order to enrage the public enough to agree to their international scheme. And so we have it. "The whole world follows after the beast." Insane men following after insane men.

    I received an e-mail this morning from a person incredulous that the nation and The WINDS would make an issue of the "personal" behavior of the president in this country. The e-mail generally expressed a "more power to him" attitude and it is no one else's business what the president does. This is the mind of our current hedonistic population. What is never mentioned are the results of hedonistic behavior. We have a nation awash in sexually transmitted diseases, not the least of which is AIDS. We spend more money on fixing what we break than on anything else. The president of the United States just taught my children and grandchildren how to behave. He gave us an example and many Americans are taking him up on that. But when men come down with the results of their actions, they set about to blame God or at least expect society to bail them out. This world's destruction is brought on by us all by ourselves. Now after great portions of the population are corrupted with disease, I am asked to pay for their recovery through my tax dollars. Their unbridled passions cost me and every other American time and money. It is right to help the poor and suffering, but when their crimes are on purpose and determined, I don't feel inclined to pay for any of it.

    Everything has its effect. Every principle of righteousness and truth violated will bring its predicted outcome. THIS IS NOT A PRIVATE MATTER! This affects me and everyone else. This nation's actions worldwide affect me. Those children being starved in Iraq are my children. This web of humanity cannot be divided up into five billion pieces. It is just one web.

    I believe the near future holds some ominous effects of being ruled by insane men who cannot reason from cause to effect. In this the Republicans are equal partners. No one is more vocal than they are concerning their scheme to meddle in another nation's affairs and to bomb them out of existence. Insanity has no party lines, it affects the whole body. In the near future we will be privileged to see the effects of our actions and the effects will not be staved off by storing up some beans in the cellar.


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