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See, hear and speak no truth


Liars on all Levels Show Their Stuff

    At this writing the Senate meets to decide the fate of the President of the United States. Arguments on all sides are being heard and the outcome seems uncertain. It will take two-thirds of the Senate to convict the president and remove him from office while it took less than 25% of the voters to elect him. The Democrats largely argue their case that the president has not committed a crime which comes up to the level of impeachment. That is -- they say the president has not committed an offense that comes up to the level of being charged with a crime. The Democrats are saying that lying under oath to a grand jury is not a crime serious enough to warrant charging the president. Perjury, according to them, does not warrant convicting the president. The national media plays this theme hard while confusion and smoke and mirrors are exhibited everywhere.

     Let us imagine what our legal system would be if Democrats were to prevail. First of all, if the Democrats are successful in selling their assessment that perjury does not raise to the level of being a criminal charge, then all of those who are now serving prison terms for perjury should be released from prison. There are many such individuals. Secondly, whenever an individual comes before a court of law and is charged with the oath to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, that individual might now say, "I swear to be as honest and forthright as the president of the United States. If I purger myself, it will not rise to the level of a criminal offense." If the president is not convicted of a crime, the legal system as we know it will change forever. With the official in the highest office of the land not obeying the laws of the land, and with the Senate saying that his perjury does not rise to the level of being convicted of a crime, no citizen will be able to take the law seriously again. People may go through the motions, but everyone will know in their hearts it does not matter. The powerful will reign over the weak and all men will become the tools of despots. What court could stand when all of the participants taking their oath will only be as honest and forthcoming as the President of the United States? Every court in the nation knows that the level of honesty that the president possesses will not be enough to guarantee the working of law. We shall see, however, that this is not a new thing, but lying is basic to modern American culture. We are a nation founded on fantasies. The snake oil salesmen of yesteryear have only changed names and places. The products are the same. They sell bottles filled with great promises of wonderful elixirs, but no substance is forthcoming.


     Thursday night of this week the Gallup poll called The WINDS office asking for someone who was willing to answer a "few" questions. The questioner desired the opinion of the editor in regards to "a few" questions. It was not specified who she thought she was calling and the call was treated as any household contact of the Gallup organization. The editor thought nothing would be shocking to him after what has already been seen, but what transpired was a shock and a warning to all of us.

     While the pollster presented her activity as a simple Gallup poll to find out the opinions of the called on a few questions, the interrogation, which started as only that, developed into a full-fledged psychological profile characteristic of the FP-16, Taylor-Johnson and a host of newer versions of these examinations. Questions ranged from "are you a Christian?" to "have you committed any major sins lately that you have had to confess?" These questions then developed into whether the questioned had guilt about that. Every step in questioning the editor went deeper into his innermost thoughts and feelings about certain events which impact on his life. "How many members in your group?" "How many times do you meet?" "What are your attitudes about society out there?" Every question was "almost the end" of the questionnaire, but that end never came until the editor terminated the psychological profile examination from Gallup.

     The national polls, which are used largely to manipulate the public in the direction that they want the public to go, seem to have taken on a new responsibility. They are now building psychological profiles of the citizens. Science is being used to further determine the direction this manipulation will tend. The media makes much noise about cults and mind control, but nothing compares with the mind control of the population by its own agencies. Our conflict is often perceived as simply one man's opinion against another and if we can convince people to stop doing evil or outvote the forces of evil, we can prevail.

     Niet, No and Nein! What is occurring is a full-scale war against the people. With strong and decided moves the national powers are pressing all their forces into the battle. The people are under attack. If this were to be placed in a graphic example, it would be analogous to a patient in a hospital first injected with a drug to disarm the immune system and then injected with all sorts of biological terror from which he now had no defense.

     Most Christians today seem brain dead and spiritless. They have succumbed to the inoculation which has rendered their spiritual immune system inoperative. After that, the large injections of mental manipulation and moral degeneration take effect since the immune system is not working to throw it out. Christians have become permissive and tolerant of evil behavior in the name of freedom, tolerance and love. This tolerance has destroyed families, relationships and governments. It is about time we were called to a little Christian intolerance. While we may well tolerate men's weaknesses and mistakes, Americans should tolerate no longer the drinking of the immoral dregs. Purposed wickedness will not be tolerated. Americans should declare war against their own slimy bed. GET UP AND CLEAN UP!


     I received a little piece of e-mail last week which shows the intentional manipulation of the mind by those in legal positions. This little piece is called THEN & NOW. It reveals to those who have been following the recent events in Washington how corrupt the legal system has become. This little piece contrasts the stories Washington lawyers spin before the fact and the grand switcheroo which follows after the fact. A few of these flip-flops are presented here.


"THEN: Ask for the impeachment process to be limited to Monica Lewinsky.

NOW: Complain that it's only about Monica Lewinsky and that there isn't anything regarding Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate, etc.

THEN: Demand that Ken Starr testify.

NOW: Blame the Republicans for wasting everybody's time with Starr's testimony.

THEN: Demand that Ken Starr defend his report.

NOW: Assert that Ken Starr had no right to "promote" his own report.

THEN: Agree that if the President had an affair with an intern, that would be very serious.

NOW: Say that it's "just" about a "consensual" affair with an intern.

THEN: Say that if Clinton lies before the Grand Jury, it would be grounds for impeachment.

NOW: Say that lying to a Grand Jury "does not rise to the level of an impeachable offense."

THEN: Agree that perjury would be very serious, if it were proven.

NOW: Assert that perjury is not that serious. "Everybody lies about sex."

THEN: Assert that what the President did was "reprehensible" and "indefensible."

NOW: Maintain that the President's offenses are "trivial" -- and keep on defending them.

THEN: Claim that the President's actions warrant a severely worded censure.

NOW: Hold a pep rally to show your total support for the President.

THEN: Maintain that when Clarence Thomas talked dirty to an employee (although unproven), that is sexual harassment.

NOW: The President can grope anyone he wants, and that is not sexual harassment (apparently, as long as the subordinate welcomes the advances and the perpetrator is a liberal proponent of abortion rights).

THEN: Linda Tripp is Public Enemy #1 for betraying a "friend" who wanted her to commit perjury.

NOW: Clinton can betray his wife, his family, his oath of office, his oath in a court of law, and the country, but it's not as bad as what Linda Tripp did.

THEN: Accuse Republicans of being partisan.

NOW: Guarantee that all Democrat Senators will vote against conviction.

THEN: Declare that the President should have an opportunity to defend himself, to rebut the charges, and to cross-examine his accusers.

NOW: A trial isn't necessary.

THEN: Accuse Republicans of not wanting witnesses.

NOW: Say there is absolutely no need for witnesses.

THEN: We cannot put the country through a long impeachment trial.

NOW: If you bring in witnesses, we're going to prolong this trial and drag it out as much as humanly possible.

THEN: The process is taking too long.

NOW: The process is moving too fast. (Repeat)

THEN: Praise the President's call to "Stop the politics of personal destruction."

NOW: Private investigators using FBI files from the White House basement, Ms. Rodham-Clinton's rantings about the "vast right-wing conspiracy," and the antics of hatchet men like James Carville notwithstanding, the real politics begins at 8:00 EST when Clintonista Larry Flynt holds a press conference to initiate the "personal destruction" of some Clinton critics in Congress."

     The forces of deception are at war with truth tellers. When The WINDS published the article on sodomy, we were placed on an enemy's list on a homosexual site. The title of the page was "know your enemies." It seems the forces of perversion know they are at war, but professed Christians are carrying their lunches to the park where they can sing some songs and be nice. While Christ goes to the cross, they have a high time. CURSED BE THE ONE WHO DOES NOT GO TO WAR. CURSED ARE THOSE WHO HAVE REPLACED RIGHTEOUSNESS WITH BEING NICE.


     There is another outright prevarication which is foisted upon the public by policy manipulators in high places. Vice President Gore is the poster child for the global warming illusion which is agitated almost as much as the fear of Saddam. Last week the Vice President stated that 1998 was the warmest year on record and that proved the dangers of global warming. They say, "The sky is falling, the sky is falling." Oh, please teacher, we left Chicken Little in kindergarten years ago. It seems that men never give up the life of fantasy for their own ambitious pursuits. They believe cults and Christians make up things, but this has to be the king of all stories. Science itself will not support this most fantastic dream. These prophets claim that the Bible is made up of a bunch of stories written by men. Now, tell me, who is it making up the stories now?

     On January 11, USA Today reported, "Last year was the hottest year on record, according to NASA researchers who say the rising temperatures are further evidence that the world is heating up. 'Global surface temperatures in 1998 set a new record by a wide margin,' NASA said. In announcing its findings on the Internet, NASA said Monday the average global temperature last year was 0.34 of a degree Fahrenheit warmer than the previous record, in 1995. 'And unlike many recent years, the warmth is beginning to hit home; the United States this year is experiencing its warmest year in the past several decades.' The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration planned a similar announcement Wednesday at the American Meteorological Society convention in Dallas. Vice President Al Gore called NASA's findings 'yet more evidence that global warming is real' and underscored the need for the $1 billion that President Clinton secured for energy research in the federal budget. 'Today's announcement makes the task all the more urgent,' Gore said. Rising temperatures have sparked concern that the Earth's temperature could increase dangerously. That concern led to the controversial agreement reached in Kyoto, Japan, in December 1997 seeking to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases thought to threaten the climate. Others scientists, however, contend that the temperature changes could be the result of normal climate fluctuations and say that, at any rate, some warming might do more good than ill." That's nice. They gave the opposition one sentence. The WINDS will give the opposition a little more space.

     Not everyone is convinced when political leaders and the media wave their banners in regards to global warming. The George C. Marshall Institute stated, "Global warming predictions by the IPCC for the next century have decreased by nearly 40% in the last seven years. In 1990 the first IPCC report predicted that without CO2 emission controls the average global temperature would increase 3.3 degrees C between 1990 and the year 2100 as a result of human activities such as the burning of coal and oil. Two years later and on the basis of better computer models of the global climate system, the IPCC reduced the predicted warming to 2.8 degrees C by 2100. The latest IPCC report, Climate Change 1995, reduced the predicted warming to 2 degrees C by 2100. With the cooling effect of aerosols included, the predicted warming drops to 1 degree C."

    The Marshall Institute goes on to say, "greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have increased by an amount equivalent to about a 50% rise in carbon dioxide alone. This gives us a way to anticipate what can be expected for manmade global warming in the next century, when the increase in greenhouse gases is expected to be the equivalent of a 100% increase in CO2.

     "The earth has warmed by approximately 0.5 degrees C since 1900, presumably in response to this 50% effective increase in CO2. If a 50% increase in the last hundred years produced a half-degree rise, a 100% increase in CO2 in the next hundred years will produce twice that rise, or one degree.

     "However, a closer look at the timing of the CO2 and temperature increase shows that the warming will be much less than one degree. Most of the half-degree temperature rise since 1900 occurred prior to 1940, but more than half of the additional CO2 entered the atmosphere after 1940. Greenhouse gases produced by human activities cannot be the cause of a global warming that occurred before these gases existed. Natural factors, such as an increase in the sun's brightness, must have produced a large part of that earlier warming of 0.5 degrees C. Human activities, such as burning coal and oil, can only account for at most a few tenths of a degree.

     "But if a 50% increase in CO2 produced a rise of a few tenths of a degree, the 100% increase expected in the next century will produce only about a half a degree. A warming of half a degree, spread over a century, would be indistinguishable from the natural climate variations that have occurred throughout climate history."

     Others agree that greenhouse gasses are not the cause of global warming. Indeed, the globe was much warmer than it now is before the mini ice age in the 1400's. Tests of the ice core samples show the earth's temperature anciently varying ten degrees or more from one year to another and yet, in the past one-hundred and thirty years, our earth's temperature has risen a little over one degree and much of that rise happened before the great industrial explosion of this century.

     The senior scientist at George C. Marshall Institute, Sallie Baliunas, Ph.D. presented his testimony on September 17, 1996 to the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Senate. In this testimony he stated: " If the anthropogenic greenhouse gases did not cause most of the warming early in the century, then what did? One possibility is that the total energy output of the sun changes, thereby causing some warming and cooling. The evidence for this is in two parts: first, the sun has been observed by NASA satellites to vary in total energy output in step with the 11-year sunspot cycle of magnetic changes in the sun. Although the satellite records only began in the late 1970s, which is too short a time to obtain information on century-long climate variations, the association of brightness changes with surface magnetic changes allows us to obtain information on the sun's brightness changes going back several centuries, because records of the sun's magnetism are available over that long period.

     "...The second part of the evidence for a solar influence on the climate is as follows. The sun's magnetic record can be converted to estimated brightness changes, using data from the sun and other sunlike stars, and input to a climate simulation. ...If the sun has changed brightness in the way the magnetic records have indicated, then changes in sun explain more than half of the variance of the temperature record from 1880-1993. The results for the sun suggest that its brightness changes have had a significant impact on climate change. A brighter sun may be the explanation for a substantial part of, and possibly most of, the 0.5 C global warming observed in the last 100 years."

Climate change chart

    The science and technology organization for the energy industry (EPRI), recently made a definitive analysis and has given significant evidence in regards to solar influence on earth's temperature as opposed to greenhouse gases.

     "Actions cannot be taken to control the ebb and flow of energy from the sun, yet increasing evidence suggests that solar variations can account for a significant fraction of recent warming. Studies covering the last 400 years also show striking sun-climate correlations, and solar influences have been traced back at least 9000 years. A recent Science article summarizing many of these findings stated, 'The sun's fingerprints are showing up all over the climate record'.

    "EPRI research focuses on possible physical mechanisms underlying sun-climate connections. 'Understanding the climatic influence of natural factors is critical,' says EPRI's John Maulbetsch. 'Lacking a handle on natural variability, we run the risk of misinterpreting the climate record, under- or overestimating the role of greenhouse gas emissions, and developing inappropriate mitigation approaches. In the 5 years since EPRI began studying this area, the sun's influence on climate has drawn increasing scientific attention."

Temperature change chart

    On the left is another chart showing the precise scientific data in regards to earth's temperature. This is an undisputed fact. Any layman can look and see that the earth has warmed about 1 1/2 degrees in the past 140 years according to best estimates. One can also see that in one of the greatest industrial spirals in history from 1940 to 1960, the temperatures actually dropped and the earth cooled. This temperature fluctuation, according to scientists, is not unusual or unexpected in the historical assessment of things. Temperature has increased and decreased far more than this in past history without so-called greenhouse gases.

     In actual practice, what this global warming means is that instead of having a 20-below zero winter this year, we might have had a 21 or 22-degree below zero winter without global warming, and much of that global warming has come from the natural sun fluctuation rather than gases in the air.

     The sun's influence on the earth is as a flood compared to a dripping faucet of greenhouse gases. Vice President Gore's announcement is equivalent to having a flood of rain which swells the rivers so he asks for a law outlawing peeing in the street. While outlawing peeing in the street will decrease the water in the flood, it will not become a significant decrease.

     One volcano erupting can have a significant effect in weather and temperature. The earth can cool several degrees with significant volcano activity shutting out the sun. Natural forces are huge in comparison to the gases industry releases into the atmosphere and can change the earth ten or twenty degrees in one year if certain natural phenomena occurred.

     So, why is this such a dramatic event? Why is it the national leaders continue to cry, "the sky is falling"? There are answers to this. The Protocols read: "In the hands of the States of today there is a great force that creates the movement of thought in the people, and that is the Press. The part played by the Press is to keep pointing our requirements supposed to be indispensable...." (Protocol #2).

     For world control to finally be successful, the population must be made to believe the world is a dangerous place and the only hope for survival is to have the one-world government make peace and protect the world. This monstrous fantasy has also invaded the movie industry. The theme of many science fiction movies is that we are to be invaded by hostile alien armies or some other threat and only a unified earth can save us all.

     Consider this, Charles Felman of CNN last week wrote: "to keep things in perspective, keep this in mind: the average American, says terrorism expert Brian Jenkins, has about a one in 5,000 chance of dying in a car accident; a 1 in 12,000 chance of being the victim of a run-of-the-mill homicide; and a one in tens of millions chance of being killed by a terrorist bomb." The danger from anthrax is in the hundreds of millions. One is millions of times more likely to die from Viagra than anthrax.

     Why does this nation spend billions to promote war and fear in regards to Saddam terrorism and global warming, while the really dangerous things like cars and Viagra continue to pose a very real and present danger with no warnings from our national saviors? More people have died from riding ATCs than have died from terrorist attacks. Many more people die from riding bicycles than anthrax. Why is it that the Vice President does not warn of the dangers of riding bikes? It is because riding bikes cannot be construed to be a global catastrophe that needs government intervention.

     If the Senate decides that the president should be removed from office, we have someone with which to replace him in the person of Mr. Gore who has not proved himself to be a paragon of intelligence or virtue. If his story of global warming is what we have to look forward to, we will be introduced to a whole host of new imagined theories to sweep us all into the arms of the UNcle. I suggest that if the world is warming it is due largely to a lot of hot air about it.


     Serbia's deputy prime minister Vojislav Seselj reported that the United States and Britain were training the Kosovo Liberation Army for fighting and propaganda. This is denied by the U.S. and Britain, but how does one know it is not taking place? The U.S. has already publicly stated it is doing this very thing in Iraq. The U.S. needs to create the violence to unsettle foreign powers to increase its presence and political power in the various regions of the world and to somehow justify the wartime level of taxation which is the highest in history. The Associated Press today stated that the U.S. is urging NATO to use military options in the region. The international political intrigue is being amassed in darkness and deception, but these lies always end up being exposed and the forces of darkness always end up in the nude. Don't they see the king has no clothes on?

     The forces at work today must bring down the integrity of the nation and cause the nation to fear so as to be submissive to the new global force of change. Our laws must be made a laughingstock, our religions a sham, our government unworkable, our morals ridiculous, so that world powers will be given the reigns. THE WAR IS ON! This event is purposed to bring all men under the power of the beast (State).

     This year we are seeing a continuation of the last. Our faith is being analyzed and manipulated by the thought police of the polling organizations. Our laws are being construed as being unworkable which is handily proven in the recent Clinton scandal. Our people are being bombarded with fantasy fears to cause us all to plead for government intervention in world affairs. The movie industry is pointing us all to the solution of the glories of a police state where the police are the saviors of the world. The move is gaining momentum.

     The people of faith will not tolerate any longer the hiding of this deception. We will destroy your false images and your fantastic stories of manipulation with our testimony. God has put a sword in our mouth. We will expose the Wicked one who now rules and seeks to rule us all, for it is written: "And then shall that lawlessness be revealed (exposed), whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: Even that which coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: that they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness." 2 Thess 2:8-12.

     The exposing of the lawless one is the sign of the coming of the Son of Man. To all believers it may be stated, "Look up, for your redemption draws nigh." "And he will destroy in this mountain the face of the covering that covereth all peoples, and the veil that is spread over all nations." (Isaiah 25:7, ASV). In other words, you are being made to see things for what they are. To all who love the lie, those poor souls will be consumed in it.

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