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Y2K bug is a Y2K monster


The Day the Earth Stood Still?

     I receive e-mail on occasion from people asking, "Why don't you do an editorial on Y2K?" We have not focused on these kinds of events because reports such as these are often used as sidetrips to cause people to look at the wrong things. If someone is constantly yelling, "watch out for the bug," and a beast is at your back, you may well imagine what I mean. The pickpocket often uses a diversion to cause people to have their attention drawn off while he steals the goods.

     Needless to say, there is much agitation concerning this feared event. I went into a local store the other day and the store owner wanted to know what I thought of Y2K. She said she is being swamped with orders from hoarders. She told me that one lady came in and bought eight fifty-pound bags of rice for herself and her two children. She said her grain grinders are on backorder three months. Certainly, there are numerous souls deeply troubled about the coming day.

     I spoke with an acquaintance of mine the other day who eats 3,000 lines of html code for breakfast. He said, "the whole Y2K thing is nonsense." Yes, we do have a variety of opinions as to what might occur, but no one knows for sure. No one can know for sure.

     I read a story in our local paper last week about a minister who stated that he cannot speak of the subject in his church without causing a major church split. It seems that some folks have made the Y2K problem a matter of church doctrine and faith. If one does not fear the crash, he is considered heretical. If one fears it, he is considered by others an alarmist and a fear monger.

     The WINDS was in contact with a source who attends many of the policy seminars for the new world agenda. This person attends some of the meetings at the high end of world policy planning. This person shared with us that the folks at those meetings do not discuss Y2K, they don't consider it an issue. That is as if to say the subject of Y2K is so the cattle can have something to do. Besides that, it is good for business and money can be made on the fears of others.

     I have spoken with some who joke about the "day after Y2K" garage sale when all of this stuff people have hoarded will go on sale. There does seem to be a wide variety of reactions to the scenario of the great computer crash of the year 2,000 and some folks are downright hostile. Seems funny to get so upset about something one can do nothing about. Fearing it will not make it go away.

Coming to Attention

     These things being said, I would like to share with you some of my own thoughts about it. I don't know what is going to happen to the computers. I use a Mac and it probably will go on just about as it has. Macs know how to count. I do have serious concerns, however, about the year 2,000. I am not afraid of it, but I am at attention and it isn't the computers that concern me.

     What concerns me is what I know very well and can see happening very clearly. I used to live in the city down in Southern California in a housing tract of nice homes. I had good steady employment with all of the benefits. One day I was minding my own business when it seemed a little voice spoke to me, saying, what would become of your nice home if the water was turned off? Suddenly, I sat up and began to take stock. If the water was turned off for whatever reason, my house and everything else there would be meaningless and worthless.

     I considered what would happen if the trucks stopped running supplies to the local supermarket. A few days later the mobs would be banging on my door looking for something to eat. Our whole system is fragile and dependent on many parts. The financial wizards have also successfully taken people off the farm and exported a good deal of our self sufficiency to foreign countries. America is dependent on much outside of herself. Any crisis, not just Y2K, could be made to be catastrophic.

     Years ago, as the result of that little voice, I moved out of the city and I now take water from a spring near my home. In my own opinion, city living is about as foolish a thing as can be done in this day and age. The cities are the most volatile, wicked and unpredictable places on earth. One may think he is safe there since so many people are around, but just let those people get hungry and one will see how safe he is. I spoke with my brother last year about the L.A. riots and he happened to live in a neighborhood at the time surrounded by smoke and fire. It was a little spooky for him.

     So what are my concerns? I don't know about computers, but I do know about some other things. President Bush stated his desire that the organization of the New World Order would be in place by the year 2,000. President Clinton seems to no longer jog but run headlong into it with the various executive orders and other nefarious political inventions he proposes. I can see this clearly and I watch it with great interest. I have great interest in it since it fulfills some of the major biblical prophecies. The new world crowd has often voiced their opinion that the world's population must be dropped to a "sustainable" level. Estimates of needed population decline range from 3 to 5 billion souls. That's a lot of people.

     There are other portents I have observed. I grew up in the city in the 50's. I went to school in large city schools. All the girls wore dresses and most of the kids knew there were certain things you didn't do. Of course, the things one didn't do occurred, but it was not the rule. One didn't take drugs and one didn't mess around sexually. If a girl was known to sleep around, she was relegated to the sphere of the school's low life file. Our television programs were "I Love Lucy" or "Leave it to Beaver." "Little House on the Prairie" was a little after that. Society trusted the government to a large degree and it was generally considered that the President of the United States was of a high moral character.

     Fifty years earlier was even more characterized by politeness between the sexes and general high regard for the place God had for us to fill. While people did sin, sin was not the object of one's fondest desires and hopes. People didn't seem to relish sin in "normal" society, but seemed to try to attain to higher and more noble attainments. I don't think I mean these things from a puritanical perspective. People have never been perfect. I mean it from the public perspective. People knew what was right and just--even if some of them did not practice it. Society did not flaunt its corruptions as it does these days. They didn't excuse them as in modern times. The corruptions we do have today, are far more pervasive and more generally purposed.

Not the Same World

     As Y2K approaches, it can be seen we live in a very different world. The crisis is already here. Condoms are distributed in many schools giving the message that sex is okay, just don't have a kid. If you have a kid by accident, that's okay, we can kill it in one of our clinics. The leaders of the nation are sometimes worshipped for whatever reason, but true respect is gone. Insanity rules in the movie industry teaching the general population to be insane as well. The courts are often unfair and oppressive and the slave labor camps we call prisons are increasing moment by moment. We live in a very different world than we had a century ago or even fifty years ago. I would say the U.S. is dangerously close to being a veritable insane asylum, if it is not yet considered one.

     I do believe the great crisis has already arrived. America is ruined. Most people cannot see it since they have only known America for what it is. They have nothing to compare it with. When I see the current national affairs, I shudder for the people. Their day of blood is near and it seems they run full speed into it. This can be seen in what seems small. President Clinton loves playing cat and mouse with the Iraqis. Just this week he sent war planes in again and one of his missiles went into a residential neighborhood and killed eleven people. I believe the president is seeking a crisis. At any rate, he is acting as he does. The New Order needs a national crisis. Y2K computer bugs cannot provide the necessary motivation in most people's minds to bring on martial law and mass murder. The bug would be inconvenient until a fix came along. If a chemical disaster or some terrible national emergency is manufactured causing the citizens to fear something from the outside, it would bring about the result desired. Troops would be in our streets. This could be in the form of a contrived nuclear attack of a certain limited scope or a manufactured biological attack of some kind. The president speaks of this feared attack almost daily.

     Jesus once said, "be it to you according to your faith." National leaders have often stated that if they did not have a Saddam, they would have to create one. He is good for America. Carrying that thinking over to, "If we are not given a biological attack of some kind we will have to manufacture one," it seems logical that we are being prepared for a crisis in order for the full weight of the New Order to be implemented. The end of constitutional government is in sight. Practically speaking, it is already gone but it is still professed to be in existence.

     Do I believe a terrible crisis is imminent? Yes, I do. I think, however, what we are soon to face is far more dangerous than a computer bug. Computers or some other thing may be used as excuses in some way, but the real disaster is calculated and planned. I am not prepared to say when the bell will ring, but it will ring.

     Do I fear this crisis? No! I have no fear of it whatever. I have a Father who is heavenly. He gives me what I need and I do not need to save myself. He tells me where to go and He tells me what to do. If I die, that is quite all right. People die everyday. If I live, that is okay too, since people live everyday. God is well able and willing to provide for my needs if it is to His glory to do that. Nothing can harm me. If it is for my best that I am terminated, that is okay with me also. I care not. My Father and Friend has proven Himself a worthy companion. He can send manna from the heavens or He can grow apples on pine trees. He can move mountains or bring water from the rock. I do not fear the lies of men or their plans to ruin the nation. Their own demise is guaranteed. My Father tells me so.

What Would it Really Look Like

     I have often considered the terrible scenario which is ahead of this nation by her own creation and some things seem a little humorous to me if that can be imagined. I remember a Bible story where a nation came against Israel and, through a series of circumstances, the attackers all retreated and left starving Israel with all of the goods. I have considered the folks planting food off in the mountains somewhere or in their basements. If the infrastructure falls, there would be no order and general chaos would prevail. People would be killing each other for fear. If people spent a lot of their time killing each other off, just think of all the food that would be left behind for those not killing each other off. The problem may not be that there is not enough, but that there is too much.

     I have considered that most folks do not really think things through. If one hoards food, he becomes the store where the mobs will shop. He becomes the target for their weapons. Americans have very little real knowledge of anarchy and what that looks like. Storing food away so that one can live past the crisis shows the naive way in which men view anarchy. It simply doesn't work that way. And tell me, who wants to murder fifty people so he can protect his beans? Not I. And suppose I was one of the fortunate hoarders who snuck around and hid and stayed alive until all the people got through killing themselves off? Suppose I came out of my hole and looked around and didn't see anyone? Now I could take my family out into the clear air and get radiation poisoning or drink contaminated water. What if just one person escaped besides my family and when he saw us, he was so terrified he killed us all. Then, he was so depressed at being the last person on earth, he committed suicide? No thanks, that is not my idea of survival.

     I think if men have been milking the system and living after their flesh, storing up the immoral slime of this time, they will deserve the terror that comes upon them. They have been warned long enough. They love their sins, and they will die in them. For those who have loved and trusted God, I would only give you the words of Jesus, "Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." The dark days ahead of us have been predicted for centuries. These days we live in were seen by Jesus when He said, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." And, "he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved."

    I am not afraid of Y2K or any other created catastrophe placed before us to worry about. Y2K may turn out to be a big buzz. If my power goes out I'll light candles. The crisis before us is so much greater than a Y2K computer bug I could only compare it to a bug and a beast. Computers will always crash and give us problems. They always have, but the crisis before us and the crisis we are in is the crisis of the soul. That attack on us is well-nigh complete in its efficiency. America has almost no soul remaining and how does one stock up for that? He stocks up on God's word and that is the only keeper we have been promised. If one has not hoarded God's word, his stock of perishables will perish with him.

The Prophecy

     I think I will do a little prophesying right now. We are not ignorant to the ways of man. The Bible predicts that the earth will be destroyed in fire. Preachers used to make this proclamation during their efforts to gain converts, but these days the world is hoping for better times that will last a millennium. They hope to usher it in next year.

     When the U.S. and her tiny band of coalition members drove Iraq out of Kuwait, the result was an apocalyptic vision of smoke and fire when all of Kuwait's oil wells were torched and raw crude dumped into the gulf. We all were reminded of the saying, "If I can't have it, neither will you." Everyone in the world wants to live and everyone in the world does not want someone to steal what they believe belongs to them. People tend to defend themselves and retaliate when that occurs. When a nation, or a group of nations, oversteps and seeks to take what is not theirs, we may very well have a universal, "If I can't have it, neither will you."

     Some humans hope to escape because they know where that cave is or they have stashed a few beans somewhere. Sorry to have to wake those poor souls up, but a few stashed beans won't make a dent in the hell men have prepared for themselves. I suppose one could say payday is on its way. It sure isn't very encouraging to one who thought he was protecting himself all these years by electing officials who would promise to make more bombs. Now we may have to eat them.

     Can one imagine, for a moment, the total breakdown of things if Russia, in final desperation, shot off its thousands of nuclear missiles? Could one also guess what the result of that would be when the U.S. shot off its thousands of weapons in return? Adding to that, we could only imagine the poisons released into the rivers and lakes killing everything. Everyone will be dumping their biological weapons on anything and everything. It is true that everyone these days is talking about disarmament, but we are ignoring the actions of desperation. If I may say so, what we are doing to Iraq is "asking for it" as they used to say when I was younger. Truly, these things being said are only my bright ideas but there is some precedent for them.

     For many, life isn't really important these days since so many folks believe the fantasy that when they die they go into the spirit heaven and live happily ever after no matter what they do here. They don't believe they will have to look into God's face and tell the truth about themselves. Mr. Clinton's legal team will be out of business in that day. If Jesus Christ is not our lawyer, we have no defense and when we desert Him, we can only expect chaos.

     For centuries we were protected simply by the vastness of the earth. It was impossible to kill everyone. That is not the case these days. We have enough poison manufactured worldwide to kill many of our planets. We have enough bombs to fry ten worlds. The terror of the realization is that corrupt, persecuting, vain, selfish man still remains as he was. All of the tyrants of history rule the world this very day, albeit they have learned to smile a lot while practicing their perversions. The Scriptures have something to say about this age.

"For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men. ...But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up." (2 Peter 3:5-10, KJV).

I don't think it will be long till we find out that the Scriptures do not lie.

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