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Kosovo Politics - This is the Rest of the Story

    On ABC News Sunday night Elizabeth Vargas describes the current war efforts in Kosovo designed to stop the brutal slaying of ethnic Albanians. With sorrow and sadness she feigns empathy for the beleaguered multitudes. And so goes the nightly news by America's government-controlled media.

    When one hears the western media, it leaves the strong impression that one is hearing but little of the true facts. We see a few events, but we miss the underlying explanation. For this reason, I turned to the Serbian information service to get the rest of the story. From reports around the world, and from all sectors, comes a far different picture than is painted by our own political pundits. As the German nation was prepared by the Nazis for their eventual slaughter, so goes America.

    One person who spoke with this office reported concerning a friend who witnessed a news report interviewing a Kosovo refugee. The friend was surprised and shocked to discover the translation put over the news report had nothing to do with what the woman was actually saying since she understood the language the woman was speaking in. The news report was totally fabricated. Immediately our minds are turned to the statement clearly made in the Protocols:

If already now we have contrived to possess ourselves of the minds of the GOY communities to such an extent that they all come near looking upon the events of the world through the colored glasses of those spectacles we are setting astride their noses.

    Russia also has complained. The western media often presents in the news how the NATO forces shot down a number of MIG Jets. The Russians write:

MOSCOW, 28 March (Tanjug) - Since early morning [the] Russian media have been broadcasting news that the Serbian television had for the first time in the five days of NATO's air strikes on Yugoslavia broadcast filmed pictures of the downed enemy plane which happens to be, as underscored, nothing less than the U.S. Air Force's pride: a stealth F-117A.

Local news analysts find the authenticity of this news particularly important because Russians seem to be fed up with watching the U.S. TV story on the allegedly down[ing] [of a] Yugoslav MIG-29 plane. No Russian televiewer, let alone expert, has failed to spot out that the markings on the scrap iron which the Americans want to present as the alleged MIG debris are written in Latin script: a thing simply impossible for a plane of the Russian manufacture.

Referring to this forgery, the NTV TV network broadcast yesterday an extensive item speaking about the work methods of the U.S. propaganda machinery, drawing attention of its viewers to the editing and filming technique on the example of the tear-stained wives and children of pilots leaving for the Balkan battlefield.

Quite obviously, all has been made by the rules of featured film making and on these heart-breaking scenes one commentator commented with the following words: "The only question remaining without an answer is: what are they doing in Yugoslavia after all?"

    The WINDS has stated that regular updates will not be forthcoming except in special circumstances. The war in Yugoslavia is one of those special circumstances. Special events require special reports. What we are seeing presented in the media is rarely accurately portrayed. Other voices should be heard. It is well for us to understand a little of the history of the region in question. The following statement says it well.

The History

Politika, March 4th 1999
Juan Pablo Cordoba Elias

As in the big movies, it seems it's not hard to understand the action: Kosovo - Serbian province, Yugoslav major republic - was for decades now, especially during last year, the battlefield of ethnic/religious conflicts between two political factors: rebel Albanian groups, which represent the majority in the region, and Serbian military forces.

Since the beginning of [the] nineties, the rebels have considered that zone the Republic of Kosovo, where they represent the majority of 2,100,000 citizens, and their goal is the creation of an independent state. As a difference to that, Serbs are calling the same territory the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohia and are against the independence of that region.

In order to comprehend the political essence of the conflict, one should keep in mind the fact that neither good nor evil is always complete.

It's not a question of ordinary local conflicts or instability that they are provoking in Yugoslavia. It's about a real possibility of expanding the war beyond Yugoslav borders. In this conflict between ethnic groups and religious elements, the essential part has political games in the process in which are also included NATO, so-called Contact Group (France, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Russia) and one actor in the group that is acting for its own benefit: the USA.

Involvement of the European and Asian powers in the conflict, failure of the peace negotiations on the Middle East, suspicious "on time" catching of Kurdish leader Abdul Odzalan, expensive OUN silence, and, finally, NATO and U.S. government using time, benefit to the doubt that there are also other actors and interests involved in the show whose scenario is being altered from day to day. In 1389 Ottoman Turks occupied Kosovo, which was at the time a political center of the Serbian Empire, a strategic bridge between Asia and the Middle East and a place where the most significant churches and monasteries were located. To permit the independence of Kosovo, in Serbian [thinking] would mean not only to give up the religious obligation, but also to abandon the task that originates from their entire cultural past.

Kosovo represents a strategic zone for terrorism and drug trade. Terrorists are trained in Albania in Ljabinot and Kuks as well as in the military schools in the municipality of Bayram Curri, that borders on Yugoslavia. It is also known that the training camps exist in Libane, near Elbasan, Surca on the mountain Dajti, and some other on Kosovo itself, for example Prizren, but also outside Kosovo, as well as in Montenegro, Macedonia and Sweden.

From the ideological point of view, Albanian terroristic organizations arose from the military ultra-left wing. For example, the oldest movement, so-called "National Liberation of Kosovo" originated from four previously separate secret organizations: "National Liberation Movement," "Marxian-Leninist Organization of Kosovo," "Communist Marxian-Leninist Party of Albanians in Yugoslavia" and "National Red Front."

It is well known that this terroristic internal structure was supported by Albanian communist leader Enver Hoxha - died in 1985 - and former Albanian President Sali Berisa. Most of the people recruited in the Balkans are conservative villagers - descendants of "balists," famous Albanian fascists who, together with Italians, fought against the Serbs during World War II.

If we add to all this the fact that the terrorists are mostly Moslems, it seems that things are getting quite another dimension.

[The] commanding center of the so-called "Kosovo Liberation Army" (KLA) consists of military and police forces that self proclaimed republic of Kosovo tried to create until 1992 as its own constitutional forces.

Both organizations, "National Kosovo Liberation Movement" and the "Liberation Army" are typical terroristic organizations by their organized structure with leaders outside Kosovo and Metohia.

It is considered that there are around 6,000 trained terrorists on Kosovo and Metohia and that 3,000 more are on the training courses in Albania, Turkey and [the] western part of Germany. The intelligence center of the "liberation army" - located somewhere in the region near Pristina - is not only in charge of Kosovo and Metohia, but also all the places in former Yugoslavia inhabited by Albanians.

Serbian trained terrorist phototgraph

Among Albanian terrorists are also foreign mercenaries from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, Malaysia and other Islamic countries. Muslims with radical determination are supporting Albanian terroristic machinery, not only through participation in their terroristic activities, but also supplying them with arms and offering appropriate training (among terroristic instructors there are also Turks and Chechens). From their side, Iran, as well as Sudan, are delivering arms.

Terroristic organizations are following such a model of warfare whose political goal is secession and which, as an Islamic factor, applies the famous "hamas" tactic - carefully planned terroristic attacks. It's not by accident that Drenica and the region of Metohia were chosen for the terroristic center regarding the fact that the largest part of Metohia borders on Albania, where the first and strongest logistic support to their cause is expected.

In the beginning of February this year, the Italian press has discovered that the heroin market in Lombardy is controlled by Kosovo Albanians. Those smugglers are not 'laundering' money, but directly transferring it to "KLA" on Kosovo and Metohia and partly to Switzerland in order to finance arming of "KLA."

During 1998 the police in charge of the struggle against narcotics from Genoa and Hungary have been warning that Albanians are controlling 80 percent of the heroin market in their countries. Last year, in the Czech Republic, the police broke up one Albanian gang smuggling narcotics, arresting 16 persons who had 40,000 hidden doses of heroin around 300,000 DEM worth.

Russian statements of support to Milosevic are being ignored while at the same time the Contact Group admits that NATO has about 400 battle airplanes ready, including eight British bombers B-52 and 12 Italian F-117. In reality, the entire NATO troops are including 260 American airplanes, while four battleships with cruising rockets "Tomahawk" are also from the USA.

Within all that, what is noticeable is that a military disposing is underway and somebody will have to pay for it one day.

The basic problem regarding Kosmet Albanians is that unacceptable conditions are being set - NATO military disposing in this zone and the possibility of establishing a transitional period with a referendum on eventual independence after three years as a goal.

The possibility of foreign intervention, whether NATO or USA, would only lead to cohesion of Serbian nationalism, for those who doubt all that, it should be enough to mention wars in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the siege of Sarajevo.

Failure of the discussion in Rambouillet, France, is an introduction to the new migration wave, which benefits to regional disintegration as well as to stimulating xenophobic elements present in the conflict.

Europe is one more time showing its incapability as in the question of unity and regional balance within its own zone of influence and as in the relation to the creation of mutual foreign policy in accordance to the interests of the continent.

Besides that, it is obvious that nobody is considering appropriate the consequences that would come from the support to independence of Kosovo: that would be oxygen for internal extremism and project of "Great Albania."

That is the new international order within which the Kosovo factor is exclusively the insert in the film announced by the fall of socialist project and, for the absent-minded, shown this year, 1999, for the first time.

Serbian policeman assisting wounded

    While we often hear our own President Clinton speak against the evils of terrorism, he does not seem to think the terrorists in other countries are so evil. He only denounces terrorists who happen to aim their weapons at the U.S. This hypocrisy and basic lie of his foreign policy exposes his Albrights and Cohens in the same hypocrisy. What is occurring in Kosovo is that drug money is supporting terrorists there. The KLA not only murders Serbian police, but their own ethnic Albanians if they are sympathetic with the Serbs. In the western media one might see refugees running down the road escaping the terrible brutality of the Serbs, but they do not show Serbian police giving medical attention to the Albanian victims of Albanian terrorist attacks. The KLA is being used by the U.S. and the international cabal for its own convoluted purposes. It is the tool to bring down a society that is too nationalistic and independent for their socialist agenda. This is the price one pays for seeking to excuse themselves from the New World Order.

    The great and amazing thing to behold is how the American public as a whole sleeps through the whole thing. Let us suppose there was a Latino uprising in America and the movement desired to take Texas and Southern California back as their sovereign territory. Suppose these Latinos were trained in Mexico and transported to the United States in order to kill police and other Latinos not sympathetic to their cause. Now let us consider the United States government sending forces into the region to stop the terrorists from blowing up public buildings and killing citizens. Now what does one suppose would happen if NATO sent warplanes to the United States so that the American government could not defend itself against the Latino terrorists? Suppose that NATO would only stop the bombing if the U.S. agreed to leave the Latinos alone, eventually giving them Texas and Southern California. This is the situation in Serbia. But our head truth-teller in the White House will not tell you that.

    ABC News Sunday night also gloriously showed the German air force once again attacking Yugoslavia in a show of unity and solidarity with the West. The Serbs are not so generous with their flattery. They report:

Kragujevac, March 27 (abridged) - The anti-war message from the Kragujevac Memorial Park that "One Sumarice is enough" for the world, at the place where the fascists killed in only one day over 7,000 people including 300 pupils in 1941 - new world fascists have never heard about. But they returned to the place of [their] crime, and in the first wave of the NATO aircraft, German tornados dropped on Sumarice four huge bombs of 900 kg each.

If the perverted mind of these new barbarians wanted to destroy the graves and their filthy traces, they were wrong. Even the re-plowed graves remain forever. They warn, they incite to resistance and stir up the conscience of the peaceful mankind.

    Serbia has attacked no sovereign state. Serbia has not molested its neighbors. Serbia has only tried to stop the KLA terrorists from killing their police officers and other ethnic Albanians unsympathetic with the KLA. The fighting has largely been escalated by Western encouragement and support. The international cabal has succeeded in starting a war in the region and our own mindless nation is the pawn used for these war crimes. WWI and WWII both began in this region. Are we now seeing the beginning of WWIII?

Radojevic Charges that NATO is Experimenting on Serbs

     The WINDS has reported on how U.S. armaments are shown off to the world for sale by these wars. These wars (not called wars these days) are the commercials for the armament industries. Iraq was the first commercial and now Serbia is the latest version

Belgrade, Mar 26 (Tanjug - abridged) - Yugoslav Minister of Telecommunications Dojcilo Radojevic has addressed the following appeal to all nations to help put an end to the NATO aggression on Yugoslavia.

NATO aviation use in their air strikes 430 modern aircraft and weapons forbidden by international conventions - cassette bombs and radioactive charge. Over 300 Tomahawk missiles were fired on Yugoslavia.

The latest lethal weapons are being tested on human beings as if the Serbs and other nationalities who live in Yugoslavia are objects of an experiment, stresses Radojevic.

The Western Press Does not Mention the Schools

    As with so many wars, the glories of the kill are ever made the public discussion. Armies are portrayed against the evil tyrants who place themselves as dictators of the world. Nothing is mentioned of the children and families murdered by steel birds of the sky. Nothing is even thought of which might indicate that Americans are the ones with the dictator and Americans and their allies are the new barbarians who pillage and burn their way into a village.

Belgrade, March 26 (Tanjug) - Serbian Education Minister said on Friday that about 30 schools in Serbia were damaged or destroyed in NATO's criminal aggression on Yugoslavia.

"Foreign aggressor[s], led by the United States, attacks and destroys school buildings in its criminal onslaught. [There are] many damaged and destroyed elementary schools, high schools, student and pupil dormitories and faculties," Todorovic told Tanjug.

He said that "about 30 schools were damaged or destroyed" and added that those in Kosovo-Metohija province suffered the greatest damage, but that other buildings in entire Serbia were not spared either.

F-117A wreckage from Kosovo Serbian war

The West Only Hears of One of the Planes Down

    Belgrade, March 26 (Tanjug)- "The Yugoslav air defense was again successful Friday, the third day of NATO aggression, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy air force.

    "According to latest reports, the Yugoslav air defense downed four aircraft, captured two pilots, and most likely downed another aircraft, in the area of the Kosovo and Metohija town of Pec, which disappeared from the radar screen after being targeted, Radio-TV Serbia reported late Friday.

    "The NATO air force is using even the banned cassette bombs.

    "NATO resumed attacks on the territory of Kosovo and Metohija Friday. Just as the previous days, mostly civilian targets, including housing facilities, were hit."

The Human Shield

    We are subjected to images which make the Serbs out to be the evil Huns which are storming down upon innocent sleeping villagers thrusting them from their homes and murdering the families found there. Instead, it is the Western coalition of nations called NATO which would more realistically fit that picture. The new Nazis are on the move and the Serbians are willing to sacrifice themselves to make a point.

Belgrade, March (Tanjug - abridged) - Workers of the Zastava factory from Kragujevac decided to protect their factory from the aggressor with their bodies, and sent a message to the international public, they will have to count on lots of casualties in case of bombarding, said the chairman of the Management Board Milan Beko.

Our decision was announced by Reuters, German agencies and Greek reporters who visited us in Kragujevac, said Beko and added that he had appealed for help to the trade unions of the big world automobile concerns like Ford, Peugeot, Fiat and Skoda.

Nis citizens will wait bombs in the streets.

Nis citizens and its actors will gather at the city square at the time of bombarding to resist NATO criminals with their bodies, voices and art.

Nis, March 27 (Tanjug - abridged) - When the sirens announce air attack, Nis citizens and its actors will gather at the city square to resist NATO criminals. Their actors will be quoting the words of art inviting mankind to regain sense.

Director Marislav Radisavljevic invited all actors around the world to join this initiative and express their protest and resistance to NATO criminals.

The World Cries Out in Protest

Paris, March 25 (Tanjug - abridged) - Renowned Austrian writer Peter Handke who lives in France sent a letter today to the world media, after disgraceful NATO attacks on Yugoslavia.

In his letter, he named the whole earth Yugoslavia. He "thanked" NATO, he thanked all great [and] small writers, from Marques to Grass, from Kensabur to Marcos for what they did not write. He thanked the Pope for his blessed silence.

Big leap for mankind! However, for those on the earth who haven't transformed to Martians and other green butchers, their country has been Serbia, Montenegro, Republika Srpska, Yugoslavia since March 24, 1999, wrote Handke.

SOFIA, March 28 (Tanjug) - More than 200 generals, admirals and other senior officers of the Bulgarian Army Reserve condemned today the NATO criminal aggression against sovereign Yugoslavia.

A Declaration sent to the Tanjug office in Sofia said members of the Association of generals, admirals, and colonels of the opposition parliamentary Bulgarian Socialist Party said the brutal NATO attack on Yugoslavia was a "bloody act of state-terrorism, described as aggression under the United Nations Charter and other norms of international law."

That is why the United States, Great Britain, and other countries engaged in the NATO aggression on Yugoslavia should answer before the international court of justice, the Declaration said.

The senior officers expressed regret that the country's leadership persist their efforts to secure Bulgaria's admission to NATO, which has shown its true face with this latest aggression - against neighboring Yugoslavia.

Belgrade, March 27 - (Tanjug - abridged) - Serbian Association of Doctors sends an appeal to all the doctors in the world to ask the powers of the new world order - why?

In this moment when the phantom sounds of sirens are signaling arrival of a terrible break in the continuity of life which divides life from death, innocent children from the death of those very children, peaceful family lunch from tomorrow's funeral of the very same family members, we the doctors ask - why?

In this moment when the reality is forged, and when the power negates any other right, we take the obligation to warn the world. Sirens over our heads, cries over devastated houses and bodies of our relatives and friends, warns the conscience of the mankind that the red line has been crossed. Maybe it [is] not to late to ask - why?

Monastery of Gracanica

March 28, 1999 Monastery of Gracanica, before NATO aggressor's bombardment

In their criminal act NATO air craft bombed the monastery of Gracanica near the city of Pristina as well as the capital of Montenegro, the city of Cetinje. Civilian targets: schools, hospitals, kindergartens and hundreds of the civilian victims nor the fact that the NATO criminals bombed particularly those Serbian sanctuaries were not accidental. The monastery of Gracanica has not only historical and cultural importance for Serbs but is a largest secret Serbian monument. The city of Cetinje as well is a city-monument. Not to mention that there are no military targets near Gracanica and Cetinje. It is obvious that the NATO directors, the biggest shame of the mankind, planned to profane the places which are the national pride.

With a symbolic pray[er] on the day of the Kosovo battle, the Christian resistance to the Islamistic fundamentalism began in the monastery of Gracanica and in the city of Cetinje the greatest mind of the Serbian people Petar Petrovic Njegos was born and worked in. The duke Lazar who prayed in the monastery of Gracanica became a saint by his martyrdom death in the battle field while Njegos, the bishop of Cetinje, is proclaimed to be an orthodox saint as well. Gracanica as well as Cetinje are under the protection of UNESCO as a cultural monuments. For Serbs, they are sanctuaries. They survived the Turks and fascists and they will survive their modern successors. NATO criminals calculated that they will demoralize the Serbian resistance by bombing their sanctuaries. They got an answer the very same night - four aircrafts down together with the pride of the American technology, U.S. F-117 stealth fighter and the identifying marks of the American pilots will be sent to their homes together with their bodies in the steel coffins. Clinton will have to explain to their parents why they were killed and his tax obligators what he spent the billions of dollars on.

TORONTO, 28 March - Condemning NATO's criminal aggression on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Canadian distinguished University of Toronto history Professor stated that by being part in the NATO forces, Canada has committed an act of war against a sovereign European country and has thereby directly violated the U.N. Charter. In his letter published yesterday in the Canadian "The National Post" under the headline "I Am Ashamed To Be a Canadian," Professor Bliss underscored that the FR of Yugoslavia had not attacked Canada or any other country, and that in its southern province of Kosovo and Metohija it had been trying to suppress an armed rebellion by ethnic Albanian terrorists and separatists.

    What these protesters do not seem to mention is how it is all planned. We can marvel at the little book so widely condemned these days. From its pages we read:

"In a word, to sum up our system of keeping the governments of the goyim in Europe in check, we shall show our strength to one of them by terrorist attempts and to all, if we allow the possibility of a general rising against us, we shall respond with the guns of America..." From The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

    One is naturally inclined to trust his government. We all hope we are safe and that someone is not pulling the wool over our eyes. On October 26, 1998, U.S. News and World Report published an article entitled, "What didn't we do to get rid of Castro?" The article quotes a 1962 memo by Lyman Lemnitzer, then chairman of the Joint Chiefs arguing that "the Cuban problem must be solved in the near future" and that "military intervention by the United States will be required to overthrow the present communist regime." The article quotes a five-page addendum, entitled "Pretexts to Justify U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba. Listed were options and following are a few of them:

    In recent years we continue to have revealed to us the terrible atrocities practiced by the American military from throwing suspected communists out of airplanes to the rape and wanton destruction of innocent civilians during the Viet Nam War. We cannot know the truth anymore.

    60 Minutes, Sunday, presented the creator of Star Wars. Lucas stated that "nothing is real in the movies, everything is fake." The same things can be stated for our national policies. Everything is fake and our newscasts are fabrications for the influencing of public opinion. The term "ethnic cleansing" has been manufactured by the cabal to produce outrage in the people but it is a totally concocted theme. If ethnic cleansing were truly being practiced, the circumstances in Kosovo would be radically different. You would not see Serb police helping Albanian residents. It is NATO who is guilty of ethnic cleansing. Everyone not willing to bow the knee is reduced to nothing. Truly, the ethnic cleansing of NATO is of a different sort than the usual use of the words ethnic cleansing, but the principles are the same. Truly, a great humanitarian disaster is happening in Kosovo, but the large part of it may be laid squarely at the door of NATO. American taxpayer dollars are displacing hundreds and thousands of residents and the New World Order crowd love it.

    In regards to the basic dishonesty of the national media and the total distortion of current events, one is made to wonder at the recent rush to inoculate all our service personnel against Anthrax. Could the real reason for inoculation not be because we fear a rogue nation using it, but, rather, we Americans are planning to use it on some other nation, and we do not want it affecting our own military? Are we planning to use Anthrax on the Serbs? While there is no evidence for this, the character of our media, secret services and our elected officials in the highest levels would not exclude it.

"My first pledge will be to restore integrity to the White House. And I'll fire anyone who has lied to the American people or the United States Congress." - Al Gore, in a February 2, 1988 presidential debate.

"The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?" Jer 5:31

Well, now you have heard the rest of the story!


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