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Here is some of the mail we received in 1999.




    I am an ardent reader of the winds and appreciate the truth being out there. I find there is a lot of confusion concerning the Y2K problem because there are very few people who understand the low level computer architecture. I won't bore you with details. I will tell you that I work for a computer engineering company. We design hardware that is used in Mini computers. The same type that is used by powerplants (conventional and nuclear), banks, gov. agencys, and military. These computers are also used in Hollywood special effects studios. The point I'm getting to is that the Y2K problem was solved years (perhaps 10) ago. There really is no problem. The hardware date function is not going to cause your computer to explode on Jan. 1, 2000. The possibility exists where some of your date codes will come up 1900 but thats not going to crash anything. It is the panic causers and people who are trying to cash in on peoples ignorance that are the real problem. The people who cause a panic to sell an extraordinary amount of thier products which are the real problem.

    Let me also address embedded controllers, what about them? Most embedded controllers like your cars computer or the dishwasher or the calculator, or the digital thermometer you use to monitor the garden, are all based on time not date, they could care less if it is 1900 or 2000, they will still work. Maybe it would be a refreshing break to go back to 1900 anyway. I, personally, have known about the Y2K bug since 1981, and many others have known since the begining of computing time. The problem is a lack of morals with respect to major ignorance. If you study the computer in scrutiny down to individual transistors, as I have, you know first hand there is no problem. It is a machine, It is fully programmable, It is fixable, and its easier than most people think. The fact that this problem has become a matter of casual conversation for the ignorant has magnified the panic beyond reasonable levels, relax, computers don't explode... If you want a easy fix, there are people who make a small add on card which converts the two digit year code to a four digit year code automatically. The fix is as simple as adding another card to your system.

Sincerely, Michael R. Wriston




    I was a "victim" of an abusive husband for 11 years. He was verbally abusive, emotionally abusive, and finally physically abusive. I won't go into details, but I assure you that although I had no obvious bruises or broken bones, I had internal injuries and a broken spirit. I might add that my ex-husband was schooled by the "Jesuits", the same as Clinton, and as Clinton, he had his course set for him.

     I had 5 pregnancies in 3 years, 3 C-Sections and 2 miscarriages. I nearly died with all three births and was in the hospital for 10 days with all three. I walked out of the hospital weighing 91 lbs. after each birth (Graves Disease). My children were my life, I would have gladly given my life for each one, my last I had an emergency hysterectomy, at the age of 25, I could have no more children.

     I knew of my ex-husband's infidelities and ignored them. I didn't believe in divorce, that is until he tried to kill me. I suffered 18 mos. of private investigators following me. I had my phone tapped, an intruder came into my apt. and was chased away by a neighbor (I understood there was a contract out for me). My ex was seeing two women, each from a different state, but lied under oath (guess he thought "seeing" meant something else). The only way he could hurt me was to take my children away from me.

     Our divorce was a "test case" for men to gain custody without justifiable reason, for our state. This was in the late 70‚s to early 80's. Our case was "closed door" to the public, but all the judges & lawyers attended the hearings. I was "laughed" at for my accusations of abuse, yet my ex was viewed as a saint. During these 18 mos. my ex often would go 3 mos. without paying child support, I had to pay to go to court, to have his lawyer show up at my lawyers the day of court with a check. It always bounced after the judge declared it a dismissed case, yet I still had to pay court costs. Meanwhile, he was giving all our lawn equipment to his girlfriend and bought her children eye glasses. Many times I would sit in the middle of my kitchen floor, crying and wondering how I was going to buy enough food or give my children money for their lunch, so they wouldn't have to stand in the "special" line for the "free lunches".

     At the end, I agreed to do the child custody & divorce (which I refused to file for) all in one. I lost custody of my children on the grounds that I was an "over protective" mother.

     It took me 7 years (when I got saved) to finally be able to "forgive" my ex for all the pain that he caused me. I waited 17 years before I remarried. My grown children still carry the scars of being torn away from their mother, and I am feeling the pain all over again, for them.

     After my ex took my children, I was given a liberal visitation (my ex married one of his girlfriends and she wanted the children gone as much as possible, but they both used the children as a pon to control me). I still would give my life for any of my children.

     In all this, I prayed to my Father, "Why, why O Lord, why did I lose my children"? I was saved for two years when the Lord spoke to me. It was an audible voice, I fell on my knees, crying, as the very presence of Jesus was too much to bare.

     The voice said, "Do you remember how much pain you felt when your children left you"?

     I wanted to die, I cried from the depth of my soul, "Yes", I answered.

     "I hurt 100 times more when my children leave me", He said. "Do you remember how much you hurt when your children blamed you and it wasn't your fault"?

     "Yes", I answered.

     "I hurt 100 times more when my children blame me and it is not my fault. Do you remember how much you hurt when your children are disobedient to you"?


     "I hurt 100 times more when my children are disobedient to me".

     I was crying with my face on the floor, when He spoke again.

     "You lost your children so that you could come to know me".

     You see, without pain and suffering we would have no reason to seek Jesus as our Saviour. To know Him is to know His Words and to "feel" His pain, approval, and love.

     Children belong with their mother. Fathers should pay for child support, but if they don't, that will be dealt with by the Lord, in His time. The government should stay out of the family affairs as much as possible.

     I have known women that had babies out of wedlock, they worked as hookers or in bars. These women were not the "class" of mothers that one would expect to be raising children. Yet, of the three that I know of personally (one was my childhood friend), their children grew up to be respectable adults, good grades, college scholarships, etc. I would not have raised my children the same way, yet for whatever reason, these children came out normal.

    I too was a bit confused by the articles, but the links will take you to several sites, including sites opposed to Fathers taking custody of their children. The Lord will not always do as we ask (or want), because we are to ask that His Will be done. His Will may not be ours. The government, however, should stay away from trying to become God. I do hope that was the purpose of the article on fathers that pay no support.


Editors Response:

It was.




    The article on the World Health Organization answers a question I had concerning an interview written in The Environment Magazine (E) this month (Jan/Feb) with Ted Turner who said, "The simplest answer is that the world population should be about two billion, and we've got six billion right now....And how you get there is very complicated. It's going to take a lot of education and improvement in health care." It was easy to understand the remark about education but how does improving health care lower the population? Wouldn't it raise population numbers? Well, as I said, your WINDS article answered that. Their meaning of "improvement" is the improvement of secret ways to destroy life, not preserve it.

    Mr. Turner kept using the the arugument that the earth is not capable of supporting the current population, to justify the elimination of four billion lives, and as your article says, he stated he would prefer to eliminate more. Well, I did a little figuring and this is what I came up with.

    According to the Webster New World Dictionary, copyright 1975, Texas has a land area of 267,339 square miles, which comes out to be about 7,453,012,038,504.37 square feet. Then divide that number by 6 billion and you get 1242.17 square feet. That is to say, if you placed every person in the world in Texas they would each have 1242.17 square feet of living space. That's a room aproximately 35 feet by 35 feet. Now someone might say that is not enough room; well, that's true if we don't take into account the other forty-nine now empty states, not to exclude Canada, Mexico, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Russia, Australia, the islands, etc. Doesn't that make one think that six billion is really a small number compared with the vaste land mass of the earth.

    It seems to me, after a little figuring, that Ted Turner's concerns about the earth's inablity to support human life is but another New World Order fabrication. It seems to me the real issue is that it is easier to control two billion lives than six billion.

Tim B




    It grieves me to see your one-sided presentation of fathers that pay no support. You so often refer to the word. Why are you not addressing this from a biblical perspective as the Lord does. A man that does not provide for his family is worse than a non-believer.

    My children's father is over $66,000.00 in arrears. Many years he paid no support whatsoever, yet he lived blocks away from the children and I never prevented his visitation which he scheduled sporadically and without any communication with me.

    I met my husband in Bible school and we were married 18 years. He has a degree from USC and is in full health. To add more grief to this difficult situation, he has created a "Christian" veneer that has allowed him to teach Sunday school, stay active in promise keepers etc., etc., and even be a youth camp counselor between the two times he was jailed for only 24 hour stays.

    After years of Clinton's so called get tough program he still is back to paying no support for months at a time even with warrants outstanding. He has made a mockery of the court and the church. I never remarried and with nothing more than a GED I have continued to support the three children while suffering financial garnishments and threats from his creditors.

    All this is to say, refusal to pay support is in many cases the tool that some men use to continue to hurt and abuse the mother of their children that separated from them in an attempt to seek safety and peace before the Lord. Every pastor that became familiar with the issues of my marriage confirmed a Biblical base for separation. My husband would not allow it and put me through an ugly and painful custody battle that turned into a divorce to protect the children and I from his numerous aggressive creditors. We lost our home; our children were emotionally shredded.

    I would ask you to seek the Lord through His word and ask Him to show you His Father's heart. I have searched but do not find it in your presentation of this painful and difficult subject. I believe your present presentation of this is adding guilt, shame, pain and more wounding to many of we mothers who had genuinely sought the help of the church for marital conflict and contrary to scripture were sent into the court's system by their pastors and "Christian" counselors who found it a easier solution than trying to discern and confront the real issues in a marriage that was in crisis or an abusive husband and father.

    Even more concerning, you seem to be condoning and giving license to men who don't want to be responsible to provide for the families they stand responsible for before the Lord and use the withholding of support to the mother as a way to continue their lack of love and respect for her, the very reasons she fled from him. It is a rare mother that wants to see the father of her children in jail.

In Christ's Love, Elizabeth Crosby

Editors Response:

    It is impossible not to feel sympathy for your situation the way you describe it. Surely every man who fathers a child should support it. If one is unwilling to raise the children he brings into the world he should never bring children into the world.

    The point of the article you refer to was not about poor dads who don't pay for their children. The article was about government manipulation in regards to the family unit. Your own family may very well be a victim of government manipulation in some way.

    I will address your situation as the Lord would since that is what you requested. There was a young woman in Scripture who had sought healing until she was impoverished by the medical profession of her day. When she reached out in faith and touched Jesus' garments she was healed. From your story, you have trusted in worldly pastors for help and finally the government to relieve the situation. If I were you, I would have sought out the Lord to remedy the crisis. The Lord has a strong arm and is well able to take care of irresponsible fathers. God is a terror to the wicked. When we trust in man, however, we receive the slavery and dissolution of which the article speaks. The government is not God. Neither is the government any real help at all. As far as your ex-husband, shame on him. Some folks like to play like they are Christians while not knowing the first things of that life.




    Just finished reading "The 'OK' Bombing." I was associated with Va. P.I. Bill McCoy [killed Oct 97], who helped Hoffman research his book. He (McC) had me digging into whether Strassmeir was let into the country under a special category status reputedly denoted on his passport. It was McCoy's belief that Strassmeir came into the country on assignment detailed to the Justice Department. The implications to that are clear. I was advised Hoffman was all packed and ready to go, headed to D.C., and perhaps to touch base with me. It's difficult to view OKC being either a sting gone wrong or left unhindered considering the number of disparate persons reported as being forewarned.

Michael Levy




    Dear Staff, kudos on your web site!! As I browsed, I was even more amazed to see "The Protocols" nicely laid forth for the world to see!! It would appear that you know and I know that all one has to do is objectively and thoroughly read those plans, take a good look around, and KNOW they are real for they have been FULFILLED!!! What was it, do you suppose, that caused the Henry Ford to devote months and hundreds of pages to the "Jewish question" in his weekly paper "The Dearborn Independent"?

     Am I an anti-Semite? NO! I am a Semite! It does appear that the ones who scream it the loudest are the Ashkenazi/Bolshevik/Khazarian Zionist false "Jew" as spoken about in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, not the put upon Hebrew Judean lineaged people.

Keep spreading some Truth. Thank you

Jerry Schnoebelen




    When Clinton first ran for office my oldest grandson asked me what I thought about him. I told the young man that Clinton was a national socialist - whether you call it Nazi or Communism. My grandson was shocked and protested that Clinton was not against the Jews. I agreed and replied that he was against Christians, however, and that he would persecute them when the chance arose. I think time has proven me right on both issues. I really hate having others agree with me because I would really like to be wrong.

Gene Birkeland




     The facts suggest significant problems will have to be solved. When even the news finally admits (six months ago) that world wide that it would take 500 billion dollars and about 5 years to clean up the worlds Y2K problems... it seems massive. When one considers that all government systems (with the single exclusion of Social Security) are way behind cleaning up their acts with the MILITARY towards the bottom of the readiness list... the probabilities seem certain.  

     Regardless... Americans are heavily dependent on electrical power... for everything. Of note is that 5% of Americans provide food for 95%, and without reliable power for industry, transportation, banking and communications... to get the food and water to the people... problems will occur. A person can exist for up to a week without water, and up to a month without food. I have about zero faith in our system to "do what is right", and even if they were so inclined... there is neither the time nor money to eliminate the bugs.   On the flip side... disasters happen (the Canadian area without power for 16 weeks is a good example) and for people to be advised to stock, at minimum, a months supply of water, food, medicines, and supplies for each person in the family unit... can only be considered prudent.  

     One only has to look at recent events in this world to see what happens to people who are deprived of the basics. As a military retiree I would rather go against 10 religious fanatics... then one starving man with weapons.  





     This is in response to the article on the Wilderness group defying UN and US policy by helping Iraqis.

     "Then the King will say to those on his right hand, 'Come you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me.' Then the righteous will answer Him, saying, 'Lord, when did we see You hungry and feed You, or thirsty and give You drink? When did we see You a stranger and take You in, or naked and clothe You? Or when did we see you sick or in prison, and come to You?' And the King will answer and say to them, 'Assuredly I say to You, in as much as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me."

     So now it comes to this. The world 'system,' including the UN and the United States seek to punish people for trying to carry out the Great Commission in some of it's most basic and practical forms - to simply help those who are suffering. I suppose they have 'decided' that the Iraqi's are not among the least of Christ's brethren. But, I have decided that when we dispensed uranium on the Iraqis, we dispensed it on Jesus Christ. It was He who was born in such mutilated fashion as evidenced by your article (no mouth, no eyes, etc.).

     I am horrified. Soon, I will do what God has been impressing me to do for some time. I will exercise my right to revoke my social security number and as a person with no SSN has no taxable income, I will have placed myself outside their system (in terms of financial assistance). May God help me for I walk by faith and not by sight. I am presently unemployed, but I will not take so much as a shoelace of their 'blood money' (unemployment benefits).

     The US and the UN have their master and it is he who delights to do these atrocities even unto Jesus Christ. It is time to begin to take significant steps in divorcing myself from this cruel, cruel kingdom.





     I do find it a bit disturbing that you claim in your article on Integrity/Hate groups that there doesn't seem to be any difference between an Arian group claiming supremacy and the Jews' claim to be the "chosen" people. It seems to me that you are ignoring/not understanding a few crucial points.

1) Jews accept converts from any race or creed while "hate groups" obviously do not.

2) Jews do not hate or persecute non-Jews, nor do they wish for their demise.

3) The concept of "chosen people" in the Jewish religion is not one which excludes non-Jews from having a close, meaningful relationship with the Lord.

To elaborate on these points:

     It is clear that if a non-white were to show up at a white supremacist meeting and ask to join the group, he certainly would be ridiculed and rejected, most likely with blows, but if any man of any race or creed were to come to the Jews and asked to be accepted among them, given that he was willing to follow the laws of the Jewish religion, he would certainly be readily accepted and brought into the fold. Not only that, but according to the Jewish mystical tradition, converts are in fact given a higher level of soul than most "born-Jews" ever attain. Many of the greatest Jewish leaders have been converts (such as Onkolos, whose translation of the Old Testament into Aramaic is a standard text in any Hebrew edition of the Bible) or children of converts such as King David, whose grandmother Ruth was not only a convert but was from the Moavite people who actively persecuted the Jewish people.

     Throughout history Jews have been persecuted: pogroms of Kossacks and others wiping out entire towns, Jews burned at the stake for their beliefs, and of course, the Holocaust. Is there any long and bloody history of the Jews actively persecuting others that you could compare them to hate groups? In the hundreds of personal account histories of the Holocaust in print today, you will find details of tremendous suffering, but when the liberation came, those who were still living rarely took any kind of violent revenge. What kind of hate-group member wouldn't take revenge? Isn't there a striking difference in character here?

     And the concept of being "chosen." Aside from the fact that anyone can chose to become "chosen," the meaning of the word chosen is simply that the Jews were "chosen," and that they chose, to commit themselves to follow the laws of the 613 commandments of the Torah. Through this the Jews have a role in the world, but it certainly does not mean that there aren't other important roles to be had in the realm of spirituality. Also, unlike Christianity, all those who are born into the Jewish faith are bound, not by faith but by the fact of their birth, to follow these laws, and anyone who chooses not to is held responsible for his failure to comply. There simply is no way of leaving the obligation. So this "chosenness" is really a responsibility that carries with it dire consequences (punishment) if not followed. I think that most people would actually prefer not to be so bound by strict laws. Not only, for example, do Jews have to follow a strict dietary code, but there are laws covering almost every area of behavior. On the Jewish Sabbath (Saturday), a Jew cannot drive a car, cook, answer the phone, engage in business, turn on the lights, etc. This is the role, the "chosenness" of the Jewish people: to contribute to the world's holiness through the adherence of complicated and strict laws, while other peoples, can attain spirituality through other means. In the times of the Jewish Temple, sacrifices were brought by all peoples. The Temple was a place of spirituality for all the peoples of the world. If you consider this definition of "chosen," which is truly how it is defined in Judaism, I find it hard to believe that it can be termed "offensive" and reminiscent of hate groups.

Devora Montlake
Jerusalem, Israel

Editors Response:

     Your clear and precise answer to our editorial is appreciated. It deserves a candid and clear answer. Your letter to us reflects the best instincts of man but does not come from historical facts.

     It is a sad thing when Jews are persecuted for being Jews. We all feel pain no matter which race of men or nationality we come from. We all want to raise our children and have a safe, happy home. Unfortunately, Jews and gentiles alike have harvested their profits off the backs of the less fortunate.

     You have made a slip in saying that Jews accept any race or creed. The word "creed" means: "any system, doctrine, or formula of religious belief, as of a denomination." You live in Israel and must know very well that the freedom for Christian evangelism in your country is largely curtailed. If I came to your synogogue claiming the creed that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, I suspect I would not be accepted as you say. I would have to change my creed to match yours in order to be accepted. I suspect that any group, including the Aryans, would be happy to accept anyone who would change their creed to match that of the group.

     You made the argument that Jews do not take revenge. You say that once the battle is over it is only the hate-groups who take revenge and carry on hostilities. Please excuse me, but either you are not quite truthful here or seriously naïve. Have you not seen the reports of the Jewish groups scowering the earth for those who belonged to the Nazi cause? Did you not recently hear of a German soldier now in his 80's who was tried for killing three-hundred people in an Italian cave during WWII? I cannot remember in history any race of men that carried revenge to the extremes the Jews do. These hunters will be on the trail of the Nazis until every mother's son of them is dead.

     You stated the concept of "chosen people" to the Jewish mind does not exclude non-Jews. I appreciate your personal view of this, but I am not Jewish nor do I belong to your country. In the U.S. most Christians do not think that deeply. The editorial is reflecting the way most American Christians use the word and how they apply it to Israel as a nation and to the Jews specifically. I agree with you that Jews are not God's chosen people unless they have God. Same with Christians. If the Spirit of God is not their motivator, they are not God's chosen nor are they His people to any degree.

     In your letter to us you substantially proved our assertion that Jews are racist. I do not infer anything by that statement other than the meaning of the word. You stated that "all those who are born into the Jewish faith are bound, not by faith but by the fact of their birth." This is a form of racism. It makes one's outlook on life strictly related to their flesh or birth. That is--one's place in life is determined by his race. This plays itself out in myriads of distorted and perverted tendencies in those who are so perverted. Racism is at the root of many of this world's evils. Christians who persecuted those that did not belong to their particular denomination practiced other forms of racism. While strictly speaking, this is not racism; it is of the same spirit.

     You pointed out that Jews do not wish the demise of any people. I can certainly appreciate that you do not wish the demise of any people. Sadly, that is not the case for all. In our national media I have heard calls for just that demise from Jews in this country. When the '67 war was waged, the Jewish army killed about 1,000 unarmed Egyptian soldiers so that prisoners would not be taken. The Egyptian government protested this slaughter but to no avail. Hundreds and thousands of Iraqis are being killed today largely at the behest of Jews in and out of this country. You may protest this assertion, but I know of what I speak. You may say it is only to preserve your lives, but is not that the cry of anyone who is attacking another?

     The terrorists who come to your country and kill Jews are really doing the same things that the Jews do when they send their warplanes into an area to annihilate some segment of the enemy population. Israel has admitted to assassinating certain undesirables. Our own presidents in this country have suggested assassination as a tool of foreign policy. This is what The WINDS is speaking about. Good old-fashioned hypocrisy has the same head it has always had.

     Finally, in this country, prominent Jews are often placed on our national media and news programs. Often they say they do not even believe in God. They say things like, "Man created God, God did not create man." This may be foreign to your mind, but it is simply the way things are in the real world. There are large segments of Jewish society who do not believe in God at all. Some in your own government have expressed their own unbelief. In our country Jews are often the ones who produce our most degrading films. They often defend the most degrading behavior. You may be speaking of a Jew as one who knows and loves the Lord. I am using the term as a nationality--a race of men.

     A hate group is in the eye of the beholder. The Iraqis would say Jews and Americans belong to a hate group. Jews would call Nazis a hate group. I have read some Jewish literature and I have read some Aryan literature. It seems to me that they are the same as anyone else's literature. Jews have published threats and so have Aryans. Jews have killed their enemies and so have Aryans. Whites have killed their enemies and so have the blacks, Latins and Asians.

     Almost nightly our own president rants and raves about some criminal in the world that we must attack. Open up the worst of any "hate group" propaganda and it will not be more offensive than our own president's "hate-speech.". If one were to put a swastika on Mr. Clinton's arm and change his uniform, his words would reveal where they come from a whole lot more than they do now. Since he smiles and has a suit on, most of us miss what he is up to. One may remember there were a lot of times when Hitler smiled too.

    My point is this. We are all made of the same dirt. For this mess to stop, and it will not stop, it might be best for us all to put our guns down and do something more constructive. Personally, I am weary of all the flag-waving "kill the enemy" talk in this country. I am weary of all the hate the Aryan talk at the same time we are starving Iraqis. Killing our enemies has never made this world a better place. It has only made it more dangerous. Job said, "But the hypocrites in heart heap up wrath." I would say that is just about right.



    Thank you so much for the great article about the situation of Jean Vallance and myself. The original phone call and radio show happened in June of last year and it just now getting some attention. Our local newspaper wouldn't touch the story until it broke in the "New American". Then they did a short piece filled with 'possibles' and 'allegeds.' My freedom of information requests and privacy act requests have been ignored by everyone from the governor and lt. governor down to the local state police office. I could sue to get the information, and they could outlast me with our tax dollars. So I continue to try to educate people one on one and hope for the best for our country and our families.

    Again, thank you for your interest and for your article.

Kay Stone




Dear Rick Blumhorst, (or anyone else),

    I agree with what you wrote about the situation in Iraq. I have a cousin that was in the Marines during Dessert Storm. His unit was the "first in" and "last out". I saw many pictures he took while sitting in a trench for 3 solid months (no baths or change of clothing). I also saw some of the clothing and weapons that the Iraqis had, pitiful!

    If only we would remember how the Iraqis eagerly surrendered to the US troops, to get food, clothing, and medical care. This alone should tell us something is not right with the whole situation.

    I have a daughter who was in the Army. She spent time in Germany, Kansas, and finally in Hawaii. Her specialty was Ammunition's Specialist & she is registered to drive the huge fork lifts (the ones that lift cars & tanks into large cargo planes, boats, etc.

    While she was in Hawaii, she was sent to Ft. Polk (LA) several times. There she was "used" by various units for her two specialties. She remarked to me that there was an entire town set up with civilian people, children, dogs, cats, businesses, etc. They would "search" these American homes for "terrorists". She said they had real reporters come to this "town" to "practice" reporting the terrorists attacks to a small US town. These attacks went night and day. We don't have any "terrorists in the US that I know of.

    Now, she is in the Marines. She is to go to a POW camp to be "tortured". It breaks my heart that this is the career she has chosen. She will never be the sweet little girl that I raised. Even though she looks like Princess Diane, she will have a hardened heart from all the "crap" she must endure to become "All that she can be"! All the "ladies" from NOW, liberated that you are, you have DE-FEMINIZED all the young women, given them no chance to be what GOD intended them to be.

    Not many are willing to stand up for what they believe in, I for one will always stand up for my beliefs. For several years I stood in front of Abortion Clinics, praying for all the young girls and women entering that place of death. I hardly spoke to anyone, but I had people stop their cars in the middle of the street and come up to me and yell and spit in my face. I always said, "I'm sorry you are hurting. Jesus loves you and will listen to your pleas." The women would be in shock and return to their cars and drive away.

    The first time I stood in front of an Abortion Clinic, a sixteen year old was taken in by her boyfriend. He sat in the car and watched me standing on the sidewalk holding a sign. I found a sick bird and was giving it water, when an ambulance came in quietly (no siren). The men immediately put on their rubber gloves, before taking the gurney out of the truck. They were bringing out the young girl. The boy was told to follow the ambulance to the hospital. I stood, quietly, starring at the doctor who had blotched the Abortion. He couldn't even look at me. Did he stop doing Abortions? No! I was told by many pastors that what I did was not to be spoken of on the church property or they would loose their tax deductions.

    I had lost faith in the churches, then I got arrested on a Row vs. Wade rescue. I spent the best weekend of my life, preaching in the jail, to women & girls that needed to hear that someone loved them. We sang songs, danced, and they listened when I told them about Jesus and how He could change their lives. One girl received the Lord right there in jail. One woman was coming off heroin and she was locked in a bathroom. She was screaming and banging her body against the cement walls & floors. When I left the cell, she stood up, tears in her eyes, and waved good-bye to me. I cried all the way home, she was "listening" to me talk about Jesus! I gave my testimony to the Christian Coalition, these people are lukewarm and you could tell by the fact that no one laughed at my humor of "I had a captive audience in jail". They talk about things, but do nothing.

    My husband's family are of German decent and were in Europe during W.W.II. They believe in "not making waves", don't do anything to be noticed. I have been a very unwelcome member of the family. Jesus gave us one commission, "Go unto the world and spread the Good News". We need to keep on doing what the Lord told us to do until He comes for us.


Editor's Response




     I have read with great anger your article on what China is doing. And in my (not so humble don't give a damn attitude about what others think of me) ... it seems that the only solution left is:

"to terminate with extreme prejudice" all those who practice forced population control via murder ... what China is doing is reprehensible. China should pay the ULTIMATE price. China must be destroyed. I have no room in my heart any longer for behavior of this sort. Ice must be met with ice. Fire with greater fire. Violence with greater violence. Destruction with total annihilation. In short ... bring the war to their damned front door and eliminate this rogue nation. Target their government offices and their military entrenchments. Wipe .... them ... out.

     This is how I feel ... this is truly IMHO how most others in America feel ... not the primary voting public ... but the majority ... those of us who are indeed the majority of America.

     I have been for a policy of economic war against China. IF the label says ANYTHING about it being made anywhere else but the USA, I don't buy it. Pay the price people, pay more for clothes ... so simply own fewer clothes. BUY USA. EMBARGO GATT & NAFTA TODAY!


Editor's Response

     Your letter reminds me of a Bible story in 2 Samuel 12 where it is written: "And David's anger was greatly kindled against the man; and he said to Nathan, As the LORD liveth, the man that hath done this thing shall surely die: ...And Nathan said to David, Thou art the man."

     You seemed to have missed the point of the article. Yes, China is doing these things but only with U.N. and U.S. encouragement and financial support. U.S. officials praise Chinese "family planning." American tax money has gone to pay for the support of this practice. Americans voted for the people in office who are supporting Chinese and American infanticide. When one considers America's late term abortions, we do not look much better.

    That means, every taxpayer is guilty of murder, since the taxpayer empowers the people who are doing these things with his money. Christian ministers who kiss babies and smile a lot who say, "give unto Caesar" are equally responsible. "Thou art the man." Following your counsel, the United States should be terminated with extreme prejudice. The United States should pay the ULTIMATE price. The United States should be destroyed. "Wipe...them (us) ...out." You went on to say that anything made in China should be embargoed. That would have to apply, then, to the U.S. as well. You would have to cease working in America and buying American. Is this really the price you are willing to pay for justice? Are you willing to have it said of us, "eliminate this rogue nation?"




    In 1978, I returned to college to get my degree. My (ex)husband was a vice-president of a large bank, currently well-known across the country, and in charge of the data processing and programming. I chose to major in Business and minor in Data Processing because I could graduate faster than entering the school of engineering. I never got the degree, I got a divorce instead.

    I was to write a term paper, at the end of the semester, on anything that pertained to data processing. I chose to write on the "Cashless Society". I found out some very interesting information (you can check it out) on where the terminology came from. It was clearly drawn out how this was to take place, and was originally planned to be completed in approximately 10 yrs (around 1976).

    AT&T first came out with the term "Electronic Funds Transfer" in 1966 (Datamation Magazine). EFT was first implemented with the Federal Reserve and was known as ACH (Automatic Clearing House) and now know as Direct Deposit.

    The major problems were not with the programming or networking or phone line aspects, but the "people". How would they convince the people that EFT was the way to go, to give up the checks, cash, returned checks, check handling, mailings, etc?

    Much planning went into this project. First was the ACH transactions, all had to go through the Federal Reserve, then each check or "information" transaction is sent to the proper bank.  

     Example, your paycheck is from N.Y City., but you live in St. Louis, MO. The N.Y. City Federal Reserve would first process the transaction that will be sent to your bank in St. Louis. When the transaction is being captured, programs can be written to produce the information on a special report for the IRS to receive, if there is certain information that they are wanting. I used to write special reports for the FDIC that did exactly that.  

     The project took much longer than expected. Citizens were not trusting of computers, they wanted to see & feel their paychecks, and then they wanted to personally deposit the check to make sure it got where they wanted it to be. Truncation of checks (not getting your return checks back) was a big deal. Our processing center pushed the banks to truncate their checks, we penalized them with large fees to return the checks. Finally, the banks had no choice, it would make their jobs easier. This encouraged the "microfilm" end of processing (filming the actual checks and transaction slips). Microfilm can be stored much easier than checks. It contains lots of information and makes it easier to "trace" past transactions on an account.  

    Then the ATM was the next big "Push" by the banks. First it had to be "free" to get the customers "hooked" on the convenience of using the "card". This took longer than they had anticipated, thus pushing the deadline back even further.  

    I got a job doing "bank conversions" for a large computer company in Texas. I traveled all over Texas & Oklahoma converting these banks from either manual processing or from other processing applications. I wanted to know when, where, and how the Cashless Society was going to happen.  

    The next step was the POS (Point of Sale). This is when you take a bank card and use it at a gas station or grocery store and it automatically debits your bank account and credits the stores account. This was to be the ultimate for the Cashless Society. But the credit cards were a problem, how do they get their "direct" credits from the accounts? BANK CARDS - either VISA or MasterCard, these cards are attached to your bank account, it can be used as an ATM or POS or credit card. In the end, your bank account, and your information is now easier to "catalog" and "access" or "trace" for the IRS, government, or whoever.  

    Next is the "funny" money. The first experiment was the money with the strips that you could "feel". I heard of many people removing these strips because they can be "scanned" and contain information. The newest "funnier" money the strips can not be removed. These strips contain information about the money, such as: where it was shipped to (from the Federal Reserve where it was made to the bank or store that it is to be delivered to) by using transit codes. It also reveals how much the bill is worth.  

    Example: If you have $175 on you, and only $50 is in the new bills and you walk past a scanner (say in an airport) that you weren't even aware of, you could be stopped to have your purse or wallet inspected. They may even decide that you have too much cash on you and interrogate you on possible drug deals. Their cause being that you have a lot of "old" cash on you that can't be traced. This will scare the public into giving up the old money and only accepting the new money or just use the Bank Card.  

    I hear bits & pieces on the news reports of remarks like, "older dollar bills and coins are contaminated with viruses" "It is wiser to use the new money". Now, as far as I can remember, viruses have to be transmitted from "live" sources. I've heard that old bills and coins are "dirty" and can cause "infections." I can't wait to hear what Clinton will report about the old money to get us to give it up!  

    I'm no longer in Banking or Data Processing, I'm disabled and just thankful that I have a loving husband (second), my children and a granddaughter. I know many people say we can still fight it in Congress, but believe me, I know that there is a PLAN out there, it will meet it's deadline.  

    My final words on this subject are: There is going to be a cashless society, the Bible tells us so. There will be a new Communist Government known as the UN. Nikita Khruschev once said, "Communism will come to this country (meaning the USA) and there will be no war. The people will beg for the government to take over." Our only hope is Jesus. I hope and pray that all His people will cling to His Words, by Faith, and His Wisdom & Discernment we will be able to survive or suffer what will come our way. If we are "in His Spirit" nothing can harm us, we will be able to endure any thing.  





    In reading your presentment on income taxation, I believe you will find that the correct problem with the 16th amendment is that the tax imposed by the amendment has no constitutional limitation to which the measure can be based. Since apportionment was removed by the obvious intent of the amendment itself and that in Pollock, the only power to tax which is applicable to apportionment was a direct tax, I believe you can clearly see that there is no other word or group of words which any natural person could identify as a limit on the power to tax income. In Gregory v. Ashcroft, U.S. 1991, the Supreme Court said "No one can dispute the proposition that the Constitution created a government of limited powers." If apportionment is not the limit and uniformity does not apply to direct taxes to which the rule of apportionment directed, then simply, the 16th amendment is Unconstitutional on the basis that it lacks any identifying limitation to which the power may be based. You may submit this finding to whom ever you choose. Ask your readers to find the word or group of words which act as the limitation involving the 16th amendment power to lay and collect a tax on income.

Lindsey K. Springer

Editor's Response:

    I suppose we should awaken to the fact that the Constitution ceased being the basis of our government long ago.


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