Editorial 11/6/97

World Bank Guilty of
Genocide in Africa


    "I am wishing to respond to your article entitled, 'World Bank Guilty of Genocide in Africa'. This was the most irresponsible and offensive piece of reporting that I have witnessed, and was extremely saddened by callous and disgusting depiction of the World Bank and IMF. My father has been a high ranking official within the IMF for the past four years and has just finished his involvement in a financial review of the World Bank. I was extremely offended when I read your statement that "the largest burden of guilt sits with the World Bank...." when describing the reason for the genocide that occurred in Rwanda. This statement has implicated my father and, therefore, my family in the death of thousands of people.

    "I am well aware of the situations that are occurring in these impoverished countries and I am distressed by their predicament, but I do not go blaming those who are trying to make things better. I am not saying this from a biased view, but one that is informed. I have read the reports, I know what they are doing. I HAVE SEEN MY FATHER'S ANGUISH AT THE PAIN IN THESE COUNTRIES AND HAVE HEARD HIS CO-WORKERS' PAIN AT SEEING THESE CONDITIONS AND THEIR CONTINUAL ATTEMPTS TO HELP. Until you have seen these things, you will not understand what the Fund and the Bank do. I have much more respect for my father who has given up many things, INCLUDING A PAY CUT, YES A PAY CUT, (that is surprising for such a greedy organization!!!!!) to help others. [If] you want to say these things, maybe you should try doing so to the people that you are accusing [to their] faces, instead of behind your computer screen."  

Sincerely ,  Dave Pearson  (printed with permission)


    This aforementioned letter is from a person who was quite offended at our printing of the article, "World Bank Guilty of Genocide in Africa." We have received other letters from equally offended parties concerning other articles we have printed. Some of these letters have been posted. This letter by Dave Pearson deserves a credible and in-depth answer since it seems to honestly strike back at The WINDS for an injustice perceived against his father. Because of this, we are taking his letter very seriously and will answer it at length because the subject matter deserves it and he strikes to the very point of an issue which should be addressed.

    I can feel the offense of Dave Pearson for his father's sake. Under the same circumstances I might have similar feelings, I think. There is one point that should be stressed and that is that in no way does The WINDS impugn the motives of those who are doing their best to make the world better. There are millions of people like that. This person's father may have the very best of motives and this is probably the case, since the writer believes so.

    Considering these things, it has been said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I think most people do have good intentions. The WINDS has concerned itself mostly with what is taking place in the world and what people are doing, rather than their motivations for doing those things. We may be driving a motor vehicle over thousands of pedestrians without knowledge, but when that is pointed out to us, it is best to correct the problem instead of defending our good intentions.

    In a recent public television film concerning Lyndon Johnson, his personal secretary recorded him as saying that he considered that the assassination of Kennedy may have had more people involved than the lone Harvey Oswald who was arrested. Johnson thought, however, that it was better for the nation to pursue a single enemy than a group. His intentions may have been good, but he may have deceived the American people "for their own good", as he would suppose.

    CNN broadcast loudly on November 5th, 1997 the apology of Ian Goddard regarding his conspiracy theory of the navy missile hitting Flight 800. But in all of this, not one word was said of the 150 witnesses who saw a missile hit the plane. A number of the witnesses were highly credible including another pilot in the area. Are Americans being spared the truth for their own good, or more precisely, the good of those who govern? CNN reported that Goddard confessed his motives were those of self-interest. Does this man's self-interest change the facts in the case? Mr. Goddard doesn't think so. CNN seems to want us to believe that it does. Many individuals today are doing what they are doing for very good reasons, some work from self-interest, some do not, but what they do still brings the results of their actions regardless of their good intentions.

    In another documentary on public television regarding President Roosevelt, he had written that he would do all in his power to force the nation into war. The U.S. was officially a neutral nation while all the time secretly aiding in the attack of German naval vessels so they might receive a hit at some point and make it seem reasonable to the American public to go to war. The U.S. government in the highest levels intentionally placed ships in harm's way so the officials in government would have an excuse to cause the U.S. to fight, all for the good of America. So many thousands of men went to their death on a deception foisted on unsuspecting Americans. It may be argued that America needed to go to war, but when that decision is based on deception in the highest levels, it is never a good one.

    Theodore Roosevelt encouraged Americans to go off to war in Europe for the sake of manliness. He loved a good battle and wished to die in one. All of his good intentions and motivations gave him his son back in a box. He later wondered if he had erred. He did not die a happy man.

    Another example of good intentions must be reserved for President Clinton. Here is a man who, for his own good reasons, starves to death hundreds of thousands of children in Iraq for the good of the Iraqi people and for the good of America. The stated reason is that we want to get rid of a bad dictator. We may be smiling as American bombs and sanctions do their dirty work, but those little children are not smiling. Only the most despicable of nations would target civilians in a war but the U.S. does this with impunity and our own president, regarding his standing and power, is mostly responsible. The President may have the best of motives and good intentions, but who is this man to play God with the lives of the innocents? What gall to blame Saddam Hussein for the sanctions. Did he vote for them? All of these things are done in the name of good intentions. This not only implicates our family in the murder of those children, as was stated above, but the whole nation as well. Our taxes paid for those bombs and those sanctions and the men we elected carried it out. Our hands drip with blood.

    When our president presided over the attack of the Branch Davidians he stated his good intentions. Lies have also been told for "good reasons." The film now out entitled, "The Rules of Engagement" show without question that those who leveled the siege fired into the burning building with machine guns where the folks were gathered who may have wanted to exit. In the film, loaded with evidence, it shows the official lie concerning this event and others. But then again, lies are told for the "good of the nation". Will this nation remember the good intentions of the president or the screams of children burned to death? The film gave clear evidence on how the fires started that cremated the entire place. Sooner or later the "good deeds" of evil men are exposed.

    Adolph Hitler writes of his good intentions. He was indignant when he saw Jews at the heart of most all of the lower and baser immoral traffic in his city. (See Mein Kampf). He wrote that he watched how the economy was wrecked in Germany by the financial institutions largely owned and controlled by Jews. He was going to do a "good thing" and destroy them all. While doing this, millions of innocents were slaughtered. The holocaust is public record. Did Adolph Hitler's good intentions make his work a blessed one? Are his good intentions remembered? Today, even the name Adolph Hitler seems a shame to mention to many folk. It seems to most people that whatever his intentions, his deeds were unacceptable.

    In the Middle Ages many Catholic monks and priests sacrificed themselves for the good of the church. Many went without food and sufficient clothing to spread the gospel, yet, they went on to murder millions of reformers for a "good cause". These men and women were not intending evil. They were intending to save the name of Christ from those they considered blaspheming it. Even so, for a good cause, and to help the masses, they set out to burn millions of innocents. The record shows that the Catholic church murdered far more innocents than Hitler. Do men remember the good intentions of the Catholic church or do men remember the Protestant holocaust?

    Men are often offended when someone criticizes their good intentions. Many like to see themselves as a Mother Theresa. In Matthew 23 Jesus accused the Pharisees and Sadducees of a multitude of crimes. They killed Him because of it. They thought that it was better for Him to die than have the whole nation come apart. They would do well and kill this man who showed them their faults. They thought the people would be better off because of it. Do men have sympathy these days for the good intentions of the rulers of that day or do they remember the unjust crucifixion of Jesus?

    There are thousands of people volunteering their time and energies for very little pay. Some news reporters sacrifice their lives in their work. This is far more sacrifice than a pay cut, but most men are sacrificing themselves for naught. We are all helpers in the destruction of mankind.

    One of Jesus' final statements was, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." They thought they meant well, but they were setting out to destroy the whole nation--which they accomplished some years later-- and all of that time they didn't know what they were doing. They thought they were doing well.

    I suppose it is a good time to get to the point concerning banking in general. When I go to the bank I am sure those tellers are doing their best to take care of their customers. I suppose the lending officers are well intentioned and quite happy that they could loan sufficient funds to help a new couple build a home or buy a car. In all of these good intentions comes the snare of debt which has just about ruined us all. The couple may borrow $100,000 for a home, but they must repay almost $400,000. While the banker may consider that it is helping them, it seems to me that the banker is mainly helping himself. Also, largely at the behest of the moneyed institutions, many building codes and regulations have been set up so a person cannot even have a home without large debts. In most localities one cannot live in a home while he is building it. This greatly increases the costs of the home and forces many into large amounts of debt who would not need to borrow otherwise. While the banker may see himself as the benevolent provider, the truth of the matter is, that he, along with a small host of others who stand to profit, have set things up which have made slaves to debt of almost the whole nation. There is no choice in the matter. The threat is clear that if a man does not play the credit game, he may very well not survive. This keeps that man a willing and purposeful servant of the economic engine and huge profits are made because of it. What we have been accustomed to in this country is now being exported worldwide.

    Bankers are foremost in entering a foreign country. The population may have no water system. They may live in mud huts. They may have no medicine. They are free and out of debt. They sing together, gather their little store and breathe the fresh air of heaven. If they get sick, they gather the herbs of the field which are designed to heal their malady. Now comes the helpers. We think they need pumps and tractors. We give them what they need for a price. They are now in debt. Yes, they have a pump and a tractor, but they also have a master and their freedoms fly away as a sparrow in terror. We provide drugs and then pass laws where natural remedies are largely restricted. This is happening in this nation as well and through the U.N. it happens to the entire earth. People are thrown in jail for "practicing medicine." The banks go into the nations and help them learn how to "divide the land for gain." "Thus shall he [The Beast] do in the most strong holds with a strange god [money], whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain." Dan 11:39.

    This divided land is now taxed. The people must now come up with the money to pay those taxes. Some steal, some make war, some sell drugs or become prostitutes. Some move to the city for work and try a host of other things to pay their masters. They are no longer free no matter what these good intentioned bankers believe. They are now slaves in the most honest sense of the word. Taxes may very well be raised to pay for necessary services from many sources, but the property tax has a very useful purpose. It keeps the land in submission since not to pay means one loses it. It keeps the laborers working hard in the engine of society, while if they were not threatened with the loss of their property, they might rest a moment.

    The financial kingdom soon to fall is largely responsible for all of the treaties (made from good motives) which shall literally ruin the world. In this country, in times past, we pretty much had to make what we used. People were free to come and go. Now money rules. Industries worldwide are now harnessing the cheapest labor they can to flood the world with toys all for the sake of profit. With profit and wealth comes control. The stated purpose of these "well-intentioned" men is to give the world jobs and bring them into the modern order of things. Look into your store and see the flood of Chinese goods. The laborers make a pittance compared to American workers. Who says they deserve less than we do for our labors? And what are Americans doing? For the most part they are doing debt and getting farther and farther behind with hundreds of thousands of bankruptcies every year. The mother and father must now work and the children hardly have a home. Instead, children more and more are being raised by child factories (schools and day care) for training as servants of the new world.

    If one is unwilling to be a slave of the bank, he may not have a home. He may even live on the street. All of this has come from stated good intentions. The whole world is baptized in blood over the good intentions of the money cartels supported and protected with American and allied guns.

    Now the answer. "I HAVE SEEN MY FATHER'S ANGUISH AT THE PAIN IN THESE COUNTRIES AND HAVE HEARD HIS CO-WORKERS' PAIN AT SEEING THESE CONDITIONS AND THEIR CONTINUAL ATTEMPTS TO HELP." Yes, Dave, I am sure you have, but have you seen the pain and anguish because of the injustices perpetrated on Americans and on the nations by the very forces claiming to help? When we post a story on The WINDS some may see that story as a mindless striking out against government by anti-government activists. This is not the case. We are not anti-government in the least. We are not even anti-banker. We are anti-lie and anti-deception and anti-suffering. Can we not tell the truth once in our long history? I mean, can we not tell the absolute truth about what is happening in the world and take some responsibility for it? We can clearly see the millions sent into slavery, debt and death with a benevolent, smiling "Uncle Sam" looking on while those same poor folk cry for food. Yes, we will help them, but only if they bow real low and acknowledge our superior strength and let us have control over them. And all of this when it has been largely due to our policies that they have been brought so low as to need us. And then our nation will require payment for that help with interest. Yes, we will bail out Mexico after we have introduced them to their dilemma, but only for a price. We force them to need our loans, then we take over their oil to guarantee those loans. The president boasted of this very thing.

    We may look at our own situation to see what is happening to the world. The bankers may very well help us get a home, but if we cannot pay , they just as easily take it away. All of the hand wringing and sorrow will not prevent them. Yes, we may have a home, but if our property taxes cannot be paid, the county will just as easily take that home away and sell it to someone who will pay them their supposed due. Men may very well overcome their anguish if they will cease oppressing.

    Oh, yes, this nation has many wonderful things to say about her intentions. Our political rulers boast of all their good works and I think some of them believe their stories. Men speak about all of the foreign aid that is dispensed. This nation gives nothing without a string attached. We chain up those who dare to need anything from us. Oh, yes, we have many wonderful things to say about our good intentions, but there is One in heaven who has a different view of things. Jesus said something like this, "Oh, America America, you that kill the prophets, and throw stones at them which are sent to you, how often would I have gathered your children together, even as a hen gathers her chickens under her wings, and you would not! Behold and look, your nation is left unto you a desolation." (See Matthew 23:37-38).

    A wise man once said something like this, "It is well for a man to do the best that he can [and to follow good motives], but sometimes he must do what is required."

    Shame on us for not doing what is required. While we would be happy to meet with the officials of the World Bank face to face, I doubt we could come to an agreement as to how one really helps people.

Dave, you have seen your father's heart and now you have seen mine.




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