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    Sexual harassment and women's rights have again been thrust upon the public attention. In a series of reports from all branches of the United States military, there has been revealed numerous incidents of serious infractions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Considering the numbers, it seems that the incidents reported in the military may in fact be lower, per capita, than corresponding crime rates in civilian society. That could prove to be an interesting statistical study in demographics that might reveal how the immense amount of information available to us (and its manipulation) is being used to shape public opinion.

    Were the increase of information availability and the sharp rise in the fracturing and disintegration of American society graphed side by side, their curves would most likely track each other perfectly. When any society is confronted by such a quantity of information about so many subjects, as this nation now is, the results will always be whatever those who are "smithing" or manipulating the information desire. When data is manipulated and selectively presented, such as that which is given us by the national and world news media, social unrest is a simple matter to accomplish.

    It is simple also, and highly advantageous for those wishing to perfectly control a civilization, to set at odds as many differing segments of a culture as possible. They then can offer solutions which will even further advance their control. They become, at once, devil and saviour--creating chaos then presenting solutions.

    It is really only necessary to control two areas of any society to absolutely control its direction and therefore its destiny. Those two areas are money and information. Realistically, if one is fully in control of the flow of information, he will be not far from an iron-fisted control of the economy as well. The economy of any nation in this age is information driven.

    We have seen this invisible hand accomplishing just such social fracturing by pitting one part of our nation against another. One of the most visible areas of this control is in its interpretation of the relationships between men and women in our country. We are continually confronted with much publicized instances of men abusing their wives or girlfriends. This is done by presenting only information designed to polarize opinion. The obvious conclusion, in this example, being that the domination of society by men is wrong and that it results in the oppression of women. While it is certainly true that oppressing women is wrong, it is also true that the disintegration of our social structure is not nearly as pronounced as when the created order of things is reversed or drastically altered. When the roles of men and women in any culture have become indistinct or eradicated, the effect has always been destructive.

    To create that scenario, we have been consistently given either too much information about inconsequential things, or data that is outright inaccurate. For example, we have been told repeatedly of terrible instances concerning spousal abuse by men of their wives. But consider the following taken from a recent California statistical study by social psychologists on spousal violence. In the study, funded by that state, they determined that:

    The increased incidence of sexual harassment of women in the U.S. Military has again made headlines with all of its attendant outcries by the special interest groups. With the violation of historical, not to mention Biblical, norms against incorporating women into armed forces, we have now seen the tip of a very formidable iceberg portending the complete collapse of a nation's social and family structure.

    In the recent past U.S. armed forces respectfully recognized the essential differences between its men and women. They divided them into separate departments of service. The Army called theirs the Women's Army Corps (WACs), the Air Force and Navy likewise had their own divisions. Now that distinction has been all but erased as women have become more and more integrated into the mainstream of military activity. As a direct result of this there are now coming to light innumerable accounts of sexual harassment and rape against women serving in the military.

    Can it not be seen by the fruit that it bears, the results of removing women from their God-appointed high place in society and degrading them to the heap of bloodletting? A military organization's entire purpose is focused on violent solutions to problems (real or imaginary) that its government sees as a threat to its security. It is said that it exists primarily to "kill people and break things." Its members are essentially trained killers. Is it such a strange thing that undesirable and violent results occur when it has placed within its ranks those whose created purpose is the bearing and nurturing of children and the fashioning of a caring and nurturing home environment? Even in the work place the natural qualities of women may lend a healing balance.

    With the intentional blurring of the lines separating the genders so that no clear distinction remains as to what is the place or purpose for each, the only result will be confusion and chaos. This result will always deliver a society's power and freedom into the hands of those who control the aforementioned sources of information and money. Any time the established order of creation is disturbed by man, the outcome will inevitably be dissonance and confusion--and--history teaches us--the complete extinction of any given culture.


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