Editorial 7/1/97

Little boy
Questions to the President

Dear Mr. President,

     I am only a little boy compared to you, but I was just wondering about some things. I see your picture on the television and hear you talk about a lot of nice things. You talk about wanting us to volunteer for things and get an education and stuff like that. You want me to be educated by a village and everybody needs to work together. Thanks for trying to help me grow up to be a good boy.

     I do have a few questions in my mind for you, Mr. President. No one seems to be able to answer them. I know you are real smart, though, and that you can answer them. Only smart people can be president and I know you are smart so you can answer all my questions.

     On the news the other night when I was watching with my dad, I saw a story about a bad man who molested a boy of about 11. The molester was 20. He had to go to jail for being nasty. After that I heard that the Supreme Court said they might keep him in a psychiatric hospital for a long time to get him to be good. My question is this. When a 20-year old man does nasty things with a seventeen-year old boy, it is called molestation. When a 20-year old man does nasty things with a 19-year old, you call it gay rights and everyone has a parade and celebrates the day and everyone thinks nice, happy thoughts about those two men getting to do nasty things together. Mr. President, when you are 11 years old and do nasty things, they say it is experimentation if you are only nasty with someone your own age. But if you are nasty with an older person, they say it is perverted. If you do nasty things and you are both over 18 years old, it is really nice. Could you explain to me how nasty things are nice when you get old, but really bad if your ages are too far apart?

     I have another question. I have a friend who smoked a cigarette behind the garage the other day. He said it was fun and he wanted me to smoke one too. I took a puff but I didn't like it. It made me choke a lot. Anyway, my dad said that cigarettes kill a lot of people. I guess my question is not so much if cigarettes are good for you, but why is it okay for big people to smoke them although you have a law that little people like me can't? Is it okay to do bad things when you get big? I know that the government makes a lot of money from cigarettes. Why is it okay for the government to make money on things that hurt you? I saw a man once who had to go to jail for selling some dope to some people. Why was it wrong for him to sell some dope and it is not wrong to sell cigarettes? Why, when it is okay to smoke cigarettes when you get big, is it not okay to smoke dope when you get big? My dad told me it is because it is against the law. Why does the law say you can do some bad things when you get big, but you can't do other bad things when you get big?

     I hope you don't mind me asking all these questions. I just can't get anyone to answer them. I know you can. My next question is about abortion. My mom told me that some women get abortions. That means that before a little person like me comes out of his mom he gets killed. Some people believe you are not a person until you come out. Well, my question is this. Why is it okay to kill a little person one minute before he comes out, but it is called murder one minute after he comes out? If you kill him then, you have to go to jail for a long time, but if you kill him before he comes out, you are practicing human rights.

     On the news I saw a girl who is going to jail for murdering her little baby at a school dance by throwing it in a trash can. Why didn't she just ask a doctor to kill it right before it came out? Then it would have been okay, right? I just can't figure out why sometimes the police come and get real mad at people for doing things and they throw them in jail for a long time. If the people would only wait a little while to do bad things or do them early on before it's too late, they would be okay. Once when I went to church the preacher said we should be good and keep God's commandments. Is it not okay to keep God's commandments when you get big?

     Another question is about school. When I was in school a while back my teacher said that a lot of people were killed by a very bad man called Hitler in a world war. My teacher said that people were put in gas chambers and killed. It was a very bad thing, I know. There were pictures of some very skinny people who were not given any food. It looked very sad. I felt so sorry for them. My question is this. A few years ago this country went to a war they called Desert Storm. A lot of people were killed. What I learned was that our country sent Saddam Hussein some gas to spray on people in his war with Iran. I was wondering how gas like that is okay for us to make and send to another country to kill people with, but it was not okay for Hitler to kill people with gas. Do we make good gas that doesn't hurt anyone? After our country blew up all of Saddam's gas, some of our soldiers got sick. Did the gas we gave him make them sick?

     This past year I saw a movie on "60 Minutes". They showed pictures of all of the little children who were starving to death in Iraq because we put sanctions on their country. Those little children looked just like those people in the world war who were starved. If we gas people and starve them to death for not doing what we want, how is that different from Hitler gassing people and starving those who didn't do what he wanted? Just wondering. No one seems to be able to answer me. But you are smart, Mr. President. I know you can. One more thing though, if it was not okay for Hitler to gas those people, why was it okay for us to gas those children in the Branch Davidian church? Gas doesn't feel good and it is not good for you. I saw a picture on the news where a government tank went up to the building and put a lot of gas inside to hurt people. I heard that they all died in there from a really bad fire. Maybe they couldn't get out because of the gas. I kept thinking of that very bad man Hitler when I saw what happened to those people near Waco.

     My last question is about China. I watched the news the other day about China getting Hong Kong back. The news talked about some students that China killed because they didn't like the government. I think it was in a place called Tienanmen Square. My dad said there was something that happened in this country like that. I think it was in a place called Kent State. Some students were killed because they didn't like the government. A lot of countries have done some bad things, haven't they? We do things like they do, don't we, Mr. President?

     As I have thought about it, I think we are all the same. I think we are like Hitler and Saddam and China. We just say nice things about ourselves when we do what they do. We don't like it when they do bad things, though. We only like it when we do bad things. I sure can't figure this out, but I know there is an answer somewhere. Maybe when I get big I will know the answer if you can't answer me.

     I think a lot of these questions would be answered if we knew about God. In school we can't talk about God, though. Do you know why we can't talk about God? Is it okay for us to talk about God when we are little kids, but when we get big it isn't okay anymore? Are we going to have to go to jail if we talk about God when we get big? Just wondering.

Please write soon,


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