Editorial 4/05/98

Sonny a child

Sonny Writes Again

Dear Mr. President,

    Hello, it's me again. Remember Sonny? I try not to bother you since I know you are a very busy man, but you are so smart and to get the right answer I have to ask you. You seem to get so many things done without getting into trouble and I need to know how you do that. I get into trouble sometimes, but I know that if I got to be smart like you, I would not get into trouble anymore.

    Last time I wrote I asked you a lot of questions. You never answered me and I think it is because you are so busy, rather than you can't answer. I watch you on the T.V. and you seem to have answers for everything, so I really would like to hear from you if you find the time.

    My first question is about Iraq. I am confused about this. You seem to get real mad because Iraq went in and took some land that didn't belong to it. It was Kuwait. The thing that bothers me is that when the Jewish folk went in and took over some land that didn't belong to them, you didn't get mad about that. Why was that? My pastor told me that Israel was the Jewish folks' ancient land and they were supposed to get that back. My pastor said the Bible said they would get it back someday. I was wondering why you didn't like it when Iraq went in and tried to get back its ancient land which was Kuwait. You know they owned it before the western countries divided it up. That's what my teacher said in geography lesson. Why is it okay for the Jewish folks to get back their ancient land, but it is not okay for Iraq to get back theirs? Why is it okay for Israel to invade another country and take some of the land, but it is not okay for Iraq? Just asking.

    You also got real mad because you said Iraq had lots of weapons of mass destruction in their palaces. You wanted us to go in and find them. When the inspector went in, he didn't find them. I don't think there were ever any weapons of mass destruction in there. I guess my question is, why do they have to have their weapons of mass destruction taken away, but we don't? I heard on the news that a lot of countries are getting rid of their land mines but we want to keep ours. Why is it that we want to keep all of our weapons of mass destruction and other things that hurt people, but we don't want other people to keep theirs? Someone told me it's because Saddam is bad. I was wondering, Mr. President, do you think you are better than Saddam? I have seen some things you have done and I don't think I would say you are better. I hope you will answer my questions this time. It's really confusing for me to hear what people say and then watch what they do.

    I have just one more question, Mr. President. I saw a really sad thing on T.V. a couple weeks ago. Some children went into their school and shot some of the kids. I think the teacher got shot too. I think she died. That was really sad. I don't like to see people get shot and hurt like that. I didn't like to see it when all the nations starved to death all of those Iraqi children. I think the news said there were over 500,000 children killed because we made laws that kept them from getting what they needed to eat. I don't like that, Mr. President. You say you love kids and all that, but I don't believe you. I think you would like to believe you like children, but you don't. No one who loves children will starve them like that or put gas in their church like you did to that group near Waco. My dad always said, words are cheap; actions are what speaks.

    Anyway, my point about all those kids getting shot at school is this. I noticed there were several people interviewed about it and nobody knew why it happened. Someone said on T.V., "I just don't know why children would do this, I just can't figure it out." Sometimes big people can't figure out the simplest things. I think children know more than big people sometimes. Well, I think I can tell you why it happened. Our children in this country are taught to do that. When young children are educated to kill, they will simply do what they are educated to do. Maybe you don't watch cartoons in the morning, but that is all that happens on them. There are a lot of people killing other people. Also, I can watch on T.V. all of the programs every day that have lots of murders and stuff on them. All the big people are also making love and all that. I decided I don't want to watch all of those things because I know what happens to my mind when I do. But some children don't know better. When they do what they see all the big people do, the grown-ups say they don't know what caused them to do it. I really can't believe that grown-ups don't know the answer to that question.

    I want to speak to you straight, Mr. President. When you see these things happen, you may know that you are responsible for it. Big people are supposed to watch over little people. Since you are the biggest person in the country, you are responsible for not helping us. You say lots of nice words but you do not do what you say. A lot of my friends are getting ruined by what they see big people do on the T.V. Grown-ups have to take responsibility for that. We children cannot always help ourselves because you are bigger and stronger than we are. We tend to follow our parents and do what we see them do. Young people watch their president and think its right to do what he does. Would you really want all the children to do what you do sir?

    I am glad my dad helps me do what is right. I used to want to be president of the country when I grew up. I wanted to help people to do right. I don't know if I want to now. When I do something wrong and someone tells on me, my dad knows how to help me. When a person gets to be president and does something wrong, he may have people tell on him, but a president knows how to lie so he doesn't get into trouble. He even gets his friends to lie too. I don't think a good man can be president anymore. I am also wondering if a president is so smart after all. I'm afraid of what is going to happen to our world. It's very dangerous and it's our older people who have made it this way. Grown-ups sometimes say that I'll understand when I get big, but I don't really see how I can understand these things just because I get big. Does something happen to your brain when you get big that makes you understand things like this? Seems to me some big people should get small and then maybe they will understand some things. I think from now on I am not going to ask you any more questions. I think I'll ask God. As I think on it, I think He has already given me my answers.




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