Editorial 2/3/98

Statue of Liberty


Dear Lady Liberty,

    You are so beautiful standing out there in the open so elegant and tall--your strong arm holding up the light that lights the nations. Many Americans have taken the pilgrimage to see your noble edifice. Written of you are the words, "Give me your tired, your poor; your huddled masses yearning to breathe free; the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me." Your image is said to be, "Liberty Enlightening the World."

    The President of the United States just gave his State of the Union message. It was replete with hope and purpose. He painted pictures of glory and victory, power and resolve to solve the problems of America and of the world just as you profess. He said the nation's financial future never looked better. He boasted of our wonderful institutions which are for those in need and that educate the young.

    I think it is appropriate to give you the real state of the union. The politicians have always portrayed their visions within smoke and fog mixed in so as not to reveal what is truly happening to us, but I believe you deserve to hear it straight. After all, you stand as a monument and a symbol of America. I wonder if you would want to stand there in that way if you really knew what was happening with those you represent.


    The words written of you, "Give me your tired, your poor; your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" are no longer true these days. It should read, "Give me your rested, your rich, your free and independent masses so that I might make them tired, poor and huddling, yearning to breathe free." Events every day are revealing the true nature of the nation for which you stand. Last evening I saw one of your news broadcasts which stated that a large Christian family was being persecuted for their faith. The Nixons are sentenced to five years in prison for praying instead of going to the doctor. They are in appeal now. Two of their children had died because they wanted to pray for healing instead of going to the worldly physicians. I wonder if these parents and their children feel that they are able to "breathe free." I wonder if they feel that they are able to live according to their faith. In court no mention was made of the many people every year who go to hospitals with very minor ailments or for minor surgical procedures only to end up dead by accident of some sort or on purpose. None of those doctors get five years for causing their patients to die. It seems strange that when a Christian family would rather pray, the government must punish them.

     The state you represent believes the Nixon children no longer belong to God. The state which you represent has claimed them for itself. If God, who has created those children, deems it appropriate to take that life to Himself, it seems that government would step aside instead of punish the parents for it. The state can little tolerate the thought that those children who died are now free of it. They are safe in the arms of Jesus. The state is angered that it has lost its opportunity to dominate and corrupt those young people. Perhaps they can make up for lost time by imprisoning the parents and putting the remaining children in foster homes which have no regard for God so that their trust in God might be trashed. Sometimes some of our elderly develop Alzheimer's and lose their ability to function normally. I think this happens to governments also. It has happened to yours.

    One minister interviewed concerning the Nixons said the parents committed spiritual malpractice. That is what the Pharisees accused Jesus of in His day. Since the ministers of this nation now ride upon the back of the beastly state, they seem so sure of themselves. They have the same mind as the beast state has. They would support the jailing of anyone who would not do as they believe they should. They think they know so much about God all the while straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel. The reason this minister accused them of spiritual malpractice is that he has no idea of what spirituality is himself. They crucify Christ all the while ignorant of Him. Is this the nation you want to represent? The judge of your nation said that he didn't care what these folks believed in, he just wanted to change their behavior. Is not that the decree of every despotic system ever conceived? One may believe what he likes; he had just better not practice his beliefs. Why is it you stand so tall and boast of such benevolent virtues when, in reality, you represent murderers of the soul who have no regard for the inner man.

    Then there is the lady in Montana, Mary Ann Gillispie, who was imprisoned for life because she would not turn in a tax form. She got out of jail only after five months of being one of those "huddled masses" because she decided to give the government extortioners what they wanted. They had no regard for her conscience at all. The government is rushing around now trying to convince everyone that the tax people are getting all gushy and friendly now. It may be that they are developing a more smiley face, but just fail to satisfy their greed and that smile will fade.


Statue of Liberty torch

    Remember a few years ago when you were all decaying and coming apart? Everyone had a great time and raised millions to paint you all up and make you look good again? The truth was that the land of liberty, inviting all of those huddled masses, is cracking and coming apart. Our leaders are bereft of morals and so is most of the nation. Our greatest criminals are decreed to be those who want to pray and obey their conscience rather than do some evil act the government wants them to do. Dear Lady, is that what you had in mind as you stand so tall and noble? Is this what you symbolize?

    This nation is now working hard to create those huddled masses that are described in your statement of purpose. Not only have we made huddled masses out of many of our own citizens, which are homeless or bankrupt, we have made them out of those countries we dislike. You represent a nation which has made huddled masses out of many Iraqi children. Even as I write, the Secretary of State is busily traveling around to the different nations trying to get them to cooperate with her evil deeds so that they might make more huddled masses out of the people. She wants to hurt the masses and bomb them so that they will finally bow very low before her. Your secretary of Defense Cohen said any military strike would not eliminate the threat or destroy the weapons we say they have and neither would they remove Saddam. So, why should we bomb them then? This is done to punish, to hurt, to make them wish they had bowed the knee.

     It reminds me of what Hitler did. He bombed everyone who would not bow very low. He gassed them or burned them out if they belonged to a hated religious sect. The people you represent have done that also. Most Americans who have lost their mental action cannot see how odd it is for us who live on the other side of the earth trying to manipulate and twist the arms of Iraq's neighbors to bomb Saddam because he is so dangerous. They do not question that if he seems so dangerous, would it not be his neighbors trying to twist our arms to help them? Stupid and foolish Americans buying the line of their false-hearted leaders will only have it all react upon themselves. I suppose fools deserve what they get.

     Many Africans also are made into huddled masses. The people you represent supply fully 75% of all the armaments of war used by revolutionaries everywhere. These citizens of other nations and our own who want to "breathe free" are no longer permitted to do so. They cannot breathe free if they want to pray for their healing rather than go to the doctor. They cannot breathe free if they don't turn in a tax form. They are not permitted to breathe free if they do not submit to your dictator which we have named Commander in Chief. They cannot breathe free for a number of other like crimes as well.

    Our great national institutions are turned into houses of sex and immorality. Our leaders lie and deceive and if caught at it, simply "deny, deny, deny," but the citizens love to have it so. With itching ears they follow after those who have stolen from others to make the nation's financial figures look good and who cry "peace and safety, all is well". They little concern themselves with the statement of Scripture which says that when they say that, "sudden destruction will come upon them."

Statue of Liberty torch


    Today they killed Ms. Tucker. She was converted and repented of her sin, but no mercy or clemency was considered. I think that is a fitting symbol of this nation's judgment upon itself. God will no longer give the nation you represent mercy or clemency either. The judgment of the United States of America is fixed. This sentence will not be commuted. I think it's appropriate that this country should show its own judgment in its condemnation of Ms. Tucker for the many murders committed by it. How many millions America has killed, or caused to be killed, all in the name of democracy, peace, freedom and economic expansion only God knows, but it is surely many.

    I think I'm changing my doctrines about hell since I have seen recent events in our world. I used to think that the wicked would go to hell when they died. I don't think I believe that anymore. I think the wicked go to hell while they live. Hell is a place where people burn in their lusts and in their selfishness. It is a place where little children are starved to death. Hell is a place where people are tortured and influenced by evil spirits. Hell is the place where there is gross sexual perversion. Hell is where self-righteous leaders deceive their people, a place where people must follow the made-up religion of their ministers who preach peace and safety when their own souls know very well there is none. I think when men are born, many are born in hell. Jesus comes and is able to snatch some from the burning. God's children escape from hell as Ms. Tucker did. They are saved. Everyone else stays in hell where they live. Men buy guns to protect themselves from evil forces. They make war, throw people in jail for following their conscience, turn their cities into dens of evil and sorrow. The Bible says that the devil is thrown into the lake of fire where the beast and false prophet are. He gets to sit in his own misery that he made for the beast and the false prophet. That's the hell. I'm so glad that some souls can escape, leave hell and go to heaven like the Nixons or Ms. Tucker. Too bad that so many like to stay where they are, burning in their hellish prison. In the earth, in the fires of hell people live in, they eventually burn up.

Statue of Liberty head


    Dear Lady, do you hear me? ...Are you there? ...Oh, I see. I am mistaken. Your spirit has long departed so how could you ever hear me? As I think about it the justice of it is so perfect. You still represent our nation so well. While America invested millions to fix you up and paint your facade, as they do all of their institutions, you are still without life as this nation is. Your heart is a heart of stone as this nation's heart. You have no mind. You are empty and cold. Your spiked crown fitly gives a symbolic example of the spikes which impale the nations and even your own citizens who follow their conscience. Your torch is a fire which now stands for the torching of innocents in their compounds who dare to oppose government demands. It stands as a false light representing the false doctrines of democracy which we call "light" taking the nations to their ruin. Your tablets only represent the deception that is perpetrated on the nations. They lie as does your statement of purpose representing all the grand and noble announcements which come from the powers of earth which echo in our ears, but come from nothing and go to nothing. Cold winds blow through your features. You are simply placed as an idol with which America may worship its own hollow morality. Your religions do all in their power to keep up with the evil they behold. Well, dear Lady, God throws down the idols of men but you will not feel it, for you are only a hollow shell of cement and iron. As your false image is being thrown down, it is Americans who are feeling it. You shall never stand on your high pedestal again and neither will America.


A. Watcher


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