Editorial 4/26/98

Scum bags


     Last week Congressman Dan Burton described President Clinton as a "scumbag". The low nature of the charge, which is also politically incorrect, has brought repercussions upon Burton from the Clinton side. The term "scumbag", according to Webster's Dictionary, means condom or a mean, despicable person. Congressman Burton has not said why he thinks the President is mean and despicable, but others have. He went on to say that he will release tapes which prove his point but, already, the president's men are making moves to block any new revelations.

     Ambrose Evans-Prichard has expressed his views of the President in the book The Secret Life of Bill Clinton. This author implicates the President with the aid of witnesses and court records in some of the most degrading traffic ever reported. Without simply quoting this book, suffice it to say, the President is alleged to be implicated in wild drug orgies, drug running, murder, and a host of other offenses. That implication extends from actual criminal activity to turning the blind eye to the criminal activity of his friends. In all of this there is the picture painted in this volume of a "good old boy" mentality which rewards friends and punishes enemies. The author goes so far as to tie the Clintons in with the Dixie Mafia. Perhaps this is what Dan Burton means when he says scumbag. Political pressure is mounting to keep Burton from releasing his evidence as they have done previously to silence the body guards of the President so that they might not have to tell all. Former President George Bush supports the secrets of the oval office as well. None of them would be safe if things opened up too far.

     There has never been a novel written with more dark sides to it than has been told of the Clinton years. Why is it that these reported crimes go unpunished? Why is it that a two-bit drug dealer on the local corner gets prison after a court hearing that might last a few minutes with a little plea bargaining, but government officials privy to the same kind of underhanded dealings get away with it? All of this has to do with the mob. I do not mean the mob in Chicago. I do not mean the Italian crime families. I mean the elected mob bosses in Washington, D.C. This is the crime family which goes all the way from the top to the bottom in America and encompasses both Democratic and Republican officials. From Evans-Pritchard's description it would seem many officials are in the same bed sleeping with the same whore but, for the sake of appearances, they argue with one another whether or not it is proper for the other one to be sleeping with her.

     In this mob, which includes judges, lawyers and politicians of both parties one cannot expect true justice. One cannot expect the mob bosses to be incarcerated by their own underlings. If an underling tries it, he ends up missing or dead such as is alleged as having happened to Vincent Foster and a small army of others. This is implied in the book's description of events. It is understood that one does not expose his masters without ending up at the bottom of the river somewhere. While we have always heard of these things as coming from the Mafia, it surprises us to recognize these events as coming from the highest offices in American politics.

     The true exposing of the crime family in Washington is not likely because it is the proverbial house of cards. A good number of the Washington crowd are in it and most of the family has a dark stain which, if exposed to the light, would eliminate them from the facade of moral upstanding citizenship. In other words, in this house of cronies, if one were to truly go down, all would go down. Ron Brown is quoted as saying that if he was taken down, he would make sure others would go down with him. A short time later he had an unfortunate accident. They all agree that certain things can be talked about like Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky. The courts and lawyers can fight about these things until the end of time, but they are not to go to the real crimes of the secret society. If they do, they end up in serious political trouble. The press will be given instructions to so destroy the reputation of the one reporting that he will not be taken seriously. The media, which is the main tool of the mob, is quite effective in forming public opinion and staying away from the real agenda.

     The mob family needs to speak of the menial crimes to which none can agree so that the appearance is given that they have a purpose and are doing something for the citizens who pay for their play. They need to look like they are fighting for truth and justice. If they did not fight for something, the common man would begin to see that they are unnecessary. Here the plot thickens. Some attacks on criminal elements are legitimate. When criminal elements in the nation are in competition with the government's criminal actions, the heads must roll. The Washington mob will not forgive competition. It expects all of its people to "go along to get along." High crimes and misdemeanors of high government officials are covered, while the very small crimes such as not fastening one's seat belt is made to look very large. Someone once said, they strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.

     If one were to look fully at the true nature of society, he would have to see that the mob goes all the way to the janitor's closet. What we are seeing in Washington is not an apparition or a surprise. "They is us." If one would give his circumstances just a little bit of truthful observation, he might discover a whole colony of unpleasant realities.

cigarette package

Fighting Over Cigarettes

     Let us consider all the talk about cigarettes these days. Why is it that something so poisonous is still sold? Why is it that literally after generations of discussion on the subject this poison is still boxed for consumption? It is because it is profitable. Not only may the cigarette industry be bilked for billions of dollars in damages, but it can also be milked for huge amounts in tax revenue. Besides this, the illnesses caused creates hospitals with full beds which generates even more revenue. The millions of people who go to the hospital every year because of cigarettes would no longer go if cigarettes were banned. This would cost jobs and many hospitals would have to close their doors. It does not occur to most folks that hospitals do not cure diseases. They make good money doing surgery, but the body is the healer. Hospitals are actually quite dangerous. Last week ABC reported 100,000 people last year died in hospitals from legally, prescribed drugs. That is not to mention the people who die accidentally or catch a disease while there. While it is true there are people who die from the use of illegal drugs, that number does not compare with those who die from legal drugs. The corrupt nature of this is that people are not fully aware of what often happens in hospitals or how men actually are healed. The corruption is manifested in the lie of which few men are aware.

     Have you every wondered why cancer is not cured but is only treated? If a cancer pill were invented tomorrow, it would never be released. No one would talk about it since it would have devastating effects on the medical industry. Jobs would be lost and hospitals would close. No, cancer will not be cured and cigarettes will not go away. The mob only tells the story that they are against tobacco, but there is no way they would kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

     An acquaintance of mine in the medical field once told me he had a close friend who was in the science lab of a major southern California medical school and hospital. They had found the key and cause to cancer in many individuals. He reported to me that they had found that antibiotics caused certain organisms to change form and turn cancerous. He went on to say they would never put that out to the public since it would cost the cancer industry dearly and severely curtail the use of a popular form of medication. They go on with chemotherapy and radiation to treat cancer, but they do not intend to kill the goose.

     We all hear stories and reports from all sides regarding this conspiracy or that, this presidential sin or that. What is one to believe? Anyone can make up stories. Conspiracy theories abound all the way to the White House. If we hear a conspiracy theory reported through the media, we are likely to accept it as in the case of Iraq and its conspiracy to blow up the world with its weapons of mass destruction. Another White House conspiracy theory concerns the right wing which is out to get the President, so they are making up all the stories about him. Other conspiracy theories that do not come from approved sources are reported as nonsense. I think if we truly understand the nature of conspiracy, we would find that most of us are in it. Conspiracy goes all the way down to the failure to report some malfunction in a used car one might be selling. Most people conspire about something. Yet, when conspiracy involves government, men shake their heads in disbelief. Certainly men of such high office, or men sworn to heal the sick, would not conspire.

     It would help clear the air to simply do a reality check. Do we really want corruption to cease? I mean, really? Ask yourself, if I could do away with corruption in government, would I do that if it would cost me my job, my home and my comforts? I have seen the mob ruling in America for a long time. We want benefits to ourselves and we want those benefits even if it costs others their comforts and freedoms around the world. If foreigners are enslaved so that we might buy cheap underwear, we are satisfied. The corruption of all the world goes clear down to the simple forces of human nature.

Corruption in Little Things

     We have previously reported concerning the sheriff's deputy who told us of the little joke in his department when officers would go to "testi-lie" rather than testify against someone on trial. In recent years the FBI has been charged with fabricating evidence and lying concerning details in high profile cases such as the Waco incineration and the Oklahoma bombing. It is reported that the FBI went to trial to "testi-lie" regarding the various things that happened leading up to the events which transpired. Consider this. What if the police forces always told the truth? What if they only dealt with real crime perpetrated against citizens rather than manufactured crimes of personal habit such as in the use of drugs or seat belts? A society may have to lay off half the force. Mankind in every field of endeavor seems to need to justify their work and make reasons for it to exist.

worshipper praying with a minister

     I have also watched this phenomena in religion. While the morning service in many churches is wrought with all kinds of warnings against the evil doer, they are not really intended to eliminate sin. Modern, leading religious figures from Billy Graham to Jessie Jackson have opted to forgive the sinner, such as in recent presidential matters, rather than call for the end of sin. Modern religion has opted to make a reason for sin, rather than annihilate it. It would rather treat the results of sin instead having it cured. They do this with excuses for sin and with soft words of encouragement and forgiveness. I have watched this in actual practice. I have seen ministers condemn sin and call for all kinds of offerings to support the ministry of condemning sin. I have seen people who have accepted Christ come to those same ministers and say that sin was killed in them. They reported that they now live a life of victory. Suddenly, those same ministers would explain that we are only human and cannot really stop sinning. They did their best to get that new believer back into sin where he belonged so that he could still be treated for sin. The preacher would still be able to preach against sin as before. If sin went away, the preacher wouldn't be able to keep his job. There would be no going to confession so the priest can have something to do. Everyone would be his own preacher and everyone would have a most wonderful time without him. The ministers of religion know that if men really found God, they would be out of a job. They may even have to go and find God themselves.

     Do we really want corruption to cease? Let us see if we really do. If corruption ceased, we would have to let go of all the doctors who treat disease instead of cure it. Healing would change form and the hospitals would not be useful any longer. We would have to let go of all of the police who treat crime and we would have to let go of all of the ministers who treat sin. We would have to let go of all of the politicians who make laws against bad things. Who needs a king unless there is corruption you want that king to fight? And would not any self-respecting king want to see corruption continue to justify his existence? Would not any self-respecting king want to make criminals if there were none so that the people would know he was doing his job? Jesus was not killed because he was nice or not nice. He was killed because his contemporaries saw he was a threat to their profits and power. They said it was better for one man to die than the whole nation perish. What they meant by this was that it was better for one man to die than for them to lose their influence over the people. The priesthood would be out of a job if Christ was accepted.

     It is already history how Randolph Hearst, the great newspaper tycoon, started wars so he would have something to put in his newspapers. If the news was only good news, no one would buy newspapers. If we banned all of the things that were bad for us, think of the stores that would go out of business because they could not make a living selling only vegetables. We would not be putting animals through the torture of our meat factories and slaughter houses. We would not want to cause the suffering to the animal kingdom that we do.

Do I Really Want it to Cease?

     Let us ask another question. Considering the crimes of the government mob, would I want those crimes ended if it would cost me my pleasures and comforts? Would I want to see the layoff of the doctors, lawyers, ministers, police and politicians? Would I like to not be able to buy cigarettes, booze, meat, and most videos? If corruption were to be eliminated, one would have to eliminate his latest favorite movie which is full of violence, sex and fantasy. Fantasies are lies you know. Since so many jobs would be eliminated, mine would probably be eliminated also since the economy would crash and, of course, my stocks would be worthless. If I were against corporate crime and dishonesty in world commerce, would I be willing to forgo my new car, computer, home and numerous toys I have been accustomed to? Would I be willing to give up all of my vices, or would I rather have Washington corrupt and the business world corrupt if it would guarantee that I could have a measure of comfort and security? Would I be willing to have the stock market crash if it would do away with all the evils or would I rather have this pyramid scheme continue at least until I die so the end would not come in my lifetime?

     When these questions are honestly asked, the answers to corruption are evident. We want it like it is and that is why it is the way it is. Is Washington corrupt? Oh, yes! But why is it the way that it is? It is because corrupt people vote themselves into office. Our leaders are representatives of who we are as a nation. They are not some surprise. "They is us". If our nation were a nation of noble and honest citizens, we would have leaders who were noble and honest.

     Considering these things, who is the scumbag or who are the scumbags. Is it the mob? Is it the ones who support the mob with their tithes, offerings and taxes insuring their existence? Is it the ones who turn away from the responsibility of removing corruption, even though they might view themselves free of it, because it might cost them some convenience or some pet lustful practice? I think if all things were considered, there is no mystery here.

     There are numerous political organizations who speak of doing away with the evils of government. They want to reform the system and give America back to the people. Foolish virgins. Sleepy slaves. Change does not come in this way. When the people tried to force Jesus to be king, He quickly deserted the mob. One can be certain that change will not come from those running for office. They think too much of themselves. Change comes from the heart. If Americans would be willing to die rather than commit a wrong act, the corrupt mob who rules over us would disappear in a flash.

     Let me tell you how change can come. It won't, but this is how it could. If Americans were awakened to the truth and they saw the low influences they give out by their policies, they would simply sit down until the elements of corruption ceased. They would refuse to play. If Americans refused to work for corrupt men, and if they refused to support corrupt men with their taxes and tithes, you would find that corrupt men would go somewhere else. Political fighting is not the cure for America. If you have two boxers in the ring, what is it that causes the match to end? It is when one decides to stop fighting. If all boxing matches only had one who was willing to fight, there would be no fight. Will this happen in America? Will crime cease because we will refuse to play? No. We love to fight and we love to be in front of everyone else. We love to control the world too much and we love to be elevated above our peers. For this reason we will be bound with our own chains and there will be no peace until our corrupt souls lie in a pile of ash. Why is it we do this to ourselves? To this question, there is no answer.


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