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WINDS Notice!


Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." Woodrow Wilson - The New Freedom (1913).

    Tuesday night of this week The WINDS office was visited by a personage who requested anonymity. He had been privy to a series of communications naming names and circumstances that raised an ominous specter. At The WINDS we have received some violent correspondence and one death threat. Our visitor on Tuesday shared with us information on several death threats in regards to us he had heard personally. He reported that this weekend of October 10, 1998 a meeting was being held involving some persons in high places who were making plans to end this institution. The mob would be used to chorus a host of reports which would be calculated to reduce the influence of our work to zero. Other scenarios would include certain legal action which may severely limit or end our work entirely.

    When men have their corrupt worlds exposed to the light there is often a backlash of retaliation. Since The WINDS has not taken a party line, we have enemies in nearly every corner. Our focus has been to uncover hypocrisy and the LIE of the international cabal. This lie has involved itself in most religious organizations, political parties, business, finance, health care and a host of other professedly benign institutions. This is evidenced even in some who were in our own society of acquaintances. When truth has been the basis for our actions instead of party affiliation, we have offended a number of persons who are only too happy to create a picture which would cause us to cease operations.

    When the Christ appeared nearly 2000 years ago this scenario was played out amongst the Jews. At first, the Christ had many followers and a host of interested parties. As people became aware that He was there to expose the lie and erect a banner of truth, and as many of His own followers became offended for one reason or another, the national leaders soon forged plans to eliminate Him. The Jews gathered a host of false witnesses which would serve to condemn Him at an illegal trial. By the time the end came for Him to work, many of those who followed Him were shouting, Crucify Him! Crucify Him! The Jews knew by using a host of voices saying all manner of things, the work of Christ would be confused and disoriented. This event seems to be playing itself out once again in our own circumstances.

    The circumstances of Jesus' arrest were recorded in Luke 22:52: "Then Jesus said unto the chief priests, and captains of the temple, and the elders, which came to him, you come out, as against a thief, with swords and staves? When I was daily with you in the temple, you stretched forth no hands against me: but this is your hour, and the power of darkness." There will always come a time when evil forces have their day. All of the contending parties will join forces and have one thing in common -- their hatred of truth. Truly the day of justice has come to our world.

    While it is true I said that it was reported that some in high places were determined to end our work, it more precisely should be stated that the forces of darkness in low places have determined to bring to an end all voices which have exposed them and their true purposes. Those who have purposed to always hold to right principles know of what I write. There are some in Congress who have sought to correct the wrongs they have observed only to be made a laughingstock. Some in the media have fallen victim from the tyranny of lies. All voices will soon be stilled if they object to the international tyranny.

The Nations Fall

    In recent years our international culture has been reduced to its lowest point. When truth is printed there are ways for those in high (low) places to bring it to its end. True freedom of the press and freedom of speech is only a false front. That freedom of the press propaganda is only used to give freedom to sex magazines, sex sites, immoral and degrading cinema presentations, cabal propaganda and a great host of other degrading and demoralizing memorabilia.

    In today's news the cabal is still pursuing its low grade of international intrigue by forcing the institutions of other sovereign states with its NATO muscle. Kosovo is the latest event for these forces to example themselves to the world. "Mess with our authority and we will destroy you in some way." In local civil matters this event seems to be playing itself out in regards to our own institution.

     On October 2, Reuters reported that at least $4.3 trillion of wealth has been destroyed by the turmoil engulfing financial markets. By Friday, that total -- greater than the annual gross domestic product of France or Germany, and more than half that of the United States -- had been wiped off stock market values worldwide in little more than two months. All of this turmoil lends itself to the creation of the feeling of crisis so that the international cabal may impose "reforms" which will give them almost complete control over sovereign states. This farce is perpetuated to bring all nations to despair so deep they will plead for relief from anyone who will promise to solve the problems that face them.

     The moral underpinning of society has been totally eradicated by the very forces who promise solutions. Not only has true religion been made a mockery, the basic moral nature of the society has been the target of cabal initiates who publish many of Hollywood's blockbusters of moral decay. While the Jewish religion is never allowed to be the object of satire and ridicule, the Christian religion is mocked even so much as to paint the Christ as a homosexual or to picture a nude woman hanging on the cross of the Messiah's crucifixion. Of course, in these instances it is called freedom of expression and art. The antichrists are obvious for who they are. Even the Disney organization, which was always presented as a family organization, has revealed its true nature -- an organization of fantasy and moral decay used for a generation to separate children from truth and introduce them to make-believe, sentiment and immorality. All of this is contrived for one purpose -- to bring all men under the authority of one grand dictatorship of evil.

"Today the path to total dictatorship in the United States can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by the Congress, the President, or the people....outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system, another body representing another form of government, a bureaucratic elite which believes our Constitution is outmoded and is sure that it is the winning side.... All the strange developments in the foreign policy agreements may be traced to this group who are going to make us over to suit their pleasure.... This political action group has its own local political support organizations, its own pressure groups, its own vested interests, its foothold within our government, and its own propaganda apparatus." Senator William Jenner (1954).

"It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nations charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance." President Bush addressing the General Assembly of the U.N., February 1,1992.

A Suggested Solution

    The WINDS staff discussed the situation in regards to the situation involving our own publications and concluded there was something that might be helpful to those readers who are keenly interested in those events we have chronicled. It was proposed that we should encourage our readers to download the entire WINDS site onto their own computers. If the day comes that terminates our ability to publish, such as lawsuits or outright terrorism by some violent foes, The WINDS material would show up on hundreds of additional sites which were prepared in advance. Permission is hereby granted to freely publish WINDS editorials and documents in full or to host mirror sites if the day comes that The WINDS is no longer able to function.

    The WINDS organization has been publishing for a little over two years at great expense to ourselves. It was necessary to avoid sponsors since we would have to be sensitive to the opinions of those paying the bills. We could not weaken our presentations in this way. Our one motivation was to expose evil forces intent on bringing our entire civilization to slavery. In two years we have received from Internet readers $25.00 from an individual and $75.00 from a magazine wishing to publish a WINDS article. We have not proselytized or sought any pecuniary advantage for this work. We hope that this spirit of sacrifice will attend all who may want to publish any or all of this material.

     If the forces contrary to truth want war, then war they will get. We would like to serve notice. While it may seem advantageous to stifle the voices of reason, those who seek through deceit to lay a snare will themselves be caught in it. The end of these things will not come out as they suppose. When Christ was killed for His message, that event served to destroy their entire nation.

     For without cause have they hid for me their net in a pit, which without cause they dug for my soul. The people are sunk down in the pit that they made: in the net which they hid is their own foot taken.

    And it shall come to pass, that he who flees from the noise of the fear shall fall into the pit; and he that comes up out of the midst of the pit shall be taken in the snare: for the windows from on high are open, and the foundations of the earth do shake.

    And I saw a messenger come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years, and cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more.

This text is composed of scriptures taken from the Psalms, Ecclesiastes, Isaiah and the Revelation.


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