Editorial 5/17/98

Denver International Airport Mural of children


Denver International Airport Murals Paint False Picture of the World to Come

    I recently had the opportunity to go through Denver International Airport (DIA -- also called the New World Airport) and viewed the almost spectacular nature of the place. Walls and floors are places for exhibition for art that tells all, even though what it portrays is not what is really happening in our world, nor will it happen.

    Temples of worship seem obvious, but these days the true movements of man are held in mystery. Our temples are not those old gothic structures or Salt Lake monuments or even our churches. Modern temples are where the events of true worship take place and not the old forms where pretend worship goes on each Saturday or Sunday. The word "worship" means: adoring reverence or regard. The Biblical meaning of worship is to show reverence as in "kiss the hand." These new temples now being created inspire awe and wonder. Men adore their new edifices which show their own cultural greatness in the earth. This is the worship these days. Today's temples cannot be discerned as such at first glance, but, if one will take a moment and consider, he might be surprised as to the nature of things around him.

     Ancient prophets were mostly known for their rebuke of the leaders of religion for their worship of idols and their setting up of false gods. These gods, which were held in awe by the pagans and apostate Jews, often portrayed and explained the mysteries of nature and spoke of man and his journey to godlikeness. This godlikeness was portrayed with images and great wonders as in the pyramids of Egypt and the image of Babylon placed on the plain of Dura. The prophets of God were of a different sort. They were prophets of righteousness, instead of form, and they would often come in conflict with men and kings who strayed over on the side of earthly religion and its many signs and wonders. They could see beneath the facade and they would discover the falsehood which held up the whole scheme of things. This infuriated the perpetrators of deceit and enraged the idol worshippers. Often this led to the death of the one who dared prophesy against them.


    In the truest sense of the word and in the most mysterious ways the Denver International Airport passes the test as one of the true temples of modern worship. While the unaware person may simply walk around in the huge place waiting for his plane, anyone with a little observation might well see the gods of the modern mind displayed. Any traveler might easily discover the hidden mysteries there.

    As one first tries to find the airport, one wonders, first of all, why they call it the "Denver" Airport. It is miles outside of town all by itself amidst rolling hills and grassy fields. The main highway to the airport, which one can travel for a number of miles thinking he is on any ordinary freeway, suddenly ends at the parking lot. One gets the fullest sense that the world revolves around the airport rather than the airport simply being a place one catches a plane to go somewhere.

    The Denver International Airport is expensive to visit. One does not escape without paying his fair share. One pays $4.00 for parking in the vast concrete archive of autos for a little over an hour. The goods for sale there are sold for twice what they are worth. This is reminiscent of the fairs, carnivals and bazaars so often held at various churches to raise money for their god.

Denver International Airport roofline

     The large canopy, which covers the main concourse, appears from the distance as a number of tents placed side by side. True to its reverence of nature these tent-like covers represent the mountain peaks of Colorado. These are the steeples which draw the eye to heaven. When one gets inside, however, the temple does not fail to present its message. The sermons are not missed if one is not sleeping in the pew.

    Clearly and distinctly the true thrust of modern worship is portrayed. The message of the new temple is painted clearly on its walls. The murals painted by Leo Tanguma are the theological expression of the symbols of this new religion. Strangely, the new world religion resembles certain Christian sects. If one receives literature from the Jehovah's witnesses, one might see pictures of the new kingdom with smiling children lying in fields of grass with the beasts of the field all happy and peaceful in the new world bliss. Most all professed Christians today have the theory that soon the earth will be filled with peace and joy as the new millennial order takes power and brings peace and freedom to all men. The murals teach that we are moving to a new order in which innocent, loving children are destroying all the implements of war and national separation and the dove of peace will hover over us all.


    While most of the religious faithful today believe in a utopian earthly kingdom soon to come to pass, some religious organizations are actively involved in the United Nations' goal of bringing this to fruition. Some of these organizations that might be mentioned are, The Friends (Quakers), American Baptist Churches, American Jewish Congress, Baha'is, Episcopal Church, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, National Council of Catholic Women, National Council of the Churches of Christ, Presbyterian Church, the Salvation Army, Unitarian Universalist Association, United Church of Christ, United Methodist Church, U.S. Catholic Conference, Women's International Zionist Organization, YMCA , YWCA and a host of others. These bedfellows seem totally unaware of the beast they ride upon. For generations the church has been warning us of an antichrist which would come and cause much suffering in the earth. For generations we have been warned of the beast which would cause all men to worship at its feet. These preachers seem to miss the irony of how it looks for them to be in bed with the creature about which they have warned us for so long.

    Recently congress passed the bill HR 2431 entitled, The Freedom from Religious Persecution Act of 1998 which would allow the government to sanction any nation engaging in religious persecution or permitting it within their borders. The language of the bill mentions Sudan specifically and gives the impression that the law is intended to be against extremist foreign governments. The various religious organizations have joined hands and given this piece of legislation their full support. Seventh-day Adventists have for years preached that one day religious organizations would use the state to further their goals, yet, they now stand in with the crowd in support of this great deception. The Adventist prophet, Ellen White stated, "When the churches of our land, uniting upon such points of faith as are held by them in common, shall influence the State to enforce their decrees and sustain their institutions, then will Protestant America have formed an image of the Roman hierarchy. Then the true church will be assailed by persecution, as were God's ancient people. Almost every century furnishes examples of what bigotry and malice can do under a plea of serving God by protecting the rights of Church and State. Protestant churches that have followed in the steps of Rome by forming alliance with worldly powers have manifested a similar desire to restrict liberty of conscience." The Adventist prophet also said, "Our country shall repudiate every principle of its Constitution as a Protestant and republican government." What she didn't say was that Adventists would be in the forefront of bringing this disaster to pass. Representative Roscoe Bartlett, Republican from Maryland, is an Adventist and a cosponsor of this bill.

     Just a few of the religious organizations that have formally come out in support of this law are: American Baptist Evangelicals, Campus Crusade for Christ, Catholic Alliance, Christian Coalition, Focus on the Family, National Jewish Coalition, the Salvation Army, Seventh-day Adventist Church, Southern Baptist Convention, U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference and many more. This law provides for the establishment of the Office of Religious Persecution Monitoring. Why has this not been termed "office for murder monitoring"? It is because religion is the issue. The establishment of religion is the goal. What the Christians are saying is, if you persecute me or my fellows, I will send the U.S government or the U.N. in to lay sanctions on you.

     There are already laws against murder. There are already laws against physical attack. Why must we now make laws with religion mentioned in them? The Bill of Rights specifically states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion." This is precisely what has been done. Few recognize the implications in giving the federal government power to sanction persecutors. This very law may well be used for much more than the originators of it intended. This could finally emasculate all religion as fully as can be imagined. Any church remaining which speaks against any prevailing sin of the age need only have some of their own members complain to the government that they have been persecuted and this law can be invoked to stop it. They may complain that they are being persecuted for their homosexual lifestyle or for their views on abortion. These complainers may even be government plants. The government would then be able to sanction the entire denomination and bring persecution to the whole body. This is the act to which all modern religion is ascribing. This is the event that all of the foolish, sleeping virgins predicted but none of them can see.

    As with the laws that allow the federal government to confiscate property from drug offenders, the new anti-persecution laws could easily evolve into the fact that the federal government may confiscate church property if the members were found guilty of persecuting their offended gay members, their abortionists or adulterers by speaking against their practices or disfellowshipping them from their congregations. If a church felt it was appropriate to have a protest against a certain abortion clinic, that church could be placed under national edict and sanctions and property confiscation. When religion uses the state for its arm of punishment, that punishment eventually will be used against the religion itself. If one sleeps in a bed of snakes, it is only a matter of time until he is bitten by one of them. One may argue that the law in question does not go this far but if one would read the law, the law itself has few definitions. As with the Constitution of the United States, it means what the courts say it means and has nothing to do with the intents of the writers.


Denver International Airport Mural of a Nazi

    The "peace and safety" message is clear in the DIA murals. All of the people have this hope that the world will soon enter its millennial dream where there is no persecution and everyone lives happily ever after. If one looks closely, however, the murals take on a most chilling reality. If one will look closely and seek to understand the message of these murals, he will see that they paint a wondrous but deceptive picture. One of the striking messages of the murals is that children are the ones bringing the transformation about and not adults. President Clinton, one of the spokespersons of this new religion, takes every opportunity to express the sentiment that he is trying to save the world for the children. Children are pictured as the innocents and the noble leaders, while adults are pictured as the ghoulish monsters who have ruined the world. The only adults in the murals may be seen few in number and in the background, except for the mural depicting the ruined earth. There the adults are either starving or being destroyed by the Nazi-looking monster with a gas mask. He is the most obvious adult. Strikingly, in all the murals there is not one elderly person depicted. What happened to them, or, what is being planned for them?

     Certain questions beg answers. In this new world, where do all the children come from if there are no adults? Are they cloned? And when these children begin to mature, what happens to them? Are they recycled so that there are no elderly remaining? Why is it the murals depict hundreds of loving, noble, happy children beating the world's swords into plowshares, yet no mommies or daddies are involved in this. No, the mommies and daddies are the ones responsible for the mess and the doctrine states that the children will fix it. It is a child portrayed as beating the swords into plowshares. It is children who are overthrowing the evil kingdom set up by their parents. It is children who bring armloads of weapons to the block wrapped in national flags all to be beaten out of existence. It is true that these powers intend to disarm their enemies and do away with their national identities, but it is not the children doing this. This does not come from the dominion of innocence. It comes from the throne of deception. Not only are the nations being overthrown as depicted, but the family is going along with them to oblivion. The child is being made the god while parental authority is mocked. The parents are the evil force which has ruined the earth. While this may be true, the lie is that children are not participating in the great evil. Children have been made into the New World Order gods.

     If one will give these images and symbols some real mental appraisal, one finds the doctrine false. Does not one ever consider that Adolph Hitler was himself a child playing in the grass? Was not every sexual predator in government or outside of it also a child at one time? If one truly considers children, is it not children who must be trained? Do not children get caught behind the garage doing everything from sexual experimentation to smoking dope? Do not children come out of the womb screaming their little heads off and do they not get furiously mad when they do not get their way? Are not children caught lying, stealing and coveting the possessions of others just as much as is the president of the United States? So, where is the innocence so graphically portrayed by the artist who placed them there? Children are not innocent. They are the same monsters who grow up and are able to express their perversion as we can see so often these days in the highest offices of the land. Adults have one advantage over children in practicing their perversion and that is that they have learned the methods of deceit and how to carry deceit out quite effectively, while children pretty much let it hang out as it is. A young child may simply express his rage while adults hide it and get revenge in a less obvious manner. Adults know how to gas churches and starve nations under some professed noble cause. If children were in control, they would carry it out more obviously but it would still be carried out.

    The DIA murals depict the theories which were expressed in the communist revolution. The speeches often were filled with references to the children as is heard so much these days from American leadership. Pictures were painted on walls with children whose arms were full of flowers and whose hearts were filled with joy and peace. Of course, these murals lied and simply expressed the false doctrine so many now imbibe in our own country these days. The DIA murals did not intend for us to see all of this, but we can see all if we will. That hideous monster portrayed as a destroyer of the earth in these murals is the one who is now destroying the earth and multitudes of professed Christians are holding hands with him. It was he who burned out the Davidians. It is he who has starved the Iraqis. He is the one who slew a mother at Ruby Ridge, though the story goes on that we are working for a world full of loving children where purity and innocence rule.

     Last week a federal judge dismissed an involuntary manslaughter charge against FBI sharpshooter Lon Horiuchi for the death of white separatist Randy Weaver's wife during the siege at Ruby Ridge. In an 18-page order U.S. District Judge Edward Lodge ruled that Lon Horiuchi was acting within the scope of his federal authority and was honestly discharging his duties when he fired the shot that killed Vicki Weaver on August 22, 1992. Lodge wrote, "The actions of Mr. Horiuchi had tragic results, however, Mr. Horiuchi did no more than what was 'necessary and proper' for him to carry out his duties under the totality of the circumstances." It is well for us to note that the charges brought against Mr. Horiuchi were state charges. The federal government simply said, "the state doesn't matter. We make the laws around here." This ruling clearly showed that state sovereignty is history and a new, dark, sinister force now dictates in our affairs.

    In recent months elderly men have been arrested and sentenced to prison for Nazi war crimes. The defense stated for these and many others was that they were only carrying out orders. The U.S., in regards to these Nazis along with the international courts who place them on trial, have stated that following orders is not an excuse for crime and inhumane behavior. It seems that the U.S. only uses this argument against Nazis but when it comes to its own behavior, it seems readily acceptable to defend its own crimes with, "they were only following orders."


Gargoyle in DIA

      There is an interesting little space on the wall in the main hall of DIA. Here sits a gargoyle observing and watching over the festivities within these hallowed halls. The name gargoyle means throat. Gargle comes from this word. Originally, the gargoyles were used as drainage spouts and the water would come out of the gargoyles' throats. Gargoyles were distorted creatures which used to be placed on the outside of the cathedrals during the Middle Ages. They were thought to scare evil spirits away. This medieval gargoyle now resides within the precincts of the temple near Denver. With fiendish interest he observes the worshippers about their travel. It is a shame they know not where they are headed. I think it is fitting to quote scripture about the modern gargoyles and the modern throats. The Word of God speaks volumes in just a few words which brings everything to the light. "For there is no faithfulness in their mouth; their inward part is very wickedness; their throat is an open sepulcher; they flatter with their tongue." Ps 5:9. "Their throat is an open sepulcher; with their tongues they have used deceit; the poison of asps is under their lips." Rom. 3:13. This flattering tongue is wagged in the highest offices of government and religion. This expresses well the truth of the New World Airport, its New Order and the religions who ride upon its back drunken with its wine. We may very well think we are merely creating a civil and upright society and there are necessary evils that must be endured to bring it to pass while, all the time, we are the blind man who takes a burning torch into his tent little realizing he is setting fire to himself.

      The messages in the temples throughout the land are that peace and joy are just around the corner. Warm, loving fellowship among all races and religions is at the door. We will all be a united people striving for the same things and we will sing among fields of flowers having put away all our evil machines. What is actually happening is a monster is loose in the earth crushing anyone who will raise up against it. The churches ride upon its back. It moves to bring all men under its control and whoever resists will perish. False Christians and other apostate religions ride on the back of the beast going along for the ride, but the monster will soon turn on the whore and eat her flesh and burn her with fire. The flattering words we are hearing from the pulpits of government and religion are lies. Instead of childlike innocence doing away with our swords, a monstrous deceit is forging our plowshares into weapons of war and soon the annihilation.

      While driving home from Denver I observed the thousands of homes in the cities connected one to another. Millions of people are driving bumper to bumper on their congested freeways. What will happen to them when the trucks stop delivering food to their local store? What will happen when the water sources are no longer producing? Surely, all of these false visions of innocent children will go out the window when the nations turn upon themselves and destruction and ruin fill the earth with fire and smoke. Our culture is held together by a very fine thread. That thread will soon snap and, at the same time, the eyes of the people will open albeit too late to save themselves.


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