Editorial 1/29/98

Man under scrutiny with hands helplessly outstretched


    While it is evident that the President has lost support in the polls, it is also surprisingly clear how few Americans really care whether or not the President is immoral or whether or not he lied in the affair which has been so widely alleged. Then again, it is not so surprising. A large portion of Americans, if not the largest portion, live as the President is alleged to have lived. Out of thousands of e-mails sent to news agencies a great portion of those communications express, "what difference does it make what the President does and what difference does it make if he lied about it?" These readers want to hear about the Iraqis or some other national enemy instead.

    Most Americans don't seem to reason from cause to effect. Their minds are so dumbed down that it seems there is no natural understanding left. The issue is this: when a president of a nation can look us directly in the eye and say with a straight face that he did not do a certain thing, and then it proves that he did, how is it possible to separate that event and that statement from all of the others? How does one know he is not lying about Iraq, the United Nations, the Oklahoma bombing, Waco, and just about anything else he speaks about if it is shown by evidence that his word is false? If a man is a liar, he is a liar all of the time and not simply a liar some of the time. When the President was taped as saying, "deny, deny, deny" as to the Jennifer Flowers affair which was later admitted by him, it lends credibility to the "deny, deny, deny" that was reported by Ms. Lewinsky. The President does seem to be a master at denial, but the full revelation of the whole event will come out as time goes on.


    The question still can be said, so what? What if the President lies about this or that? So what if Iraq gets the dust bombed out of it because the President lied about its supposed threat? The "so what" is that there are always consequences to any action. The "so what" is that if he lied, you are going to get the dust bombed out of you by and by, but you will not know why. When the Japanese people were lied to so that the generals could get on with a good war, the "so what" was that a lot of innocent men, women and children who believed those lies got cremated in an atomic explosion. If this nation acts unjustly and that injustice is perceived by the world, there will be a response and Americans will be the receivers of that response.

    When the Branch Davidians were taken out, it was only a matter of time until a response would come. A retaliation was certain because of the injustice perceived by some. Because the President lied about the compound near Waco, were the children spared in the federal building's day care center? That's the "so what." Not one of us will escape the decisions and actions of our leaders. So when they make a move from a corrupt principle, the whole country will feel the results sooner or later. Retaliation will come, and it may come to our children and our families, and we will look up and feel all offended because someone did something to us without reason. There is a reason, it just may be that you were so indifferent to your leader's corruptions which were practiced in your name that you did not see your responsibility in it all.


    There is another aspect to all of this. The other aspect is that men have practiced willing ignorance of international subterfuge. Many Americans express to the news media that they would like to hear about something else than the President's sins, but there is a purpose in all of this closing of the eyes as well as the media reporting the way that it does. Many Americans are loath to have to believe that they have been made fools of. The man they voted for just could not have done whatever he is charged with. The Democratic party is their god and they simply refuse to consider that they are in a party of fools. That is how they would perceive themselves if these charges were true and they are loath to even consider the possibility that their president would "play around" like that especially if he is the one they voted for. They also are loath to find the president guilty of deeds they practice themselves.The media work this pivot back and forth. One day one way, the next day the other. One day they are hard on the president. The next day they back away. If anyone has followed the clear and obvious evidence already presented through the media, evidence we can see for ourselves, the realization of anyone who has any mind left at all would have to be a sobering one. These things do not take a rocket scientist to see. The story of a conspiracy of conservatives is incomprehensible. Does ABC or CNN belong to this conspiracy of conservatives? I think we can look some other place for the conspiracy. The conspiracy is in the whole system of things.

     The forces of the New Order are working with great cunning to totally demoralize the nation. They desire that the day come soon and before the year 2,000 or so when Americans and the world will throw up their hands in despair because of the total impotence of their governments and the total incompetence of their leaders. If it is indeed true that the President is found to have lied, Americans will never trust a president again. This is precisely what the forces of world control want. What is happening to the world and the country is purposed. It is designed to bring down every form of sovereign government in favor of the the United Nations. Have you not wondered at how virtuous the United Nations seems to be and how scandalous the U.S.? It is written in the Protocols,

We must direct the education of the nation's communities in such a way that whenever they encounter a situation requiring initiative they will throw up their hands in despair and impotence. The stress and confusion which results when the freedom of one comes in conflict with the freedom of another drains the energies of both. From this conflict arise intense moral shocks, disenchantments and failures. By all these means we shall wear down the nations so effectively that they will be forced to offer us international power. That power will be of a nature that it will enable us, without violence, to gradually absorb all the national forces and power of the world. From that we will form our super-government [the United Nations]. In place of the ruling governments of today, we shall set up a rigidly controlled system which will be called the super-government [UN] Administration. Its hands will reach out in all directions like pruning shears and its organization will be of such colossal dimensions that it cannot fail to subdue all the nations of the world.

The revelation of our dictator may actually come before the destruction of the constitution. The moment for this revelation will come when the peoples, utterly wearied by the unpredictability and incompetence of their political leaders - a matter for which we shall arrange - will clamor and cry, 'Away with them and give us one ruler over all the earth who will unite us and eliminate the causes of discord, frontiers, nationalities, religions and national debts who will give us peace and quiet which we cannot find with our present rulers and representatives.'

You, yourselves know perfectly well that to cause the peoples of all nations to desire such a thing, it is absolutely necessary to cause trouble and discontent in the relationship between the people and their governments. It is critical that the people become exhausted with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy, even the use of torture, starvation, inoculation of diseases, and poverty - leaving the nations no other vision than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty which is the control of money and everything else. But if we give the nations of the world any breathing room, the moment we long for will likely never arrive.

Man with hands helplessly outstretched


    This is the "so what". So many believe that the new order of things will be the panacea of the earth. Far from it. It is intended to be a highly controlled and dominated world order and who will it be that is highly dominated if not killed? You. That's the "so what". Our willingness to let our country take an immoral turn of injustice and deceit will not be the field of flowers so many hope in. Even so, it will not be allowed to fully come to fruition. The earth and all that is in it will be destroyed. The cause and effect relationships of the universe, the karma so many talk about will end it all in a grand flame. But that will only come because we have purposed it even if we purposed it by saying, "so what?"

    It is evident that the U.N. wants to stay in the shadows and let the U.S. stick its fat stick into the hornet's nest of Iraq. The President is quite vocal in proposing bombing raids on this nation. Attacking Iraq unilaterally would be just about the stupidest act this nation has ever purposed. It is as if the national leaders were working with all their efforts to make a fool of the U.S. in the eyes of all the nations of the earth so that the power of the U.S. could be replaced by the power of the U.N. The brainless mob who sit in their bars drinking their beer, cheering the president in taking out Saddam, will surely deserve what will soon come upon them and then they will do the even more foolish thing as to blame the president if things go wrong. Oh, America, if you had a brain no one would know it.

    So, it serves the "conspiracy" to put into power people who have some weakness that may be exposed. When it is exposed, it serves the "conspiracy" to not come to resolution too quickly. They work to drag it out so that frustration and exhaustion will result in the citizens. Concerning the President's most recent alleged affair they are pulling it off in masterly form. Then again, they are pulling off just about everything that way and the people go on in a haze and maze with no understanding at all in what is coming down. Even the masters of the New Order little consider that their time has also come. They will be buried along with everyone else. Jesus said, "For the days shall come upon thee, that thine enemies shall cast a trench about thee, and compass thee round, and keep thee in on every side, and shall lay thee even with the ground, and thy children within thee; and they shall not leave in thee one stone upon another; because thou knewest not the time of thy visitation." Luke 19:44.


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