Editorial 9/25/97

What is the White House Millennium Program?


    On September 22nd the President of the United States once again spoke before the United Nations and while the goals and aspirations sound laudable, and the words bespeak wonderful challenges ahead, there is a tone which belies these hopes. Just what is in store for the millennium? Just what is it we are to look forward to? In his speech before the United Nations, the president revealed what it was. He stated, "The forces of global integration are a great tide, inexorably wearing away the established order of things." This is a most remarkable statement coming from a president. Is the president of the nation a man standing for that nation which he is sworn to protect? No! Instead, he boasts of the wearing away of that very institution and republic. This statement is so true and that is what makes it remarkable. What is not said is what the true implications of this are.

    There is a little book calledThe Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. This highly criticized and vilified document speaks volumes concerning our present condition and those forces which now reach out to all corners of the globe. The forces of the new world put a great deal of energy in excoriating this document and for good reason. It exposes them. We may read from this document, if we have a mind to, that the forces of this new era of control have claimed that their purpose:

"is to scatter to the winds, all existing forces of order and regulation; to reconstruct all institutions. We, then, also become the sovereign lord of those who gave up their rights of power, voluntarily, in their liberalism."

    We do not care whether or not this document is a hoax. We need prove nothing. Let us simply read the words to see whether these things are so. Certainly the president speaks the truth, but the truth is so hidden in the tone of government-speak that few will understand it. The global forces are indeed wearing away the established order in almost every area. The rights mentioned in our constitution, and so highly valued by many Americans, are well-nigh extinct, and this global juggernaut inexorably marches on its crushing way. As we consider the subtle and not so subtle changes now coming upon the world, we might do well to awaken and scrutinize the spoken purposes of the regime so that we might not be so stupefied and despairing at the time of crisis just before us.

A New Strategy of Security
Asset Forfeiture

    The president stated, "To seize the opportunities and move against the threats of this new global era, we need a new strategy of security." This strategy of security the president speaks about is surely becoming visible. Not only are American troops now going into many nations of the earth under various commands, but mercenary armies are more and more paid for by large financial interests. When revolution strikes a nation, even before the new dictators are fully installed, multi-billion dollar deals are signed for precious natural resources. The global security mentioned is the iron fist which ensures that these large corporations are able to work out their will in the populations. Some of the tools of this new strategy are clearly stated. "I also applaud the steps that members are taking to implement the declaration on crime and public security that the United States proposed two years ago, calling for increased cooperation to strengthen every citizen's right to basic safety, through cooperation on extradition and asset forfeiture...." While this is used in the context of criminals, it might be stated that all a criminal is is one who will not go along with the rules. We are to be made safe, since everyone who is opposed to this new system of things may very well find himself freed of his assets and extradited to a more convenient location of control.

    Stealing the property of the enemy has long been the tool of invading armies. The Trojan horse is even now in our midst. Asset confiscation is also quite effective in keeping the masses in humble submission. Who will truly stand for right if at any moment those who do will have their property confiscated? As it has been written:

"The signature of our power is - force and make-believe. Only force conquers in political affairs, especially if it is concealed under the cloak of statesmanship. When governments do not want to lay down their crowns at the feet of the new power, we must respond with violence, cunning and make-believe. These evils are the only means by which to attain the end, the good. Therefore, we must not stop at bribery, deceit and treachery when they will help towards attaining our goals. In politics it is necessary to know how to seize the property of others without hesitation if that will win for us submission and sovereignty."

Isolate Those Who Challenge Us

    President Clinton goes on to say, "Through this web of institutions and arrangements, nations are now setting the international ground rules for the 21st century, laying a foundation for security and prosperity for those who live within them, while isolating those who challenge them from the outside. This system will develop and endure only if those who follow the rules of peace and freedom fully reap their rewards. Only then will our people believe that they have a stake in supporting and shaping the emerging international system. The United Nations must play a leading role in this effort, filling in the fault lines of the new global era."

    Very well stated, Mr. President. May I take the liberty of filling in the "fault lines" of government-speak? Indeed, the new ground rules are being laid. A system is being created which will allow everyone to apparently prosper if his ideas and goals match the goals of this new era. If they do not, those individuals will be isolated just as he said. If the citizens "of the world" follow the rules, they will be given promises to do well, if they do not, they are cut off. This "emerging international system", more commonly referred to as the New World Order, is not the soft gentle kitten so well portrayed but a ravaging beast with great iron teeth. It surely is a false "savior" or "messiah" which will prove an iron dictator if permitted to fully take dominion. The U.N. address is truly opening the window of the existence of this new order, the existence of which so many have been scoffing. The Scriptures are not silent here. "And in the last days of those kingdoms, when their sin is at its height, a king of grim aspect will appear, a master of stratagem. His power will be great, and he will work havoc untold; he will succeed in whatever he does. He will work havoc on the mighty nations and the holy people. By cunning and deceit he will succeed in his designs; he will devise great schemes and wreak havoc on many when they least expect it." Dan 8:23-25.

Citizens of the World - Or Else!

    In reference to the recent crash of a helicopter carrying U.N. workers the president stated, "Five were Americans, five were Germans, one Polish and one British; all citizens of the world we are trying to make, each a selfless servant of peace." I am not sure what is meant here. Citizens of the world? I am not aware of any such citizenry, unless it refers to the new world citizen they "are trying to make".

    The hypocrisy of the following statement of Mr. Clinton shows up clearly if one simply has read his newspaper. "Fifty years ago the U.N.'s Universal Declaration of Human Rights stated the international community's conviction that people everywhere have the right to be treated with dignity, to give voice to their opinions, to choose their leaders; that these rights are universal -- not American rights, not Western rights, not rights for the developed world only, but rights inherent in the humanity of people everywhere." Again, these things are said but intended for the obedient and cooperative. Would the president say this to the Iraqis? Would he say it to the Branch Davidians? When the destruction of the Branch Davidians was portrayed, much government-speak was used to vilify David Koresh. He was accused of having sex with a number of females in his compound. Strangely, not one woman or girl came forward to substantiate this charge. As a matter of fact, those who had spent time at the compound stated plainly this never occurred. If it did occur, how would that be different than the circumstances surrounding our own president? And if one young woman did come forward (and one never did) how would that justify the destruction of the children to which these world leaders give so much lip service? Well, it is clearly stated, the folks in this compound were obviously not new world devotees. Therefore, they were relegated to the ranks of non-persons. Therefore, all of this new world propaganda does not apply to them. The Protocols  say it well,

"Our State, marching along the path of peaceful conquest, has the right to replace the horrors of war by less noticeable and more satisfactory means. That is, by the sentences of death that are necessary to maintain the terror which leads to blind submission. Merciless justice and severity [as with the Branch Davidians] is the greatest strength in the State: not only for the sake of profit but also in the name of duty. For the sake of victory, we must keep to the program of violence and make-believe."

The People Must Have a Phone

    The president goes on to say, "Progress is not yet everyone's partner. More than half the world's people are two days' walk from a telephone, literally disconnected from the global economy. Tens of millions lack the education, the training, the skills they need to make the most of their God-given abilities."

    Since when, Mr. President, has the lack of a telephone been a hindrance to making the most of our God-given abilities? And since when has the blessing of being disconnected from the global economy been an evil? Do you not know that for thousands of years men have done quite well without it? And what education do you suppose these millions are lacking? Is it the education of the new era you speak of that so many need? Have Americans been so well indoctrinated in all this nonsense, and so fully employed by it, that we do not need educating any longer?

The Big Lie Exposed

    "The men and women of the United Nations have expertise across the entire range of humanitarian and development activities. Every day they are making a difference. We see it in nourished bodies of once starving children, in the full lives of those immunized against disease, in the bright eyes of children exposed to education through the rich storehouse of human knowledge, in refugees cared for and returned to their homes, in the health of rivers and lakes restored." (U.N. Address).

    Government-speak is truly a science these days and it was richly lavished upon the listener in this aforementioned paragraph. I can remember in my boyhood how a language called "Pig Latin" was spoken. Common words were used, but the syllables were transposed. Young untrained ears could not understand the words but, once one became accustomed to the switch, the understanding was easy. So it is with government-speak. When one hears it, he is left with the impression that a certain wonderful meaning was expressed. If one is used to the transliteration process, however, one can hear the true meanings being conveyed. By looking out into the world, these opposite meanings are easily seen.

    While it is true that the United Nations has fed some hungry children, it is also true that the United Nations starved to death hundreds of thousands more of them. This is hardly humanitarianism. Suppose Mother Teresa fed and served the poor who would kneel at her feet and work for her, but she would starve to death those who did not. Would she then be considered a saint? This is precisely the UN strategy. When Iraq does not cooperate with the new order, her children are starved to death with U.N. sanctions. The hypocrisy of the above statement is self-evident.

    As was mentioned, oh, how wonderful to return refugees to their homes. How was it they were forced to leave them? From theProtocols   we might be enlightened:

"The suitability of the nations as a political force is dead - we need not take it into account; but those who possess and exercise control over land can still be harmful to us. This is because they are self-sufficient due to the resources of the land on which they live or have control over. It is essential, therefore, for us at whatever cost to deprive them of their land. This goal will be best attained by increasing the pressures and burdens upon land-real property, by loading lands with debt [property taxes, environmental protection issues]. These measures will severely limit land-holding and keep it in a state of humble and unconditional submission."

All Sides Armed

    Let us look at some of the causes of the refugees being driven from their homes. The great difficulties now evident in virtually every nation on earth are caused and not simply a happenstance. Millions of landed people who raised their families comfortably on their small farms around the world had to be dealt with. They were self-sufficient and independent. The new world forces have caused the nations to become politically unstable in order to make them dependent. These same forces would then arrange for certain individuals, whom they bought and paid for, to become the presidents of the various nations. The millions of little farms were then taxed. The property taxes were simply impossible to pay, so the millions had to sell or abandon their homes and go into the cities to try and make a living. All this caused more unrest and allowed for more political control by the new world elite. This is the "democracy" which is taking over the world. This is the "freedom" the president speaks about. Freedom for large financial interests to rape, pillage and steal at will.

    All we can see on the nightly news is that one faction is fighting against another faction. They do not dare reveal the causes of this terrible confusion lest their masters have them beheaded. May I be so bold as to ask, where do these poor peasants, who are doing all the fighting, get their guns? Can they build factories and manufacture them? Can they even afford to buy them? Not at all. Those who would keep their land are not allowed to possess weapons. Revolutionary forces controlled by the new world elite are given ample arms to cause unrest and violence. If all sides are revolutionary and serve the purposes of the NWO, then all sides are armed. This fully destroys the national fiber and gives the world's financial interests complete control of the situation. From theProtocols:

"...In order to cause those who want power to misuse that power, we have set all forces in opposition to one another. This is breaking up their liberal tendencies towards independence. To accomplish this we have stirred up every form of individual ambition, we have armed all parties and we have set up official authority to be a target for all that ambition. We have made gladiatorial arenas out of the nations. In those arenas we have introduced a host of confused issues over which they may contend. Just a little more, and bankruptcy and disorder will be universal.

"Whenever we encounter any nation which dares to oppose us, we must be prepared to incite war and join with its neighbors against it; but if those neighboring countries should also venture to stand together against us, then we must create resistance by inciting a universal war. ...We must force the national governments to act in the direction favored by our broad master plan which is already approaching its desired goal. This force will come in the form of public opinion which has been secretly shaped and molded by us through the means of that so-called 'Great Power'-the news media. That power is, with a few exceptions that may be disregarded, already entirely in our hands.

"...The representatives of the nations sign papers and treaties [GATT and NAFTA] without bothering to understand them because they are only in their positions of service for either material gain or from ambition. ...We shall surround our government with a whole world of economists, constellations of bankers, industrialists, capitalists and - the main thing - millionaires. The latter because in material substance every difference between parties or business transactions will be settled by sums of money."

Greatest Non-Story of the Ages

    There is more nonsense spoken by the "fox" of this new system of things. "When the nations of the world gather again next December in Kyoto from the U.N. Climate Change Conference, all of us, developed and developing nations, must seize the opportunity to turn back the clock on greenhouse gas emissions so that we can leave a healthy planet to our children."

    It is already well established that the planet is not warming except in temper. The actual fact is that over the last twenty years the planet has very slightly cooled. Evidently, the "greenhouse" gases which hold heat in also keep sun out so there is an overall balancing of the temperature of the earth. The necessity is for a crisis to be imagined so that the nations will come under the control of this United Nations and do as they are instructed. When we are faced with what has been made to appear as a world crisis of warming, we feel the necessity of making the whole world comply which would require a world government of some sort. How this one is pulled off with virtually no evidence for it is beyond any rational man's thinking. The make-believe of our current system is so well-nigh universal that men can be trained to believe anything at all, whether true or not.

Leadership of Low Morals Essential

    The new order runs on the fears of its citizens. Its high quality leadership is also no mystery. From the Protocols:

"In order that our scheme may produce the desired result, we shall arrange elections in favor of those presidential candidates that have some dark, undiscovered stain in their past, some food for scandal. Then they will be trustworthy agents for the accomplishment of our plans. This 'trust' will come from fear of being exposed and from the natural desire everyone has who has risen to such political power, namely to retain the privileges, advantages and honor connected with the office of president.

"In the present chaos caused by the tottering condition of all forms of power, our own power will be more invisible than any other. This is because it will remain invisible until it has gained so much strength that no cunning can possibly undermine it."

    Thank you so much for the speech, Mr. President. You made it very clear with a little help from the most infamous document ever printed. I have just one favor to ask, can you not now simply say it as it is? Leave off the government-speak and say it plainly. If you do that, we at The WINDS can sign off and go home. As things stand, we must continue saying what you said.

"The forces of global integration are a great tide, inexorably wearing away the established order of things."

Global clock ticking to year 2000


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