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China and the Emerging Global Paradigm

Clinton Trip Highlights Synthesis of East and West


    CNN's special report "China - Beyond Tiananmen" suggests that we should now move beyond the images of tank riddled corpses and accept the "new and improved" China, ready to take its place with respectability in world opinion. China is basking in the international spotlight once again in an event designed to enhance its image. Not since the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre has the media focused so intently on this Communist stronghold, and never in the history of television has Red China looked so good.

    When a PR campaign of this magnitude attempts to pass itself off as "news" we may be certain that the events portrayed have greater significance than what appears on the surface. The WINDS contacted Mr. William Norman Grigg, a Senior Editor at The New American magazine, who was helpful in shedding some light on the real issues involved in China - U.S. policy. Mr. Grigg has written several articles on this subject for The New American, and he confirmed the significance behind the headlines that are heralding "the new China."

Mr. Grigg Addresses the Issues

On multi-national corporate interests in the China agenda :

"It stands to reason that we're going to see either the formal lifting of the Tiananmen Square sanctions or a couple of dramatic gestures that will prefigure that lifting. This is something that both China's ruling elite and our corporate elite desire. We are going to see a whole host of agreements coming out of this to accelerate the interweaving of our corporate elite with that of Red China.

"I would suspect that the Clinton entourage is quite larded with people that represent the corporate interests. They are going there obviously to cut deals and Bill Clinton is going to broker the deals."

On the issue of human rights:

"What we will not see is Bill Clinton press the Chinese to stop persecuting the underground Christian church. We will not see him press for an end to forced abortion. We will not see him making any kind of plausible effort to nail down the origin of the Chinese plan to infiltrate our political system with Red Chinese money because he knows about it, he was party to the crime."

On the true agenda behind the build-up of Chinese power:

"A publication of the Trilateral Commission outlined the role of Red China as the dominant power in the emerging trading block called APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Community). Beijing is going to be the dominant player in that by virtue not only of their population, but, also by having the ability to project their power. They need to acquire seagoing capacity in order to do that.

"Look at the decisions that are being made right now by the Clinton administration regarding COSCO in Long Beach regarding access to the Panama Canal, regarding the export of C-3 or Command Control Communications equipment to integrate the branches of the military in Red China. They are equipping Red China with the ability to project its power, to become a seafaring nation. They will have to have that capacity if they are going to be ruling that part of the world on behalf of the One Worlders.

"The Trilateral Commission has said basically 'this part of the world is going to be yours.' China is going to run everything west a given line, up to and including probably Hawaii, California, and part of Alaska. The way it works is that the western part of the United States is going to fall under the satrapy of Beijing economically. I don't think politically it will, I don't see Red Chinese police officers or military occupying the United States or anything quite that apocalyptic. But in terms of who will be the dominant economic power, the big players already know that China is going to be the major Pacific power in the twenty-first century. Documents by the Trilateral Commission anticipated that decades ago."

On the emerging global economic paradigm:

"The Asian model is going to be the model for the global economy. The Asian model is a particularly obnoxious form of what Mussolini called corporatism. The more common term for that, of course, is fascism where you have the corporate elite that works very intimately with the political elite. They're given privileged positions in the economy.

"The United States has that kind of a system. It's called the mixed economy by people who want to beguile the public, it's called corporatism by people who are in the academic realm, it's called fascism by those who understand its true origin. What they're developing is a type of economic fascism. The heavy cooperation between the state and the corporate elite.

On the practical effects that this emerging system will have on America:

"In terms of the political aspect, meaning the allocation of power, the notion of the individual versus the state, we're moving very much in China's direction. With Bill Clinton, we're dealing with a man who is very much a kindred mentality to Jiang Zemin in terms of the idea of power and the relationship between the individual and the state. Tiananmen Square and Waco differ only in degree and location.

"Politically we're moving toward China and economically they're moving toward the United States. But in neither case is either country moving toward freedom. That results in the worst of all possible worlds."

Capitalism + Communism = International Socialism

    The financial element in Clinton's China journey is almost entirely unreported by official media sources, yet it is the most profound and newsworthy element in the entire event. Human rights and individual freedom are empty rhetoric used to conceal the truth about the true goals of the international elite who desire power and wealth for themselves and slavery for everyone else. Their motivations are not new to human history, although the social and political model used to implement them is.

    Western capitalism and Eastern Marxism have synthesized to create a new system that appears to have the benefits of both. Like Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin wrote fifty years ago, the global elite of today tell us:

We have only to believe, then little by little, we shall see the universal horror unbend, and then smile upon us, and then take us in its more than human arms.

    This is the promise of this false system. This is the promise of the global economy and this is the promise of our modern age. As its "loving" arms encircle, then squeeze and crush out every free impulse, as there are more Tiananmen Squares and Wacos for those who won't conform, perhaps we may finally discern the falsity of this promise.


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Written 06/30/98


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