The U.S. is a nation apparently interested in rights. One can hear much about human rights, equal rights, civil rights, children's rights, gay rights, animal rights, abortion rights, women's rights, special rights, etc. Government is in the business of creating agencies and task forces which are professedly designed to ensure the dispensation and protection of our rights, but are these rights really there anymore?

     Bureaucracies report that they are our benevolent benefactors and the guardians of our welfare. With an apparent zeal for ensuring our individual rights, the government creates codes and policies which are rigidly enforced by their bureaucracies, thereby effectively nullifying the individual rights of the citizen.

     Case in point. Dr. Jonathan Wright, reporting in a recent issue of HEALTH FREEDOM NEWS, warns, "Just when it seems we've beaten back the efforts of one group of regulators and controllers to remove vitamins, minerals, and supplements from the shelves of our natural food stores, another group is giving it a try. What the FDA couldn't do may be done to us instead by a joint commission of the United Nations and the World Health Organization!

     "Does this read like another far-out, right-wing conspiracy theory? That's what you may be told, but here are the facts: Under the terms of the 1994 'GATT' (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) treaty approved by the U.S. Congress, the 'Codex Alimentarius Commission,'(CAC) jointly administered by the United Nations and the World Health Organization (and mostly funded, but not controlled, by the U.S. taxpayer), is officially 'recognized' by the U.S. Government as the international organization to create standards, guidelines, and recommendations for food safety and food additives....

     "The CAC has created a 'Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use' which is currently scheduled to meet in Bonn, Germany, sometime in 1996. The German delegation to this committee has drawn up a proposal for this committee to adopt entitled 'Proposed Draft Guidelines for Dietary Supplements'. Among the proposals: no dietary supplement could be sold for preventive or therapeutic use. No dietary supplement sold as a food could exceed dosage levels set by the CAC. Commission regulations for dietary supplements would be binding on all countries covered by the GATT treaty. All new dietary supplements would automatically be banned unless they went through an approval process by the CAC.

     "If these proposals are adopted by the CAC, an organization that is in no way representative of or responsible to the citizens of the United States of America, the wildest dreams of the FDA will have been accomplished! As matters stand presently, the U.S. Congress has pre-approved this entire process!

     "If adopted, these 'Proposed Draft Guidelines' would be worse than the FDA vitamin grab outlawed by the Hatch-Richardson Act of 1994. Diet supplement dosages would be reduced to nearly useless levels, couldn't be sold for 'preventive or therapeutic use' (what else is there?), and any new ones would face an approval process on another continent!

     "In previous messages in this column, you've read that we'll all be needing to write and call Congress this year to support the Access to Medical Treatment Act [HR 2019]. Now it appears we have a much tougher battle ahead: convincing Congress to reassert the American sovereignty they've already given away under the terms of the GATT treaty."

     While the idea of reasserting American sovereignty seems desirable, the prospect does not exist. One by one, the building blocks of the New World Order have been set into place. The emerging structure reveals the all-encompassing nature of its design. The plan calls for the gradual implementation of controls and regulations of every phase of human life, down to the very foods we eat.

     It is ludicrous to imagine that the powers who have worked so long and determinedly to usurp control would willingly release it again. The New World Order is not a power whose coming can be resisted and stayed. Its plans and programs are quickly and quietly being implemented as public policy. The unalterable seeds of change that have been planted are now bearing fruit.

     As external control and loss of individual freedom rises, our most basic and fundamental right - freedom of conscience - the honoring of moral and spiritual conviction ceases. It is in proportion as conscience has been abandoned, that its free exercise is lost. It is when individual internal control is forsaken that global controls occur. The world has not fallen victim to the New World Order, it has created the conditions for it to exist. Through indolence, excess and failure to be true to conscience, the world has chosen its own end.

     This is not a doomsday prophecy. It is a disclosure of the judgment that has come in consequence of individual and collective character, from which, in turn, the powers behind the New World Order are not exempt.

Written 8/96


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