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    "Fundamental, Bible-believing people do not have the right to indoctrinate their children in their religious beliefs because we, the state, are preparing them for the year 2,000, when America will be part of a one-world order global society and their children will not fit in." This, according to Peter Hoagland, a former U.S. Congressman, is what's coming. It may be a shocking statement, but as the year 2,000 nears, the new system which educates the nation's children is being set in place. These mechanisms of change have long been contemplated and are now being implemented.

    President Clinton is establishing a system which is designed to guide the United States and the world into the 21st century and a key element of that plan is the establishment of the National Information Infrastructure (NII). Also called the information superhighway, it is by all accounts designed to bring dramatic changes.

    The NII is so universal and far-reaching that virtually every department and function of government is involved. It also incorporates the business community, the educational system, the health care industry, libraries and community centers. It is planned that every home in America will be connected to this network so that every facet of life and every part of society will be interconnected.

    The "Agenda for Action on the NII" shows the huge potential that information technology has to effect social change. The plan dramatically outlines a vision of the fast approaching future in which a web of advanced communication networks and computers will supply vast amounts of information to households, business and government.

    "Change is coming much faster than ever before. In our lifetimes we will see information technology bring more changes to more aspects of our lives than have been witnessed in the previous century. Digital technology is merging the functions of television, telephones and computers. Fundamental changes are in store for us in the ways we work, learn, shop, communicate, entertain ourselves, and get health care and public services; and these are just the applications we can foresee." NII Agenda for Action.

    In an address to the NII Advisory Council, President Clinton said, "The era of big government is passing from the scene...but doesn't mean that we should have a weak one. It doesn't mean we can allow individuals and families and communities to go back to a time when they had to fend for themselves. In this new world we are facing...we need a strong set of new ideas in which the government is the partner in the fight for the future."


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    The president has outlined an agenda in which he plans to connect all schools, libraries and community centers in the country to the information superhighway by the year 2,000. This would seem a commendable and far-sighted move by the president, but it deserves closer scrutiny. It deserves to be examined in the light of its actual context.

    The "fight for the future" began early in this century when the National Education Association (NEA) became federally chartered in 1906. Since that time, the NEA has been steadily working in cooperation with a unified group of individuals and organizations to achieve its goals. In 1934 at the annual meeting of the NEA, Willard Givens said, "the major function of the school is the social orientation of the individual. It must seek to give him understanding of the transition to a new social order." The ground work was being laid for a new social order and it was determined that the educational system was to be the critical starting point.

    "A new social order" is a theme which would be in a developmental process in the nation's school system from that time forward. But what is really meant by the term? It may be better understood by a further statement from the NEA Journal in 1946. "In the struggle to establish an adequate world government, the teacher can do much to prepare the hearts and minds of the children for global understanding and cooperation. At the very top of all the agencies which will assure the coming of world government must stand the school and the teacher." A "new social order" reveals itself to be "world government".

    With such an overtly radical agenda and the power to accomplish it, who actually is the NEA? The Kansas NEA executive director states that the NEA "is controlled and run by a group of non-educators...well-paid professional staff who have their own agenda, which is not necessarily in the best interest of public education."


    It was recognized that the transition of the United States from a sovereign, constitutional republic to the status of a subservient nation state, dominated by the new world order would indeed require a long period of subtle, calculated change in the thinking of the nation. In the 1970 issue of a NEA publication is stated, "The change-agent teacher does more than dream; he builds, too. He is a part of an association of colleagues in his local school system, in his state, and across the country that makes up an interlocking system of change-agent organizations. This kind of system is necessary because changing our society through evolutionary educational processes requires simultaneous action."

    Catherine Barrett, NEA president said in 1973 that "dramatic changes in the way we will raise our children in the year 2,000 are indicated, particularly in terms of schooling. The teacher can rise to his true (stature). More than a dispenser of information, the teacher(s) will be AGENTS OF CHANGE." Saturday Review of Education , Feb. 10, 1973.


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    The real agenda of the president's task force has been to implement this system of alteration and change into the schools of this country. Federal Communication Commission chairman, Reed Hundt says the Telecommunication Act of 1996 makes connecting classrooms a national imperative. "Under this law", says Hundt, "for the very first time it is as a matter of Federal law, the policy of this country that there will be access to advanced telecommunication services to every child in this country."

    One of the major goals is to develop and foster informed government policy that "promotes our social goals" for the NII. If the social goals of the NII are compared with those of the NEA, they are found to be identical. When examining the statements, one must look beyond the benevolent words to where the ideas lead, to their true intent.

    What is the vision of the NII for education? "Linking students to the new digital information networks could FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE EDUCATION. We must CHANGE OUR EXPECTATIONS about how classrooms and students should perform. We must invest substantially in teacher training. Computers require that teachers be adept at coaching rather than DICTATING AN ESTABLISHED BODY OF KNOWLEDGE TO THEM. WE MUST ACCEPT NEW IDEAS CONCERNING THE GOALS OF EDUCATION. Student- centered learning is more appropriate to the information age than teacher- centered learning. Knowledge is CHANGING SO RAPIDLY that students must learn to be LIFELONG LEARNERS rather than ABSORB ANY SINGLE SET OF FACTS THAT LIKELY WILL SOON BE OUT OF DATE." NII Agenda for Action.

    Brock Chisholm, former head of the World Health Organization has written that to achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas. He further states: "We have swallowed all manner of poisonous CERTAINTIES fed us by our parents (and ) Sunday school teachers....The reinterpretation and eventual ERADICATION OF THE CONCEPT OF RIGHT AND WRONG which has been the basis of child training... these are the objectives for charting the necessary changes in human behavior." Road to Socialism , pg. 37.

    The objective of the NII and the NEA seems to ensure that the concept of right and wrong and the certainty of truth will "soon be out of date." Dr. Arati Prabhaker, referring to the NII said, "What is happening today with the information revolution is a dramatic change...a lot of our FUNDAMENTALS are CHANGING."


    President Clinton said in an address to the NEA that he believes his goals for America closely parallel those of the NEA, further stating: "You and I are joined in a common cause, and I believe we will succeed." It has been made clear what the common cause is that the president and the NEA share. It is nothing less than the degradation, domination and destruction of America and the remnants of freedom which remain in the world. Again quoting from the NII Agenda for Action, "Amid technological change and SOCIAL UPHEAVAL, we need gathering spots where we can... weave a (new) social fabric." It is planned that the (new) social fabric will consist of a subservient, servile herd. The president has also promised that "out of CHAOS (social upheaval) shall rise the new world order." Social upheaval and chaos are prerequisites for the new world order, they prepare the way. Chaos and social upheaval are the problems which make the global herd willing to receive the new world order as the solution.

    One does not even have to read between the lines to understand what is planned, they have spelled it out clearly. The world can expect "social upheaval" and "chaos". Dr. Dennis Cuddy, a former official in the U.S. Department of Education writes, "When the government begins to treat people in a manner which is beyond freedom and dignity, it is unlimited in the cruelties that will follow. Families are destroyed under the guise of protecting the family, schools become indoctrination centers where all manner of rebellion against parents, morality, love of country and civility are promulgated (under very benevolent, caring people and 'for your own good'). When a nation is ruled by such leaders, there is no way out." Florida Forum , July,1996.

    Founding father Samuel Adams said, "While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader." This prophesy has met its fulfillment in America today. "When a nation transgresses, it has many rulers." Proverbs 28:2.

Written 6/27/97


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