U.S. Missile Cruiser Normandy

"I will probably never watch national television news again, and take it at face value for the rest of my life." -- Comdr. William S. Donaldson

    The FBI and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) intentionally lied to Congress and the public concerning key evidence about the downing of Trans World Airlines Flight 800. So indicates recent evidence brought to light in a tape-recorded conversation with James Kalstrom, the FBI Special Agent in charge of the disaster investigation.

    On that tape, obtained by Accuracy In Media (AIM) Chairman Reed Irvine, Special Agent Kalstrom is allegedly heard to admit that U.S. Naval vessels were present in the immediate area where, on July 17, 1996, TWA Flight 800 was blown out of the sky along with its 230 passengers and crew. Previously, the federal agencies contended publicly and in testimony before Congress that the closest military asset other than an unarmed navy aircraft, a P-3 Orion, was the USS Normandy, 185 miles away. However, speaking on condition of anonymity, a reliable source confirmed to The WINDS that the claims Irvine is making as to the contents of the tape are indeed accurate.

    In the recording, the details of which were disclosed privately to a meeting of Washington's Judicial Watch, Irvine alleges that Agent Kalstrom is clearly heard to confirm that there were in fact three U.S. Navy vessels within three to six nautical miles of the crash site. These ships, according to Kalstrom, were on a highly classified mission. This information is enormously important because it greatly strengthens the already formidable position of those claiming that a missile strike was responsible for the Flight 800 disaster.

    Commander William S. Donaldson, USN Ret., a longtime thorn in the side of the federal agencies investigating Flight 800, informed The WINDS that he also has personally heard, and has a copy of, the aforementioned tape recording. He quotes Special Agent Kalstrom as saying, in reference to mysterious unnamed radar surface targets the FBI refused to identify, "We know what they were...they were navy ships on classified maneuvers."

    Of the two factions hotly advocating the facts indicating a missile strike, one believes it was an errant U.S. Navy anti-aircraft missile launched from those very ships the FBI and NTSB claims were not present. The other position of the pro-missile group asserts that the ships were present because the navy knew that there was a threat of terrorist activity in the area and failed in an attempt to intercept the terrorists and thwart the destruction of the airliner. This is seemingly corroborated by eyewitnesses who claim to have observed a previous attempt that failed, only because the vessel launching the missiles was too far offshore and out of range. Attempts to locate the craft bearing the terrorists and their portable missiles were apparently the reason for the "classified" naval presence in the area. It would also explain the presence of the P-3 Orion which is technically a navy sub-chaser but, according to Comdr. Donaldson, can be used as a reconnaissance platform with its forward-looking infrared (FLIR) optics and radar.

    Comdr. Donaldson claims to also have obtained testimony from several witnesses, one of whom "is an ex-Navy Bombardier/navigator aboard A6 Intruders, who observed an Aegis Cruiser to the west of the air disaster." An Aegis is a highly sophisticated Virginia Class guided missile cruiser with radar and electronic counter measures (ECM) that would be immensely suitable in searching for and neutralizing a seaborne terrorist threat.

    Because of the highly trained nature of men such as the A6 bombardier/navigator, Donaldson, in his words, considers the identification of the Aegis Cruiser to be "positive, with 100% credibility."

    Interestingly, the USS Normandy, the one warship the navy admits was 185 miles away, is also an Aegis Guided Missile Cruiser of the Ticonderoga Class, stationed out of Norfolk, Virginia, less than 300 nautical miles away--an easy and quick journey for the Navy cruiser.

    Either the former A6 crewman has extraordinarily good over-the-horizon eyesight, or the Normandy (or another Aegis Cruiser) was much nearer the scene than the navy and FBI are willing to admit.

    Much to the dismay and irritation of federal authorities from both the FBI and the NTSB, the specter of TWA Flight 800 simply will not go away. Special Agent Kalstrom went on record as angrily denouncing those responsible for perpetuating American consciousness of the tragedy--and who disagree with their official position of cause for the disaster: an internally ignited center wing fuel tank. Kalstrom is also quoted in Salon Magazine as arrogantly admonishing that "these people should get a life." [1]

    In that article entitled, "The Buffoon Brigade," Salon refers to those opposing the government's declaration as to the cause of the crash as a "motley army".

    That "motley army"--the one advised by Special Agent Kalstrom to pursue a worthwhile existence--is composed of such as:

    "Motley army"? Could it be surmised that many on Salon Magazine's staff--and the FBI--would kill (metaphorically speaking) to obtain such a life as have those men--that is, if intellect and integrity are any longer deciding factors in the definition of "a life".

    With the exception of Fredrick Meyer, who The WINDS has already interviewed extensively for previous articles on Flight 800, and Adm. Moorer, this agency spoke at length with each of the aforementioned individuals.


    Pierre Salinger has informed this agency that he is in possession of what he refers to as "new information that makes it very, very clear it's a naval missile [that brought down Flight 800]....and very hot information about the number of naval ships that were in that area--much more than anybody thought." He said he was unable, at this time, to share details of that information with The WINDS, but directed this office to a source which would. The information Mr. Salinger alluded to, it turns out, is the same as what was revealed on the aforementioned AIM tape recording.

    Mr. Salinger has been the target of innumerable attacks by the media and the U.S. Government for the position he has taken on the Flight 800 disaster. "I've been so attacked by the press and everybody else," Salinger told The WINDS, that he said he would not speak publicly on the TWA matter "until the government comes out with what they claim to be a solution. If what they say is something that we do not believe, then I'm definitely going to start speaking."

    Interestingly, Salinger, and the unofficial truth about the downing of the TWA jet, are taken quite seriously outside the United States media. In a previous article, for example, The WINDS quoted The Times of London, a newspaper of no small reputation, as reporting that "satellite images have proved FLT 800 was tracked and hit by a sophisticated missile. 'An American spy satellite positioned over the Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island is said to have yielded important information about the crash. A law enforcement official told The New York Post that the satellite pictures show an object racing up to the TWA jet...and smashing into it.'"

    "There was extraordinary information that was being dug up by other news organizations that was blocked and never ever went to the press," James Sanders, author of The Downing of TWA 800 told this office, "and yet the most moronic government statement would go to the head of the line in each and every case."

    According to current knowledge there is, it seems, as much firsthand corroboration that the aircraft was downed by an errant or intentionally launched missile as there is for the fact that Americans have landed on the moon. Yet, the obfuscation in which the FBI, NTSB and other federal agencies are engaged seems to effectively blot that fact from their conscious thinking.

    "That's something very weird," Salinger said, "because at that time, as a matter of fact, at the top of [Agent] Kalstrom's list was the missile theory. So why," Salinger asked, "was he attacking me when I said it was a missile? The reason he did is that I was talking about a naval missile--that's why. He himself was thinking at that time that it was a missile," Mr. Salinger continued. "And you know there were 350 witnesses that saw the missiles."

    When asked if he thought that the media assault on him was orchestrated by the government he replied, "I don't have any actual facts but I have had people tell me that it resulted because the FBI was in touch with the media."

    Of the two positions previously mentioned as to the origin of the missiles that destroyed Flight 800 in the eastern sky that July evening, the one headed by Comdr. Donaldson holds that the missiles were SA6 SAMs (surface-to-air missiles) of Soviet origin, launched by terrorists. The other view, espoused by Pierre Salinger and James Sanders, et. al., is that the missiles were errantly fired by the U.S. Navy ships in the vicinity. There is, however, no dissension between the camps on the fact that irrefutable data points to some manner of anti-aircraft missile ordinance, whatever its origin, as the source of the tragedy and definitely away from the absurdities of, as Sanders puts it, "moronic government statements".

    In his interview with The WINDS Mr. Sanders, expressing his frank admiration for the former Navy Commander, admitted, "I really didn't have the ability to get at the things that Donaldson has gotten at." Comdr. Donaldson's chief logical argument against a failed navy missile test comes from his many years experience with naval operations. He claims that the navy would never test fire a missile off the U.S. coast with the capability, should it malfunction, of reaching land.

    The fact that it is now apparently confirmed that there were, indeed, naval warships in the near vicinity of the Flight 800 downing should cause critics to look more closely at the facts and compare them with what is becoming even more confused and bewildered government explanations of the incident. But will this new evidence of a government cover-up make any difference as to whether the truth will be heard and accepted? This is the haunting question that pursues those who are perhaps getting their first real experience into the power that the New World Order exercises over information flow.

    Their power for creating media stupefaction was vividly presented in the opening paragraph of a recent Village Voice? article. "In January more than twenty-five reporters attended the Washington, D.C. press conference," Voice  correspondent Robert Davey reported in July, "--virtually a military briefing that for all the actual media coverage it received might as well have been labeled Top Secret. At the widely ignored event retired Navy pilot Commander William S. Donaldson and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas H. Moorer announced that evidence existed to suggest that a surface-to-air missile brought down TWA Flight 800."

    Davey shared, on the syndicated Mike Jarmus radio talk show, that he had first become interested in the TWA Flight 800 affair "in Christmas of '96 after Pierre Salinger came out with his charges," he said. "And it struck me as interesting the way he was greeted with such hostility and so disparaged in the media."

AS AIRTIGHT AS IT GETS: Commander William Donaldson pulls the flowers out of the FBI's garden.

    In a stinging letter to FBI Director Louis Freeh, Comdr. Donaldson presents a most cogent and concise assembly of facts, decimating the government's position on the cause of the tragedy.

    In that document, a copy of which Comdr. Donaldson submitted to The WINDS, he begins:

"Considering your New York office's recent abandonment of its law enforcement responsibilities, let me refresh your memory and provide the following reality check:


    Commander Donaldson informed The WINDS of an experiment he had conducted for Fox Television News and other news organizations in which he demonstrated by the use of Jet A-1 fuel in a tank at the same vapor concentration that would have been present in Flight 800's center wing tank that it could not have exploded as the federal authorities contend. None of the footage, Donaldson said, ever made it on the air.

Donaldson continues:

    Comdr. Donaldson's letter to Director Freeh continues in considerably more technical detail with each point followed by the parenthetical summation ending with "(...does not support the NTSB theory)."

    Other points including those summations are:

    Comdr. Donaldson then concludes his list of details, with which he is at odds with federal authorities, with the pointed comment:

The FBI has withdrawn before the cause has been determined. (The FBI does support the NTSB theory). Why?

    Under the heading: "Collusion with NTSB Goals, Suppression of Eyewitness Evidence" Donaldson continues to flay the FBI director with his eminently logical analysis of the incident.

Mr. Freeh I will be candid, the fact that the FBI is now joining in lockstep with the NTSB political script sadly was not a surprise to me, because of what I had discovered on Long Island.

Mr. Kalstrom's agents who 'who turned over every rock ten times' failed to tape critical eyewitness testimony, failed to establish visual bearing lines from the witnesses who observed ascending objects, failed to get elevation measurements, failed to get relative motion statements and in some cases failed to even go to the observation point, that is except from some eyewitnesses who didn't see the missile!...

Multiple witnesses tell me agents on rare second or third visits to persons who saw ascending objects tried to get the witnesses to change their original stories? Many of these people are now afraid of and disgusted with their own government, the administrative mantra "no evidence of criminal act" is turning normal American citizens into bitter cynics.

    Referring to the FBI's tightly choreographed control and feed of the media Comdr. Donaldson seems to have no other recourse than to resort to sarcastic humor in making his point on the ridiculous show produced for public consumption.

    "It was entertaining," Donaldson told Director Freeh, referring to the CIA's 14-minute animated video on the disaster, "but like most cartoons [it] grossly abused universal laws of nature. Like: Newton's law of gravitation, Newton's first and second law of dynamics, Newton's' law of hydro-dynamic resistance and fundamental principles of aerodynamic lift, drag, dynamic stability and jet engine mechanics. Other than that," Donaldson cynically observes, "it was a media masterpiece....Perfect junk science fluff for television."

    The former navy commander continues to thoroughly wrap the extraordinarily flawed FBI investigation in his Gordian Knot of logic as he, point-by-point, encases the agency and the NTSB within a web of seemingly inescapable logic. At one point he berates Freeh's organization by telling him that if his "people had continued the commendable job the county police started and actually developed witnesses who observed ascending objects, as they [the county police] were doing, you would have provided the CIA with data showing the object was moving three times faster than a 747 and was first sighted close to shore."

    Donaldson calls the CIA's "cartoon" a "most outlandish abridgment of testimony and obstruction of justice" referring to the "amateurish depiction of sound analysis which claims that only the sound of the aircraft was actually heard during the disaster. This, Comdr. Donaldson claims, fails "to consider the number of explosions heard by witnesses."

    Responding to the bizarre assumption that a noseless 747 could continue to climb another 3,000 feet when it was already just above stalling speed, the former U.S. Naval aviator asks rhetorically, "why doesn't the New York office just have the cartoon changed and get the 747 to zoom climb to 30,000 feet...[?] After all, the cartoon's pilotless 747 [pilotless because the nose section of the fuselage containing the pilots had been sheared off] is already the current record holder in the zoom climb category."

    To this contention by the FBI and NTSB that the aircraft continued to climb for another 3,000 feet after losing nearly everything forward of the leading edge of the wings, the Pensacola News Journal cites Donaldson as saying, "The final readings show chaos in the sky - with airspeed dropping instantly by almost 200 knots, the pitch angle jumping five degrees, altitude DROPPING 3,600 feet in about three seconds, the roll angle going from zero to 144 degrees (the airplane almost inverted), and the magnetic heading changing from 82 degrees [just North of due East] to 163 degrees [just East of due South]." [emphasis supplied]. By Donaldson's account it appears that only if one were standing on their head while evaluating the data, could it have been misconstrued as the aircraft CLIMBING 3,000 feet.

    "'There couldn't have been an aviator at CIA who had anything to do with that,' Donaldson said, 'They were laughed out of town by pilots.'" [ibid.]

    "They [the CIA] failed to address the two 'bright', 'hard', 'high velocity', 'ordinance"' explosions three seconds apart, in addition to the large petroleum [fuel] explosion agreed to by witnesses airborne, on land and sea."

    Donaldson continues by explaining in detail how the linear scattering of the 747's debris is impossible to explain by any other theory than a high velocity inertial and explosive impact crossing the aircraft's flight path.

    As mentioned before, Comdr. Donaldson's logic seems inescapable and has not been intelligently refuted in any government press release or document The WINDS has been able to obtain. With his particularly blunt humor the former naval officer, under the subheading, "The Train Wreck at 13,700 Feet" makes the assertion:

From a physics point of view, TWA FL800, at the time of the incident, represented a force of about 465 million foot pounds of inertia oriented on a vector of 071 [degrees] at 13,700 ft.

In order to deflect the gross tonnage of debris to the positions found in the field, much of it thousands of feet right of course, either the aircraft was hit by an Amtrak metro-liner on the left side or by a powerful anti-aircraft weapon.

Much of the forward fuselage debris is strung out on a 160-degree axis which closely matches observed eyewitness missile intercept angles as well as known fuselage through-holes.

Because the wind was very light and almost on the tail, the maximum windage offset of falling metal debris would be approximately an additional 200 ft. downrange. The same offset would be nearly universal throughout the field on similar heavy debris, but proportionally further for light debris.

This massive deflection of tons of debris to the right...are absolute and irrefutable physical evidence of a massive blow to the forward fuselage from the left side.

    Comdr. Donaldson then proceeds to confront the FBI director with even more serious charges. Under the heading of "Obstruction of Justice by Political Intercept" Donaldson charges,

Mr. Freeh, I am keenly aware of the justice department's suppression of the EGIS 3000 high explosive residue evidence gathered by BATF. Having consulted with both the equipment manufacturer and independent high explosive experts, the picture is clear.

    Donaldson then explains for Director Freeh that the EGIS 3000, the most advanced and sensitive state-of-the-art chemical analysis instrument currently in existence, determined in no less than twelve instances that residue from the high explosive PETN was present on parts of the aircraft's wreckage. PETN is an explosive used in, among other applications, the detonation of plutonium-based nuclear weapons, as well as some commercial employment.

    The flight data recorder apparently presents another critical piece of evidence pointing to a cover-up. According to a report published by the Pensacola News Journal in January of this year the NTSB is said to have explained why the transcript of the last five seconds of Flight 800's data recorder was cut. They claimed it was a leftover segment from a previous flight. "'The only reason you put flight data recorders into an airplane at millions of dollars' cost,'" the newspaper quotes Commander Donaldson as saying, "'is to capture this last data line.'"[3]

    The explanation given by the NTSB is that the last five seconds were left over from a preceding flight. The paper quotes TWA pilot Howard Mann as saying, "not possible - it's erased - there's just no way." [ibid.]


    Richard Russell, former 747 pilot for United Airlines with twenty-six years experience in airline accident investigation with the Airline Pilots Association, obtained another crucial piece of evidence in the damning mosaic that describes the last moments of the life of Trans World Airlines Flight 800 and its occupants. Through undisclosed sources Mr. Russell came into possession of a copy of the FAA radar video tape of the sky from which the ill-fated jet fell.

    When the FBI discovered that he had it, Russell told The WINDS, they immediately confiscated it.

    "After obtaining a copy of the tape," Russell said, "I studied it--I've worked with air traffic control problems for years and years and I know what's on that tape. I can read it. What was on that tape," he asserts, "was not an electronic glitch. This was an unidentified rogue target going some place in a big hurry--not a ghost target. But it is a definite rogue target that appears for four sweeps and then disappears."

    A rogue target, Russell explained, differs from a ghost in that the rogue is very real--just unidentified-- whereas a ghost target is a glitch, an electronic artifact that doesn't exist in real life.

    "The interesting part about this," Russell added, "is that this target appeared just seconds before TWA 800 blows up. The speed of the target during those four sweeps indicates something that was traveling very fast. They have never talked about it," Russell elaborates. "They still will not talk about it. Several controllers, I'm not sure how many, actually reported that it was a missile."

    When The WINDS asked Mr. Russell if he had been able to extrapolate the speed of the object from the radar images, he declined to share that data at this time. He merely stated that "it's faster than any jets that we have presently operating except for the Concord, and this was not a Concord."

    Russell then makes what, under normal circumstances, would seem an incredible allegation. Concerning those controllers who claimed they saw a radar missile track arcing toward Flight 800, "James Hall, the NTSB chairman, told Barry Valentine--at that time acting head of the FAA--to obtain signed statements from all the controllers that they were mistaken as to what they saw. Barry Valentine, as far as I'm concerned, was the only guy in the FAA who had any guts. He said, 'I won't do it.' None of them signed the statement and, apparently because of that, Barry Valentine was involuntarily retired."

    Author James Sanders is another who has felt the intense displeasure of the government for his activities in exposing the cover-up of what has become the most investigated air disaster in history.

    Sanders is currently under indictment for receiving stolen wreckage of Flight 800.[4] He is accused of asking a TWA pilot, Terrell Stacey, to obtain parts of the aircraft including a piece of seat material from the Flight 800 wreckage, even though the "hanger man", as Sanders refers to him in his book, testified that he provided Sanders with the material "of his own volition"--without being asked. The government is proceeding with its prosecution of Sanders and his wife, even in the face of federal case law that gives journalists the right to request such services.

    An interesting study in paradoxical hypocrisy is that Special Agent Kalstrom, himself, took pieces of the aircraft as souvenirs for certain people, according to Sanders, Donaldson and other sources. This was done about ten days after the incident, Sanders says, which was before anyone knew what potential investigation value any debris pieces might have. Yet, Kalstrom suffers no legal problems from his action even though the law, Sanders claims, clearly defines the act of retrieving such material for souvenir purposes to be illegal--while, at the same time, defining Sanders' actions as permissible for journalists.

    "Both my wife and I were in hiding from the FBI and she was under psychiatric care," Sanders told The WINDS.

    Part of what caused the government to go after Sanders and his wife, Elizabeth, was his insistence that the clearly visible reddish stain that contaminated row 14 of the TWA jet was, in reality, rocket fuel residue. Sanders claims that the federal agencies are afraid to do an analysis of the substance.

    "I have a legally tape-recorded conversation with a government official, Dr. Merrit Burgee," Sanders claims, "who was the senior scientist for the NTSB in Calverton Hanger [where Flight 800 wreckage is stored]. I have him on tape admitting that they never intended to find out if my residue was from a missile or not. On that tape," the author explains, the chemist "very clearly says that several times, and then he gives the very telling statement that 'Boy, if we had analyzed it and it came out wrong, then what do we do? We could never put this thing to bed.'"

    The FBI claimed, in March of last year, that the residue was glue. However, Sanders claims that Charles W. Bassett [the chemist in charge of Flight 800 chemical analysis] agreed to him with a notarized affidavit concluding "absolutely that the residue the FBI and NTSB were calling glue most certainly was not."

    Sanders claims many witnesses have seen the plain reddish trail left on the aircraft's seats as something passed through the cabin forward of the wings. He also contends that all of the foam rubber from the backs of those seats that had the red stains had been mysteriously and purposely stripped away, but none had ever been submitted for chemical analysis.

    Interestingly, Comdr. Donaldson has suffered no harassment whatever for his most active role in shining the spotlight on government blunders and cover-ups. This is something he attributes to his extensive, unimpeachable military record. Because of the multiple references and relationships he maintains with fleet admirals and CINCPAC (Commander in Chief of Naval Operations, Pacific) the "footprint" he lays down under that umbrella of credibility is formidable enough that federal authorities apparently dare not do more than just wish he would go away. Others, such as Pierre Salinger and James and Elizabeth Sanders, have not been so fortunate.

    Richard Russell has had his share of government and media aggravation. He told The WINDS that the FBI made multiple visits to his home attempting to determine how he obtained that FAA radar tape--the same one they first claimed was bogus; then admitted it was genuine.

    Mr. Russell went on to make some very ominous statements in relation to the strange manner in which the accident investigation was carried on.

    When, according to Russell, the Airline Pilots Association representative, whose name he declined to disclose, arrived on the scene of the Flight 800 crash, "he was greeted by 500 police officers, several hundred FBI agents and twenty-three CIA agents."

    "He went to the head APA official and asked, 'What the hell is going on here?' The official said, 'I wondered how long it would take you to figure this out.'"

    "Normally," Russell continued, "investigators will take their clipboards and cameras out and record the scene. When any of the investigators attempted to photograph the area the FBI would forbid it." The APA investigator told Russell that there were as many as two to six agents shadowing every investigator, watching every move they made. If one would closely examine a piece of metal, for instance, and lay it down, it would disappear when the investigator was not present.

    "He also told me that if you would pick up a fragment and call another investigator over to look at it with obvious interest, an FBI agent would come over and take it out of your hands and you would never see it again.

    "This information comes from somebody on the inside and I cannot reveal their names to you, but this is what went on there."

    Russell said he first got interested in the disaster when the Defense Department got involved at the outset. "Why is the Pentagon making an announcement of a civil airplane disaster?" Russell asked himself. "I couldn't believe that."

    "The second thing that occurred to me," Mr. Russell shared, "was why is the military involving themselves in this immediately? Generally speaking, the military is brought into an accident investigation only after the civil authorities are unable to do the job."

    The NTSB is the chief authority in investigating aircraft accidents-- even above the FBI which, to Russell, made a strange scenario even stranger. "The night of the disaster the navy provided a DC-9 in Washington and loaded up the FBI and the navy people--and even though there were seats available, they would not allow the NTSB Go-Team to ride with them. They had to wait until the next day. By that time the FBI had taken over and never relinquished control.

    "The most important data is the eyewitness reports. And they would not even allow them to be interviewed by the NTSB people--only the FBI who are not qualified to investigate accidents. But in this case they just blundered through with brute force and kept everyone at bay."

    Any application of normal logic would clearly seem to indicate that this type of activity portends far more than the government merely covering up the fact of an errant missile strike.

    Another observation can be made concerning the government's attempt to conceal the truth from the American people and the world at large. Whenever subterfuge is engaged and the government--or anyone for that matter--contrives to deceive and cover up essential truth, a reaction takes place where the truth appears to take on a life of its own. It will not be buried or obscured and the more one attempts to do so, the louder and more obnoxious the truth becomes until, like Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart," the truth just keeps beating louder until it must be acknowledged and its opponents appear insane.

For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. -- Luke 8:17



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