Monstrous government denouncing hate crimes



    In preparation for the first ever White House conference on hate crime held on November 10, 1997, the president said: "As part of our preparation for the new century, it is time for us to mount an all-out assault on hate crimes, to punish them swiftly and severely." This cabinet level conference on hate was attended by the country's top leaders: the president and vice- president, the attorney general, most cabinet members, and a whole array of law enforcement representatives.

    Mr. Clinton announced new federal initiatives to prevent and punish hate crimes. The initiatives focus on: expanding federal hate crimes legislation, ensuring effective enforcement of hate crimes laws, promoting information collection systems on hate crimes, and educating the American people.

    The president also revealed that the Justice Department will increase the number of FBI agents and federal prosecutors for hate crimes enforcement. This addition will more than double the number of federal agents and prosecutors currently assigned to work in this newly expanded category.

    The government has created "model training curriculum" for law enforcement in this "war on hate", in addition to enhanced sentencing for those accused of hate crimes. Attorney General, Janet Reno summed up the goal of the conference by saying that the whole agenda is "designed with one objective in mind, to eliminate hate."

    While the goal of eliminating hate is laudable, there are important issues in this debate on hate which have not been included in the official conference. The question arises whether it is the proper function of government to make a universal declaration as to what constitutes hate. Whose definition will be used as the final authority to determine what qualifies as hate? Against whose fixed standard for hate will this diverse nation of people be judged? Will it be Mr. or Mrs. Clinton's standard or Janet Reno's?


    On the surface, the president's ideals appear noble. Crimes motivated by hate should be universally condemned; but is what has been called "hate crime" really the end objective of this conference? In principle a crime is a crime, hate crimes are already crimes. There are now in existence laws prohibiting harassment, intimidation, assault, etc. Crime of any kind is punishable under existing law, but the present administration in Washington seems to be going beyond the prosecution of the crime. The movement seems to be heading toward criminalization of moral values, opinions and thoughts as judged by the standard of political correctness. This will ultimately lead to the confiscation of the exercise of free expression; determining what is permissible to speak and what is not.

    During his European tour, Louis Freeh, FBI director, described the level of hate crime activity in the United States as "very alarming." With the degree of national attention that has been focused on this problem, just how prevalent is it? A Portland, Oregon newspaper examined the issue, discovering that "for all the press they generate, genuine hate crimes are very rare. According to the annual report released by the Law Enforcement Data System in Salem, 471,515 crimes of all kinds were reported in Oregon in 1995. Of that number, less than 1/100th of one percent of the total were hate crimes." (PDXS, Jim Redden, July,1996). While racism is said to be the primary source of hate crime, a recent inquiry conducted by Time-CNN demonstrated that in a poll of black teenagers they said that racism has little impact on their day-to-day lives. The poll results which were released in November, 1997 leads to further question as to the actual extent and validity of the hate crime issue.


    At the conference the president announced his support for new federal legislation which will be introduced by Senators Kennedy and Specter to expand the federal hate crimes statute. Mr. Clinton's agenda aims to create a whole new category of federal crimes which will necessitate the use of more federal police.

    The president's conference made what they consider to be important progress by "Creating a Network of Local Hate Crime Working Groups. The President announced that each U.S. Attorney in the United States will establish a local hate crimes working group in his or her district. These working groups -- essentially federal-state-local partnerships -- will include representation from the U.S. Attorney's office, the FBI, state and local law enforcement and prosecutors' offices, educators, and community groups. The groups will ensure close coordination on hate crimes investigations and prosecutions among responsible law enforcement agencies; promote training of police, investigators, and prosecutors in identifying and dealing with hate crimes; encourage victims to report hate crimes; and educate the public about the harm they cause. A National Hate Crimes Working Group, located at the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., will coordinate the work of all working groups across the country." White House Fact Sheet on Hate Crime.


    In what may be an ominous trend, a variety of so-called offenses are now being reclassified as hate crimes. Things such as housing discrimination claims are being construed to be "housing-related hate crimes". The conference established the MAKE THEM PAY INITIATIVE. "The President announced an initiative to assist victims of housing-related hate crimes to seek monetary remedies from the perpetrators. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will act to increase the size of penalties payable by perpetrators of housing-related hate crimes. Additionally, HUD and the Department of Justice will assist the victims of such crimes to bring actions to collect these penalties." (ibid).

    Enhancement of hate crime penalties, both prison sentencing time and monetary penalties, will work in conjunction with the increasingly expanding range and magnitude of federal hate crime laws to include a much larger segment of society as potential "perpetrators" of hate crime or, as Mr. Clinton put it, "purveyors of hate". This has the possibility of implicating the average citizen in a scenario where a home owner might rent out a room or decline to rent to a person of deviant sexual orientation. Under the "hate crime-Make Them Pay Initiative", the homeowner could potentially lose his home under the statute that allows HUD to assist the "victim" in collecting monetary damages. Does this policy reflect a spirit of justice and truth?

    The tactic now being employed seems to be that of establishing a universally recognized evil such as racially motivated murder, labeling it hate crime, then expanding the definition to encompass a broader, more comprehensive coverage, which could include anything that those who control government do not sanction, labeling it hate crime.


    One might ask where all of this is going. Are the increasing laws and controls, the changing definitions, the altering of the nation's values, the gradual breakdown of the morals of society, simply chance happenings or are they the outworking of a definite plan? It appears that the hate conference was aptly named. It seems to be another in a series of moves calculated to destroy the values, heritage and the genuine diversity of a free society.

    Just a generation or two ago, our grandparents did not have to consider what reprisals might result to them from speaking truthfully. They did not have to contemplate what the personal cost might be for taking a strong stand against the militant homosexual agenda, the wanton destruction of millions of unborn babies, or the massive illegal immigration. They did not need to fear the allegation of child abuse when disciplining their children, nor were they faced with indictment on hate crime charges for speaking what is innately known to be morally right.

    This nation, and the world as a whole, is experiencing a massive theft of its moral values and the subtle gradualized overthrow of its liberties and freedom. Any opposition to that agenda of theft is viewed as suspect behavior, a cause for surveillance and scrutiny by those who are committing this genocide of the human spirit. These are the methods being used to prepare the world for the new century. Mr. Clinton has said this hate crime agenda is a part of his larger plan for the country which he calls "ONE AMERICA" [enforced compliance]. In truth, it encompasses much more than the United States; it could more accurately be called "ONE WORLD" [tyranny].

Founding Fathers signing the Declaration of Independence

    Under President Clinton's policy, the founders of this nation would all be guilty of hate crimes. They would be called racist homophobics, guilty of discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation. Their strong convictions would be labeled biased, prejudiced extremism. They would be considered religious fanatics whose opinions should be dismissed or condemned. The Founding Fathers would be stigmatized by today's leaders as purveyors of hate and division. Were they to have made an appearance in Washington at the president's conference on hate crimes, they would have been entirely castigated.


    Consider the children and their parents who were held hostage by the government and then burned to death in the church fire in Texas--and the others who were shot to death by government guns while trying to escape the flames. Bill Clinton called them "religious fanatics that murdered themselves". Could Hitler have conceived a more hateful design? Think of the 500,000 Iraqi children who starved to death as a result of United States government policy. Contemplate the ruthless holocaust in America of thirty-five million children since the government's selective termination policy has been approved. The president and his wife have actively promoted this ultimate "hate crime" against these most vulnerable and defenseless ones.

    Did the president censure the communist Chinese leader who recently visited the White House for the slave labor camps in his country, or for his mandatory abortion policy, or for the massive human rights violations, or for the brutal and bloody Tienanmen Square massacre for which he was directly responsible?

    Did the White House conference include condemnation for the United Nations for its policy of hate in the African country of Sudan, where UN forces have prohibited the entry of relief workers who are desperately needed in that war torn area? Was the UN charged with hate crimes for the widely reported atrocities committed by the United Nations Peacekeepers who are known to rape and torture the victims entrusted to their care?

    Against whom is this hate crime hype really directed? This policy is actually setting up society to hate those who possess uncompromising integrity and moral absolutes. Those who fearlessly and accurately name the vices and immoralities that are currently in vogue--hypocrisy, sodomy, perversion, depravity--identifying them as God does, are being made the object of utter intolerance.

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness....Woe to those who justify and acquit the guilty for a bribe, but take away the rights of the innocent and righteous....Because they have rejected and cast away the law and the teaching of the Lord of hosts and have treated scornfully and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel. Therefore has he stretched out his hand against them to smite them, and their dead bodies like dung and sweepings in the midst of the streets: yet his hand is still stretched out in judgment." Isaiah 5:20-25.


    It has been said that "TRUTH is HATE to those who hate the truth." Even now, those who dare to speak the truth are hated, maligned, singled out for retaliation, court martialled, jailed, and murdered. This nation and its leadership is fast filling its measure of guilt.

"Woe to you...pretenders, hypocrites! for you are like tombs that have been white-washed, which look beautiful on the outside but inside are full of dead men's bones and everything impure. Just so, you also outwardly seem to people to be just and upright but inside you are full of pretense and lawlessness and iniquity. ...Fill up, then, the measure of your father's sins to the brim so that nothing will be lacking from a full measure. Truly I declare to you, all these evil, calamitous times will come upon this generation. ...Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem [Washington], you've murdered the prophets and stoned those who are sent to you. How often would I have gathered your children together [for divine protection], but you have refused. ...Behold, your house is forsaken and desolate, abandoned and left destitute of God's help." Matthew 23:27-38.


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Written 11/23/97


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