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The Charles Pixley Story

The Battle Over 714X

    Charles Pixley was recently released from a federal prison camp outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. His crime? He had made available to the American public knowledge of and access to 714X, a homeopathic camphor compound which is available to the Canadian public and is regarded as a highly successful therapy against cancer. After a lengthy court battle, which left him financially ruined, Pixley was sentenced to nineteen years in federal prison.

    Even though he is a medical layman, Pixley's story is similar to that of other scientists and physicians who sought to defeat disease outside the accepted conventions of orthodox medicine. The faces and names change, but the story is the same. A physician, scientist or researcher seeks to develop or make available a treatment for cancer or some other deadly disease. These are sought out by patients who are in the advanced stages of their disease, whose bank accounts have been drained by the medical establishment, and who despair of finding a cure in those realms. As alternatives to the established therapies are presented to them, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sweeps in, seizing research materials, patient lists and all assets in a fit of Gestapo-like fury. Professional and financial ruin and sometimes incarceration are all that is left for those who make treatment alternatives available to the ill.

    This was the experience of Charles Pixley. In 1989 microbiologist Gaston Naessens was acquitted of charges in Canada that he contributed to the death of a terminal cancer patient he had introduced to 714X. After that momentous three-year court battle, Naessens' camphor-based compound was made available for legal prescription by the Canadian Department of Health and Welfare. According to Pixley, it has since been used with varying but significant degrees of success by over 100,000 terminal cancer patients without one instance of side effect. It is also inexpensive.

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   In 1990 Pixley, his wife and an associate started Writers and Research, Inc. in Rochester, N.Y. for the purpose of promoting specific works they considered to be of immediate and practical benefit to the public in regards to the fields of business, environment, health and socio-politics. As they began to study the fields of health and medicine they were excited to learn that successful therapies for cancer actually existed, but were being withheld from the public. They then formed the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the exclusive promotion of the research and discoveries of Gaston Naessens and 714X, the homeopathic compound he formulated.

    Pixley told The WINDS, "One-hundred percent of the people we were working with were final stage terminal according to the standard oncologist. They had already completed their chemotherapy and radiation and now were in a state where there was no more money for them. They were at death's door as a result of the [orthodox] therapy."

    Pixley states that from the inception of the IRB in April of 1992, they were visited regularly by the FDA who "requested and received copies of all available research, toxicology studies, spectrographic chemical evaluations, rat studies, patient histories, books, tapes, and samples of the 714X." Even though they cooperated fully with the FDA, in 1995 their office was raided. Computers, books, tapes, business records and patients' personal medical records were seized.

    After several attempts, the U.S. Attorney succeeded in having a Grand Jury indict him and his corporation as co-conspirators for "conspiring to defraud the United States by importation of an unapproved new drug," a felony under Title 18 U.S.C. 321. Pixley later determined through the Freedom of Information Act that this FDA regulation had never been published in the Federal Register and, therefore, was not promulgated according to the law. This did not seem to matter. Pixley was ordered into Federal Court in April of 1996.

    As a defense Pixley planned to expose the evident policy of the FDA to suppress life-saving therapies, both to protect the profits of the medical/pharmaceutical cartels and to carry out a larger agenda of population reduction. The prosecution "filed a 'motion in limine', which was designed to prevent me from saying anything or putting up any defense whatsoever," Pixley told The WINDS. "Even though they didn't know what my defense was going to be, they had an inkling that I was going to start accusing the government of genocide" before the jury. "Their goal was to put me away no matter what." Pixley was found guilty and sentenced to nineteen years in prison. His sentence was later reduced on appeal to a year and a month, partly, he feels, because he was allowed to present arguments detailing the government's suppression of non-orthodox therapies.

    During his interview with The WINDS, Pixley did not dwell on his trial and imprisonment or even his financial devastation and lifetime status of "convicted felon." He speaks and writes mainly of the medical monopoly and its protectors at the FDA, as well as the thousands of cancer patients that are denied alternatives. "In my view," he writes, "the ones who are being punished are the American people who are denied access to life-saving therapies." 


     Pixley states that until early this century homeopathy, eclectic medicine and native herbalism (naturopathic medicine) were the dominant therapies in the United States. Up to 65 percent of the population received treatments from these sources. Homeopathic medicine is perhaps the best known of these alternatives today. Homeopathy, which essentially supports the body's natural healing processes, was developed by Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann in the late 1750's. This doctor also coined the term "allopathy", which describes the established orthodox medicine today.

    According to Pixley, allopathy focuses on disease as an external invader to be attacked with drugs, radiation and invasive procedures. The disease is the focus rather than the imbalances in the patient's body. Allopathic prescription drugs are developed from active agents found in animals or plants (recognized by homeopaths as beneficial in their natural state), extracted from their natural source, and then synthesized and chemically altered to increase potency. In their unnatural state these drugs become poisonous, producing "side effects" and weakening the body's natural healing mechanisms. Naessens' 714X is formulated to bolster the body's defenses as opposed to conventional drugs, radiation and chemotherapy which weaken them.

    Pixley told The WINDS that in the early 20's the giant Rockefeller trust took over the American Medical Association (AMA) which then issued a report attacking homeopathic medicine. The AMA, along with insurance and pharmaceutical companies, promoted allopathic medicine because its scientific nature is easier to dominate and profit from. Medical insurance became exclusively devoted to allopathy and political lobbies brought government support. Over time the alternatives lost significant income and public recognition.

    The resulting monolith that has evolved during the rest of this century astounds Pixley and others like him. The FDA, an agency with federal police powers, is dominated by the massive allopathic drug and medical complex which uses those police powers to enforce their orthodoxy on the rest of the country. Said Pixley, "Regarding the FDA, you're dealing with an agency that is out of control. You're dealing with a paradigm mentality. You're dealing with billions and billions of dollars that are sunk into the research mill. You're dealing with companies that take the results of their drug testing -- phase one, phase two and phase three trials -- to the FDA, and the panels that review that paperwork are chaired by members of the board [of the submitting drug companies]. The official at the FDA many times is from the [drug] company, who is now at the FDA, so there is a revolving door policy."


    Since President Nixon declared "war on cancer" in 1971, the United States has spent tens of billions of taxpayer dollars on cancer research, and is it any wonder that some people have become outraged at allopathy's abysmal failure to find a cure? After twenty-seven years the only treatments offered are radiation, chemotherapy and surgery, two which are cancer causing and all of which are devastating to the body's efforts to heal itself. The long-standing survival rate of cancer patients using orthodox therapies remains at 3%, yet, efforts to find alternatives still excite the rage of the FDA Gestapo.

    The abysmal failure of cancer research may be found in the amount of money spent on cancer.  Pixley quotes Health United States, a government publication which reports that 2,500,000 people in the U.S. die every year from cancer, a number that is on the rise. Another writer claims that the number of people dying from cancer every year is exceeded by those making a comfortable living, mostly at taxpayer expense, in the cancer research industry.

    In addition to the pain, suffering and loss of productivity inflicted by each case of cancer, there is also a lot of money involved. Considering that treatment costs $80,000 to $160,000 per person over the past twenty years, the cost adds up to $200,000,000 to $370,000,000 per year and 50,000,000 lives, or a total of $4 trillion to $7.5 trillion. The entire medical industry represents one-seventh of the total American GNP at one trillion dollars per year with revenues for all parties involved with cancer at $400 billion annually.

    Pixley pointed out that allopathy accuses healing alternatives such as homeopathy of offering a false hope to cancer patients, but all allopathy offers is the same old radiation, chemo and surgery treatments that produce the same dismal results. If a drug produced by a major drug company causes death or major side effects (this has happened many times), you will never see a company officer, research assistant or testing lab subjected to a raid, indictment or jail term. This treatment is reserved for the competition which may offer a much better therapy but threatens the profits of the cancer industry.


    "Informed consent" laws require physicians to advise their patients of the available therapies so they may make an informed choice. Without a doubt, there is a conspiracy to exclude non-allopathic therapies from the selection. Like many other diseases, cancer is too profitable for a cure to be permitted. Arms manufacturers in the United States increase their wealth and power by influencing a policy of war in the name of peace. It seems evident that the "war on drugs" is perpetuated not to eliminate the drug problem, but to enhance the prison industrial complex, steal private property and incarcerate and enslave the surplus population.

    It appears that the drug/medical aegis pursues the same cynical course in the "war on cancer", the apparent goal not being a cure or effective treatment but a perpetuation of disease for profit. It has been alleged that the social policy of the brave new world order requires a reduction of population. The tremendous volume of wealth flowing into the medical/pharmaceutical research cartel has created a massive health care complex that possesses, like some great beast, a keen instinct for survival. Both social policy and hunger for corporate profit have combined to create a system that loots the public, either directly or through tax subsidy, and often creates a "final solution" as its final product.

    With a sense of irony, Pixley noted that synchronously to the day of his trial the Second and Ninth Circuit Courts of Appeal ruled that "doctor assisted suicide" is within our constitutional right. As this story was bring prepared, Paul Harvey announced that a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine last April reports that six percent of physicians surveyed assisted patients in committing suicide, either in administering a lethal injection or in writing a prescription that would do it. (Paul Harvey, ABC News, 8-12-98). The trends in medically-induced death are accelerating at an astonishing pace.

    The FDA and the pharmaceutical funded "anti-quackery" groups claim to be protecting the public from charlatans and snake oil salesmen. While it may seem reasonable to do this, what the government has really done is remove all freedom from the individual to study the alternatives and then choose the therapy he/she deems best for his/her own body. Both information and access to alternatives are blocked by the police powers of the FDA, leaving most people the choice between allopathic medicine or traveling abroad for treatment.

    While it is true there are alternatives that may not be effective and even harmful, and that "snake oil salesmen" undoubtedly exist, no real or alleged threat justifies removing the freedom of the individual to choose for him/herself, putting everyone's health under the control of a group of self-appointed medical oligarchs. This group of profit-mongers are the real snake oil salesmen.

WHAT IS 714X ?

    Pixley stated that 714X is not a panacea. It is merely a part of a "holistic therapy" which may include "specific proteolytic enzymes with a detoxifying diet, vitamin-mineral supplements and a strict avoidance of deadly therapies." He emphasizes that people cannot be standardized and must inform themselves as to what is best for them.

    Even though many patients who turned to 714X were in the terminal stages of cancer, there were a significant number who experienced reversals in their disease. "At that stage the conservative estimate is twelve percent long-term survival, but realistically it's more like fifty percent," Pixley said.

    Near the end of his interview with The WINDS Pixley gave a definitive overview of FDA policy. He said:

    "Here is something [714X] that is proven and known for twenty years to reverse cancer. Sometimes terminal cancer is eliminated in ninety days. Rather than showing me how to get this approved [by the FDA] because it is such a wonderful thing, they make it so difficult. They first threaten you. If you don't obey, they send the FDA police and then if you don't comply, they indict you.

    "The FDA should be proactive. If there is a cure, they should do everything in their power to make sure the American public has it. When the FDA covers it up or blocks it, that's genocide."


In addition to interviewing Pixley, The WINDS staff referred to the following source material for this story:

1. YOGA FOR THE 21st CENTURY, an article by Charles Pixley, 6-21-98.
2. An open letter by Charles Pixley reviewing standard medical practices and the alternatives.
3. An open letter from William H. Moore [Pixley's attorney] to Congressman Jack Kingston, 3-22-95.

Written 08/17/98


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