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    Cults are once again in the news. The members of Heaven's Gate have terminated their "containers" and they now are no longer with us. America stands shocked at the recent suicides of the latest cult in the news. Death has brought everyone of us to the knowledge of our mortality and our susceptibility to influences around us.

    Why is America so surprised? Why do we fear? How do men and women get caught up in what seems such bizarre behavior? These and other questions are heard at every coffee break, street corner and bedroom.

    Every few years we are shocked and amazed at the strange behavior of some around us, but few are catching the light on the greatest deception of all. Could it be that most Americans are in a death cult and do not realize it?

    What is a cult? In the minds of most Americans a cult is a group of individuals who follow a charismatic leader and are led to do what they would not normally do, except that they were persuaded by their leader. Cults, in the public mind, lead people to the death of themselves or others. Cults do not follow the main stream, but insist that the people who come under their influence must also follow the party line of the leader of the cult. The questions that some Americans are asking are myriad.

    The largest and most dangerous cult to surface in generations is called USA. USA has been around for a number of years, but most recently it has expanded its operations and now affects unsuspecting communities all over the world. Considering the identification marks of a cult, we are able to be forewarned as to the most recent actions of this cult.

Considering the actions of cults, who would qualify as America's largest cult?

1. Cults educate their children to follow certain norms established by the leader.

a. USA education follows the pattern of cultish norms in that education is not left to the parents or local communities, but is controlled by one single (Federal) head.

2. If the leader of a cult wants his members to sacrifice themselves for the honor of the cult, they willingly comply, sometimes killing individuals outside the cult.

a. If the leader in the USA desires its members to have a war against some other nation or society which opposes its policies, the citizens gladly comply and even sacrifice themselves at the request of the leader who they acknowledge as their "commander and chief". This becomes cultish when citizens fight only at the request of their leader but would not fight if left to their own choices. The USA armed forces uses techniques and practices in training which rival the most violent and extreme cults ever seen by man. The recruits systematically have their own free will taken from them in favor of perfect, unquestioning obedience to their leader.

3. A cult might torture those it deems its enemies and then destroys the homes of those enemies.

a. The USA has used extortion (sanctions) to starve to death 500,000 Iraqi children for the purpose of forcing a foreign power to do the will of the leader of the USA. While many of the followers of the leader would not have ordinarily practiced such things, because of their devotion and unquestioning trust of their leader, they were led into practices that seem unconscionable in any civilized society.

4. A cult leader may order his enemies assassinated for the good of the cult.

a. USA leaders may send spies or exercise clandestine operations to terminate foreign or domestic enemies.

5. A cult may torment their members with threats or confinement if they do not go along with the dictates of the order.

a. In the USA members may have their homes or businesses confiscated and sold if those citizens fail to pay their taxes which are ordered for the support of the powers that govern. Cults become dangerous only when they force their members to do things they would not ordinarily do if left to their own reason. That cultic force is seen in the USA when citizens are commanded to fight a war or destroy a group only by command but would not ordinarily do that left to themselves (this happened near Waco). A cult will force its members to pay for activities (through taxes or some other form of collection) which they would not pay for or support except for that force or threat of loss.

6. In cults the children are often educated by the group instead of the parents of that child.

a. In the USA "it takes a village" and if the parents do not educate their children according to the accepted norms, the children may be confiscated and educated by the organization. "Parents should be licensed" they are saying.

7. Cults seem overly sensitive to times and seasons. They look for some great event in time, an astronomical event or date.

a. The USA is looking to the millennium; "a bridge" to the 21st century. According to President Bush, the "New Order" dreams of its fulfillment by the year 2000.

8. Cults sometimes take drugs for personal enjoyment and for the purposes specified for them. At times cult members die of these drugs from overdose or simply on purpose.

a. In the USA over 600,000 citizens (cult members?) die each year from drugs such as cigarettes or alcohol. It is acknowledged by all parties that cigarettes spread death and disease to all who ingest them, yet the USA collects taxes and profits from the world sale of this drug and its own members ingest this drug freely, often terminating in a horrible and debilitating disease. The cult leaders have no intention of banning such a profitable product. They will simply use the profits to help pay for the damage these drugs cause giving them all the more control over the members.

9. Cults may or may not pass out needles for ingesting drugs and condoms to its members.

a. The USA cult surely does.

10. Society believes that cults brainwash their members to think in certain channels and to become led to do those certain things which the leader deems necessary, but that the people would not do if left to think for themselves.

a. No greater form of brainwashing has ever been conceived as is practiced in the USA education and the media. Daily the minds of children and adults are formed to think in ways that seem profitable to the leader of the nation. Old standards and morals are systematically erased through the new global education system and the media. No cult has ever had so great a power over its members as this one.

    The question arises, who is the real cult? Would the real cult please stand up? Cults sometimes go where they do not belong to force others to adopt their ways. In this age there is no greater offender on earth than the USA on this score. Members of this group are in every country (they seem to always need to be evacuated when trouble starts) benevolently forcing their will and ways on the nations around them for the sake of profit. They are guilty of forcing their low moral behavior on nearly every culture. Their adultery and sexual entertainment is virtually secreted into every possible home with their satellites and electronic conveyors of filth. This cult calls these low morals freedom.

    If other societies do not bow to their will, they arrange necessary revolutions or outright war and their soldiers are sent into the offending societies, they say, to "make peace." If nations or groups do not willingly cooperate with the plans of the leader, they starve out their children or burn them out. This cult acts kindly while imprisoning them for daring to be at odds with the USA.

    So, who is the real cult? Who is that secret society that enforces how children are indoctrinated in their schools and promotes the sale of every evil, corrupt practice imagined by man? Who are they that extort money in what is termed taxes to further empower the evil empire? What society jails almost 4% of its citizens (members) for not obeying those principles dictated to them? They may terminate their unborn child, but if they take an "illegal" drug (one not approved by the leader), they go off to prison to work in forced labor camps behind bars. If they take "legal" drugs (those approved by the leader) they are left alone. Note: The "legal" drugs kill the most people.

    So, who is the real cult? When Americans speak of David Koresh or Heaven's Gate they speak of a gnat but swallow the camel of true cultish behavior that looms right over their own heads. Even the Scriptures speak of this empire, "And I saw another beast coming out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb (bicameral government), and he spake as a dragon (devil). ...And he causes (forces) all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand (labor), or in their foreheads (thinking): and that no man might buy or sell except he have the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." Rev 13:11, 16-17.

    If we would honestly compare the cults, which one is proving most dangerous to the world? And does it matter what those initials USA stand for? We may simply watch the actions of the cult and soon enough we know the answer to that question. Should not Americans simply think things through and not be so easily misled by every doctrine and teaching that comes to their ear either from government or otherwise?

Written 05/97

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