Since January of 1996 over fifty churches have burned across the southern part of the United States, prompting outrage from major black organizations. The news media has also assumed an attitude of horror and condemnation of these "obviously racists acts".

    A recent example of church burning will provide some revealing background to this wave of "racist terrorism", as it has been called. Recently in Greenville, Texas, a fire of unknown origin swept through the church building of a black congregation, followed by other fires in the area, of suspicious causes.

    Within hours of the church fire CNN had camera crews doing live reports, and after the second fire, a New York TV crew arrived on location. "Take us to your racists," they said. A local journalist remarked that they already had their story written before they got there.

    Soon after the fires in Greenville, the radical New Black Panther appeared on the scene, intent on inciting unrest. They didn't receive an interested or sympathetic reception from the town's black residents, including the pastor of the burned church.

    Shortly after the New Black Panthers exited from town, the KKK arrived. They apparently came with the same agenda as their black counterparts. Their stated claim was that "locals" had requested their presence, though no local support was visible as they vainly verbalized their tirade.

    With the lack of local interest or sympathy for either group, it suggests involvement from outside interests to enflame a local racially irrelevant situation into "another racially motivated hate crime."

    Although the recent wave of church burnings has received large media coverage, statistics from the National Fire Protection reveal a different picture. Actually the number of church fires is in sharp decline from 1,420 arson fires in 1980 to 520 in 1994. The NFPA also indicates a close balance between the number of black and white churches burned.

    While we do not seek to negate the possibility of racial motivation in some cases, there is a much larger and more compelling issue in the "studied manipulation" of American public opinion. This is carried out on a daily basis with consummate skill and immense success by powerful "behind the scene" forces. These forces have many fronts and use a variety of means for advancement of their calculated agenda.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center influences opinions with this proclamation. "The business we're in is monitoring racism and hate regulated crimes so we're tracking what the media has called the assaults on black churches."

    What motivation drives this effort to incite racial division? Primarily, it is used to destabilize the population by creating separation, antagonism and hatred. Labels and buzz words -- cult, hate crimes, racist, white supremacists, homophobic, separatist, etc. are very effective agents. These inflammatory characterizations are calculated to bypass rational thought and intelligent analysis, and to create the acceptance of the predetermined sentiments and conclusions from the unseen power brokers.

    Moreover, the "emergencies" created through this strategy legitimize the introduction of extra-constitutional power of the federal government, thus initiating tighter controls and increased loss of personal freedoms under the guise of promoting peace and preserving order.

    Consistent with this strategy, the Republican House of June 19 unanimously passed a measure federalizing the investigation of church burnings. On July 1, Newsweek reported President Clinton's purpose to announce a "very significant deployment" of federal personnel, including federal marshals, ATF agents and agents of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

    All of this contrived agitation causes Americans to focus on imaginary issues while they fail to grasp the real critical nature of the issues that they face today. The public is entertained and indoctrinated in fatal amnesia.

    There is one element which the world powers have not considered: they have failed to understand that they are not the final authority. They do not have the final word. Speaking of the worldly power, Scripture says, "And through his policy he shall cause trickery to prosper in his hand; he shall magnify himself in his heart and mind, and in their security he will corrupt and destroy many. He shall also stand up against the Prince of princes, but he shall be broken and that by no human hand." Daniel 8:25.


Written 8/96


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