US Demonstrates Tactics Used in "New World Order" Again

    President Clinton repeats the actions and history of his predecessor, George Bush, in dealing with the Iraqi situation. In his latest remarks regarding the reprisal against Baghdad for their "aggression" in northern Iraq, Clinton states, "Our missiles send the following message to Sadaam Hussein, when you abuse your own people or threaten your neighbors YOU MUST PAY A PRICE."

    While the statement is true, has Mr. Clinton really considered the implications of his own words? The truth of that statement will require a price much larger than the leaders of this country may be willing to pay. In accordance with the President's words, consider the debt which has accrued from the Gulf War and prior to that, the Panamanian invasion.

    "When you abuse your own people or THREATEN YOUR NEIGHBORS."..... Let's consider what actually happened in an earlier military action initiated by the United States. The people of Panama were more than "threatened"; they experienced a full scale military attack. The following account reveals far more than the US news media reports did at the time of the invasion.

    In a surprise and forceful attack, the US military launched its invasion of Panama. Just after midnight, December 20,1989, the aerial bombardment burst upon the sleeping cities, hitting 27 targets in densely populated areas. Particularly hard hit were the poor slum areas, El Chorillo and surrounding neighborhoods, where an estimated 20,000 Panamanians lost their homes. This was unlike standard military action where civilian areas are avoided. The killing seemed indiscriminate. Women, children and elderly alike were slaughtered.

    The pretext for the invasion of this Central American country was the capture of Panamanian leader, General Manual Noriega, who US officials had indicted on drug trafficking charges. This foreign head of state was to be deposed and forcibly brought to this country where he would stand trial.

    The actual motivation for the invasion was the destruction of the Panamanian Defense Forces which. under Noriega, had grown more nationalistic and less responsive to US interests. Two coup attempts by alienated PDF officers were unsuccessful due to US deception. Reports indicate US agents prompted coup planners with assurances of assistance, but the US failed to provide back-up at the critical moment when Noriega was captured by the rebels, thus assuring failure of the coup.

    A successful coup would have eliminated the sole rationale for the invasion in the public mind, since it was purportedly only Noriega's capture that was needed. The ensuing mass arrests of rebels and sympathizers by Noriega effectively neutralized the PDF as a threat to the US invasion, thus prompting President Bush to order the 26,000 man assault.

    In the ruthless offensive, at the time the largest military action since the Viet Nam war, US troops stormed through city streets with tanks and artillery fire. In the film footage that escaped capture and destruction by the military, is shown the indescribable carnage committed by US soldiers. Newsmen, cameras in hand, lay dead in pools of blood. Crumpled remains of cars, run over full length by US tanks, with the dead occupants still inside were visible. The systematic, large-scale burning , house after house, block after block of poor residential areas was evident.

    The invasion was marked by unprecedented press control in Panama where all forms of media were shut down, newspapers, radio and television. In the US media coverage was little better than that in Panama. American journalists were supplied with material from the military which grossly manipulated the facts. In the Pentagon briefings for the press, there were no reports that reflected the holocaust which the military was creating. The scenes of horror and atrocity perpetrated by their sons the American people never saw. There were no interviews with those whose lives were devastated and ruined. They were never shown the mass graves excavated with military heavy equipment, where hundreds of civilians were hurriedly buried by US troops. What was shown on the evening news were interviews with upper middle class, English-speaking Panamanians whose lives had not been disrupted and destroyed by the attack and siege of the country. They spoke in glowing terms of the operation before TV cameras and the American people.

    The ostensibly "free press" in this country was happy to display the distorted picture which the powerful interests behind the scene dictated. The duplicity of the media is as clear and visible as it is defenseless.

    Well after the fact, some of the obviously false news stories were corrected in various newspapers around the country. The "controllers" of the news media do not require the complete suppression of news, as Napoleon Bonaparte once said, "It is sufficient to suppress the news until it no longer matters."

    "Operation Just Cause", the code name for the Panamanian invasion, can be seen as the unveiling of the methods to be used by the United Nations' New World Order as it moves to assume control of nation after nation in its quest for world domination.


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Written 9/96

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