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Proud of Panama Invasion

Having just read your article regarding Operation Just Cause, I must say I took great offense. I was soldier stationed in Panama from 1986 thru 1991. Your article is completely incorrect. I was involved in the assault on the Comandancia. Some of the Panamanian Defense Forces took to wearing civilian clothing during the attack (as to blend in easier when the fight got to be to much for them). A man with a weapon firing at me is the enemy. Second, the PDF and Dignity Battalions did more damage to the Chorillo area by deliberatly setting fires that the AC-130 Spectre gunships ever did. As far as the reporters being killed. That is quite possible. If they were in the combat zone that is the risk they took. No U.S. soldier would knowingly shoot an unarmed reporter. I served with some of the best leaders in this nation's history. I am proud to say Panama is in better shape now than when I got there in 1986. I visit frequently and have many friends there. Again I take offense to the assertion that the military would do the things you say we did. You need to check your facts.

Michael G.

WINDS Response: Perhaps it is the facts that are offending you. One fact that is common knowledge to most people living in Central America is that the U.S. invaded a small country without justification. Panama did not attack the U.S., and therefore the invasion was a clear violation of the OAS charter, the UN charter, and the Geneva Convention -- all of which the U.S. is a signatory. Moreover, the U.S. took the unprecedented action of kidnapping Panama's elected head of state.

After failing to rig Panama's presidential election, the U.S. invaded and rearranged Panama's internal affairs at a cost of 2,500 to 4,000 civilian lives, according to independent sources. The U.S. is now embarking on a world war over a September 11 body count that is presumably lower than that.

You say the people are better off now. Do you mean they get to have a Wal-Mart? Does this mean we can invade any country so they can have a Wal-Mart, or have homosexuality or abortion on demand, or MTV? Perhaps there will soon be a McDonald's in Kabul. Americans have this warm, fuzzy sentimentalism about their imagined goodness, their Manifest Destiny, which they imagine justifies their murders and other injustices around the world.

The facts simply don't justify it. Somehow, the pictures of U.S. invaders killing PDF soldiers on their own turf (or Afghan soldiers on their's) do not translate into something just, and like Enduring Freedom today, Operation Just Cause was a misnomer to say the least.


I have read your article on the Khazars and how they are the gog/magog invasion described in Ezekiel. I agree. I understand that you believe that the US is Babylon. Correct me if Im wrong on that assumption. Then who is prophetic Israel? I see you also have some references to British-Israelism (Identity Movement). How can The US be both Babylon and Ephraim (Israel) at the same time in the prophetic scheme?


WINDS Response: Jesus said we are sons of Abraham if we do the works of Abraham. We are also Babylon if we do the works of Babylon. We can decide what prophetic role we fulfill by the spirit we are of. The U.S. is fulfilling the latter quite perfectly today.

God makes no distinction based on racial or national origin, and neither do we. The purpose of the Khazar article was to smash the "chosen race" idol, which is so widely worshiped today. But we also reject other forms of racism such as that practiced by the Identity movement. We made some references to the persecution of Identity by the U.S cultural elite, not to support the Identity doctrine, but to reveal the hypocrisy of the "tolerance" agenda.


I just read your article, Gog, Magog and the Kingdom of the Khazars, and want to compliment you on one of the best and brief histories of these peoples. I read Koestler's book fifteen years ago, and it sent me on a course of study which totally changed my theological bent. For years I have known that the invasion of the holy land had already occured, but have never been able to convince many Christians of it. I will use your spectaclar piece of work when discussing this pertinent contemporary issue that all Christians should understand. Thanks again!

Edward J.

WINDS Response: This wouldn't be the first time religionists have missed an event they professed to be expecting.


Not "With Us"

Every time I tell my fellow friends and relatives my opinion or interpretation of the truth, they think I'm a crazy man. When I tell them September 11th was only a small part of the "big plan", they say I'm unamerican -- I'm not "with us". Well, who is "us"? I think "us" is just another word for the cattle being slowly dragged to the slaughter. As Americans, with all the technology, all the know-how, and one third of the world's wealth, we tend to be too dumb and naive to see through the wool that is put over our eyes. We watch CNN, we see the ongoing coverage of the "war on terror", 'cause somebody has to point out the bad guys for us. What a shame it would be to point out the real terrorists, and they know who they are.

But each day, we fall further into the elusive trance of what "they" want us to follow. When I tell people that American soldiers gave up their lives on far away beaches, not for the cause of freedom and democracy, but for tyranny and oppression, and were merely paving stones for world globalization and domination, they call me unpatriotic and unamerican. When I tell them 3000 people lost their lives on September 11th because they were the collateral damage for the struggle of world globalization, they tell me I should go fight along side John Walker. When I tell them hundreds of Iraqi children are dying each day because of sanctions that the United States imposes and Saddam Hussein enforces on them, they don't seem to say much! Hmm, interesting!

Here is the "real" list of the world's terrorist organizations.

  1. United Nations
  2. United States of America
  3. Israel
  4. IMF-World Bank
  5. Any of the participating "with us" nations

Welcome to the New World Order.

Jim V.
New Jersey

WINDS Response: This world will destroy itself because it has rejected the truth as unpatriotic, treasonous, and heretical.


Jesus with an M-16

Thank you for presenting your info. I would like to copy and email the image of Christ at the door with the gun. Is that OK with you? I called a "Christian" book store recently and asked if they had the t-shirt that read, "What would Jesus do?" I was told, no, not anymore. I asked why not? "Oh, that went OUT OF STYLE a couple of years ago," she said. I said, "well, I am not a Christian, and I want that shirt." In fact, I may print some that say (in red, white and blue) "YES, what WOULD Jesus do?" Somehow, I know it would not be a big seller right now. Maybe, "My God can kick your God's ass" (in red , white and blue, of course) would be more popular among the Christian community today. Thanks again.

Michael A.


About our "Babylon is fallen" Flash movie

Back in the 70's over 500,000 Chinese died in an earthquake. In Cambodia during the same decade 3 million were murdered through a genocide campaign. The wind kicked up in India a couple of years ago (a "cyclone") and killed over 10,000 people. Floods and landslides in South America have done their fair share filling body bags over the years also.

The WTC and Pentagon attack was a bump in the road, and to think it as some kind of judgment from God is to seriously undermine the Lord's awesome power. "He don't need no idiot ragheads to make a point."

Okay, so maybe you guys are hung up on it being "towers" that were done in. WELL, remember those two "towers" in Mexico city that slammed into each other during the big earthquake they had down there [in 1985]? You think Mexico City is less a sinful place than NYC?

How come other perverse towns like Amesterdam, Bangkok, Paris aren't getting the Babylonian treatment? --Herod

WINDS Response: God can use whatever or whoever He likes to tip the scales of justice. We did not convey that the attacks of September 11 were to punish "bad people." As terrible as they were, these attacks carried an even greater symbolic impact. New York is often referred to as "the capital of the world." The World Trade Center was a striking symbol of the global economy. The Pentagon symbolizes the strength of the international system. Both received devastating blows in a single morning. No disaster in my lifetime or yours has put this kind of "writing on the wall." It was as though God said, "God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it... Thou art weighed in the balances and found wanting." Daniel 5

The entire world saw the pinnacle of wealth and power shaken. The pall of gloom is sending shockwaves through a global economy that is built on paper wealth. Like any pyramid scheme, contraction means collapse.

But it will be America's response to these attacks that will prove her ruin. Jingoism and intolerance have permitted the government to assume police-state powers and trash the Bill of Rights. More than this, the U.S. has embarked on a war against all countries that have not cooperated with the West in the past. The message is clear: obey us or receive the fate of the Taliban.

Most Americans do not realize the implications of such insane ultimatums, given by their crazy leaders, drunk on arrogance and the illusions of power. It is ridiculous to think that half the world is going to meekly stand in line for their turn on the U.S. guillotine. When Britain and Germany went to war at the onset of World War II it was called "the phony war" because very little happened for the first year. It takes time for the winds of war to accelerate, and we can but barely make out the light at the end of the tunnel, racing towards us at the speed of a locomotive.

"Babylon is fallen" Flash movie.


For the past several months I have been reading much of the information on this site. I have read Shillum almost twice now along with over half of the archives. I knew that the 90's were a shady time in this earth's history and being a new believer in the authority of the Bible made me a target of much ridicule. As a result I didn't trust many people, particularly the news media. Especially after what happened at Waco.

I must commend the staff at the WINDS for the work you have done. I discovered this site through You have done much to help me see the true nature of this world and the necessity of separating from it.

I was going to wait until I finished reading the entire site before sending any correspondence but after reading the story about the Khazars I couldn't hold back. After reading that it makes the information in the Protocols an undeniable reality. I see now the ten toes of the beast working in full force (Rev. 17).

Thank you for being faithful in reporting the truth about what's going on in this world. It means so much to me.

Sincerely, Timothy


I came across your site while doing a search about media distrust for a term paper in media ethics class at the University of Georgia. I noticed the article I found had a Christian tint to it, so I investigated the main page.

I am a Christian and have professed Jesus as my Lord and Savior for quite some time now, if 11 years can be some time. I consider it to be since I am 21.

Of course, I found the recent articles concerning the attacks of Sept. 11. I am open to what they say about the fulfillment of prophecy, but very cautious.

At this point, I am curious about your organization. Obviously you claim Christianity. I am almost sure you are Protestant.

The statements you make are very strong, no doubt. I really have no problem with that because sometimes situations call for boldness. I am cautious because I have been impressed by the Scripture in which Jesus is recorded as saying (paraphrase) we know not the time nor the hour; but only the Father knows when the return of Christ will be. I wonder about your strong conviction. Do you think it may be a little premature? --Charles

WINDS Response: When "cautious" Nicodemus went to visit Jesus one night, Jesus told him he "must be born again" to enter the kingdom of heaven. This phrase is cliché today, but it was a shocking and revolutionary reply to a questioner who desired to figure out some of the doctrines of this new teacher. Nicodemus was cautious because this man who claimed to be the Messiah didn't come on a white horse with an army to defeat the national enemies.

Today Messiah says, "You must be married to me to be saved." Like Nicodemus, the logical mind will puzzle over this, but it isn't with the logical mind that we enter into the kingdom. It is only through a reckless abandonment of ourselves in response to the call of the Spirit that we can experience the truth of these things. Sorting them out logically in our mind keeps them locked there.

We didn't expect Messiah to come in the way and at the time he did. He definitely came as a thief, just as he said he would. Would it be "premature" to say the sun is rising, if the sun is rising?

The proof of this, however, is not through any evidence we can give you, but to ask your Heavenly Father if these things are true. If you have not made the mistake of leaning on your own understanding for many years, you will hear His voice loud and clear on this matter.

Like Philip said to Nathanael, we say to all: "We have found him, of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets, did write, Michael of Travesser, the Son of God.... Come and see."

Letters from Michael


Dear Friends at The Winds:

Why is anthrax and smallpox being covered in the media now? These excerpts are from a WorldNetDaily article.

[Smallpox] is considered one of the most dangerous potential biological weapons because it is easily transmitted from person to person and because few people carry full immunity to the virus.

Emergency health threats, including those caused by bioterrorism and epidemics, require the exercise of extraordinary government functions.

... there is obvious concern among experts that terrorist entities -- as they have with anthrax -- could eventually reintroduce smallpox into U.S. society. If that happens, some public health experts say extreme measures would be needed to combat the threat.

One such plan is already in the works. Last month, all 50 state governors were sent a copy of a proposal that, if passed into law, would grant each of them new authority to act in the event of a health emergency like a smallpox outbreak.

According to the report, the measure would allow governors -- upon the declaration of a health emergency -- to invoke the authority to order roads and airports closed, to quarantine entire cities, and to move people to holding facilities like sports stadiums, if need be, to protect the rest of the public from becoming infected.

Interment camps - executive orders - martial law. They could relocate the population according to government dictates under the guise of a potential outbreak. Imagine ordering rural populations into cities or vise-versa. --[name withheld]

WINDS Response: Because this "war on terrorism" has resulted in the passage of laws that failed to pass a few years ago, we may know that the disasters of September 11 spell O-P-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-T-Y for the agenda to "reorder this world", as British PM Tony Blair put it. Another reader sent the following excerpt from this same article about those who may be forcefully vaccinated with vaccines developed from the cell lines of aborted fetuses:

One of those "extreme measures" could be compulsory vaccination, some worry. Under the proposal, even those who philosophically disagree with the ingredients of the vaccine may, under extreme measures, be vaccinated against their will for the good of an entire community.


To the Winds staff and ministry:

I have enjoyed your honest and enlightening reporting on the events in the world in these times. Please do keep up the great work and service you are providing. I will look for futher insite in your articles in the future. Thank you again and God bless you all.

In His service,
Richard (Canada)


The update sent 1 November 2001 about the Russian Economist's prediction is not an astounding prophetic discovery. Read "Bin Laden - The Man Who Declared War On America" by Yossef Bodansky. He is the Director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare. Bodansky makes it quite plain that our own government has tracked the activities and intentions of Middle Eastern Islamist extremist for decades, especially since the Cold War. There has been ample evidence that some type of retaliation on American soil as well as many other "Western" countries, was inevitable and predictable. The WTC towers and governmental buildings were known to be predictable targets.This was not as much of a surprise attack as we are pretending. The question has only been, WHEN. --Mike


I just returned from a mission trip to Farmington, NM. My fellow team members and I were "awed" by the education we received there. We were ashamed to admit that we had never learned the REAL history of America in school. It was obvious we were not supposed to! Your web site is helping to further our education about the Native American people, and we are grateful.

We are now trying to spread the word about what we are learning. We've already shared our experiences with one church and were well-received. This Sunday, we'll be sharing with the congregation from my church. We're doing our best. We're thankful to know the truth and praying it isn't too late to make a difference.

"May you walk in beauty." (Navajo, "beauty" meaning "peace.") --Debby


I really do appreciate your site, particularly in the last few weeks. It feels very isolating to be one of a very small minority looking on in horror at what is occurring. I'm at a loss as to understand why it *is* such a small minority. I have no more intelligence or historical/political knowledge than the average American, yet things look so transparent to me as our nation hurdles mindlessly along.

To be vilified for not wishing the deaths of innocent Afghan civilians is a very strange feeling. To look beyond what we are being fed by the mainstream media and to ask questions, and to then be vilified for asking those questions, makes me realize that this is not the country I thought it to be. We have come so far from what the Founding Fathers intended, yet we are being herded along, happy to be told that we must accept on faith what the powers that be are telling us. I simply do not understand how this can be happening, how there can be no outcry, no demand to know the truth. If nothing else, I would think that most Americans would say, "Wait. Stop a minute. There has to be more to this." Admittedly, those demands would be met with silence, but the fact they do not seem to be occurring (except to a miniscule extent) is nothing short of horrifying to me. History has an eerie way of repeating itself. So again, thank you for your site. My hope is that more people will find themselves asking questions and find their way to sites such as yours. God bless you. --Thena

WINDS Response: It is God that is opening your eyes to the truth about your world, and your persecutors will help establish you in that knowledge. If you are true to that revelation, God will lead you step by step into His salvation. In Noah's day only eight souls were saved. The multitude has always stampeded to their destruction. Today God's grace is shed on all mankind and a few souls are willing to open their eyes to the truth. If they will give up their world, God will give them His.


You aren't alone in your wonderment! I too have experienced this same phenomenon of silence in regards to 'the Revealing'. It is as though they purposely choose NOT to believe that the Messiah has come again. Every single indivdual I have sent this information to has been silent! I care not what they think of me personally. I would have thought that 'a few' would have REJOICED about this most wonderful news. I hoped (and still hope) that a few would WAKE UP in time to be snatched from the fire - so to speak. Perhaps not.

"He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them." John 12:40

Father is JUST in giving them exactly what they want, THEIR own way. If they would have only chosen HIS way, they would SEE HIS LOVE and Salvation. But, THEY choose not to. It is as simple as that.

Nevertheless, I rest in the knowledge that not any who the Father has drawn to His Son (Michael) shall perish.

Your friend, Anderson

WINDS Response: Michael personifies this statement: "All who come to me I will in no wise cast out." All who are lost will have made the conscious choice to disregard that invitation. "Just and true are thy ways, thou King of Saints."


I found your page yesterday. You say you did not get much feedback about Michael. Hardly surprising. For if He is He who was and is and is to Come then we should tremble and fall on our faces, should we not? In these times of evil when the book of Revelation looks as the news paper of the day, should we not be prepared to die each waking moment? Did not the Lord show Himself as Michael in a Theophany in the Old Testament? Why not now?

And yet when we look at our own hearts they are hardened and soiled. Would He really want me? Is not doubt a possible reason for the reluctance of people to write it? The thing which strikes a chord is the thief in the night allegory. I always saw it as when one was asleep and was "awakened" by the thief. It never crossed my mind that He might come and leave without waking the sleepers. Awesome.

I read it; and he sounds like the person I would expect Jesus to be. Direct, no nonsense, no drama. When we die we die alone. When we meet God we are borne naked before the un-created beam where no lies and no pride and no self can stand. The game playing should have been over long ago.

Now I attend a Baptist church but I am not a member and I will not join a church ever again. I was a Methodist baby, a Lutheran teenager, a faithless seeking new aged young man who then ran the gamet of religious theologies - Charismatic, Calvinism, Congregationalist, etc. but now I know there is nothing one can do to justify oneself; only Christ. Yet don't we still keep the Spirit locked in the basement of our lives, letting Him out when we are in need? "I will come with the Spirit and we will DWELL with you." The Spirit of God dwells in the heart of the believer is the promise of God. If Michael is Jesus then those with the Spirit of God indwelling in their hearts will know Him just as John the Baptist leapt in the womb, recognising the spirit of God in his presence.

If it is Him, and I do hope it is, then I expect we shall all discover if the Rapture is co-incident to the Judgement or prior to it. Maranatha.


WINDS Response: Those whose hearts are perceptive of Spiritual things will be on their face. They will understand the mystery of Godliness and will tremble at His word. They see the lightning flash from east to west, as you did when you responded to the thought of Christ coming and then slipping away without awakening the sleepers. We saw that lightning, too.

You are correct in your illustration of John the Baptist leaping in the womb when he recognized the presence of God. This is how we recognize Messiah. There are some things you just can't get from a nice, prepackaged Bible study, or human reasoning.


I have been looking for a website such as yours for a long time. The September 11th attacks hit me very hard, as I'm sure it did most of the planet. I was watching CNN constantly, but with a wary eye, trying to read between the lines of truth and government cover-up. My friends call me a conspiracy theorist, and I wear the badge with honor. However, it was after watching President Bush's address to congress that my thoughts and theories took a different turn. I have studied Revelation, but I wouldn't call myself a scholar by any means, and I was beginning to see the signs. Since that address, I have had my television turned off. I just couldn't take anymore. Trying to explain to those close to me what I felt was transpiring was frustrating and fruitless, so I kept to myself, looking for validation on the world wide web. And then I found you.

I must admit, my most recent involvement with Revelation prophesy has been through reading the Left Behind Series. I am aware that these works are fictional, and the events leading up to the Second Coming won't be exactly as described in those novels. But it helps to develop a time line for these events. Which leads me to a question for you, if you have time to answer it. I firmly believe that we are witnessing the herald to the End Times. If my time line is correct, and chances are it is not, shouldn't the Rapture have happened before we witnessed the signs we are seeing?

I am very interested in this. I am very thankful for your web site, and for Michael. Perhaps he is the "Zion ben Judah" from Left Behind? In any case, I will pray for all of you. Please keep up the good work.

Yours in Christ, Ali.

WINDS Response: Yes, September 11 has ushered in the great revealing of who we are inside. Things will be different now. Some have awakened to everlasting life, and others to shame and everlasting contempt -- but we have all been awakened.

Yes, you are correct that we are witnessing the herald of the end. We are also in the tribulation, as many people in the world will tell you. We in the U.S. have been somewhat insulated from the turmoil we have helped create over the past decade, but that shall no longer be the case. No, we won't be wisked away before this trouble comes. "Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked." We will see it, but if we are resting on our Heavenly Father's bosom we won't be hurt; the fires of tribulation will not harm us. Those who haven't found that Rest will rush to their own destruction.


I have spent significant time reading the material on your website. Needless to say, I find it very interesting, but also disturbing. I am a new follower of Jesus Christ, and have had the Holy Spirit move me in ways that set me apart from the mainstream of Christianity. I was deeply moved by the WTC tradgedy in NYC - before I knew anything about it - weeping for my forgiveness and a change of heart during my morning prayer the morning it happened (7:30-7:45 CST) - then my wife calls to alert me to what is happening. I saw it as judgement from God. Needless to say, this sets me apart from most Americans. I feel as an alien even to most who attend church.

I was disturbed by the Michael thing. At first glance, it appears to be "false prophet". Visions of Jim Jones kool-aid and the Mahja's Rolls Royces comes to mind. If indeed he saw this calamity coming as you say, he certainly is plugged into the the Spirit. (ref. my own experince above). After reading his stuff at length, he seems to point to Jesus being the first of many sons of God. That I believe. On the other hand, my prayers to Jesus will remain to Jesus, not Michael.

I am somewhat flumoxed by your hate of all authority, which has been placed over us. Being a flower child of the 60's and 70's, I have always distrusted government, but my scripture reading tells me they are there by God's bidding.

A brother in Jesus Christ, Timothy.

WINDS Response: Regarding Michael, I say that your Heavenly Father is the one who will reveal the truth to you about that. Jesus said, "When ye pray, say, Our Father which art in heaven." Michael would say the same thing. Jesus wasn't concerned that his followers pray to him.

Perhaps it is through the 60's context that you are interpreting some of our material as "hate of all authority." I can assure you that our writings are not from hate of authority, but they are confrontive of the hypocrisy of this age. John the Baptist didn't come from hate, but he had a few things to say about the hypocrites of his day. So did Jesus. They didn't resist evil, but they told the truth and made some people uncomfortable enough to kill them.

Generally speaking, from my own experience, it is an easy thing to profess a faith in "Jesus Christ" in this day and age, because he is a "baptized" and approved icon in our culture. In Jesus' day it was a positive crucifixion of the self to profess a faith in him, because he was such an offense at the time and so contrary to the established religion. Truly, he was the only way to the Father in an age where everyone was professing faith in Moses.

It wasn't until Michael came that I understood Jesus' words beyond a doctrinal sense. I understand the "cross" that his followers were told to take up, the shame and ignominy of professing faith in their "Messiah" that was nothing the popular culture hoped would come. Not to mention the stigma of all the false messiahs they had at the time. Never has my "self" been so nailed to the wall. I could not come to the Father but through Michael.

But it all comes down to this: "No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him." That is really where it happens.


I would like to tell you how I know that Michael is for real. Last June, the Holy Spirit touched me. I can't explain it, but my life flashed before my eyes and I felt a euphoric rush. A day later, a Bible fell off of my parents bookself and opened up to the following verse:

"For the Lord himself will come down from heaven with a commanding shout, with the call of the archangel, and with the trumpet call of God." I Thessalonians 4:16

This sentence of the Bible seemed to jump out at me. Later in the evening, I woke up from a dream and I felt an urge to log-in. I had a series of images appear to me and I was led to the site. I then heard a voice saying "it is true." You do not have to believe me, but this was my experience. Also, nothing that Michael says will contradict scripture. I have never met Michael. However, I am here to testify that he is the call of the archangel and his words are true. I encourage everyone to at least read his site and not be so judgmental. This is a sign that we are living in end times. God Bless, Kevin

WINDS Response: Your testimony demonstrates what The WINDS has been about over the years. We have never "converted" anyone to our point of view. We've only been able to help strengthen a few souls here and there whose eyes were already being opened by God. As Jesus said, "Blessed art thou ... for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven."


Sooo, "Michael" is "the present day messiah", huh? I thought you people were better informed... In Matthew cpt 24 Jesus warns of "false christs and false prophets, who shall deceive many". The Word of God states that JESUS, not MICHAEL, will come in GREAT GLORY, and that every eye shall see him. He will NOT be cloistered away in secret chambers somewhere, pronouncing edicts from God to the media... You folks would do well to return to the word, and reject those that would add (or subtract) from the words of the prophecy of THE BOOK. --Ken A.

WINDS Response: I wonder if you would have recognized who Jesus was if you had lived in his day. It seems that his coming was contrary to the established beliefs of his generation. He was a rock of offense to the wise and prudent, but a few humble souls were able to see his glory.


As a long time viewer of your well informative and honest site, I am a little confused on where you stand on this great tragedy on loss of life... Do you feel the same remorse for the innocent people that were slaughtered on Tuesday as you do with the Iraqi child dying in a hospital because his or her nations leader plays a political chess game with the West? It's still loss of life and the killing of fellow man! I am just curious on that. --James V.

WINDS Response: Yes, what happened on Sept. 11 was a terrible tragedy. We felt heart-broken by this event, just as we did when we began learning the extent of human suffering in Iraq due to Desert Storm and subsequent economic sanctions. We also felt incredible sorrow when the U.S. began dropping bombs on civilians in Serbia two and a half years ago. Our sorrow is not because people are "innocent" and don't deserve what has happened to them. People bear a collective responsibility for the choices made by their leadership, and unless they separate themselves from the system of things, they will bear the collective consequences. That is why the Bible says, "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." Rev. 18:4

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