I don't think a HAARP project downed TWA 800

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I don't think a HAARP project downed TWA 800
CrikCritter - crikcritter@InfoAve.Net
Tuesday, September 29, 1998; 4:29:57 PM, EDT

I don't think a HAARP project downed TWA 800. There was missile propellant residue on the seating around the area where the missle hit. Witnesses definitely saw a missile trail going up. A beam, while possibily causing a visible trail of ionized gas, would be almost, if not, instantly visible. As to whether the CIA, etc would do such a thing, I have no doubt. The stated objective of the NWO is to eliminate 90% of the world
population by the year 2000. A few hundred would not bother them at all if they had reason to do so. Involvement of the navy and navy seals, often noted in postings to the net, the nearness to the Montauk project and a submarine in the area makes me very suspicious.
Missile Fuel Residue: 

Although there is the possibility that a high energy beam could resonate the atmosphere at a different frequency my opinion is still that HAARP is a high energy beam to intercept incoming space vehicles of the attacking forces of Christ which at this time are preparing to invade to destroy the forces of Satan now on Earth. (read Aliens) Apparently vehicles coming in from outer space must travel lines of magnetic force rather than cutting through them. By coming in at the north pole that problem is
eliminated. The position of HAARP is about as close to the pole as the navy can get and still operate under the protection of their own forces and  obtain operating utilities.  Haarp is a very visible antenna array. Such an array should be very visible from the ground or air and I have heard of no reports of sightings. See video cam.
Live Haarp Cam: 

This picture was taken: 4/7/2001; 15:11:08 Alaska Time.
4/7/2001; 23:11:08 UTC



See also Richard Hoaglands 'Shot across the Bow'.

Frequencies used for HAARP and electron beams can be found here. As to use in populated areas, note that the police in the US are now using frequencies between 450 to 470 Mhz. Transmitters and power is already in place. Simple modifications will let the transmitters  transmit on lower frequencies required for supposed mind control. 406 to 420 is a government band and most likely to be used for mind control. However, reports list higher frequencies. 420 to 450 is in the amateur band. All three bands can be scanned by a good public service scanner. I haven't done this but anyone wishing to check should try it out. Note: A simple slip or hood of copper screening properly soldered in place should offer protection from the frequencies involved and can be tested by simply placing a portable scanner inside to see if it works.
Montauk's Frequencies: 

I doubt under ground tunnels would connect to the subway because of exposure and inherent dangers. If such tunnels do exist, and I'm not sure as there is great difficulty restraining water and earth from caving in, I would think there are probably tunnels available at Montauk. Note: There are current reports of Libya and others on the African continent tunneling underground to distribute weapons, etc to other countries. Building a underground tunnel is not a easy effort, i.e, the English-France tunnel. However, such reports lend credence to the possibility of other such tunnels and science fiction, which often precedes reality, has had reports and movies of such equipment for years now. NWO will be found to be setting up their headquarters over underground tunnels and I have such testimony of a 'Montauk Boy' to such locations.
At least one picture exists of a large Air Force tunneling machine.

Official Crash Investigation of TWA Flight 800

More references:
Montauk Point Eyewitness: 

Michelle A. Guerin: 

Why does so much happen off of Long Island? If one looks around it readily becomes apparent that things happen all over the world. The media just does not report the happenings because of either suppression or more likely they don't  believe them or have no explanation. Things appear and disappear every day in ones own household. Consider the pencil on your desk that is nowhere to be found until someone walks into your vicinity and the pencil suddenly reappears where you had just looked. We tend to blame our mine but is it our mine or a change of probabilities.

As to time travel I know of no mathematical basis for such. However, there does seem to be some basis for being able to actually change the physical universe itself. In a  quantum based probability universe, what we see is what we get. The Bible statements seem to back that up where Christ said "If one had faith the size of a mustard seed; one could say to the mountain, move and the mountain would move. That is not as simple a statement as it seems. Total mass-energy release of that quantity of mass would be tremendous. If we could travel back in time thejustification of space-time could be tremendous. I.e., the butterfly effect. Personally I doubt the stories of time trave, etc. There are too many problems associated not only  with time travel but with other events also. There is a lot of disinformation being published to complicate events that would otherwise be obvious if he public was not misled.

CrikCritter - crikcritter@InfoAve.Net
Tuesday, September 29, 1998; 4:29:57 PM, EDT


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