What Really happened to Brian Downing Quig?

Brian Downing Quig 1949-2005
Researcher and Reporter


Was it a simple car accident ... or was it?

Conspiracy theories a big part of man's life and death

Dennis Wagner
The Arizona Republic
Sept. 5, 2003 12:00 AM

If Brian Downing Quig hadn't been killed this summer, he'd probably be investigating the traffic accident that took his life.

Like Mel Gibson in the Hollywood movie Conspiracy Theory, Quig devoted his life to connecting dots and exposing plots. A voracious reader with an IBM memory and a Disney imagination, the 54-year-old Phoenix resident reveled in CIA black operations, mob hits and political skullduggery.

More than anything, he was obsessed with the theory that secret power barons are manipulating America, and that he must stop them.

"His main job in life was he wanted to make America better," explained a sister, Phyllis Beninati of Long Island, N.Y.

Quig died earlier this summer after being struck in an accident with none of the intrigue that gave meaning to his life.

According to a Phoenix police report released Aug. 21, he was pushing a shopping cart down 75th Avenue near his west Phoenix home on June 16.

Eighteen-year-old Andy Martinez of Glendale was behind the wheel of a Toyota, listening to music and talking with two friends.

Martinez told detectives a man loomed in his windshield. He hit his brakes and swerved, to no avail. A plywood board in the shopping cart smashed through the windshield, injuring passenger Eric Colon, 18. Quig died a short while later at St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center.

Martinez was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of marijuana, but investigators determined that was not what caused the accident.

Quig had been remodeling a home in the neighborhood, trading work for a place to stay. But why he was hauling wood at that hour is a puzzle that might have driven him crazy, and still troubles admirers.

It didn't take long for some to talk of a cover-up.

"These 'accidents' do not occur in a vacuum," noted one, Virginia Lee McCullough, in a commentary on a Web site. "They are made to happen to silence the speech that used to be free in this country."

In another Internet posting, Stew Webb listed the "known facts" about his friend's death. Among them: Quig's body was cremated and "never identified by anyone who knew him."

Detective Alan Pfohl, who investigated the traffic fatality, said more than a dozen Quig acquaintances contacted him to insist it was no accident.

"But it's kind of a cut-and-dried deal," Pfohl added. "Mr. Quig was found responsible for his own death, for walking in the roadway."

Days before his death, Quig fretted to The Arizona Republic about a libel suit filed against him by a Phoenix developer and ranted about police investigators who mistook him for a burglar, prompting an enraged letter of complaint.

Longtime friend Paul Rademacher of Phoenix did some snooping about the accident without finding any funny business.

However, Rademacher noted, Quig was more adept at identifying cover-ups.

"He could jump from one thing way over the moon to something else. He used to say, 'I see the big picture.' I'd laugh, but he believed it. And he was a bright cookie."

Quig was especially proud of his Internet site (still active at www.dcia.com), created to expose the lords of darkness and show how they operate through the CIA, White House and international corporations.

The premise: "It was human folly for the UNITED STATES to empower an agency of government to specifically break its own laws."

Even acquaintances concede that Quig, unfettered by rules of evidence, embraced rumors as fact and leaped from dubious assumptions to bullheaded conclusions.

Pointing out those flaws often proved futile because of his capacity to overwhelm critics with details.

When confronted with facts that appeared to disprove his theories, Quig would smile and explain that the conspirators were so clever they had covered up the truth by manufacturing false evidence.

Born into a Quaker family, Quig served as a congressional researcher investigating organized crime, a headhunter for business executives and a reporter for The Grapevine, a Phoenix tabloid distributed by the homeless. He did public relations for the nuclear power industry.

He helped out with Joe Arpaio's first campaign for Maricopa County sheriff and worked on a book with right-wing presidential candidate Bo Gritz.

He ran a speakers bureau, worked as a busboy and promoted Omega 3 fatty acid from seafood as a medicinal panacea.

Marian Quig of Sun City said she never understood her son's politics: "I didn't see where it was going to get him. I said, 'Brian, get a real job.'

"He never spoke ill of anybody," she added. "He was just a good fellow."

Rademacher and Schoen said they accepted Quig's hyperbole and his financial shenanigans, such as a habit of forgetting his wallet, as benign eccentricities.

Quig always lived hand-to-mouth, they said. And he never got anything out of his Quixotic adventures except the righteous joy of a crusader for goodness.

Said Schoen: "He didn't accomplish much. He never wrote a book or was on TV that I know of.

"But I feel very good about Brian Quig's life."

Reach the reporter at dennis.wagner@arizonarepublic.com or (602) 444-8874.

http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/local/articles/0905quig.html  and http://www.apfn.net/dcia/bmain.htm


What Really happened to Brian Downing Quig?

Why has his name not appeared in the Az Republic Obituaries?

This September 1991 article goes on to reveal former Special Agent In Charge of the DEA, Terry Burke, as a long time Ted Shackley CIA associate. Within days of the publication of this article, on 9-8-1991, a gruesome death threat (audio file) is left on my answering machine --- followed a week later by a break-in of the office in my home. This threat did not seem to lead in the direction at the time of the Tucson suspects or later to the Temple teens. Both groups appeared to be intentionally framed by Arizona law enforcement --- law enforcement that from the very beginning was afraid to go after the real murderers. Showing this is not that difficult. A series of articles on the Temple Murders appeared in a Phoenix tabloid called THE GRAPEVINE which was published by a group associated with the GREATER PHOENIX MENSA SOCIETY and sold by the local homeless. A preponderance of evidence was detailed by this newspaper which was never impeached --- only ignored. - Brian Quig http://web.archive.org/web/20031222132444/http://www.apfn.net/dcia/blackout.html



Did Operation Ringwind, X - Quig?


In Memory Of Brian Quig
From WalterBurien@aol.com 

Hello, Jeff -

Brian Quig was murdered in Phoenix just over a year ago on June 16th, 2003. Run down by a car as he was walking home at 2:30 AM.

Here is an email I received from Brian in April of 2001

The article is as relevant today as it was back then. Submitted to you for publication in memory of Brian Downing Quig.

Walter Burien

Subj: PROPAGATE! PROPAGATE!! PROPAGATE!! Date: 4/20/01 8:18:22 AM US Mountain Standard Time From: quig@dcia.com (Brian Downing Quig) To: WalterBurien@aol.com

Celebrating a Golden Anniversary 50 Years of Drug Dealing by the CIA


Various News Sources

It's generally agreed that 1996's biggest news story was Gary Webb's San Jose Mercury scoop that ghetto drug dealers claim none other than the American CIA to be their supplier!

But Spooks dealing drugs isn't a 90's thing. Our beloved agency busily flew heroin around Asia on the CIA proprietary airline AIR AMERICA during Viet Nam, and refined Hmong and Burmese poppy in Asian soft drink bottling factories, used the U.S. Mafioso MOB to distribute the drugs and banked millions in their own Bank which they later collapsed, stealing the receipts.

Just revealed: the sixties weren't the start of the CIA dealing poppy to ghettos. Colonel Paul Hellwell of the OSS brought heroin from Burma and sold it in U.S. ghettos as far back as the 40's, so Gary Webb is five decades late with his scoop! We are in a 50-year anniversary of something other than just Roswell aliens! The Hellwell Aliens also were gray men, that being the exact shade of their MORALS!

The heroin that the OSS dealt was grown in Burma, and refined in Shanghai.

The OSS stumbled upon this import when they were in Asia with the Flying Tigers to stop MAO TSE TUNG from getting into power. Tigers were supposedly heroic civilian volunteers - John Wayne even played one in a movie, but this was just a lacquer job. The Tigers were OSS mercenaries paid for with OSS SECRET funds (at first, OLIGARCH money, later drug receipts). ALLEN DULLES was the brains behind the Tigers and the entire agency then. Dulles ran an inner clique at the OSS, what was to become Directorate of Covert Actions. Dulles was also very tight with the super-rich Eastern billionaire families (read Dulles' biography and read BITTER FRUIT by S. Kinzer which indicates oligarchs paid for dirty tricks). If you read up on it, you'll discover that

Dulles ran secret wars out of the White House (not unlike Ollie North) and had a repressive agenda related to every banana republic that had nationalistic or socialist tendencies, which might get in the way of transnationalist corporative agendas.

The Flying Tigers were in China helping a General named Chiang Kai-Shek (nicknamed 'CASH MY CHECK' as behind our backs, he sold our guns to the Japs). Chiang was used in an attempt to destroy Mao. Of course, it couldn't be done and in 1949 they had to beat a fast retreat to Taiwan. Mao later stopped all poppy-dealing by making death a penalty for it. But before the end, Colonel Paul Hellwell, an Ivy leaguer, rich kid, observed how Chiang sold opium to Chinese addicts to earn revenues for guns and troops. The French saw the same thing going on in Vietnam when it was their colony. Dope and spooks kind of made terrific sense to Dulles. An intelligence service can't pay for underhanded illegal covert ops. Tax payers can't, Congress WON'T. Why should it be left to poor oligarchs to fund the secret fight? You have to think like the OSS. In their heads, the fight was patriotic...it was against nasty nationalists or dirty communists seeking to get nice YANKEE traders out so they could have their OWN industries. Actually nationalists called us Yankee IMPERIALISTS and felt we were out to exploit their banana republics and acted so much like Commies that we felt it was patriotic to rub them out. Why should oligarchs pay for their murder when blacks in U.S. ghettos would empty their pockets for drugs? And boy, did those nickles add up!

Industriously, Colonel Hellwell created SEA SUPPLY, an OSS proprietary company, out of Miami and used it to carry guns across the ocean to China. The opium was grown in Burma, so Hellwell went to Burma and made friends with the royal family. After WWII, Hellwell became the Burmese Consulate in Miami so up to his chin was he with the Burmese. In Burma, Hellwell secured all the poppy franchises he needed and sent the basic black poppy tar to CHINA to be processed into China White then brought it back to America on Sea Supply boats, totally immune to snoopy customs inspectors. Then, he shipped guns back to China, a classic 'boats go both ways full' profitable shipping Modus Operandi. Next, he used the CIA's old pals in the American 'mob' to distribute drugs in the ghetto.

Parenthetically, the OSS had befriended Lucky Luciano, at the height of WWII, when they'd sprung him from the pen 'early,' - considering he was a lifer - as the OSS needed his help winning the war. The Mafia-controlled dockworkers on the Atlantic coast were unruly, always striking for more pay, which wasn't very patriotic of them. Also, the OSS needed spies in Sicily for the planned invasion.

In Lucky Luciano they found a kind of all-purpose Swiss Army knife. Charlie Lucky became the Agency Poster boy for Civilian volunteerism. In all his career, Luciano had resisted dealing drugs, so his services had a price.

(There's a Chris Reeves movie 'MONISGNEUR' about the toehold U.S. Mafia got in Italy during the war. Rent it. A huge CIA network mushroomed in Italy with Vatican bankers tied to the Mob.)

After the war, the OSS needed the mob to distribute heroin in the ghettos.

Luciano, relocated to Italy, said 'use my main man in The Big Apple, my accountant, Meyer Lansky. He'll set you up.' The Agency did, and Meyer gave them his Tampa, Florida lieutenant, Santo Trafficante. When he got old, they used his son Santo Trafficante Jr. So when people say the CIA first used the Mob to assassinate JFK & FIDEL in the early 60's, they're off by a few decades, but who's counting?

Parenthetically, another scumbag friend of the OSS (after '47, when they had so many Nazis on board, they decided to ditch the double S's and called it THE CIA) was the German GESTAPO. The military actually brought dozens of

top echelon Gestapo and SS spies out of Germany when these men approached them with a valuable bargaining chip: their spy networks and personal war records could be used to survey and CONTROL the Russians. These Nazis made it to Georgetown and eventually their philosophy and tactics were grafted on to the Allen Dulles - oligarch funded, drug-running SPY MACHINE which began to use racist, gestapo tactics designed to eradicate dissent just as Hitler had done.. They murdered intellectuals, constitutionalists, nationalists, socialists and Utopians with death squad tactics - which were taught at Fort

Benning to foreign officers and began to be used extensively in Latin America by local militaries. Our own soldiers did it too, as the Phoenix Program in Viet Nam, which killed thousands of teachers, civilians, village leaders suspected of sympathizing with Hanoi. Nazi genocide continues to be used up to the present day. Nazi-invented methods are still used for the murdering of intellectuals, university teachers, heroic politicians or snoopy reporters to quiet them and frighten others. Ask Danny Casolero, or Vince Foster.

And where do they get the money for hitmen and killers? The Poppy trail is alive and well with Burmese heroin exported to China for refining, then to Long Beach Crips and Bloods gangs. Addicts, in the ghettos, the Nazis in the

CIA, their Cuban-exiles who worked in Latin America, who murdered Che, all of it sprang from the Hellwell Dynasty. Paul Hellwell was the magnificent, sick tap-root of an ancient, tall, poisonous tree. Hellwell (well-named when you think of it) devised a way around the U.S. Constitution just when spooks needed millions of dollars in discretionary funds far from Congressional purview. Dope did the job. BURMA did the job. Lansky kept moving the stuff to the barrio in the late 40's and throughout the 50's. No one cared as long as only blacks were addicted.

PART II. THE DRUG DEALERS HMONG US The 50's were the years of CIA covert operations in Latin America, designed to keep our colonial hegemony over our nearest neighbors. The heroin profits rolled in via addicted blacks in the big cities. U.S. police kept busting the French Corsican traffickers, the FRENCH CONNECTION, trying to keep UNCLE SAM's BURMA CIA drug cartel #1.

In the sixties, the Saigon office of the CIA (Ted Shackley of IranContragate fame) ran both the genocidal Phoenix program and infamous AIR AMERICA and still found time to sell heroin to G.I's. (No wonder we lost!) And they found time to run a bank into the ground, too. Cash drug receipts went to their OWN, BOLDLY incorporated Nugan Hand bank, with CIA officials actually ON THE BOARD. Guess who the bagmen were? Colonel Ollie North and Lieutenant Richard Secord showed up as the two madcap PILOTS who ferried bags of cash that poured in both from Asian earned receipts from Nam /G.I. addicts and from the U.S. where Santos Trafficante pere et fils (Meyer Lansky's lieutenants) were distributors. All these receipts were deposited in Australia where they could lend them out 9 times to the dollar when they weren't being used and see a tidy growth rate.

To keep the Burmese Generals in check - by the 60's they were a bunch of very uppity millionaires - the CIA expanded to buying poppy from Hmong villagers in Laos which they refined right there in VietNam in Pepsi factories. (You saw it in the Mel Gibson movie, Air America. I know you didn't believe it. It was beyond imagination but it happened.) Parenthetically, today, "Free Burma" activists at American colleges wonder why Pepsi keeps doing biz in such a nasty country. They want a trade blocade and Pepsi won't cooperate. Heck, Pepsi RUNS the drug machine in Asia. During the Nixon years, Pepsi bottling companies were used for refining the tar into powder. Go see AIR AMERICA. It's all there. PEPSI, bold as brass.

A Pepsi Co. chairman was Nixon's most excellent pal ever since days when Nixon was White House Case Officer on Cuba during the Eisenhower administration. Nixon broke champagne bottles at Pepsi plant openings regularly after he and Ike left Washington until he returned to DC as president, with a decade between posts giving him time to do some serious bonding with Pepsi. In that time, Dick also ran around with his Cuban-exile crew who worked for the CIA, doing the worst kinds of mischief: murdering Che Guevara, downing commercial Cuban planes and killing JFK.

Where was Nixon the day JFK got hit? At a Pepsi convention in Dallas. The truth is, Nixon loved spywork as much as he hated the handsome liberal who ran against him and won in the 1960 election, hated him as much as he hated Fidel, which is A LOT as best buddy Cuban exile Bebe Rebozo had taught him all about Cuba. Nixon was on a first name basis with all the Cuban exiles and spooks in that infamous Miami proprietary "ZENITH CORP" on the Miami University grounds. A team of them went after both Fidel and JFK simultaneously: David Atlee Phillips, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, and actually, to the very last Cuban, were the Cast of Watergate. Last but not least, Howard Hughes was Dick's Daddy War Bucks or 'Deep Purse.'

Dick Nixon was an integral link in the Hellwell Lineage. When he fell, Reagan, Casey and George Bush carried the torch through an interesting period. After the Viet Nam heroin years, there was a new drug trend: peppier LATIN-produced drugs, cocaine...and new suppliers - Columbian cartels - but the same old U.S. barrio black customers as in the late 40s when Hellwell and company began.

The truth about the Cocaine years (which we still are in) has much to do with IranContragate, a three-way tie between the CIA/ the Shah and Nicaragua. This White House operation emerged from the White House, it's true, but not from dim-bulb Ronald Reagan but from his industrious V.P. George Bush, a career CIA officer. Bush started the Contras to harass Nicaragua and prevent Danny Ortega's Marxist-Leninist socialists from creating a New Cuba. You know, the kind of Republic that sends more teachers, doctors and food-growing techs to the third world than God himself? Bush funded the Contras with cocaine receipts.

The star gambit of the period was that triangle between the Shah, the Contras and Bush. The CIA had supported the Shah from way back. They couldn't always give him cash so they did the next best thing. They gave him a money-printing set - a U.S. intaglio press, silk paper, mint Green #1 ink, and genuine U.S. printing plates. Mini-treasuries were apparently a perk of tyrants who chummed with the Agency. This printing press was known to Bush so next, Bush offered a favor to cocaine king Pablo Escobar (his prime supplier) - to LAUNDER 8 billion dollars of coke receipts, i.e. make them into legal, spendable, investable money. How? Well, it was imaginative. Bush took 8 billion from Escobar, which was deposited into a Panama bank in Escobar's name. But Bush did a fast one. He took 4 billion in GOOD coke-dusted hundred dollar bills to Iran and told the Shah he could have real dollars if he'd give him back 8 billion of the Shah's freshly printed, funny money. The Shah had presses going day and night for a few weeks, then Bush brought 8 billion back to Escobar's vault, in their U.S. Panama bank. Then, Bush purloined the other half of Escobar's good money and gave it to a Latin American politician, Nana DeBusia of Guyana where it was laundered in accounts under the signatures of Bush and Casey earmarked for use by the Contras. This was the real Iran Contragate - the story that never surfaced.

Well, whaddya want? Drugs for guns is a fifty-year-old American tradition.

Life goes better with coke, Pepsi AND heroin too, it would seem. Drugs produced untraceable cash for spies to do the things they love best: run armed mercenaries, kill university professors, anti-colonials, anti-imperialists, anti-fascists, journalists, all of which are the standard Hitlerian Dirty Tricks, along with turning elections with paid staged dramatics. Michael Manley got chased out of a second term in Jamaica, with great bloodshed during election. Manley had anti-colonial smarts that rivaled Karl Marx, a Fidel with no trigger finger, no rough edges, an urbane gentle, English Abe Lincoln type. Mobs were hired. That debacle cost a pretty penny. Same thing getting ALLENDE out in Chile. The people had to be roused, anti-Allende propaganda achieved by buying Chilean journalists. Go see film MISSING with Lemmon/Spacek. From the book The Kidnapping of Charles Horman written by the boy's father, who was played by Lemmon, and see our battleships parked off shore during the week long 'revolution.'

Costa Gavras movies really trace agency history - in "Z" see U.S.-installed GENERALS IN GREECE murdering every dissident. A later film with Yves Montand, "State of Siege" about a CIA torture expert, of the DESAPARECIDO period, kidnapped by leftists in Uruguay. WE DID THAT. OUR CIA. Killing activist students, angling for MEN SYMPATHETIC to the multi-nationals to WIN ELECTIONS, changing the monkey, they call it, all of which costs big bucks.

The Agency has been 'fixing things' that way ever since Italy in the late 40s when Commies first began running for office. It's very costly to swing a vote. But the CIA has its little coffers, filled by its little importing businesses, cheap merchandise from the orient. This is how the CIA built the Burmese generals into what they are today: repressive genocidal murderers. It built Saddam Hussein and Idi Amin and Marcos, Noriega, and the Shah and Somoza and all those African and Latin despots who sold out, allowed the multi-nationals to come in and enslave peasants, take the land, control industry, and who exploited and plundered their own people, wrecked their countries, stole all the money and banked it in Switzerland and who have caused plagues and famines and civil wars and genocide in their home towns.

The usual Suspects. Pals of the Agency, all the way. Conversely, the same CIA murdered all the good presidents like Arbenz of Guatemala, Allende in Chile for daring to speak out. And now the CIA is being forced to look at the monsters they created in Burma. You probably didn't see that Patricia Arquette film about Burma, it showed us what Hell looks like.

Burma, Africa, Latin America, Central America, South East Asia was the same carnage that was in Chile when the Agency tried to stop Allende. The CIA batter-fried that country to make it look so chaotic they had to park battleships offshore, and send people in to stop non-existent riots so they could machine gun Allende to death and say he committed suicide. Stupid locals to this day think Allende ruined their country. It was Henry Kissinger who told Nixon, 'we will make their economy scream.' He used American trojan horse agencies like A.I.D. to put the forceps to the economy to make the Chileans think their ruler was a Commie rat. Since the 40's, Henry and his bosses and their hireling intelligence agents have made the entire planet scream to prevent ONE THING happening, the HOLD of the world bankers and transnationals they own, the Rothschilds, Morgans, Lehmans, Warburgs in Europe, the ROCKEFELLERS in NYC and their FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, and the rest of the 13 families - to prevent that oligarch hold loosening on all the trade, banks and gold on the planet.

And it isn't over. Let us move to current events. CLINTON just opened Long Beach Harbor to the RED ARMY, the processor and distributor for Burma-grown poppy. Why did John Huang raise all that Chinese money for Bill? Clinton and the CIA have allowed RED CHINA to bring heroin in in exchange for it. This was not Bill's idea, of course. Clinton has been the CIA's go-fer-&-facilitator for two decades. Remember MENA airport in Arkansas? That's where all the IranContragate coke got into the U.S. You've read COMPROMISE by TERRY REED? Mort Sahl has been heard telling people to read it. You find it at better bookshops. It tells how Clinton was paid for his long years of CIA work.

LONG BEACH HARBOR did not want these Chinese in there, fought it. The Prez got them in. Now, COSCO (People's Liberation Army's shipping company) containers come in by the thousand FULL of the most sophisticated guns in the world, AK- 47's, GIVEN to CRIPS AND BLOODS who are the distributors of the heroin to American schoolkids.

Groups that want to get the Generals out of Burma have to step on the snake's head, locate that long, thin supply line from Burma to the USA. You people who are on the Net reading this, do your research. It's all in books.

Then, join the FREE BURMA coalitions at local colleges or the Black Outrage groups. Next, stir up a media ruckus. Find the authors, get them on your favorite, local radio shows where the NAACP can hear them. Keep the Gary Webb story CIA DEALING DRUGS TO GHETTOS alive. Contact author researchers Fred Landis, Donald Freed, and ex-CIA guys, Victor Marchetti, Ralph McGehee, Phillip Agee, John Stockwell, and ex-DEA agent Michael Levine. And Danny Sheehan, Father Bill Davis. Their websites and lecture agents are easy to find with a search engine like altavista.digital.com. Just appoint yourself a booking agent, and get them on radio shows you enjoy, preferably nationally syndicated. You can even look for British authors as it's all done by telephone interview these days. Black Outrage groups, FREE BURMA groups are taken very seriously but they don't do their homework. They have to research, write and footnote, publish and broacast. They have to use this information in their demonstrations, mounted as street theatre. CIA spooks with big needles, Burmese Generals dancing with American Generals.

The Hellwell dynasty IS A LINEAGE of spies, funding guns for dirty trix, fixed elections, tumbling the monkeys in third world republics, and all of it paid for by US barrios. THIS ARMY crawls on its stomach because it's a SNAKE! It should be sued out of business by MOTHERS of addicts who have been jailed, wives of fathers jailed, and last of all, all the crippled crack babies born to addict mothers. VICTIMS SHOULD seek pro-bono lawyers and SUE these spymasters and the oligarchs who run them - as INDIVIDUALS - for multi-million-dollar damages under federal racketeering laws. Judges often cannot be bought. Law suits might be profitable for such citizen activist groups.

The opportunity for ending the CIA's reign of terror may fall ironically and finally to the blacks who were spoon fed drugs for so long. Gary Webb's getting the Black Caucus and NAACP mad as Hell was part miracle, part good move. Burma activists and black activist groups should make a rainbow coalition and get in touch with Webb (gwebb@sjmercury.com). More than any other journalist, Webb can help expose this genocidal phalange of the CIA.

There is a sophisticated Brit researcher David Guyatt, E-Mail is davidg7@ukonline.co.uk, whose article, "The PEGASUS File" in Nexus New Times, (April/May issue and June/July issue) supplies the exact facts on the George Bush cocaine years. If enough people cite these facts and summon the witnesses and sue CIA spooks and ex-presidents as individuals, we may not only make the government's role in dealing drugs in the ghettos part of public record but we may prove that they have been trashing the constitution and implementing oligarch agendas outside of our country and breaking the law, the Boland Amendment, which says we cannot interfere abroad.

We may also end up proving their part in killing JFK. The oil men that researcher/author Donald FREED thinks murdered JFK were Rockefeller oil pals in Texas. Kissinger, stuck like a PIN in Nixon's administration as Secretary of State, was a one-man think-tank for the Rocks. The Rockefellers are the main stockholders of all U.S. oil companies and controlled oil in the USA from its turn-of-the-century discovery. Kennedy had reduced the oil depletion allowance, and was about to end the war that the Rocks created. Rocks were after the biggest oil field on the planet in the South China sea.

The Rocks are not lilly white. They lured the Saudis into depositing all petrodollars from 30 years of drilling into western banks, new, little offshore' banking SUBSIDIARIES which couldn't be linked to them. They lent the petrodollars to third world countries, who couldn't pay it back, so they on paper 'lost it', then they bankrupted/collapsed all the banks so the Saudis lost all their money. Jed Bush got to collapse one, Keating another.

Rocks blatantly stole the petrodollars of the poor towel heads!

It's odd but anywhere the Hellwell Heritage is, Rockefellers turn up. Winthrop Rockefeller was governor of Arkansas when Clinton needed signatures to become a Rhodes Scholar. Clinton was from camp Rockefeller from day one.

And why not? Rothchilds and Rocks are all there is on this planet. They HAVE all the marbles. The other 5 billion of us can go starve.

Is that a dumb greedy game or what? Who's going to buy their Lincoln towncars or even a bottle of aspirin at current costs? Today, no matter what kind of Ollie North right winger you are, there is no justification for dealing drugs to fight Commies. There simply IS no more cold war. Ruskis and Red Chinese now appear to play ball with us. (Many have their doubts, knowing that a well trained Leninist does not turn coat on that knowledge that the transnationals are blood-suckers and there is no real trickledown no matter what the glad rap.) But, seeing that Commies seem to want to get into mutual funds, what has the CIA got left to fight or control? But this agency has control on the brain, control the target country to lie down and accept the pronged teeth in the neck. The big trading powers espouse 'free trade' but in truth can't let anything be free or organic. Everything is by control, implemented by conspiracy.

Don't kid yourself. The CIA FUND raisers are raising money for something these days. The drugs are flowing through the ghetto faster than ever, and rival dealers are being arrested all the time so the Agency is up to something, implementing some hidden agenda with the money.

But suddenly, out of nowhere, we can celebrate. Journalist Gary Webb, the

Free Burma groups and the NAACP NIMBYs are right on the JUGULAR of the BIG GUY like a chupacabra. The big guy knows it, even if he doesn't let you KNOW that he knows and even if you don't know that he knows that you're right. He's sweating that you're going to find eveything out and come after him. Will you? What do you mean? If you read this far, YOU JUST DID!

So go and tell your friends what you know. Download this article and print it out. (Click on 'File' then 'Save As', stick it in a directory where it won't get erased, not in CACHE! Later, go find it, edit and print its mere 12 pages out.)

And don't worry. Truth will out. Certainly some seriously bad karma awaits this slimeball group and it is coming.

PREPARING America's middle class and ghetto denizens for the cash-free millennium is the trick. Less than two years to teach the LANDLESS how to grow food on a vacant lot. As for facts in this article? The Tom Davis Book company ( http://www.cruzio.com/~tdbooks/ ) offers a free catalogue where books on the CIA's drug dealing are described. TOM DAVIS BOOKS, PO Box 1107w, Aptos, CA 95001-1107.

It is only our ignorance which keeps the CIA snake crawling through the banana republics causing poverty, urban unrest, famine, civil wars and babies dying and through the ghettos and cities of America, causing the same. Now, we are no longer ignorant! So by reading this, you just saved a baby!



Those Who Dismantled Our Constitution
by Brian Downing Quig

by Brian Downing Quig
First Published in the GRAPEVINE January 2, 1995

It is commonly assumed that there is no aristocracy, let alone a nobility, in America. Nothing could
be farther from the truth. In his work, Ancestors of American Presidents, Gary Boyd Roberts of the
New England Historic Genealogical Society reveals nineteen presidents descended from Edward III.
John Galt (a pen name of a researcher fearing to be identified), in an unpublished manuscript (now in
my possession), The Genealogy of the New World Order, has traced the royal ancestry of George
Bush, which traces from Charlemagne and Alfred the Great, all the way down through George
Bush's 32 presidential cousins!
Sadly, this manuscript may remain unpublished. Galt and I were scheduled to do a 2 hour radio
interview on Tom Valentine's Radio Free America, a shortwave broadcast that reaches 250,000
listeners who are especially attuned to such topics. Just two days before the interview, a fire burned
down the transmitting station. Unfortunately, this fire, which involved no foul play, according to
Valentine, frightened Galt who now refuses to communicate with me or anyone else on these
matters. Nonetheless, I am convinced of the soundness of Galt's conclusions.
I attended the Southwest Genealogical Conference, which met last year at the Hyatt Regency,
downtown Phoenix, during which Galt presented the most controversial aspects of his work to the
top authorities there. Everyone acquiesced to the depths of his knowledge. Several of the attendees
were close personal friends of Gary Boyd Roberts.
Both George Bush and Barbara Pierce Bush (of Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith) are
descended from the same Pierce family of England as President Franklin Pierce. Originally known as
the enormously powerful Percy family of England, a name change to Pierce was required along with
a quick immigration to America, when their involvement in the failed Gun Powder Plot to blow up
Parliament became known. One of the Percy castles, where this plot was hatched was known as Sion
Other notable Bush relatives include the Grovsner families of England and America, and the Taft
family of Ohio. The Grovsners of England are the Dukes of Westminster who own the most
substantial properties in the City of London --- the banker's capital. Of over 100,000 acres of
Grovsner property, most is in the financial district of London! In America, the Grovsners founded
Nation Geographic. National Geographic is known for sweeping down on the archeological treasures
of the world, especially those of a religious significance, and spiriting them away to the Smithsonian
Institute, controlled by their cousins the Smithsons, also descended from the Percys. Imposing false
interpretations on religious finds is very important to the House of Sion. As interesting as these
family affiliations are, it is the Taft family which turns out to be the most politically interesting.

Page 2 sur 5
Although George Bush's official 1980 presidential candidate biography listed both his Presidency of
the TRILATERAL COMMISSION and his membership in the YALE secret society SKULL AND
BONES, no major news organization mentioned either of these telling affiliations. Let us take a
closer look at SKULL AND BONES.
SKULL AND BONES (S&B), was first established by the graduating class of 1832 of YALE
UNIVERSITY by William Harrison Russell and Alphonso Taft, the father of President William
Howard Taft. It is significant to note that Alphonso Taft was thereafter powerful enough to
manipulate his son into both the presidency and the Chief Justiceship of the U.S. SUPREME
COURT. Each year S&B graduating seniors would initiate only 15 new members...selected
exclusively from the ranks of the offspring of the super wealthy. From the beginning, S&B was the
recruiting grounds for William Harrison Russell's RUSSELL TRUST COMPANY which managed
the SKULL AND BONES treasury.
Founded in 1823, the RUSSELL TRUST COMPANY superseded the Perkins family to become the
dominant opium trafficking syndicate in North America. The shipping manifests from those days
have survived intact to make this claim solid. Russell's partners in this venture were those loyal to
the Crown of ENGLAND, and this allegiance persists to this day with their descendants, who
comprise what is known today as the EASTERN LIBERAL ESTABLISHMENT. Although there are
more billionaires in AMERICA than in GREAT BRITAIN, the largest billionaires of AMERICA
still cannot hold a candle to the largest billionaires of ENGLAND. The wealth of the Royal Family
of GREAT BRITAIN and this Tory group in AMERICA was all founded on the illegal opium trade
from TURKEY to CHINA. Today nothing has facilitated the illegal narcotics trade as much as the
phoney drug war of the Reagan/Bush era. A dozen books name Theodore Shackley (who served as
number two under George Bush in the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY) as the man who
organized the opium trade in the Golden Triangle. Contra cocaine, Mena, Arkansas--- it all tempts
one to speculate that maybe the Bush family never abandoned their interest in this most lucrative
narcotics business.
Among Russell's partners was Warren Delano, Jr., Chief of RUSSELL TRUST operations in Canton,
CHINA. Delano was the grandfather of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, another Bush cousin.
Other Russell partners were John Cleve Green, whose opium fortunes financed PRINCETON
UNIVERSITY, Abiel Abbott Low, whose opium fortune financed the construction of COLUMBIA
UNIVERSITY, Joseph Coolidge, whose son organized the UNITED FRUIT COMPANY, and his
grandson, Archibald Cary Coolidge, who was a founding executive officer of the COUNCIL ON
FOREIGN RELATIONS. Is the reader beginning to discern a pattern?
It is therefore little wonder that those tapped yearly for S&B have gone on to positions of enormous
power. Take for example, publishers Henry Luce (S&B 1920) and William F. Buckley (S&B 1950,
NEW YORK TIMES GENERAL MANAGER Amory Howe Bradford (S&B 1934), CIA power
players William P. Bundy (S&B 1939), McGeorge Bundy (S&B 1940), Richard Bissel (S&B 1932),
Senator David Bowen, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee (S&B 1963, and
anti-war activist Reverend William Sloan Coffin (S&B 1949)....remember, this group intends to
control both sides of every national debate. Starting to see a pattern?
This just scratches the surface of Anthony Sutton's most scholarly work on this YALE secret society,
THE ORDER. Sutton's subsequent work, HOW THE ORDER CREATES WAR AND
REVOLUTION reveals that half of the board of directors of J.P. MORGAN AND COMPANY were
S&B graduates. The black flag with the white skull and crossbones emblem, which was the corporate
flag gracing all Russell Trust Company ships, which was adopted as the emblem of the SKULL
AND BONES fraternity at YALE, acquired such a reputation back then that even to this day it
symbolizes piracy.
Is it not strange that the media spent so much time lint-picking the personalities of the candidates in

Page 3 sur 5
the 1990 election and showed no interest in George Bush's membership in a secret society whose
initiation rites involved carrying the new recruit naked in a coffin into a building the society calls
"the Tomb"?
Eventually, S&B came to be dominated by BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN, the largest private
investment bank in AMERICA. The CEO of this power group, Averell Harriman, was the mentor of
George Bush's father, Prescott Bush. George Bush's grandfather George Herbert Walker, served as
president of BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN. The Bush family has SPENT three generations in
service to the Harriman interests. That is why it is downright nefarious that it was the widow of
Averell Harriman, Pamela Harriman, who was the principle backer of Bill Clinton for President.
When Clinton lost the campaign for Governor of Arkansas, it was Pamela who picked him up, dusted
him off and made him chairman of PAM-PAC-- the largest fund raising source for the Democratic
Party. Some cynics think that George Bush is still president, using Bill Clinton as a front, just as he
had used Ronald Reagan. Remember, anyone who wanted to meet with President Reagan had to first
go through Bush's former campagn manager, Chief of Staff James Baker.
There is a book that was recently on the New York Times bestsellers list about Pamela Harriman,
entitled LIFE OF THE PARTY. This book, written by the diplomatic correspondent for TIME
MAGAZINE, minces no words about the fact that Pamela Harriman "put the Clinton Administration
together". In fact it notes that an ancestor of Pamela's conspired with the Percys in the Gun Powder
CROMWELL LAW FIRM, headed by John Foster Dulles and the UNION BANK, headed by
George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush, came to represent the entire business interests of the
NAZI cartels in the U.S. before and during World War II. It may therefore seem astounding to the
average reader that, after the war John Dulles could go on to be Secretary of State, his brother Allen
Dulles Director of CIA and Averell Harriman Ambassador to the USSR. An understanding of this
anomaly will provide a key to how the world is run.
A careful reading of Anthony Sutton's works, WALL STREET AND THE BOLSHEVIK
REVOLUTION and WALL STREET AND THE RISE OF HITLER will reveal that the wealthiest
individuals in the world (including John D. Rockefeller and Prescott Bush) financed the left wing
Bolsheviks and the right wing Nazis and clashed them in war for profit and power. The two Wall
Street firms most in the forefront of the financing of the Bolshevik revolution were J.P. MORGAN
and BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN. A full half of the board of directors of these two firms
were former members of SKULL AND BONES at YALE!! Percy Rockefeller, Prescott Bush and
Roland Harriman were in the same pledge class.
This group intends to control both sides of every conflict. Fletcher Prouty's book, JFK, VIETNAM
AND THE ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT KENNEDY (now in local bookstores), will provide
an insider's viewpoint of how these same centers of finance stay on top by controlling both
Communist and anti-Communist armies.
The influence of the YALE secret society, S&B, on world affairs is so great that a short article like
this cannot attempt more than present an outline and a direction for further research. Needless to say,
this group has cut through history like a snowplow. As previously stated, Alfonso Taft, co -founder of
S&B and ancestor of George Bush, was sufficiently influential to manipulate his son, William
Howard Taft, into both the presidency (1909 -1913) and then the Chief Justiceship of the Supreme
Court. Quite significantly it was during the Taft presidency that our constitution was dismantled. As
Chief Justice, Taft fashioned the state constitutions of Arizona and New Mexico --also highly
During the Taft presidency, the bills which forever altered the balance of power of The Constitution

were incubated. The 17th Amendment, calling for the direct election of senators, guaranteeing that
senatorial elections could be purchased by big money interests was passed April 1913. Previously,
while senators were elected by the state legislatures, the U.S. Senate was a bastion of conservative
resistance to the elitists. If our state legislators had the power to elect our U.S. senators, many of us
would take the trouble to get to know who they are.
Now the only people who "invest" in state legislators are those whose economic interests are directly
The Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax Amendment (16th Amendment) of 1913 also issued
directly from the Taft presidency. William Taft served as Commissioner of Internal Revenue just
before being elected president. It is hard to imagine anything more oppressive than the IRS, which
has been ruthlessly used to systematically destroy the middle class of America. Anyone who
seriously wishes to understand how the Federal Reserve was used to utterly subvert the intention of
the Constitution must read THE SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE, by Eustice Mullins.
Pushed through congress by Senator Nelson Aldridge, the maternal grandfather of David
Rockefeller, this act of infamy marks the death knell of this nation's economic freedom.
The Federal Reserve is not federal , but is a consortium of private central banks. The federal
government does not own a single share, and none of us can buy a share of this-- the most lucrative
corporate stock in the world. Shares are held today by the heirs of the original 20 founding families.
With profits exceeding 150 billion per annum, no corporation in the world comes anywhere close.
The Federal Reserve is simply the single most impactful agency upon the U.S. economy and the
world's principle engine for the mal- distribution of wealth. If the profits of the Federal Reserve are
compounded from its inception to the present, a sum roughly equivalent to the national debt results.
Back then, Wall Street interests "fought" this bill while all along they were its authors. Sadly I note
that these same tactics are successfully used to this day.

"The Magnate"
Averell Harriman grew up on a 20,000 acre estate in New York. His father, W.A. Harriman was the
original owner of the SOUTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD, which runs through northern Arizona.
William Boyce Thompson , who left Arizona the Thompson Arboretum near Globe, was the first
governor of the Federal Reserve.
The presidential election of 1912 had a great deal in common with the 1990 election ---ALL THREE
beaten Woodrow Wilson in a two -way race but another Republican, Teddy Roosevelt entered the
race to divide the Republican vote. What did Taft care; he was promised the Chief Justiceship of the
U.S. Supreme Court. With the Federal Reserve sure to become law, the international bankers now
had a mechanism in place to fund a world war. They needed a popular Democratic president to lead
the masses into war. Enter Woodrow Wilson.
Mounted on a wall in the Wrigley Mansion, former home of P.T. Wrigley, is a letter Teddy
Roosevelt wrote to P.T. Wrigley thanking him for "the first and largest financial contribution" to his
1912 race for the presidency. On the way to Sedona is a resort that once served as a principle
watering hole for the wealthiest men in the world. Known as Castle Hot Springs, this resort was built
in 1888 by Frank Murphy, the contractor who built the SOUTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD for
W.A. Harriman. To this day the summer homes there of John D. Rockefeller I and P.T. Wrigley sit
side by side with those of the grandfather of Casper Weinberger and Cornelius Vanderbuilt.
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Tempe, Arizona 85280
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M.E.R. Magazine's Brian Quig Columns from 1991
by Brian Quig


If you have not seen Oliver Stone's 72 million dollar movie reinactment of the the JFK murder cover)up, don't waste a heart beat. This is the first movie in American history to receive bad reviews before it was made! Discover why for yourself. The answer is more than obvious. Next issue I will devote to this last ditch effort to redirect U.S. history. If JFK dose not turn this country around )))) nothing else will. Next issue I will reveal the identities of Mr. X, General Y, the Williams couple and the higher)ups that Oliver Stone dared not mention.


This month's article addresses matters left unsaid in 1991. OPERATION DESERT IGNORANCE dominated the landscape of last year's events, propelling us ever closer to the NEW WORLD ORDER. In as far as I have seen no analysis which comes close to doing justice to this strategic event in any underground publication, let alone in any major media, let me repeat an analysis of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty given 1)17)1991 when the war was 2 days in progress.

The Mid)East war was a war fought over too much oil! To be more precise it was something that looked like a war. Bush, Gorbachev and Hussein planned the war together for their mutual benefit. In the 2 years preceding the war the known oil reserves (the numbers upon which the futures market is calculated) increased 30% in Iraq, 40% in Kuwait and doubled in Saudi Arabia! A virtual glut of oil had appeared on the world's market which was having disastrous impacts on those oil companies pumping oil elsewhere in the world. Something had to be done to take this oil glut off the market. Iraqi oil was embargoed and 600 wells in Kuwait were set on fire. How did this effect world oil prices? Not at all. Despite this, after the war prices fell just below the pre)war price.

Following the invasion of Kuwait in August of 1991 oil prices doubled. Who was the world's principal beneficiary? After the massive parade of Mid)East experts before the major media it remained unsaid that the Soviet Union at this time was pumping 4 times the quantity of oil as the world's next largest producer, Saudi Arabia. All the while these exact figures were published in the futures section of the WALL STREET JOURNAL. After this extraordinary windfall we are expected to believe that the Soviet Union is suddenly bankrupt.

Prouty revealed that the largest oil reserves in Iraq are those of the Rockefeller interests and that Saddam is merely a puppet who would not think of acting contrary to the wishes of David Rockefeller (currently the chairman of both the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS and the North American TRILATERAL COMMISSION.)


Sherman Skolnic (HOTLINE NEWS 312)731)1100) has petitioned the Federal District Court in Chicago to release bank records from the BCCI affiliate there which disclose enormous joint business ventures of George Bush with Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega and 3 other repugnant world dictators. Skolnic has also uncovered the list of 105 congressmen and senators bribed by BCCI. This list begins from the most influential and goes down. BCCI contributed lavishly to both the Bush and the Dukakus presidential campaigns. This should explain why (so obviously) Dukakus never tried to win.


Funding for a full scale congressional investigation of the OCTOBER SURPRISE (the allegation that the Reagan)Bush campaign cut a weapons deal with the Iranians in exchange for the delay of the release of U.S hostages) is soon to come to a vote on the House floor. Barbara Honegger, author of the best selling book OCTOBER SURPRISE, was told that if she could prove the CIA background of Spencer Oliver, the Chief Council for the Senate committee investigating OCTOBER SURPRISE, that he would be replaced. Guess what? She did and a new chief council was appointed.

During the 1975 PIKE COMMITTEE investigation of the untoward events surrounding the forced resignation of President Richard Nixon, I had an opportunity to question John Dean, Nixon's personal attorney. A chill fell over the room when I started asking about the assassinations of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King and the shooting of George Wallace. It was clear everyone else there thought I was out of line and it would have been easy for Dean to duck this line of questioning. His answer was most direct. He said that "Bob Bennett and Spencer Oliver should be investigated in this regard" and that "all the similar CIA types connected to WATERGATE had since dropped out of sight in all media coverage".

I was a bear cub back then and it was not until the investigations of the SELECT COMMITTEE ON ASSASSINATIONS two years later that I was to learn who these men were. Bob Bennett was the direct superior of Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt at the CIA's public relations firm, MULLEN AND COMPANY and Spencer Oliver's office at the DEMOCRATIC HEADQUARTERS was the target of the bread)in. The U.S. intelligence community is so incestuous that what we had was the CIA working with the REPUBLICANS breaking into the office of the CIA working with the DEMOCRATS! Add to this the disclosure that Alexander Butterfield, who sealed Nixon's fate by revealing the existence of the White House tapes, was in fact the highest ranking CIA official in the White House (unknown to Nixon) and it is easy to conclude that the CIA is enormously significant and should be watched with the utmost care.\j \


There never was a diversion of funds from the Iranian weapons deals to the Nicaraguan Contras. The administration was faced with two very serious problems back then. Millions of dollars were disappearing from the Iranian weapons deals in the Middle East and millions of dollars were miraculously appearing to fund the resupply of the Contras in Latin America (after congress had turned off all funding via the Boland Amendment).

The Mid)East money was disappearing into the accounts of Secord\Hakem and company and the Contras were being funded by major cocaine trafficking into the United States. Someone in the Reagan administration (probably Ed Meece) had the brilliant idea that the two birds could be killed with one stone. La voila! The diversion of profits from the weapons deals to the Contras.

The puffed up wimps on the IRAN\CONTRA COMMITTEE complied with this contrivance by adopting two ground rules for their well televised hearings. First they would examine nothing that happened before 1985. Second, they ruled that narcotics trafficking would be outside the mandate of their investigation. NATIONAL NEWS BLACK)OUT OF TEMPLE MURDERS

A national news black)out continues in the case of the nine murdered Buddhists monks in Phoenix Arizona. This international outrage and bazaar law enforcement treatment raises many red flags and indicates cover)up at the highest levels of state and federal government. After my September article (NARCO TERRORISM AND THE U.S. GOVERNMENT) indicating the most probable motive for this crime to involve the PHOENIX)BANGKOK HEROIN CONNECTION, the spokesperson for the Thai community here, Smith Thongkam, was extradited back to Los Angeles on a 1978 flight to avoid prosecution for major heroin possession. He was found with $10 million of China White heroin back then when he was the president of the Los Angeles Thai community. No newspaper, radio or TV in Arizona has put forth one word of speculation that there could be a connection here to the murders! If there is a mention of these murders in your newspapers please send a copy to me.

The 4 kids from Tucson who were arrested for the Buddhists murders that I indicated were obviously innocent in my October article have been released by law enforcement for lack of evidence. No one here seems to be bothered by the fact that the MARICOPA COUNTY SHERIFF extracted confessions from innocent people. Two juveniles have since been arrested with supposed connections to the weapons used for the murders. It is doubtful these juveniles are the murderers.


On the university speaker's circuit my company, INTELLIGENCE CONNECTION, representS essentially all the top consultants on the Oliver Stone movie, JFK, with one exception. I know that the viewpoints I represent in this column will never make it onto Peter Jennings, but having them presented uncensored by speakers far more articulate than myself, to student and faculty audiences at CAL POLY, UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, HARVARD, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, VILLONOVA, AMERICAN UNIVERSITY, STANFORD, BERKELEY, is a very powerful thing.

Last week HARVARD students waited in line for as long as 8 hours to guarantee their places at a presentation given by Oliver Stone and Col. L. Fletcher Prouty. Prouty's CIA career formed the basis for the Mr. X/ Donald Sutherland character in the movie. As Stone and John Newman left the facility at one end, it was Prouty that the students mobbed at the other.

All of my speakers are doing as many as 5 and 6 radio and TV interviews a day. Robert Groden, former photographic consultant for the SELECT COMMITTEE ON ASSASSINATIONS, and the top technical consultant for Stone on the shooting sequence, has done more than 300 interviews since the end of September. His book HIGH TREASON which reached number 2 on the NEW YORK TIMES Best Sellers List last year has now gone back up to number 7. Jim Marrs, author of CROSSFIRE, is filming in London as this is being written. The flood gates of knowledge have been opened ))) perhaps never to close.

As the heavy chorus of CIA shills on the political panels implore TV watchers not to see JFK, more than 10 million movie goers have already seen for themselves. One high level CIA memorandum that was inadvertently declassified referred to "our 400 assets in the major media". There has never been a better time to identify who these assets are.

Tom Wicker, the chief national affairs writer for the NEW YORK TIMES, now ridicules Oliver Stone for suggesting that Kennedy was shot from the front. Readers are directed to the front page article of the NEW YORK TIMES dated Nov. 23rd 1963 ))) one day after the assassination. In this column, before the cover)up was implemented, Wicker described the president's wounds to the throat and head as the result of frontal shots!

Principal among the "Dealey Plaza success stories" ))) and there have been many ))) is Dan Rather. Rather was standing under the Triple Underpass at the time of the assassination. If we are to believe Rather's account given in his book, THE CAMERA NEVER BLINKS, we must take his word that the ace news hound wasn't paying attention when the president was killed. Rather says that he never noticed that anything was wrong until after the president's car had gone past him (within several yards) and jumped the curb to the Stemmins Freeway.

Barbara Honegger was excited when Dan Rather's chief researcher spent a week with her in California studying her OCTOBER SURPRISE material. She said it would mean that the story would soon be breaking on CBS. I told her Rather's man was there only to pick her brain to counter the story and that CBS never intended to air what she gave to them. Guess what? No story.

I cited Rather's positioning in Dealey Plaza and sent her the WARREN COMMISSION testimony of all the witnesses who were nearest to him. It is interesting to compare what these witnesses saw and heard to what Rather didn't see and didn't hear.

James Tague, the bystander whose cheek was injured by fragments from a bullet that missed the president, was the witness closest to Rather. He clearly stated that he heard the shots come from behind the nearby picket fence on the grassy knoll and saw the gunpowder smoke rise from this area. Dan Rather, the trained observer who was situated in this most important of all areas, never testified before the WARREN COMMISSION, never spoke to the FBI, never even submitted an affidavit ))) and he CCnever mentions that he was there.DD

Another big shot in network news, Robert McNeil, is photographed in a series of photos taken the minute after the shooting which show McNeil running up the grassy knoll to the first level of the triple overpass ))) just about 30 yards from the picket fence. Ominous is the way a figure calls to McNeil, from behind, and McNeil turns his head to this person in response. A long time acquaintance of Jack Ruby identifies this person calling McNeil as Jack Ruby.

In the book DULLES, Leonard Moseley relates how Allen Dulles, the CIA Director that Kennedy fired, would throw a party every year at the ALIBI CLUB in Washington D.C. for the 50 top execs of CIA and the 50 top execs of CBS. Rather had regional responsibility for news coverage over several states in 1963. His home office was in New Orleans. In light of the parties of Allen Dulles and the fact that CHASE MANHATTAN held a controlling interest in CBS, it is easy to just let the readers draw their own conclusions.

For the record, the General "Y" character was General Edward Lansdale, the Chief Covert Operations Officer of the UNITED STATES in 1963. Mr. "X" was Col. L. Fletcher Prouty, at this time the liaison between the Secretary of Defence and the CIA Director, Allen Dulles. Ruth and Michael Paine were identified as the "Williams couple". George DeMohrenschildt was briefly portrayed, with no lines, but not identified. These three omissions were very disappointing and it still has not been explained to me why this was necessary. On balance, this was minor compared with the factual integrity of the rest of the film.

George DeM, who is discussed later, introduced the Oswalds to Ruth and Michael Paine and then never saw Oswald again. Ruth Paine took Marina Oswald in to live in her home in Dallas while her husban Michael held a job at BELL HELECOPTER which reported directly to General Dornberger, Hitler's x)Minister of Industry. This position depended upon a security clearance. The Paines were related on both sides to the Cabots and Michael's cousin was president of the CIA front UNITED FRUIT (prominate in many Latin American coups). WARREN COMMISSIONERS Allen Dulles and CHASE MANHATTEN President, John McCloy, were officers of UNITED FRUIT. General Dornberger was one of three Nazi generals rescued from the gallows of Nurenberg by Allen Dulles and John McCloy in the aftermath of WW II who were prominent in the JFK murder.

It should be of special interest to movie goers that Jim Garrison's defendent, Clay Shaw, was detailed to the office of Winston Churchill during WW II.

George DeMohrenschildt was described in Gerald Ford's book PORTRAIT OF THE ASSASSIN as "Oswald's best friend in Dallas". DeM was a blue blooded White Russian aristocrat who took Oswald to parties attended by admirals, generals and the upper crust of Dallas society. In 1941 DeM was arrested in Mexico City in the company of Rodney MacArthur, nephew of General Douglas MacArthur, and charged with espionage. This was the third time DeM was charged with spying.

Pay special attention of WARREN COMMISSION document 533. In my opinion it is the most telling document in the entire 26 volumes. When arrested DeM had a letter of introduction from the chief of police of New Orleans and ))) more sinister ))) a similar letter over the signature of Nelson Rockefeller ))) along with two bank drafts from the CHASE MANHATTAN. This was when Nelson was head of the OFFICE OF INTER AMERICAN AFFAIRS ))) the precursor of OSS and CIA. Nelson literally recruited the agents which eventually became the Latin American wing of the CIA. What more need I say?

HOUSE Fully Empowers "OCTOBER SURPRISE" Investigative Committee!

Barbara Honeggger published the first article, held the first press conference and published OCTOBER SURPRISE, the first book revealing the OCTOBER SURPRISE scandal which alleged that members if the Reagan/Bush presidential campaign negotiated a weapons deal with the IRANIANS in exchange for a delay of the release of the American hostages until after the elections. On Feb. 5th of this year the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES determined that there was a basis to these allegations when they voted to empanel a full congressional investigation of OCTOBER SURPRISE. To this day the name Barbara Honegger remains unmentioned on CBS, ABC and NBC. Instead they refer to the damage control book by former National Security Council Advisor, Gary Sick, (incredibly) also entitled OCTOBER SURPRISE!

Voting strictly along party lines the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES empaneled an investigative committee with open ended time, open ended funding, full subpena power with testimony under oath. The chairman of the committee will be Rep. Lee Hamilton. Rep. Henry Hyde will be the ranking Republican. Now ))) brace yourselves for this ))) the chief council of the OCTOBER SURPRISE committee will be Lawrence Barcella ))) the former hot shot U.S. Attorney in the District of Columbia who was responsible for the prosecutions of CIA renegades Edwin Wilson and Frank Turpil!

This goes beyond belief! Without a doubt real life is stranger than any fiction. I would not believe this myself. Readers can not be expected to recognize the names Edwin Wilson, Frank Turpil or Lawrence Barcella since the most fascinating judicial events invariably are subjected to national news black)outs. There are two A +++ books covering the prosecution of Edwin Wislon and Frank Turpil that I implore readers to secure from their libraries or order from their bookstores. These are MANHUNT by Peter Maas and THE DEATH MERCHANT by Joseph C. Goulden. Readers have my guarantee that these non)fiction books will be more chilling than anything written by Robert Ludlum.

Today, Edwin Wilson (prisoner # 08237054) spends his time in a 12 foot square concrete cubicle in a special solitary)confinement corridor of the fortress)like maximum)security U.S. Penitentiary at Marion Illinois. He has served 10 years of a 52 year sentence in total solitary confinement. This isolated cell block holds just 6 prisoners ))) one of them being the former Soviet spy Christopher Boyce (THE FALCON AND THE SNOWMAN).

Among many other such crimes, Wilson stands convicted of shipping 42,000 lbs of C)4 plastic explosives to Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi and contracting with 300 x)Green Berets to train Gaddafi's terrorists. Wilson's defence was that he was only following orders from CIA higher)ups. This claim is believable when our government's long history of building up enemy states is considered. As a result of all the muck stirred up by the Wilson prosecution CIA Director Stansfield Turner fired 800 covert opperatives in October of 1977 ))) the greatest purge in CIA history.

Prominent in this landmark CIA case was a company called EATSCO *)) short for EGYPTIAN AMERICAN TRANSPORT AND SERVICES COMPANY. Readers will have to refer to the above two recommended books for the detailed convoluted affairs of this company. It is simply not possible to do justice to this juicy matter in this short column. In a nutshell, EATSCO was formed in the aftermath of Jimmy Carter's Camp David Accords allegedly by Theodore Shackley (a shadowy figure often mentioned in this column but seldom mentioned elsewhere) his former CIA Deputy, Tom Clines, General Richard Secord (at the time Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for the Middle East) and Erich von Marbod, (former Chief Covert Operations Officer for the United States). The above mentioned patriots for profits created this company to transport 100% of the U.S. weapons to Israel and Egypt that were the payoff for the landmark peace agreement between these two nations.

One would have thought that the monopoly on all this transport would have been more than sufficient to underwrite the retirements of each individual 10 times over but these characters derailed their gravy train by skimming more than $8 million in unearned profits from weapons sales the first year.

White House fixer, Michael Ladeen, is reported to have approached Barcella to ask him to back off the Wilson case ))) that the $8 million was part of a covert operation. Ladeen's arguments apparently were unpersuasive, as Barcella preceded to convictions of both Ed Wilson and Frank Turpil. Turpil is currently avoiding his 56 year sentence by being a fugitive. It is doubtful however, that the U.S. intelligence community does not know where he is. Turpil was last seen leaving Grenada two days before the bloody cabinet coup that overturned the Maurice Bishop government (which was two weeks before the invasion of "Stormin' Norman". An account of this is contained in the appendix of Jonathan Kwitny's book ENDLESS ENEMIES.

While Edwin Wilson was training Gaddifi's terrorists, his close associate Frank Turpil was providing similar services for UGANDA's brutal ruler, Idi Amin. As a scoundrel on the grand stage of history, Turpil surpassed any creation of Ian Flemming. Turpil requested an office in the vicinity of Amin's torture chamber. He claimed that the screams of agony aided his concentration. One of Idi's favorite tortures involved strapping a steel bowl containing a wild rat to a victim's stomach. When a blow torch was applied to the steel bowl the rat would borough through the victims intestines. Idi was Turpil's kind of guy. Today the CIA claims Turpil cannot be found.

Here are a few points of reference. Ted Shackley was number 2 in the CIA when George Bush was number 1. The hostages for weapons deal with the Iranians was first initiated when Shackley approached U.S. government officials with the idea. Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz, the most decorated of all Green Beret Commanders, reported directly to Erich von Marbod as an agent of ISA. Gritz believed General Khun Sa, the heroin overlord of the Golden Triangle, when the general identified Shackley as his biggest customer for heroin.

I expect that readers of this column who do not read MANHUNT and THE DEATH MERCHANT will not believe a word I have written. I equally expect that those who go to this recommended effort will thereafter never view national network news with the same belief.


In mid August 1975 I was completing my first week of research for Congressman James V. Stanton. The preceding week Congressman Stanton was unexpectedly given the chairmanship of an important subcommittee of the House Intelligence Oversight Committee which was mandated to investigate allegations of secret police activity on the part of CIA and FBI. When I called to offer my research services and those of 4 law students from CLEVELAND MARSHALL LAW SCHOOL )) the congressman's alma mater )))Stanton assigned us to his administrative director, Mike Sweeney.

This first week we were studying the senate testimony of two noted capos of organized crime ))) Johnny Roselli and Sam Giancana. They had been called to testify before the CHURCH COMMITTEE, our sister committee in the Senate, about joint CIA/Mafia attempts to kill Fidel Castro. They had both cited the 5th amendment a countless number of times when asked about CIA connections with these contract hits and with the assassination of President Kennedy. They were both due to testify again )))) only this time they were being granted an involuntary immunity. This meant that if they did not answer all questions they could be cited for contempt of congress )))) carrying a possible 3 years imprisonment.

Two weeks before I joined the staff, Johnny Roselli's mutilated body turned up floating in an oil drum off the coast of Florida. This sets the stage for the day I walked into the office to find Mike Sweeney and the entire staff in a state of shock. On Mr. Sweeney's desk was the morning edition of the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER with a nondescript three paragraph story in the bottom right collum of the front page. Sam Giancana, the undisputed head of the Chicago mob for 30 years, had been shot 5 times through the face in his own home the night before!

What made this especially shocking to us was our knowledge that Giancana was under 24 hour FBI surveillance at the time. More shocking was the newspaper's omission of Giancana's upcoming Senate testimony ))) to us the obvious motive for the rub out. This omission troubled Sweeney, who dispatched me to the nearest newsstand to purchase the NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, LA TIMES and every out of town newspaper available. I returned with more than a dozen ))) all of which carried essentially the identical 3 nondescript paragraphs ))) all omitting the obvious motive! In a state that could medically be described as shock, Sweeney kept repeating "Tomorrow it could be one of us who is murdered and the newspapers would not mention what we were working on." Beyond our wildest imaginations we had just experienced our first "news black)out".

In 1977 I interviewed for the research staff of the SELECT COMMITTEE ON ASSASSINATIONS, the House committee empowered to investigate the assassinations of President Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Both Jacky Hess and Gerald Hamilton, the Deputy Directors of the Kennedy and King investigations respectively, strongly recommended me for hire. Their boss, Donovan Gay, the Research Director, said the committee had committed to hire 3 people before I was interviewed. He promised I would be the 4th person hired and they were intending to hire another 15 researchers and 15 investigators.

Unfortunately I misjudged the intentions of the committee. I didn't realize that the fix was in at the highest levels. In addition to 2 university presidents and a federal judge I made the mistake of including Penn Jones, perhaps the top JFK researcher in the nation, in my references. Both chief councils, Richard Sprague and Robert Blakey were cover)up specialists who addressed this problem by stopping the hiring process with me. When it was clear that the resolution to reinvestigate these assassinations would pass the House, a highly tenured congressman, whose congressional district just happened to include CIA Headquarters at Langley Field, signed on insuring that he would become chairman of the committee. This congressman, Thomas N. Downing then appointed Richard Sprague chief council. Sprague was a law partner of Arlen Specter, the council for the WARREN COMMISSION noted for the "magic bullet theory" (Today Specter represents Pennsylvania in the US Senate). Obviously my chances were doomed.

I could perceive that all the levels below the Chief Council were persons like myself in pursuit of the mandate of the committee. I had a special status since the staff assumed that I would be joining them some time soon. There is an up side and a down side to everything. Never officially hired, I never had to sign the life long nondisclosure agreement that Chief Council Robert Blakey insisted all researchers and investigators sign. Had I signed this I might be reluctant to be giving this information now.

I was determined to discover the mechanism that could "black out" the news nation wide. In 1977 I was in a fraternity of researchers surrounding the committee from which such inquiries could be launched. I found what I was looking for in a senate document called THE DISCLOSURE OF CORPORATE OWNERSHIP OF THE BROADCAST INDUSTRY (Document No. 93)62 93rd Congress 2nd Session March 4, 1974). In the ten page preface of this document is a description of the gravity of our present situation in language so simple every American can clearly understand.

This document clearly stated that by 1972 a hand full of international banks had illegally usurped corporate control of the entire broadcast industry! During a period when FCC regulations clearly prohibited ownership of more than 1% of a broadcast company, the CHASE MANHATTAN BANK alone held 14.1% of CBS, 6.7% of ABC, 4.5% of RCA the parent company of NBC, and 5% of TIME/LIFE. Elsewhere in the report a controlling interest was defined as 5% or more. I can assure the reader matters have only gotten much worse over the years.

This is why the air waves today are congested with trashy filler about the bad check scandal in congress at a time when the connections of all the top political figures in the nation to BCCI go unmentioned. The congressmen all eventually paid for those checks. No one lost money. The BCCI scandal is 10,000 times more serious.

In January, MONETARY AND ECONOMIC REVIEW reported that BCCI contributed copious amounts to both the Bush and Dukakus presidential campaigns. Now it emerges that Jackson Stephens, the largest contributor (a $2,000,000 "loan") to Bill Clinton was a founder of BCCI ))) but wait ))) that's not the worst of it. In 1988, Stephen's wife was the co)chair of the GEORGE BUSH FOR PRESIDENT COMMITTEE! As recently as 10 months ago, Stephens donated $100,000 to the Bush campaign! Those who fix our elections are so confident that the media will be controlled that they now take little pains to cover their tracks.

How Our Next President Will Be Selected

Readers ))))) Would you like the good news first or the bad news? The bad news is ))) if there is going to be any good news I am going to have to make it up.

FEMA takes over in Chicago, then Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta and Seattle. Three days before the retaining wall breaks (or was bombed) allowing river water to flood downtown Chicago, the FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY (FEMA) ))) the program drafted by Oliver North to supercede the constitution should the President declare a state of emergency )))) holds a regional meeting ))) in Chicago. Those in the know, know that the military never does anything without practicing first. Could FEMA be practicing for the day when the banks close?

Last month MONETARY AND ECONOMIC REVIEW broke the story concerning Jackson Stevens, the largest financial contributor to the BILL CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT CAMPAIGN. Stevens, the CEO of STEVENS INCORPORATED, one of this nation's largest investment banks, arranged a 2 million dollar line of credit when Clinton's campaign needed it the most. Individuals have a $1,000 contribution limit but money in unlimited amounts can be "loaned" to campaigns. What distinguishes Jackson Stevens is that he is also a primary guardian angel to the GEORGE BUSH FOR PRESIDENT CAMPAIGN, donating $100,000 less than 10 months earlier. In 1988, Stevens' wife at the time served as co)chair of the GEORGE BUSH FOR PRESIDENT COMMITTEE.

This alone is an atrocity and a total perversion of our system of government, but this Stevens matter keeps getting worse. There is incontrovertible evidence that it was Jackson Stevens who first introduced Hussein Abadi to Burt Lance and Clark Clifford ))) an introduction which lead to the covert BCCI takeover of FIRST AMERICAN )))the largest bank in our nation's capitol!!! BCCI is the ugliest scandal in world history.

For those who did not read the MONETARY AND ECONOMIC REVIEW August issue, BCCI was the drug money laundering bank that sponsored political assassination and blackmail at the highest levels of international government. One uncooperative client received a small box with the severed hand of his brother in law inside. The CIA used BCCI almost exclusively for the weapons deals with Iran and Iraq, the Contra War, the Afghan War and just about every other illegal and immoral operation. The WALL STREET JOURNAL recently reported that BCCI assets in FIRST AMERICAN have actually increased since the scandal broke last summer!

Pay special attention. There is an important lesson here. Jerry Brown could sink both George Bush and Bill Clinton in a single 30 second sound byte about Jackson Stevens. He could destroy them both with a 30 second sound byte about the CIA gun running and drug trafficking incidents in Mena, Arkansas. But he does not utter a word about these lethal issues. Do you think we know of these scandals and he does not? Anyone who thinks this should contact me immediately concerning a great buy in Arizona swamp land. Jerry Brown says nothing because he is reading from the same script as the others. His function is simply to give the American people the impression that they are having a fair election.

Jerry Brown announced that he would choose Jesse Jackson as his running mate. Jackson has $10,000 of BCCI money to explain. Barbara Reynolds, now an editor of USA TODAY, published the book JESSE JACKSON, THE MAN AND THE MYTH. One week before Martin Luther King was murdered in Memphis, King fired Jesse Jackson. None the less, Jackson was at the Lorain Motel at the time King was shot. According to Reynolds, Jackson behaved very questionably. It is her account that following the murder of King, Jackson smeared chicken blood on his clothing and immediately boarded a plane for Chicago where there just happened to be a meeting of black leaders in progress. Jackson stormed the podium and made a fiery speech claiming that "Dr. King died in my arms tonight". This was a lie.

There is a very telling FBI document in the appendix of James Earl Ray's book, WHO MURDERED MARTIN LUTHER KING? Ray, the alleged killer of Dr. King, like Lee Harvey Oswald, was never given a trial. The document in question is a memo from J. A. Sizoo to William Sullivan referencing a memorandum of Cartha DeLoach. All three are high officials of the FBI. William Sullivan was number three in Hovers's FBI. He was in charge of COINTELPRO. DeLoach was in charge of Hoover's program to harass Dr. King.

After the murder, DeLoach was placed in charge of the murder investigation. The Chief of Memphis police, Frank Holloman, who called off the police detail assigned to guard Dr. King 2 hours before the shooting, had worked closely with J. Edgar Hoover for 25 years. There was another black undercover FBI agent on the balcony the precise moment of the shooting. With DeLoach running the investigation, Hover was never considered the primary suspect. T T

This FBI document dated December 1, 1964 is complete except for one name which is blacked out throughout. It is clear from the rest of the document that this blacked out portion is referring a black leader of stature. Here are direct quotes form this document: "BLANK stated to DeLoach that he was faced with the difficult problem of taking steps to remove King from the national picture." "That DeLoach suggest that BLANK might desire to call a meeting of Negro leaders in the country which might include, for instance, 2 or 3 top leaders in the civil rights movement such as James Farmer and A. Philip Randolph ........." At this meeting information was to be provided which would convince the leaders that Dr. King was a danger to the over)all civil rights movement. The memo concluded with the ominous statement, "This might have the effect of increasing the stature of BLANK who is a capable person and is ambitious."

It is not possible to read through the black portions but it is possible to count the number of spaces. There are seven letters in this leader's last name. J)A)C)K)S)O)N ? Let us face it. There are only a finite number of possibilities. Jesse Jackson is one. Did the FBI select Jesse Jackson to become the next black leader when they killed Dr. King? The tenor of this memo makes it clear that this section of FBI thought they had a mandate to "run" the civil rights movement.

Remember when Jesse Jackson flew to Syria to negotiate the release of a downed American airman? As I watched Jackson and the released airman deplane before the TV cameras of 30 stations I marveled at the photo opportunity. The stature of Jackson was being built. When an airman is downed in a foreign country there would typically be a 3 week debriefing in West Germany. This was so staged. Remember who gave Jackson the money for this mission? H. Ross Perot. H. Ross is no outsider. Recall his long years of service on the CIVILIAN INTELLIGENCE OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE.

A short discussion of H. Ross will complete this treatise on the utter depravity of American presidential possibilities. Certainly when sheer ability is considered, H. Ross finishes light years ahead of Bush and Clinton. After all, aside from bare faced lying to the public, what talents do Bush and Clinton have? T @ T

In 1962 Perot left the employ of IBM to start his own company with start)up capital of $1,000. By 1969 Perot was flying his lime green private jet to Long Tien air base in Laos to spend Christmas with the TAC pilots. Long Tien was then considered to be "the most secret place on earth". Those in the intelligence community called it "spook heaven". It was from Long Tien that the Tactical Air Command coordinated the bombing of the Ho Chi Minh Trial in what was called the "secret war in Laos". It was both one of the busiest airports as well as being the most secret.

It was at Long Tien that the CIA gathered the opium crop which provided the financing for this war of which the American public was never informed and congress never appropriated funds. The CIA backed the opium warlord, Van Pao. On his Christmas visit Perot made a present to Van Pao of a gold plated western style 45 caliber pistol. This became Van Pao's prize possession and symbol of authority. This and more is covered in Christopher Robbins CIA commissioned book THE RAVENS. Obviously H. Ross knows more about the CIA's involvement in the narcotics trade than I do. What I know outrages me to the point that I do not care what the risks are ))) I must warn my fellow Americans. But H. Ross says nothing.

As for Pat Buchanan, clearly he was nothing but a shill for George Bush. Everyone who voted for Buchanan will vote for Bush. Buchanan said he was running for president because he was highly critical of George Bush BUT HE THOUGHT RONALD REAGAN WOULD GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS THE GREATEST AMERICAN PRESIDENT. He must think people are really stupid. It is difficult to see how anyone outside the international banking community could view tripling the national debt as great. And all but the weakly informed know that Bush was running the Reagan administration. Pat, you can not have it both ways.

Now the good news. The polls indicate Perot will carry Texas. In fact in a three way race Perot will deny Bush and Clinton the majority of electorial votes needed to win. That means that the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES will select the next president which means that even I have a chance to become president! Given the mood in America to "toss the scoundrels out" perhaps we could elect an entirely new HOUSE that could against all odds elect a president that would represent the people and not the billionaires.

As president, I would select Robert Groden as my Attorney General and assign him the murders of JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King and the attempt on the life of George Wallace. I would make Fletcher Prouty my Secretary of State and Victor Marchetti Director of CIA. Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz would be both Secretary of Defence and Vice President. That appointment would make people think twice before trying to catch me in the center of triangulated fire.

Remember I warned the reader that I was going to have to make up the good news. Here according to the 12th Amendment of the Constitution are the rules that will govern the selection of our next president. Unfortunately the choice is limited to " the 3 top candidates" so that means Bush, Clinton or Perot. And the worst news is that if Congress can not arrive at a majority vote by March 4 ))) Dan Quayle becomes president.


I had an occasion to discuss the Ross Perot features of my last article with my congressman, Jon Kyl. Representing all of North Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Carefree (Az), Jon's congressional district may represent the highest per capita income in the UNITED STATES. Be assured that Jon Kyl does especially well by his constituents and by the REPUBLICAN PARTY. He is responsible for the legislation auditing the House Bank which proved so devastating to DEMOCRATS but hurt surprisingly few REPUBLICANS. This coup has provided, without a doubt, the single)most effective issue for the REPUBLICANS in the coming elections.

As far as the REPUBLICAN brain trust is concerned, Jon Kyl is about as "inside" and essential as one can get. However, apparently no one had appraised him of the swarmy BCCI connections of Jackson Stevens, the principal financier of Bill Clinton and the substantial and long term financial backer of George Bush.

No one ever accused Jon of not being a quick study. After the BILDERBERGER scheme (to run H. Ross Perot to draw enough votes from Bush so that their man, Bill Clinton, gets into the White House) was outlined to Kyl he turned and pounded his fist into his palm ))) realizing the betrayal that is becoming more and more obvious to the rest of us with each passing day. Kyl is stuck pouring his heart and soul into the Bush campaign in an election that is fixed against him. Take note. Even at his level one is not safe from betrayal.

Martin Anderson, Barbara Honegger's former boss at HOOVER INSTITUTE\STANFORD UNIVERSITY, who recruited her into the Reagan administration, published the book REVOLUTION in 1988 about events on the PRESIDENT'S FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE ADVISORY BOARD (PFIAB) that lead up to the IRAN\CONTRA scandal. The door of the PFIA Board was located just 65 feet from the door of CIA Director William Casey. Oliver North's office was just down the hall.

In addition to Martin Anderson, the PFIA Board included one H. Ross Perot. This civilian intelligence oversight board reviewed, and presumably signed off on, all clandestine operations of the UNITED STATES (CIA, DIA, FBI, NSA, SECRET SERVICE ))) the entire PRETROIAN GUARD!!!). Perot's tenure was distinguished by the illegal arming of IRAN and IRAQ as well as the emergence of BCCIT h) Tas the principal money launderer of CIA black ops.

If the reader is inclined to think that the PFIA Board was of no great consequence, note should be taken of the ilk of the other board members: Rockefeller operative Henry Kissinger, WARREN COMMISSION and WATERGATE cover)up specialist Leon Jaworski, Jeane Kirkpatric, Clare Booth Luce, Alexander "I'M in charge here" Hague, William Casey. Anderson's book includes a photo of the PFIA Board taken subsequent to the shooting of President Reagan. In this photo is H.Ross Perot sitting next to PFIA Board member Edward Benett Williams ))) the defence attorney for the would be assassin John Hinkley!

Note should be taken that John Hinkley's father was a close family friend and close business associate of George Bush. At the time of the shooting Hinkely Sr. was number 2 in a CIA front called WORLD VISION SOCIETY. This group which purports to be concerned with feeding the world's hungry in reality runs refugee camps world wide from which assassins are recruited. WORLD VISION ran the camp for Cuban refugees at Fort Chaffee where Mark Chapman once worked )))Mark Chapman the assassin of anti*establishment activist John Lenon.

Martin Anderson, who distinguishes himself in this book as a kiss up artist, says suspiciously little of H. Ross ))) except that Perot "resigned in disgust" shortly before the purge of PFIA in 1985. Perhaps this resignation could also be characterized as the jumping of ship of one very well informed rat since Perot's timing could not have been more perfect for avoiding the so called IRAN\CONTRA scandal.

Those who are looking to Perot to restore constitutional government to this country would be most disillusioned if he were to win. His record demonstrates an abiding love affair with covert operations, always done in secret and never with the consent of the governed. H. Ross may be able to make the trains run on time ))) but would there be a constitution when he left office?

Directly following my work for Congressman Jim Stanton and the congressional committees that investigated CIA and FBI I came to Phoenix to begin a graduate program at ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY. Once settled, I was presented with a rare opportunity to aid the progress of my chief scientific concern, our nation's advanced space development program.

Senator Goldwater had not only been answering my letters on this subject but taking very substantive action. Not only was Goldwater receptive but John Rhodes found these potentials equally fascinating. Between Goldwater, who was the senate's most influential senator and Rhodes, who was the powerful REPUBLICAN Minority Leader, I found myself in a rare position toT h) Tserve as a scientific liaison between these giants of government and some of the world's top scientists.

I was already acquainted with the Princeton Physicist, Dr. Girard O'Neill, perhaps the world's greatest living scientist. I added Dr. James Van Allen, the Nobel Laureate and many other notable scientists to my acquaintance. Girard O'Neill, with his novel concepts for the eventual human habitation of space, was the unquestioned leader in the scientific community of the "maned space" program and Van Allen, who defined the payloads of every significant robotic space probe from our first VANGUARD satellite through MARINER, VIKING, VOYAGER, GALILEO and many others, was the unquestioned leader of the "unmanned" space program.

During a period of 8 years, acting as a liaison between these great scientists and Goldwater and Rhodes I played a role in very significant space legislation. In a future column I will explain the worst betrayal of all ))) the intentional destruction of our nation's commercial space program. I am ashamed to say this was done by the exact kinds of Judas goat counterfeit conservatives that I will now describe.

I was in Senator Goldwater's Phoenix office the Monday after the 1980 REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION. As the keynote speaker on the last day of the convention, Goldwater was addressing the largest TV audience in network history. At the end, he put down his notes and said what should have staggered the nation. "This could be the last REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION and in two weeks the last DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION. There are dark forces working from within our nation to subvert our constitution." (These words are found in the appendix of Goldwater's book WITH NO APOLOGIES.)

I spoke to Goldwater's Administrative Director Tom Dunlevy the Monday following the convention. Among the three or four books Tom kept on his desk was Gary Allen's NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY. It was dog eared and ragged showing how often it was used for reference. As an operative for the senator, Tom was an insider at the convention. As we spoke, the receptionist took call after call repeating the same words. "Yes that is what the senator said. Yes he was referring to the TRILATERAL COMMISSION. Yes. Yes. Yes." In the 2 1\2 hours I was there these words were repeated hundreds of times. Yet no commentators referenced these remarks and not one drop of ink appeared in the nation's newspapers!

Those of us who had worked so hard for Reagan assumed that he would be carrying the conservative banner for the coalition that Barry Goldwater had created. I will always remember the very words of Tom Dunlevy following my protest of the selection of George Bush for VP. They were etched into my mind. "We didn't like that either. It was a deal with the Devil. Henry KissingerT h) Tand Gerald Ford, present at the convention as agents of David Rockefeller, assured Reagan the presidency if he accepted Bush on the ticket. Otherwise Rockefeller would swing the election to Carter."

Cleon Skousen spoke with Reagan at the convention, both before and after the Bush decision, and related how Reagan told how Kissinger and Ford with the support of Walter Cronkite coerced him. According to Skousen these are Reagan's very words "They showed me the brush by which I would be tared if I did not go along." After the election, when George Bush's top man, campaign manager James Baker, became Reagan's chief of staff ))) the one person who controlled who saw the president ))) the betrayal of conservatism was complete.

After the PIKE COMMITTEE and the CHURCH COMMITTEE went after the rapidly escalating abuses of power by the CIA and its intelligence allies, Paul Weyrich formed COMMITTEE FOR A FREE CONGRESS and was 100% effective defeating the CIA's opponents in the 1978 elections. The targets were called "liberals". This sent a message to congress and no effort to go after the CIA has followed. Today Weyrich is believed to be secretly behind more that 200 organizations purporting to be conservative. He is the hidden agenda behind the rapidly syndicating Rush Linbaugh. Rush, who panders to the worst ignorance in America, purports to be the archetypal conservative while being the nation's most strenuous supporter of conservatism's arch betrayer, George Bush. Rush is rather the archetypal Judas goat ))) the perfect example of the counterfeit conservative.

It was Weyrich who first proposed Clarence Thomas to Sununu. Although Thomas looks very good, look out for surprises there. Weyrich made 23 trips to the eastern bloc countries directly preceding the "collapse of communism" ))) which I can prove had been planned 18 years in advance. He owns Boris Yeltsin. There is no end to his power.

Most notable among Weyrich's propaganda creations is the HERITAGE FOUNDATION. Flip the TV chancel during the 11:00 PM news and you are likely to find HERITAGE FOUNDATION members giving "expert opinion" on all stations ))) sometimes identified as HERITAGE ))* many times not. George Will, J. Peter Grace (the US head of KNIGHTS OF MALTA), Jeane Kirkpatric, Frank Shakespeare, Alexander Hague, these are some of HERITAGE FOUNDATION'S counterfeit conservatives. HERITAGE follows a pattern of Weyrich organizations which push a left wing agenda with right wing rhetoric. HERITAGE is the closest thing in America to a Nazi think tank.

Today on programs like McGLAUGHLIN REPORT, DAVID BRINKELY, CROSSFIRE ))) every such program in fact ))) all we are allowed to see are CIA apologists "on the right" vs CIA apologists "on the left". Viewers are expected to believe they are getting "both sides"! The meanings of conservative and liberal are soT h) Tbastardized that we find the TV "conservatives" advocating foreign interventions, foreign aid (even to the USSR!!!) big spending, big government, mindless support for secret government, opposition to conservation and welfare for the super rich. All that we are allowed to see are counterfeit conservatives. Perhaps the best of the lot is William F. Buckley who was the first person E. Howard Hunt hired when he became CIA Station Chief in Mexico City. When his principals conflict with CIA policy Buckley remains silent.

The ugly truth is that almost all the propaganda organizations that purport to be anti Henry Kissinger and anti Theodore Shackley were set us by Kissinger and Shackley. I have discovered the most active organizations on both the right and the left to be front organizations. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels would have been envious of the propaganda apparatus in place in this country.


If H. Ross Perot had subscribed to MONETARY AND ECONOMIC REVIEW, he could have come to one of the conclusions that he stated drove him to withdrawal from the race for the presidency 3 months and $10 million sooner. Now that he has dropped out, he is still paying his supporters to collect names on nominating petitions. What does this intelligence Czar want with these names and addresses?

I stand by my conclusion that Perot only entered the race to tip the presidency to Bill Clinton ))) a favor for the international bankers. Now he believes that he can accomplish the same end while saving some bucks. It is hard to miss the fact that his other reason for dropping out was "the revitalization of the Democratic Party" or that the timing at the height of the Democratic National Convention could not have been more favorable to the Clinton campaign.

Readers should perhaps take solace in the fact that the presidential contest will have no more impact on their individual lives than the Olympics or the Super Bowl. Enormously entertaining ))) yes. Significant ))) no. Those who rule America do not take orders from presidents ))) they give them. Despite the Madison Avenue flimflam ))) Bush, Clinton or Perot could not be more identical.

I almost dropped my teeth when Clinton stated in his acceptance speech that he was indebted to his GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY professor, Dr. Carol Quigly, for his world view. Dr. Carol Quigly was the official archivist for David Rockfeller's COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS. It is Dr. Quigly's opinion, boldly stated in his apologetic book on the CFR, TRAGEDY AND HOPE, that all presidential elections are fixed!

If readers have trouble finding TRAGEDY AND HOPE, they may have less trouble finding Cleon Scousen's book THE NAKED CAPITALIST, which is Scousen's indignant reply to the unabashed elitist perspectives put forward in Quigly's book. When Clinton responds to questions about current unrest in the Middle East with "I THINK IT BEST IF WE LET THE U.N. DECIDE THESE MATTERS" ))) let there be no mistake what his antecedents are.


Last issue the "new right" intelligence fronts revolving around Paul Wyrich were expolsed ))) hundreds of them including noise makers like Rush Linbaugh. Make no mistake. Those who rule America intend total control of both RIGHT and LEFT. The most active "dissident" organizations both right and left are intelligence fronts controlled by the same center. While Wyrich, without doubt, has the most active network on the right, the CHRISTIC INSTITUTE has without a doubt been the most active organization on the left.

CHRISTIC claims that they won the Karen Silkwood case against UNION CARBIDE but that is not so. Last month CHRISTIC dismantled their Washington D.C. office after utterly failing with their last cause ))) exposing Theodore Shackley, Oliver North, General Richard Secord, Albert Hakem, General John Singlaub, Santos Trafficanti and other members of what they called the ENTERPRISE in massive illegal gun running and drug trafficking ))) which was all true. Shackley and company stirred up a massive number of law suits originating from their NICARAGUAN CONTRA campaign which the CHRISTIC conveniently bundled all together and sunk all at one time.

Originally funded by the ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION, the Jesuit CHRISTIC INSTITUTE also received copious amounts from Hilary Clinton's foundation! Like the Wyrich organizations did on the right, CHRISTIC went through the left leaning communities ))) like Hollywood ))) with a vacuum cleaner sucking out the goodwill dollars ))) and they took in millions. I am convinced that a primary purpose of these organizations is to bleed away the goodwill dollars of legitimately concerned citizens so that funds are not available for front line researchers like Barbara Honegger, Robert Groden and Bo Gritz.

Of course the more primary purpose for these front organizations is more sinister. Any person not initiated into the sophisticated methods of the intelligence community will be asking )) Why would Henry Kissinger and Theodore Shackley set up organizations that purport to expose and oppose themselves? To understand the logic of doing this, one must first imagine what it must be like to be an enormously powerful person. How better to protect one's own safety than to control this kind of organization?

In George Orwell's classic work on total government, "1984", we find that the Party was in complete control of the "underground". When the Bolsheviks took over Russia, the first thing the intelligence chief, Felix Drizinski, did (with funding from British Intelligence) was to set up the "TRUST" which purported to be an underground organization dedicated to overthrowing the Bolsheviks.

These organizations put out their truth in such limited editions that they never impact the masses but they do draw in persons who think they are sharing damaging information with those who will do something. This way Kissinger and Shackley can exert damage control on information far more damaging to them than what their fronts are putting out.

I must admit that I was dragged to this conclusion about CHRISTIC kicking and screaming in resistance over a period of two years. Fletcher Prouty told me back then that CHRISTIC was not for real. But there were so many other people of stature taken in by this fabulous front that I eventually required overwhelming substantiation.

CHRISTIC held a satellite conference broadcast to 32 major cities that included predominantly my speakers revealing the truth of our government's involvement in narcotics trafficking. This conference, CAUSES AND CURES, was the finest broadcast of its kind on this suppressed topic. It was the kind of thing that makes one want to believe.

The truth presented to insignificantly small numbers of people does little harm to those being exposed. This conference drew only a dozen people in Phoenix and similar numbers in the other cities. While this conference did little to inform the masses, it undoubtedly prompted many unsuspecting to come forward with information of government drug trafficking. Such fronts also give the impression that there is such a thing as free speech in AMERICA.

The CHRISTIC suit grew out of a CIA assassination attempt on the life of popular Nicaraguan resistance leader Edin Pastora in a bomb attempt during a press conference at La Penca, Nicaragua. A big stink developed when CHRISTIC followers learned that the CHRISTIC's chief investigator for this incident was Robert Billings ))) the cover)up specialist who received the assignment of writing the final report of the HOUSE SELECT COMMITTEE ON ASSASSINATIONS. One does not get such a sensitive assignment by answering an add in the WALL STREET JOURNAL. Such assignments fall only to those of extream trust within the U.S. intelligence community. Bill McCoy, an investigator of unquestioned integrity who worked during the early years on this case, stated that the CHRISTIC never conducted an investigation of LA PENCA but "only held press conferences".

When I called Daniel Sheahan, the Chairman of CHRISTIC, and offered him free of charge thousands of dollars of research linking Charlie Keating and the AMERICAN CONTINENTAL scandal with General Singlaub and the CIA operations in Latin America, his very words were "This makes our whole case". Indeed it did. But after spending millions of dollars on his suit, did Sheahan send an investigator out to Phoenix to gather the evidence? Did he even make one return phone call? NO! I had to include this matter in my voluminous SUSPICIOUSLY UNINTERESTED file.

In our conversation Sheahan mentioned he once worked for the law firm representing Santos Trafficanti, the mafia heroin kingpin involved in his case. What a coincidence. Then I learned that his chief witness, Jack Terrill, was back in the Philippines working a CIA assignment. Knowing all this I was still willing to believe in the integrity of CHRISTIC because ))) after all )) without them there was almost no one getting the word out about federal government drug trafficking. Being presented with a credible source that was identifying Martha Honey and Tony Avagone, the plaintiffs in the CHRISTIC suit, as former agents of Theodore Shackley was finally enough for me to see the light.

Last week Rush Linbaugh mentioned that it was through the CHRISTIC INSTITUTE that H.Ross Perot investigated the George Bush family. If one begins with H. Ross Perot and the other members of the PRESIDENT'S FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE ADVISORY BOARD, Paul Wyrich and J. Peter Grace one can expand outward to almost every propaganda organization on the right and the left making noise in America. Not only is J. Peter Grace is the Godfather of TV evangelist Pat Robertson's children but he is also the backer of the TOM DONAHUE SHOW on the CHUCK HARDER NETWORK (which also seems to be supporting our viewpoint). I will reserve a discussion of the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY and Willis Carto's LIBERTY LOBBY/SPOTLIGHT for another day.

People like Rush Linbaugh can set themselves up as conservative icons only because true conservatives are never allowed to challenge him. I called Rush's program last week. I figured that his producer must screen his calls very carefully since there is never anything but an unending train of adulation emanating from callers purporting to be conservatives. I know how to deal with this kind of censorship scam. Tell the producer how great the host and prepare the ambush. What a surprise! Rush has a new twist.

Just as when one calls a program like the LARRY KING SHOW (with 12 million listeners) one must expect 40 or 50 busies before getting through. That is what the automatic redial button on the telephone is for. However something very different happens on Rush's lines. After about 20 busies one gets a ring which is never answered! After 5 minutes of ringing a recording comes on saying "Your party is not answering. Your call will now be disconnected."

Being somewhat scientific, I tried this until I got this recording more than 30 times! Rush's calls are all set up! Approved callers are given a special number. Calls from the public are not welcome! I called the 800 operator. With all the millions that network takes in they do not maintain a listing with the 800 operator for RUSH LINBAUGH SHOW, EIB NETWORK or EXCELLENCE IN BROADCASTING NETWORK! The operator characterized this as very unusual. Try this exercise yourself. His number is 800)282)2882. George Bush's top "conserative" apologist is a fraud!


I have just received a review copy of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty's latest book ))) due to be released September 23rd. by CAROL PUBLISHING under the title JFK: THE CIA, VIETNAM AND THE ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT KENNEDY. This is the most significant book of its kind to be published in 20 years. I urge every MER reader to call his local bookstore and place his order now.

Many have alleged that the CIA and its intelligence allies have financed and directed both right and left wing armies and clashed them in "phoney communistic wars". Many have also alleged an unholy alliance between CIA and KGB employing these morally depraved methods. Previously these contentions were made by outsiders like Anthony Sutton and Gary Allen. Now all this is presented in startling detail by an insider who was the liaison between the Secretary of Defence and the CIA Director at the time of the JFK murder.


Recently I attended a large rally of 1,000 people organized to support independent candidates. I was amazed to see the large number of MER articles that had reached the key activists there. MER readers have targeted their letters wisely. Well done. This will result in expanding MER readership to the level it deserves. To guarantee this, be sure to include the 800 number with articles you send to friends. Larry Bates is gifted in his understanding that political, financial and spiritual survival must proceed in tandem. It is up to you to evangelize his unprecidented work.

Readers always ask ))) How can I resist this multi)trillion dollar global criminal conspiracy? My answer is ))) Find someone operating more on the front lines than yourself and put financial resources at their disposal. This is what I do. I am aware of more than 50 front line researchers ))) far more vital than myself ))) who are pained even to find the funds to pay their monthly phone bills. If you are inclined to help facilitate researchers like those I mention in my articles, I will match one of these with your interests. You will become privy to state of the art information as you strike fear into the hearts of the David Rockfellers. Write to me c/o MER.


Just when Arizona was starting to recover from the assault on its public image caused by the world wide notoriety of the Martin Luther King Holiday/Governor Ev Mecham Impeachment controversy, 9 Buddhist monks turn up dead in what has all the appearances of a military style execution. Particularly heinous about this crime is the fact that Buddhist monks are perhaps the most gentle people in the world. Murder of a Buddhist monde my phone number and suggestion of debates and addresses on college campuses. I will enhance your % for business that results from this.

I have arrangements for an agency fee of 30% of honorariums with my speakers. I think we should ask in the range of $2,500 to $2,000 for maximum exposure. I have two good people working for me out of Orlando Florida.

There is a great deal I wish to send to you but in the interest of moving things along I want to get this off to you now.

My very best regards for your wonderful work,



September 3, 1991 offered to plan a scheduled trip to Phoenix to coincide with SCC's Earth week and speak for free but I was unable to confirm this for him in time.

I rejected Jim's suggestion of David Foreman of EARTH FIRST on the grounds that he wanted $6,000.

I offered Harry Braun and George Paul for $1,000 each which is less than half of what other universities pay (and the same price as ASU). George Paul is a key player on a global level whose work I consider to be so significant that I am donating my fee (as he is also) to his FOUNDATION FOR BIODIVERSITY. Some scientists estimate that 3/4 of the animal species my die out over the next 25 years. George is important to prevent this.

I know of three professors on your campus who are excellent speakers on environmental subjects. You are the collectiveT h) Tbuyers for 10,000 students. They are entitled to the finest programs. Should you elect to combine all these inspiring people your program will be several times more impressive than ASU's Earth Week for the same cost.

I believe my motives have been badly misconstrued. I made two trips to ASU and arranged 7 speakers for ASASU(of 15 total) for $3,500. I also arranged 3 speakers for the Honors Program of the Business College. The program I proposed for SCC makes only $300 for me. Objectively I do not believe you can attach a monetary motive for the efforts I have made.

I persuaded Steve McCloud to assist me in arranging events for Robert Groden on the east coast which I believe suits him better than moping floors. I regret that he felt he did not have the time to do both this and participate in student government.

Please call me to share your thoughts regarding earth week.

Best regards,


P.S. I am enclosing the document Sherman mentioned.


Party knowledge that Shackley has been a major player in international narcotics trafficking and that "Shackley parked Terry Burke at DEA to baby sit Shackley's drug operations there." I think you realize that this information is precisely the link I was looking for but more definitive than anything I expected to uncover in my wildest dreams.

This person is willing. Since this matter involves allegations of corruption at the highest levels I do not recommend or see any reason why this information should be shared by you with anyone else before this deposition is taken. dating back to the Miami CIA station under Theodore Shackley and Tom Clines at the time of the John Kennedy assassination. Subsequent to that, Burke served as CIA station chief in Laos! All this before Burke became the number two man at DEA. According to Gene Wheaton, retired military Criminal Investigations Division, Burke was "parked at DEA by Theodore Shackley to baby sit Shackley's CIA drug Business".

I found the AMERICA WEST AIRLINE drug trafficking trial fascinating. Patrick Thurston, Vice President of Operations AMERICA WEST, Bob Russell, Chief of Pilots, and Carl Wobser, a captain, all pleaded guilty to multiple counts of narcotics trafficking. They had purchased a DC 6 and embarked upon aT h) Tcareer in the drug trade. Unfortunately for them their plane, which they maxed out electronically, had chronic engine problems which required them to touch down unexpectedly in several countries. This was more than embarrassing since they had not filed flight plans. On one such emergency stop in Aruba, on the way back from Columbia, their plane was found packed with marijuana. There is reason to believe that their intended cargo was cocaine and that after a mix)up they did not wish to fly back empty. Dispite the lofty positions these men held with AMERICA WEST they seemed to have no dificulity getting time off for their drug flights and AMERICA WEST wanted to rehire Russell after his 6 months in the Federal country club.

Twenty percent of the stock of AMERICA WEST was owned by ANSETT AIRLINES of Australia and 55% of ANSETT was held by Sir Peter Ables and Rupert Murdock. We know from Jonathan Kwitney's book THE CRIMES OF PATRIOTS that Burny Houghton, perhaps the key figure in the founding of the CIA drug money laundering bank NUGAN)HAND in Australia, had coffee with Sir Peter Ables the night of his first day in Australia.

I watched Assistant U.S. Attorney James Lacey prosecute both rounds of this case. The three AMERICAN WEST pilots had all plea bargained out. If they did not testify truthfully about the others in the case they would be looking forward to serious time. Lacey prosecutes all the large narcotics cases in Arizona. Because he is the son of Frederic Lacey, the federal judge appointed by the Justice Department to be administrator of the TEAMSTERS UNION, Jim Lacey has unusual clout in the U.S. Attorney's office here. Although Lacey could not deny the pertinence of the information I gave him it was clear that he did not want to know where this case ultimately led. I watched him play patty cake with the defendants when he should have been playing hard ball.

The plot began in July of 1986 when Helmut Bubbel called Thurston from Alaska and arranged a meeting at the ARIZONA BILTMORE RESORT HOTEL with Thurston and the other pilots. Ten days later they met again in Bangkok Thailand to arrange their first cargo. Their original plan was to make their pick up in communist Laos. One doesn't go to the great difficulty to travel to restricted Laos to purchase marijuana or Thai stick as the pilots claimed. Pot is legal in Thailand. One goes to Laos for heroin. Thurston testified that his cut of this first flight was to be one million dollars. When I ran the numbers for Lacey it was obvious that only a heroin cargo would generate this amount of profit. With the DC 6 three or four flights a year would have provided the entire US requirement for heroin.T h) T

It was well known that Thurston was formerly a CIA pilot for AIR AMERICA supporting the secret war in LAOS. Several employees of AMERICA WEST told me that all three pilots worked for military intelligence. I pleaded with Lacey to check the military records of the defendants. I know that he never did. I told him that Helmut Bubbel fit the perfect CIA profile and that he was probably the highest ranking member of the plot. After several unscheduled stops overseas made it clear to the pilots that they would be caught, it was Bubbel that the pilots closed ranks to protect.

The military record of Bubbel would never have been known except that the author Ken Coontz, author of THE FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER came forward as a character witness for Bubbel. THE FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER was about Bubbel's experiences as a carrier pilot during the VIETNAM war.

Col. L. Fletcher Prouty relates how Ronald Reagan's Secretary of the Navy, John Lehman set about gaining public support for his coveted "600 ship Navy" )) this the largest the world has ever known. In order to create sex appeal for all this high tech weaponry, Lehman assigned 5 instructors of submarine warfare from ANNAPOLIS to Tom Clancy, author of THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER and many other such best sellers which depended on this inside knowledge and unprecedented cooperation with DOD. Clancy's endorsement is on the back of Coontz's FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER. In fact Coontz's book and movie is an exact carbon copy of Tom Clancy. It is most significant to note that John Lehman was running the John Poindexter/Oliver North operation. Lymann quietly retired when the IRAN/CONTRA scandal first broke.

In 1943, after an unsuccessful attempt to take over the 5 organized crime families of New York, narcotics king pin Joe Bonnono moved to Arizona. When Customs tried to deport Bonnono, Evo DeConcini, father of Arizona Senator Dennis DeConcini, and an Arizona Supreme Court judge at the time, mounted a strong defence for his friend Joe Bonnono. Evo went on to amass a fabulous fortune and Arizona became the number one narcotics trafficking state in the US. Dennis now sits as co)chair of the SENATE NARCOTICS CONTROL COMMITTEE.

In Joe Bonnano's book MAN OF HONOR, Bonnono provides pictures of Evo DeConcini socializing with Bonnono, Joseph Profaci and Joseph Magliocco ))) three of the very king pins of the narcotics industry. Dennis is on record with the ridiculous statement that he thought his father's unusual friend was "a retired cheeseT h) Tmaker from Wisconsin". Chuck Bonnono was snuffed a week after the monks in Sedona Arizona indicating unrest in the industry.

From the above it is easy to surmise that law enforcement here will apply all the diligence to the murders of the monks that they gave to the LAGUNA ARMY AIR BASE case and the AMERICA WEST case. We should look for the same results.


In the weeks preceding our nation's two national political party convention extravaganzas, congress voted by a wide margin to extend unemployment benefits an extra 26 weeks. How fitting. What would free circuses be without free bread?

It was expected that the REPUBLICANS would greatly surpass the DEMOCRATS in lies per second. After all the DEMOCRATS only had to lie about what they intended to do ))) the REPUBLICANS were saddled not only with this but with the additional burden of lying about what they have done over the last 12 years ))) and what they have done is a crime of unfathomable magnitude.

Certainly the REPUBLICAN claim of the final defeat of world wide communism sounded impressive for almost every person listening. The truth in this matter is far different. If the American public could learn in sufficient numbers what was behind this charade they would be calling for Nurenburg)type trials and demanding capital punishment for Bush and his accomplices.

Contrary to the reports of Dan Rather and Ted Kopel there was nothing spontaneous or unexpected about the fall of communism in Eastern Europe or the Soviet Union. In fact proving it was all planned 18 years in advance is rather simple. Col. L. Fletcher Prouty sent me a document which was never intended to reach the public domain. This was the program for A LOOK AT BUSINESS IN 1990: A SUMMARY OF THE WHITE HOUSE CONFERENCE ON THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD AHEAD ))) held February 7)9, 1972 in Washington, D.C. This conference, staged during the term of President Richard Nixon, brought together 1,800 Chief Executive Officers of every major U.S. multinational corporation with their counterparts from the USSR and the eastern bloc nations. This event was unprecedented in all of human history. As Col. Prouty stated "These CEOs came themselves, they didn't send their flunkies".

These secessions were chaired by Maurice Stans, Nixon's Secretary of Commerce, who retired after the conference to dedicate the rest of his career to marring the industrial interests of East and West. A similar conference has been held ever subsequent year. One such conference was going on precisely when the downing of Korean Airliner 007 was blamed on the USSR.

As Ronald Reagan was denouncing the USSR as "An evil empire" Senator Robert Dole was reading a letter from Reagan to this group which said essentially ))) "Let us all trade together and make tons of money". The Soviet leaders knew Reagan's fiery rhetoric was intended only for domestic consumption. Why not take the blame for KA 007 ))) after all, the USSR was getting exactly what they wanted most in the world. And in the US the downing of KA 007 was the foundation of Reagan's effort to successfully double the defence budget. As Prouty has stated "Never has one incident involved more lies and made more money."T h) T

In this program, under the title CHANGES IN ECONOMIC SYSTEMS, is a cogent paragraph by Roy Ash, the CEO of the major defence contractor LITTON INDUSTRIES presenting the conference conclusions in the summary session. I quote in full. "Mr. Ash began the discussion with a statement that state capitalism may well be a form for world business in the world ahead; that the western countries are trending toward a more unified and controlled economy, having a greater effect on all business; and that the communist nations are moving more and more toward a free market system. The question posed, on which a number of divergent opinions arose, was whether "East and West would meet some place toward the middle about 1990" ". They hit their prediction right on the head ))) 18 years in advance!

Turning communism off is no great difficulty if yours is the power group which turned communism on in the first place. I am going to save the essay on how John D. Rockefeller, Prescott Bush and the wealthiest men in the world bankrolled international communism. I think this readership understands that.

Subtracting "the defeat of communism" from George Bush's accomplishments does not leave much. Let us take a look at the domestic accomplishments of the president. Chuck Harder, founder of WE THE PEOPLE RADIO NETWORK has arranged reprints of the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER series AMERICA WHAT WENT WRONG? Chuck will send 25 reprints to your door for a $25 check made payable to WE THE PEOPLE P.O. Box T, White Springs, Florida 32096. This paper is perhaps the most powerful tool for explaining the current crimes against the American public. In words understandable to the average citizen the whole ugly truth of how America was dismantled is all there. I recommend you purchase these and hand them out to your friends. And if anyone doubts that the dismantling of America was not cold blooded and premeditated they should read Buckminister Fuller's book CRITICAL PATH, written more than 40 years ago!


presents some graphic statistics. If we start with the year 1980 and measure to the year 1990, according to the IRS, income for those making $20,000 to $50,000 went up 44%, just barely keeping even with inflation. For those earning salaries of $200,000 to $1,000,000, their income went up 697%. Those making more than $1,000,000 a year (for the most part the friends of Reagan and Bush) received a 2,184% increase! Those "friends" making more than a million a year in 1980 were making 21 million a year in 1990! This is more than obscene. It is criminal. It may never be reversable.

Where did these windfalls come from? They came from the multitudes making less than $20,000 a year. This group was devastated. Many who were making $16 and $18 per hour had difficulty finding jobs making $6 per hour ))) this primarily the result of multinationals moving out of the country. T

Not only is it a right to accumulate wealth but a responsibility. There are many who speak of being free but true freedom begins after one has accumulated enough capital to live securely off the interest. This only begins after a net worth of about $600,000. That is the beginning of owning oneself. Conservatives understand this principal well. That is why most conservatives fall within an income range of $60,000 to $500,000 a year. Those making more than this tend to drift to the methods of making money by coopting government for their purposes. These individuals, once they have discovered the public trough are usually lost to the conservative cause. While there was still some political contest between conservatives and Eastern Establishment Liberals it was Barry Goldwater who represented the small millionaires and Nelson Rockefeller who represented the billionaires.

While the lowest economic class was plundered this nation's ruling class bought off the conservative class with substantial bribes. Although the range selected for this comparison does not coincide precisely with the conservative income range (most conservatives realized income increases of about 200%) one gets the idea that conservatives were paid off but not as well as the elitists paid off themselves. But heed this warning. Conservatives will be the final victims of the Eastern Liberal Establishment. And final days are coming. If conservatives do not make an effort to ally with the less advantaged, to stand up for the rights of all players to compete on a level playing field, when the final confrontation comes, alone, conservatives will be easy pickings.

In summary the REPUBLICANS are no better than the DEMOCRATS precisely because these parties work together to effect a monopoly. Look at the candidates. George Bush stated "I owe everything I am today to David Rockefeller." Bill Clinton was mentored by Winthrop Rockefeller since the days he was in high school. ROCKAPUBLICIAN or ROCKACRAT, EITHER WAY YOU HAVE A BIG BROTHER AT THE CHASE MANHATTAN.

The REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRAT are one party masquerading as two. It matters not to the international bankers whether our government over spends on useless defence or over spends on useless social programs. There is only one solution. Independent candidates. Our founding fathers never intended these political parties. I have proposed a guest column this issue featuring the brilliant political strategist, Earnest Hancock. Hancock is challenging the unlevel playing field established by the two monopoly parties. While my columns detail WHAT political criminals have done to this country, Earnest Hancock details HOW it is being done. Only when we know how can we remedy our political process. This is why what he is saying is far more important than anything I say. It is only a matter of time before his prescriptions succeed. I invite you to read his column.

No one has dared utter the reason H. Ross Perot was ordered to cease and desist. All across the nation citizens supporting Perot were spontaneously constructing an alternative to the REPUBLICAN and DEMOCRATIC parties. But this grouping of people, tired of going to the polls and having the choice of polio or cancer, were proving to be more and more impossible for Perot to control. And the possibility that this organization would emerge next election as a force to contend with the monopoly parties was down right frightening to the powers that be. If the ruling class thought a third party was frightening ))) wait until they find out what Ernie Hancock has in mind.


In the weeks preceding our nation's two national political party extravaganzas, congress voted by a wide margin to extend unemployment benefits an extra 26 weeks. How fitting. What would free circuses be without free bread?

It was expected that the Republican Convention would greatly surpass the Democratic Convention in lies per minute. After all, the Democrats only had to lie about what they intended to do ))) the Republicans had also to lie about what they have done over the last 12 years ))) and what they have done is a crime of unfathomable magnitude.

Certainly the Republican claim of the final defeat of world wide communism sounded impressive to almost every person listening. The truth in this matter is far different. If the American public could learn in sufficient numbers what was behind this charade, there would be an outcry for Nuremburg)type trials and the demand for capital punishment for Bush and his accomplices.

Contrary to the lies of Dan Rather and Ted Kopel, there was nothing spontaneous or unexpected about the fall of communism in Eastern Europe or the Soviet Union. In fact, proving this was all planned 18 years in advance is rather simple. Col. L. Fletcher Prouty sent me a document which was never intended to reach the public domain. This was the program for a highly unpublicized conference held February 7)9, 1972 in Washington, D.C. It was entitled, A LOOK AT BUSINESS IN 1990: A SUMMARY OF THE WHITE HOUSE CONFERENCE ON THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD AHEAD. This conference, staged during the term of President Richard Nixon, brought together 1,800 Chief Executive Officers of every major U.S. multinational corporation with their counterparts from the USSR and the eastern bloc nations. This event was unprecedented in all of human history. As Col. Prouty stated "These CEOs came themselves, they didn't send their flunkies".

These sessions were chaired by Maurice Stans, Nixon's Secretary of Commerce, who retired immediately after the conference to dedicate the rest of his career to marring the industrial interests of East and West. A similar conference has been held every subsequent year. One such conference was going on in Moscow precisely when the downing of Korean Airliner 007 was blamed on the USSR.

As Ronald Reagan was denouncing the USSR as "An Evil Empire" Senator Robert Dole was reading a letter from Reagan to this group which said essentially ))) "Let us all trade together and make tons of money". The Soviet leaders knew Reagan's fiery rhetoric was intended only for domestic consumption. Why not take the blame for KA 007 ))) after all, the USSR was getting exactly what it wanted most in the world. In the US the downing of KA 007 was the foundation of Reagan's effort to successfully double the defence budget. As Prouty has stated "Never has one incident involved more lies and made more money."

In this program, under the title CHANGES IN ECONOMIC SYSTEMS, is a cogent paragraph by Roy Ash, the CEO of the major defence contractor LITTON INDUSTRIES. Ash is presenting the conference conclusions of the summary session. I quote in full. "Mr. Ash began the discussion with a statement that state capitalism may well be a form for world business in the world ahead; that the western countries are trending toward a more unified and controlled economy, having a greater effect on all business; and the communist nations are moving more and more toward a free market system. The question posed, on which a number of divergent opinions arose, was whether CCEast and West would meet some place toward the middle about 1990DD." They hit their prediction right on the head ))) 18 years in advance!

Turning communism off is no great difficulty if yours is the power group which turned communism on in the first place. I am going to spare the essay on how John D. Rockefeller, Prescott Bush and the wealthiest men in the world bankrolled international communism. I think this readership understands that.

Subtracting "the defeat of communism" from George Bush's accomplishments does not leave much. Chuck Harder, founder of WE THE PEOPLE RADIO NETWORK has arranged reprints of the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER series AMERICA WHAT WENT WRONG? (Chuck will send 25 reprints to your door for a $25 check made payable to WE THE PEOPLE P.O. Box T, White Springs, Florida 32096.) This paper is perhaps the most powerful tool for explaining the current crimes against the American public. In words understandable to the average citizen the whole ugly truth of how America was dismantled is all there. I recommend this purchase and distribution to friends. And, if anyone doubts that the dismantling of America was not cold blooded and premeditated, readers should find Buckminster Fuller's book CRITICAL PATH, an unheeded warning of this very thing written more than 40 years ago!

AMERICA, WHAT WENT WRONG? PART ONE: DISMANTLING THE MIDDLE CLASS presents graphic statistics. If the Reagan\Bush years 1980 to 1990 are considered, according to IRS, income for those making $20,000 to $50,000 went up 44%, (just barely keeping even with inflation). For those earning salaries of $200,000 to $1,000,000, income went up 697%. Those making more than $1,000,000 a year (for the most part the friends of Reagan and Bush) received a 2,184% increase! These "friends" making more than a million a year in 1980 were making $21 million a year in 1990! This is more than obscene. It is criminal. It may never be reversible.

From where did these windfalls come? They came from the multitudes making less than $20,000 a year. This group was devastated. Many who were making $16 and $18 per hour had difficulty finding jobs making $6 per hour ))) this primarily the result of multinationals moving jobs out of the country.

Not only is it a right to accumulate wealth but a responsibility. There are many who speak of being free but true freedom begins after one has accumulated enough capital to live securely off the interest. This only begins after a net worth of about $600,000. That is the beginning of owning oneself. Conservatives understand this principal well. That is why most conservatives fall within an income range of $60,000 to $500,000 a year. Those making more than this tend to drift to the methods of making money by coopting government for their purposes. These individuals, once they have discovered the public trough are usually lost to the conservative cause. While there was still some political contest between conservatives and Eastern Establishment Liberals, it was Barry Goldwater who represented the small millionaire class and Nelson Rockefeller who represented the billionaire class.

While the lowest economic classes were plundered, this nation's ruling class bought off the conservative class with substantial bribes. Although the range selected for this comparison does not coincide precisely with the conservative income range and tends to be skewed to the high end, one gets an idea that conservatives were paid off but not as well as the elitists paid off themselves. But heed this warning. Conservatives will be the final victims of the Eastern Liberal Establishment after the less advantaged classes have been sufficiently weakened. And final days are coming. If conservatives do not make an effort to stand up for the rights of all players to compete on a level playing field, when the final confrontation comes, alone, conservatives will be easy pickings.

The Republican and the Democratic parties are one party masquerading as two. It matters not to the international bankers whether our government over spends on useless defence or over spends on useless social programs. I see only one solution. INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES. Our founding fathers never intended these political parties. I have proposed a guest column this issue featuring the brilliant political strategist, Earnest Hancock. Hancock is challenging the unlevel playing field created by the two monopoly parties which severly disadvantages non aligned candidates.

While my columns tend to detail WHAT political crimes are occurring, Earnest Hancock details HOW these crimes are committed. Only when one know HOW can one remedy the political process. This is why what he is saying is far more important than anything I say. It is only a matter of time before his prescriptions succeed. I invite you to read his column.

No one has dared utter the reason H. Ross Perot was ordered to cease and desist. All across the nation citizens supporting Perot were spontaneously constructing an alternative to the Republican and Democratic parties. But this grouping of people, tired of going to the polls and having the choice of polio or cancer, were proving to be more and more impossible for Perot to control from Dallas. The possibility that this organization would emerge next election as a force to contend with the monopoly parties was down right frightening to the powers that be. If the ruling class thought a third party was frightening )*) wait until they find out what Ernie Hancock has in mind.


Oliver Stone, the farm boy who went off to Vietnam, didn't like what he saw, came back to write a movie script, struggled 10 years to pull the resources together to produce PLATOON, is now worth $200 million. PLATOON, a penetrating analysis of the Vietnam war, won the ACADEMY AWARD for best picture of the year and was a top box office draw. Helping to generate the funds for this start up success were the proceeds from the writing of the screen play for the Brian DePalma movie, SCARFACE, an equally penetrating analysis of narcotics corruption at the highest levels of law enforcement, banking and international government.

Every Stone movie has been a resounding box office success ))) EL SALVIDOR, BORN ON THE 4TH OF JULY, WALLSTREET, THE DOORS and others. AIRAMERICA, a comedy with an historical basis portrayed General Secord's planes taking off in Laos with the red and white poppies blowing in the prop wash. General Van Pao and the PEPSI bottling factory (which never bottled a single soft drink but instead served as a heroin refinery) are two features taken from the unwritten pages of history. Stone's historical realism is starting to rival that of Francis Ford Cappola, whose last work GODFATHER III included the poisoning of the previous Pope (reference IN GOD'S NAME by David Yallop). Perhaps Stone will finally overtake Cappola with his $50 million dollar super movie, JFK, due to be released Dec. 20th.

JFK will for the very first time, show the American public exactly how President Kennedy was murdered. In order to accomplish this, Stone has contracted as consultants the very best researchers in the country. I can not criticize his judgement since he selected the very same people as my speakers agency, INTELLIGENCE CONNECTION, selected for engagements on university campuses.

The primary basis of Stone's movie is taken from the books, ON THE TRAIL OF THE ASSASSINS, by the current Louisiana Federal Appeals Judge, James Garrison, and A SAIGON SOLUTION by Col. L. Fletcher Prouty. ON THE TRAIL OF THE ASSASSINS details the government's effort to penetrate and destroy Garrison's 1967 prosecution of 2 men for the murder of John Kennedy.

The reader is probably saying what prosecution? A nation wide news black)out of this trial was just one of the difficulties with which Garrison contended. The co)option of his best friend by the government was his most serious problem. One would have thought that the murder of the second person indicted, David Ferrie, on the very day of Garrison's indictment, would have alerted the press that something significant was happening in New Orleans.


is Col. Fletcher Prouty's first party account on how the CIA generated the Vietnam war. This account starts in 1945 with the surrender of Japan. As the surender was being signed on the battleship Missouri, half of the weapons that were stockpiled on Okinawa for the final assault of mainland Japan (which was not required) were sent to Korea and the other half were sent to North Vietnam. Waiting to meet this shipment of the finest, most up to date arms (enough to arm to the teeth an army of 450,000 men) at Haiphong Harbor were Ho Chi Minh, his military commander General Giap, and their CIA case office General Lucien Conein. Not unrelated to the CIA's drug trafficking activities of this Vietnam era, Conein became the first Director of the DEA. In this position, Conein was intensely active in Arizona and Mexico.

In the forefront of the generation of the Vietnam war was the U.S. chief of clandestine operations, General Edward Lansdale. In 1954 John Foster Dulles was rebuffed by the British who refused to support Foster's plan to use nuclear weapons to rescue the besieged French garrison at Dien Bein Phu. Thereafter, when Lansdale spread rumors and dropped pamphlets stating that the United States was preparing to H)bomb the northern portion of Vietnam off the map, a million Tonkin Vietnamese began a massive migration from north to south.

These Tonkin Vietnamese (being for the most part Catholics) soon supplanted the indigenous southern Vietnamese when South Vietnamese President Diem gave them preference over those whose ancestors had lived in the south for countless centuries. All the official positions of village chiefs, mayors, construction contractors ))) all were given to these northerners. These newcomers soon displaced the indigenous papulation who were reduced to banditry for their very survival. The indigenous population then were referred to as the Viet Cong. Communism played no role in this conflict.

Prouty related how it was always the position of the U.S. government that the Vietnam war was prosecuted from North Vietnam but the fighting was all in the south ))) almost nothing on the northern border.

At the time Col. Prouty retired from the U.S. Air Force, in 1964, he was the liaison between the Secretary of Defence and the CIA Director, Allen Dulles. Prouty was in a unique position to perceive what was going on in the CIA and what pressures were on President Kennedy. On frequent occasions, Prouty would work out of the home of Secretary of State John Foster Dulles with the Dulles brothers on fast breaking world affairs. Allen Dulles was the CIA Director that John Kennedy fired after the Bay of Pigs fiasco who sat on the WARREN COMMISSION. All knowledgeable researchers place the Dulles brothers within the circle of the conspirators.

If we only knew then, what we do now, it would have been easy to identify the other conspirators. Lyndon Johnson lived across the street from J. Edger Hoover for 22 years in Washington D.C. Johnson was associated with Jack Ruby in Dallas. Hoover attended the meeting at the Clint Murcheson ranch, along with Richard Nixon and high ranking military, where the last minute details of the assassination were worked out. Richard Nixon first told the FBI he did not remember where he was when JFK was murdered. Then he said he was in Dallas but flew out an hour before the shooting. He lied. Executives at the PEPSICO meeting attended by Nixon related that not only was Nixon there when the shooting happened but Nixon was the only person who wanted to go on working after the shocking news of the President's death.

At the street level below these conspirators we find the CIA Bay of Pigs operatives Frank Sturgus, Jack Youngblood and E. Howard Hunt being photographed in the famous "tramp photos". These three suspects were arrested in a boxcar which was parked behind the grassy knoll picket fence over which the fatal shot was fired. These 3 assassins were released after 15 minutes by the FBI without being finger printed, photographed or identified and were last seen leaving Dallas in a police squad car. As a litmus test, any documentary which omits these photos is probably a fraud. These photos have never been shown by the mass media to the American public.

In the "tramp" photo which shows the woman holding her hand over her face (some believe this is CIA operative Mrs. E. Howard Hunt) the back of an individual's head is seen which Prouty identifies as General Lansdale. Prouty says he worked with Lansdale for 19 years and he knew him when he saw him )) evem from the back of his head. As a matter of fact, it is accepted by police photo metrics that the ear is the most identifiable feature of any photograph.

Shortly before Oliver Stone filmed the shooting scene in Dallas, I had produced an event for a local college with Robert Groden, the photographic expert employed by the SELECT COMMITTEE ON ASSASSINATIONS. Groden has the world's largest photo collection on the JFK murder. He spent a quarter of a million dollars of his own money to enhance the famous Zapruder film which showed the president's head definitely was propelled backward from a frontal shot. One week after this film was shown for the first time to the American Public on the GERALDO RIVIERA SHOW the House voted to reopen the JFK and Martin Luther King assassination investigations, empaneling the SELECT COMMITTEE ON ASSASSINATIONS. Geraldo was pulled off TV for 2 years for doing this.

One of the students who arranged the Groden presentation here traveled to Dallas to see the filming of the shooting scene. Stone had relandscaped Dealey Plaza and replaced the old road signs to make it identical to Nov. 22, 1963. This student leaderT h) Tdescribed how Robert Groden choreographed the shooting scene with 3 notebooks of photos and 250 actors dressed exactly as each of the original witnesses were on the fateful day ))) each recreating the exact movements of the original witnesses. Very impressive.

The lead role of the New Orleans District Attorney, Jim Garrison, will be played by Kevin Costner. Jim Garrison will be playing Chief Justice Earl Warren ))) a fine touch of irony. Robert Groden will play one of the Parkland doctors and the second largest role in the movie will be Donald Sutherland playing the legendary Fletcher Prouty. This movie will make national heros out of Garrison and Prouty ))) and rightfully so.

It was not until 1971 that it occurred to me that our president was murdered by a conspiracy. I was a graduate student, living in an old mansion with 5 other graduate students, when the ballistic evidence came to my attention. This was more than enough to convince me that the official version was wrong. I started to research on my own. I soon concluded that the CIA was involved.

In July 1974 I picked up the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER and saw the headline that my congressman, James V. Stanton, Democrat, Ohio, had become the chairman of the committee in the House investigating allegations of police state activity on the part of CIA and FBI. This was after the forced resignation of President Richard Nixon.

The CHURCH COMMITTEE in the senate was a sister committee in this investigation. In the House the chairmanship was passed around like a hot potato. Jim Stanton became chairman after he led a group of freshman congressmen know as the "young turks" in a successful bid to depose Lucien Nedzi, the original sub)committee chairman, who was chairman of the overall HOUSE INTELLIGENCE OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE. Nedzi was deposed when it was made public that Nedzi was giving the CIA the green light on clandestine operations and then not informing the other committee members. Stanton included the entire HOUSE INTELLIGENCE OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE members on the sub committee thereby taking over the entire committee.

Stanton then gave a fatal press conference wherein he stated that he intended to "hold open televised hearings" and that to his knowledge "the CIA had assassinated at least one foreign head of state". The House came to a boil. Stanton was denounced on the House floor as a "Benedict Arnold". Like Frank Church, Stanton was successfully tarketed for defeat in the next election. Others in the House and Senate learned fast from this example. T H& T

The day after the press conference, I contacted the Congressman and volunteered my research services and those of 4 law students at CLEVELAND MARSHAL LAW SCHOOL )))the school where the congressman received his law degree. I worked out of the district office under Mike Sweeney, the Administrative Director. There was so much turmoil that renumeration was never discussed. Our assignment was to "find those who had written books critical of the domestic activity of the CIA and the FBI and to compile briefs for the congressman of material that had not yet been published". This is how I became acquainted with Sherman Skolnick, Penn Jones, Mae Brussels and many other independent researchers.

The very first week we started, one of the most shocking incidents of my life occurred. We were doing background research on the Mafia overlord of Chicago, Sam Giancano, who a few weeks before had given testimony along with organized crime associate, Johnny Rosselli, before the CHURCH COMMITTEE on CIA/Mafia assassinations plots against Fidel Castro. Two weeks earlier Rosselli's body had turned up off the shore of Miami, stuffed in an oil drum. I can vividly remember the paralyzing fear that spread through the office the day we read that Giancona had been shot five times in the face in his Chicago home. Giancona was scheduled to give additional testimony before the CHURCH COMMITTEE and we were aware that he was under 24 hour FBI surveillance at the time.

As shocking as such a rub out under these circumstances was, the most shocking thing was the news black out of this event all across the country. All that was in the PLAIN DEALER was a 2 inch column which mentioned nothing of the probable motive for this murder. We searched the nation's newspapers for any reference to our investigation in vain. Mike Sweeney in unbelief repeated over and over as the rest of us sat stunned, "Next week it could be one of us who is murdered and the press may never mention the investigation we are doing". This was the first of many news black outs I was to witness.

I thoroughly investigated one Watergate incident that was almost completely blacked out by major media. This was the sabotaged plane crash of UNITED flight 553 wherein Mrs. E. Howard Hunt and 11 others directly connected to the Watergate scandal died. Mrs. Hunt boarded the plane in Washington D.C. with 1.9 million dollars in Postal Money Orders in her possession, with CBS correspondent Michelle Clark and a congressman investigating Watergate ))) both also killed. Before the crash I had known that Mrs. Hunt was making statements that she had "enough information to impeach the president".

After independently verifying the research of Sherman Skolnic of CITIZENS COMMITTEE TO CLEAN UP THE COURTS I did not find it difficult to convince the congressman that something significant had happened there. Then things took a odd twist. Stanton gaveT h) Tme the private number for Senator John Tower and told me that I should not waste time giving this information to Tower on the Senate side.

I had learned enough by this time not to have any trust for those on the Texas scene at the time of the JFK murder ))) least of all Tower. I tried to tell Stanton that when Oswald sought to come back from the USSR this was initiated by a letter to Senator Tower and that Oswald's repatriation was "unusually rapid" and that Tower had personally signed the waiver for Marina Oswald to enter the country. A` l* A

This did not dampen Stanton's enthusiasm for this assignment one bit. I said to myself "Lord, Why me?" I made the call to Tower who was very cordial, even enthusiastic, but who made no effort to follow through as he promised he would. Shortly after this I lost my nerve and hurriedly left Cleveland to continue my research from the safe distance of Phoenix, Arizona. I said to myself that I had no business being in this milieu. It has since astounded me that Tower could hold the chairmanship of the SENATE ARMED SERVICES COMMITTEE while his brother)in)law, Sam Cummings was the world's largest arms dealer in small automatic weapons.

There is no doubt that the assassination of President Kennedy was the pivotal event of the 20th century. There would have been no Vietnam war as Kennedy had made arrangements to return all U.S. troops. Our nation has been bleeding ever since.

John Judge has given what I think is the best definition of the NEW WORLD ORDER ) ALL GOVERNMENTS AGAINST ALL PEOPLE. Dan Rather and Ted Kopel portray world events as the good world leaders against the bad world leaders. I MAINTAIN THAT THERE ARE NO GOOD WORLD LEADERS. Fidel Castro, Margaret Thatcher, Molimar Kadafi, Saddham Hussain, Ronald Reagan or Mikhail Gorbechev all have more in common with each other than they do with the people they govern. The pretext of world conflict keeps each of them secure in power and provides a context wherein it is possible to eliminate trouble makers. If there were good world leaders, where were they after President Kennedy was assassinated?

For the research material upon which this article is based, send a $10 check payable to INTELLIGENCE CONNECTION c/o MONETARY AND ECONOMIC REVIEW, 35OO JFK Parkway, Fort Collins, Co. 80525


We are engaged in a silent war. Those waging this brutal conflict have not the decency to inform their victims ))) who include ourselves and almost everyone we know. Their standard bearers include George Bush and David Rockefeller. As the high priced professional liars in the mass media assure us all is well, the common people of the world are being crushed ))) like foot soldiers over run by a panzer division.

And yet, the only real power of these perpetrators derives only from this force fed ignorance. Apart from the power to keep us fighting each other, the Monopolists have no power. If a critical mass of people can learn the information contained herein, and what is more important, the sources of this information, a global reign of terror will end.

These articles are taken from my monthly column in MONETARY AND ECONOMIC REVIEW. I am also the Director of Research for INTELLIGENCE CONNECTION a speakers agency that arranges events on university campuses for front line researchers, like those mentioned in these articles. My name is Brian Quig.

You can arrange speaking events with any of these legendary people by calling

(602) 945-3858

or writing

Intelligence Connection
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by Brian Downing Quig  quig@dcia.com

After turning on my TV to see the burning tower after the first plane hit the WORLD TRADE CENTER my attention was arrested like all others. When the second plane hit the second tower I said to myself WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?  When the 3rd hijacked plane hit the PENTAGON, the first witnesses reported the "plane circled the PENTAGON in a sharply banked 270 degree turn that was distinctly different than any
commercial plane and more like a military plane" and bypassed a straight in shot at the offices of the JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF only to hit an insignificant spot in the back of the PENTAGON.  I said to myself then, IT IS NOT A REAL TERRORIST ATTACK!!  THANK GOD!!

One hour after the second plane hit a CIA analyst on ABC announced that it was Osama bin Laden who was behind the attacks!


When the passport of the alleged lead terror pilot, Mohammed Atta, was found in 2 feet of rubble 2 blocks from the WTC I said WHO DO THEY EXPECT TO BELIEVE THAT!! Then they expected us to believe that Atta packed a bag for his suicide flight and by some good fortune it did not make his flight.  To top it all off the baggage contained a suicide note.  Then bin Laden makes a confession on video tape and leaves the
tape where it is found.  And the gullible American public buys it all primarily because it is unchallenged by the entire mass media!!

I can now give 25 compelling reasons to indict Daddy Bush, Cheney, the PENTAGON and the CARLYLE GROUP for the real terror behind 911.  Daddy Bush and Cheney were in the SITUATION ROOM at the WHITE HOUSE during the terror attacks (during the 34 minutes between the second WTC hit and the PENTAGON hit while a stand down order was issued to the AIR FORCE to supersede established intercept
procedures for planes that stray off course).

Junior Bush was reading stories to grade school children during the attacks.  He knew one plane had crashed into the WTC when the reading started.  When his top aid Andrew Card whispered in his ear about the second plane hitting the WTC this was caught on videotape and is widely available on the internet.  Junior Bush only looks up and nods and then goes back to reading stories to the kids for 25 more minutes!!  It clearly looks more like Card is informing Bush of an expected event.  There was for example no time for Card to add AND THERE ARE SEVERAL OTHER HIJACKED PLANES IN THE AIR.
The Director of the WHITE HOUSE SITUATION ROOM where all military crises are managed is with Junior Bush at the grade school.  At the end of the 25 minutes of reading Bush goes immediately to the library of the school where a press conference was set.  He says there I CALLED MY VICE PRESIDENT AND MY FBI DIRECTOR AND THE GOVERNOR OF NEW YORK.  This was a lie!!  There was not enough
time for that.

It takes $5 million to make the minimum investment in CARLYLE GROUP, the defense contractor investment group whose stock has gone up 37% since 911.  The friends of Bush and Cheney are the other investors in CARLYLE GROUP along with the bin Ladens and John Major. CARLYLE GROUP was having their international investors conference in Washington D.C. at the RITZ CARLETON at the exact time of the
911 attacks.  CARLYLE GROUP had a big interest in BIOPORT a company that was the sole source of ANTHRAX VACCINE for the PENTAGON.  BIOPORT gave Admiral Crowe, the former Chairman of the JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF a 27% interest in the company for his pull

with the PENTAGON.  Do I have to connect all the dots regarding the ANTHRAX ATTACK that was traced to US military sources?

It was widely reported by THE NEW YORK TIMES Feb. 17, 2002, MSNBC Oct. 7, 2001 and others that Pakistani ISI Chief, General Mahmud, wire transferred $100,000 to alleged lead terror pilot Mohammed Atta the week before the terror attacks.  At the exact moment of the terror attacks Mahmud was having breakfast with the chairmen of the HOUSE (Rep. Porter Goss, R-Fla) and SENATE (Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla) INTELLIGENCE OVERSIGHT COMMITTEES along with my senator Jon Kyl.  I will have words with Kyl at the next opportunity. The $100,000 was sufficient to remove Mahmud from office but not enough for the light to go on in the brains of our top US intelligence officials!!

Niaz Naik, a former Pakistani Foreign Secretary, and others were told by senior American officials in mid-July that military action against Afghanistan would go ahead by the middle of October. In an exercise, called Operation "Swift Sword" planned for four years, 23,000 British troops were on their way to Oman the day before the attacks.  These troops were the ones used to assist the Americans in the Afghan invasion.   At the same time two U.S. carrier battle groups arrived on station in the Gulf of Arabia just off the Pakistani coast. Also at the same time, some 17,000 U.S. troops join more than 23,000 NATO troops in Egypt for Operation "Bright Star." All of these forces were in place before the first plane hit the WTC!

Dan Hopsicker found plenty of CIA connections to the flight school in Venice Florida where Atta and others trained and much more of this nature


Ariel Sharon canceled his address to ISRAELI support groups in NEW YORK CITY just the day before his scheduled 9-11 address.  The 120 Israeli art student spy ring active in the UNITED STATES before 911 had a group living on the same street just 3 blocks form Mohammed Atta. US intelligence and US media had no interest in this ring or the 2 Israelis who were disarmed in the Mexican congress with guns and explosives
and fake Pakistani passports at a time when the congress was not going along with Fox's support for the Bush invasion of Afghanistan.

Those who consider it unthinkable that the UNITED STATES government and the ISRAELI government would fake a terror attack killing thousands to initiate a war to benefit those controlling these governments should listen to the sound track of the LOSS OF LIBERTY (Direct link for download: http://thewebfairy.com/liberty/liberty.rm )  It will take 2 hours to download with a 56k modem but it is worth it.  This is the account of how the 1967 WAR was started wherein all the Palestinian lands now in occupation were taken and how Israel tried to sink an American ship and blame it on the Egyptians.  The US government was clearly a party to this infamy!!

In my search for the best evidence of fake 911 terror I have found a great deal.  As far as stand alone evidence, the capability of the BOEING 757 and BOEING 767 to take off and land by computer alone is the most compelling.  These planes are fully capable of being remotely piloted which is what happened during the terror attacks.  Each of the four hijacked planes had 6 hidden panic alerts for just such events that were known to the flight crew.  NONE OF THEM WERE ACTIVATED!!  The alleged terrorists were the equivalent of Lee Harvey Oswalds --- patsies lured into place to take the blame.  Our FBI has made no effort to reconcile their initial list of terrorists with the real people with those identities shown to be alive in the Middle East!!

The overall plan to send operatives to the US and have them train to fly commercial aircraft at single engine flight schools is a very doubtful affair.  Real terrorists financed by bin Laden's billion dollars would have already been trained pilots quickly infiltrated shortly before the operation.  In secret operations like this time is the great terminator.  One of the alleged pilots trained at a single engine flight school in Phoenix that I once attended.  One day a year WILLIAMS AIR FORCE BASE opened their flight simulators to the public.  Their simulators were on hydraulic lifters with switches to day and night flight as well as various aircraft.  I used to consider myself lucky when I could crash the F-16 on the runway.  Usually I did not do that well!  For any terror master to bet the farm on such a dubious plan would be unthinkable.  But fooling the gullible American public is a far easier prospect.

The software of the BOEING 757 and 767 over rides pilot error and will not let a pilot make banking turns like the PENTAGON plane which was pulling 5 Gs at its final approach or the second WTC plane that was pulling 3 Gs.  This is the most fruitful area to explore for those wishing positive proof that the terror attacks were faked.

The American public has no concept of how the entire broadcast industry is monolithically controlled --- all offering the same lies at the same time.  There are 6 corporate groups that own all of the newspapers in America.  The last time the senate examined the corporate ownership of the broadcast industry was 1970 when they issued a report showing an enormous crime in progress.  A handful of international banks were illegally usurping corporate control of the entire broadcast industry in the UNITED STATES http://www.dcia.com/disclosure.html  It has only gotten much worse since then.

There is an ISRAELI WAR LOBBY numbering in the thousands beating the drum for war totally unchallenged on TV.  They are not registered as agents of a foreign government as law requires.  In the news media they fill the ranks of the very most prominent, like Ted Kopple, George Will, Mort Kondrakie, Wolf Blitzer and Billy Kristol.

The ambitions of the Bush administration go far beyond getting the Afghan pipeline to move the $350 billion of central Asian oil.  They are pressing for full-scale war where more is destroyed in a day than is produced in an entire year of peace.  From the business standpoint WAR IS THE ULTIMATE CONSUMER!!

I welcome comments, criticisms and corrections.

Brian Downing Quig

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