Depleted Uranium:

 Environmental Cost of War

While the death and destruction caused by war is reason enough to examine our current state of militarism, SourceCode investigates longterm costs of war's damage to the environment. Weapons of Mass Destruction in Washington DC? Chemical weapons from World War One were buried in the Spring Valley neighborhood in our nation's capital. Army Corp of Engineer whistleblowers tour us around the most toxic of the sites. Then, Truthout's Chris Hume talks with Azzam Alwash about the destruction and revitalization of the Mesopotamian Marshes in southern Iraq, the birthplace of civilization. (And thurston Moore of Sonic Youth sings "they're bombing the garden of eden"). SourceCode looks at "depleted" uranium and the alarming claims of soldiers and Iraqis who have been exposed to it. And we'll join the Alterazioni Video Collective in New York to hear more about their Baghdad Space Sharing project, designed to connect people around the world to the struggles Iraqi civilians are facing. OUT NOW.

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