Depleted Uranium In India,
Spreading Worldwide

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."
- George Orwell -

Depleted Uranium In India,
Spreading Worldwide

From Karl W B Schwarz 

The following was sent to me by one of the email list members and the author of the article below
granted me (and you) permission to spread this far and wide. They are working in India to
document the extent of DU pollution that has come out of Afghanistan and fallen upon the people
of India. They are working along the same lines we are here in the United States to first prove it,
and then put a stop to it and get medical care for the abandoned and neglected.

This recent Urgent Deal between Bush and India might be a Pre-emptive Strike to shut down the
efforts in India to prove that DU has bit them in the butt, too.

We are still waiting to see if any of the nations in Europe wake up to the fact that they got
"peppered" with DU too, since the Aldermaston DU would have to have come across them to have
made it to the UK.

This is the article from India and then I'll return at the end with comments and additional
information. It is interesting to see how people of other nations view the United States and the
Bush-Cheney cabal's use of DU weapons.

Begin article:

They Kill Us For Sport

By Arun Shrivastava CMC

Depleted uranium is a deadly toy in the hands of the ruling bloodlines. A particle of DU ingested or
inhaled can cause one or more of the 90+ seriously debilitating diseases, fatal or temporarily non-
fatal.[1] [see list of 91 diseases, Annex 1] The half life of DU is 4.5 billion years, and it can
destroy living things and the environment; most importantly it can destroy perfectly healthy lives.

Depleted uranium has been used in at least the last four wars by the United States and its allies:
Gulf War 1, Bosnia and Kosovo in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Gulf War 2. The last two of the
four wars, all illegal, took place in 2001 (Afghanistan) and 2003 (Iraq). Effects of the
contamination can manifest from within a few hours to five years.

Evidences clearly indicate that depleted uranium is blowing in the wind all over the world. [3] Its
effects on health are showing up in distant lands. Earlier, gulf war veterans and local civilians were
affected; now, of all the places, the US is showing six-fold increase in just lung cancer cases.[4]

The Emerging Ratio

The population of the USA was 298, 298,906 on March 14, 2006, say 298 million.[5] The recorded
172,000 lung cancer cases for January and February 2006 equates to 34 cases per 10,000 persons-
men, women and children- up from the previously normal trend line of 5.8 per 10,000 persons per
annum, implying that additional 28.2 cases per 10,000 persons have been added and recorded in a
short time. It certainly can't be due to more Americans smoking cigarettes and certainly not due to
"other unexplained factors" such as lifestyle changes, which do change but over decades, not a few
years. The most plausible one is that the air we breathe is contaminated with depleted uranium and
it is killing healthy people all over the world.

If the population of the United States of America shows such an explosive growth of lung cancer
what does it imply for the rest of the world? The world population on the same day and time was
6,503,376,192. Assuming the same ratio as that of the United States, i.e. additional 28.2 cases per
10,000 persons, the world would see, or is probably already facing, an additional 18.34 million
cases of untreatable cancer per year, or 1.52 million cases per month. Do they know it?

Tobacco And Lung Cancer

"In the 20th century, approximately 100 million people died world-wide from tobacco-associated
diseases (cancer, chronic lung disease, cardiovascular disease and stroke)," says a WHO report. [6]
This means about one million deaths per year, although it is understandable that there were fewer
cases early on in the 20th century as compared to later when the numbers reached nearly 1.5
million. In 2001, there were 1.5 million lung cancer deaths worldwide, or 125,000 per month.[7]

Now, if the US data shows 172,000 new cases in January-February 2006, an average of 86,000
cases per month, something terrible has happened. Nuclear radiation induced cancers are peculiar:
with right facility and correct testing protocol, the murderers can't hide. With care, all the
91radiation induced illnesses, identified by Leuren, can be traced to depleted radiation poisoning.

The Map Says Something

The worst contamination would of course occur at and around the theatres of war, but region within

1000 mile radius would face serious depleted uranium contamination. [1]

1000-mile radius means a total area of 3.14 million square mile. The two circles in the map
represent an area of 6.28 million square miles and, deducting say 20% for the overlapping area, the
net affected area is just over 5 million square mile. The total land area of earth is about 57.3 million
square mile, which implies that roughly 8% of total land area of the earth is now severely
contaminated. And I am not including Bosnia and Kosovo theatres of war, which has seriously
affected the Balkans as well as the NATO troops.[8]

(My comment: I wonder if the people of Israel are aware that the desired policy of their
government to have the US attacking Arab nations has polluted their nation with DU? Also, you
can draw the same such circles around US target ranges, test ranges and military bases where US
citizens have been exposed. Additionally, the air flow from Iraq to the UK would have taken the
DU contamination across much of Europe. -KS)

Referring to the map, with Afghanistan's capital Kabul as the centre, depleted uranium affected
region includes Pakistan, entire northwest India, parts of Nepal, parts of China, major regions of
Central Asian Republics, Iran, and the Gulf countries, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi, two major
financial and trading centres. Taking Baghdad as the centre, the regions affected includes the entire
West Asia, parts of Egypt, parts of Greece, Cyprus, regions around the Caspian Sea and islands in
the eastern Mediterranean.

It should be noted that Iran and some littoral states of Caspian Sea have been hit twice (see the
overlapping area of the two circles) within two years: in 2001 and again in 2003. Thus the severest
effect would be felt in Iran, a few gulf countries, and a few Central Asian states.

Population Affected

The total estimated population within the two circles was about 857 million (See Table) in July
2005. If the US is showing a sharp six-fold rise in incidence of lung cancer alone, what will be the
fate of these 857 million+ people in the core zones? Washington is exactly 6193.94 miles from
radioactive Baghdad; and Kabul is just a bit further, about 6922.93 miles away, also highly

radioactive.[9] The capitals of 19 countries are within 1000 mile radius and include New Delhi
(621 miles), Islamabad (232), Bishkek (651), Beirut (515), Cairo (806), Ankara (785), Jerusalem
(546), Damascus (468), Kuwait City (347), Nikosia (643), Teheran (429), Abu Dabi (856), Aman
(503), Riyadh (615), Ashqabat (645) and so on. And Americans are catching lung cancer by the

Countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Iraq, and some Central Asian States do not even
have well established, dependable cancer screening facilities, let alone determining whether the
illness is due to depleted uranium contamination or careless handling of toxic pesticides in the

Governments Will Contineu To Mislead

There are studies that clearly establish correlation between cancer and exposure to a decoction of
pesticides used in India's farmlands and in some of these regions (especially Punjab) the incidences
of cancer (of blood, lymphatic systems, esophagus, bone, cervical, etc) ranges from 5.12 to 10.3 per
10,000 persons. In the US itself, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), analysis of
pesticide residue data on 9282 people nationwide revealed that among those who had blood and
urine sample tested, 100% showed pesticide residue.[10] Now, this is a global phenomenon and has
definitely caused serious health problems (immune disorder, low birth weight of babies, and a host
of other degenerative diseases. But a spike is missing.

"We can expect to see multiple cancers in one person. These multiple unrelated cancers in the
same individual have been reported in Yugoslavia and Iraq in families that had no history of any
cancer. This is unknown in the previous studies of cancer," "a new phenomenon," says Leuren
Moret. But weakness in data management, investigative techniques, and training of medical and
paramedical personnel will be used to the hilt by governments in the affected countries, bribed by
the US administration and corporate interests and lulled by the lullaby of the mainstream media, to
whitewash the population that DU poisoning is one of the many benign environmental hazards that
we must live with, as was done by analysts with "depleted grey matter" in four US government
(directly or indirectly) supported studies.[11, 12, 13, 14]

Long Term Consequences

In our living memory we have the instance of Chernobyl. Scientists say that Chernobyl was not a
nuclear explosion; it was just a huge, hot fire in the nuclear fuel. Yet, the radioactive fallout from
Chernobyl contaminated farmlands and livestock around Europe and Scandinavia for a long time,
and the radiation is still traceable in the earth and some living things. The regions surrounding
Chernobyl shall remain uninhabitable for an estimated three to six hundred years! [15] Depleted
uranium is bit nastier; a fact that did occur to the omnicidal maniacs controlling the US

Now, project this scientific fact over just one country, India. The entire north-western region,
including the Himalayas is affected. All perennial rivers flowing from the Himalayas into the
Gangetic plains (the Ganga and Yamuna with hundreds of tributaries) and into Pakistan (the five
rivers: Indus, Satluj, Jhelum, Ravi and Chenab), will contaminate the largest and oldest food
growing area in the world. This region has a high livestock population that supports India's and
Pakistan's fuel, food, and farming needs. They will die or will have to be destroyed because of

The Northwestern region is also economically the fastest growing region in India, predicted to
catch up with Europe in 2020. Migration from slower growing eastern region has swelled the
transient population in western Indiaand we are talking about seasonal migration of millions of
surplus farm/landless labourers, roughly 5 million live in Delhi alone eking out a living. Poor,
physically weak because of inadequate nutrition, without access to proper medical facilities, these
people will be severely affected. When they contract one of the 90 odd radiation induced illnesses,
they wouldn't even know what destroyed them, what destroyed their families, and what eventually
killed them? I am talking about numbers running into millions, every month, in the identified

Destruction Of The World's Oldest Civilizations

Getting back to the two regions as a whole, let us not forget that this region gave the world all the
modern religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, the Baha'i
faith, and hundreds of lesser faiths. People from all over the world throng these regions to pay
respects to their messiahs and their Gods, excluding the Pope, of course.

And despite all odds, these regions sustained life, created wealth, sustained a large population until

the European colonialists arrived in the early 18th Century. They destroyed the sustainability of this
region, plundered the people and their natural resources, year after year. And when their empire
failed, they passed the control of these regions to the US. And what has the US government done?
It has destroyed not only some of the greatest civilization the world has ever known; they are
destroying their own people.

Dr Rosalie Bertell says, "Veterans and civilians (in these wars) WERE exposed to DU; and this
inhaled DU represents a seriously enhanced risk of damaged immune systems and fatal cancers."
"Those immediately downwind (will) die quickly, in hours or days. Those further downwind will
take longer."[15] Those around the worldwill eventually suffer an unimaginably painful premature

What Can People Do?

There is no time to wring one's hands. The people of this global village need to join hands in a
global peaceful, non-violent, non-cooperation with governments that lie and kill. Let us all form
small local committees and ask our governments to come clean on DU. Mobilize support to help
veterans and civilians who are suffering without differentiating between race, caste, creed or
religion. Tell every person connected with government, civil society, the police, and members of
the armed forces that they are all in it up to their neck. Finally, inform yourself, educate your
family and neighbourhood; read the hundreds of authoritative papers written by scientists. Is there
any reason to fear when all of us are under death sentence for a crime none of us committed? If we
continue to cooperate with a few homicidal maniacs it'd make them more arrogant. The power is in
your hand.

Arun Shrivastava is an accredited management consultant.
He can be contacted at: 


[1] Depleted Uranium: The Trojan Horse of Nuclear War, LEUREN MORET / World Affairs The
Journal of International Issues; 1July, 2004.  
[2] "Blowing in the wind", produced by xxxx, a must see documentary
[3] Dr. Rosali Bertell papers: (i) Depleted Uranium as a Weapon of War, August 1999 and (ii)
Update on Depleted Uranium and Gulf War Syndrome, Parts 1 to 3; Human Studies; 1 January
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Censored Award Winner; 
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Everyone Else?]"; by Felicity Arbuthnot; 26 October, 2000.
[10] Analysis of pesticide residues in blood samples from villages in Punjab; CSE/PML/PR-
21/2005; jointly conducted by Centre for Science and Environment and Pollution Monitoring
Laboratory, New Delhi; 2005. This paper refers to the said CDC report.
The following four articles #11 to #14, to say the least, understate the problems of DU. At worse,
they are misleading. You, are therefore, warned.
[11] Toxicological Profile for Uranium. Washington, DC: ATSDR, US Public Health Service, US
Department of Health & Human Services, September 1999.
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Annex 1

Known general illnesses inflicted by internalization of depleted uranium particles; compiled by Ms
Leuren Moret from Interviews with Gulf War Vets and their families (partial list)

1. abnormal births and birth defects

2. abnormal metabolism of semen: contains amine & ammonium alkaline;

acute autoimmune symptoms (lung-, liver-, kidney failure); acute myeloid leukemia (deadly within
days or weeks)

3. acute immune system depression

4. acute respiratory failure

5, asthma

6. auto-immune deficiencies

7.Balkan-syndrome - blood in stools and urine

8. body function control loss

9. bone cancer

10. brain damage

11 brain tumors

12. burning semen

13. burning sensations

14. calcium loss in body

14. cardiovascular signs or symptoms

15. chemical sensitivities

16. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

17. chronic kidney and liver disorders

18. chronic myeloid leukemia

19. chronic respiratory infections

20. colon cancer

21. confusion

22. diarrhea

23. digestive problems

24. dizziness

25. Epstein Barr Syndrome

26. fluid buildup

27. fibromyalgia

28. gastrointestinal signs/symptoms

29. general fatigue

30. genetic alterations

31. glandular carcinoma

32. Gulf war-syndrome

33. headaches (severe)

34. heart attack/disease

35. high blood pressure

36. high frequency of micturition

37. Hodgkin lymphoma

38. immune system deficiency

39. infections

40. insomnia

41. involuntary movements

42. joint/muscle/leg pain

43. kidney failure/damage

44. leukemia

45. liver carcinoma

46. loss of feeling in fingers

47. Lou Gehrigs Disease -ALS

48. low blood oxygen saturation

( low HbO2)

49. low lung volume

50. lung damage

51. lung cancer

52. lymph cancer

53. lymphoma

54. melanoma

55. memory loss

56. metallic taste

57. Microplasma fermentans/ incognitis infections

58. mood swings violence

59. homicide/suicide

60. multiple cancers

61. multiple myeloma

62. myeloma

63. muscle pain

64. nerve damage

65. neuro-muscular degenerative disease

66. non-Hodgkin lymphoma

67. other malignancies

68. pancreas carcinoma

69. Parkinsons disease

70. petit & grand mal fits

71. rashes

72. reactive airway disease

73. reduced IQ

74. respiratory ailments

75. shortness of breath

76. sinus diseases

77. skin cancer

78. skin damage: sweat glands with trapped du-particles

79. skin infections

80. skin spotting

81. smell, loss of

82. sleep disturbances

83. stiffening of fingers

84. teeth crumbling

85. thyroid cancer

86. thyroid disease

87. unable to walk

88. unusual fevers/night sweats

89. unusual hair loss

90. vision problems

91. weight loss

(End of article)

Our DU detoxification affiliate recently tested persons in Bahrain and they are indeed exposed to
DU. They have not been able to establish a large enough group to project what percentage of the
Bahrain population is DU positive but it will be high enough. Additionally, it is a DU exposure
that should have never happened. Bahrain falls within the map above and you can see in the table
how many citizens are potentially affected just in that one nation.

In the sample population that was tested, about 80% of them were DU positive.

The implications are far greater however when you consider the Aldermaston Report that detected
DU spikes as far away as the UK after the bombing of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003. The
Desert Storm matter never ended because during the 12 years of sanctions and No-Fly Zone, both
the Clinton Gore Administration and Bush Cheney Administration continued to bomb with DU
weapons and even hitting non-military targets like water treatment plants, waste sewage plants, etc
to "bomb Iraq into the Stone Age", to quote Zionist Neocon Edward Luttwak.

That list above of known negative health effects of being exposed to DU can be replicated almost
anywhere in the United States by interviewing veterans of any given US Army or Marine group and
conducting the proper medical tests. These are the same types of tests that VA either does not want

to run or they do not accurately report to the veteran patient their true medical condition. Why?
Because that would become prima facia evidence against the United States government.

If the US government admits to this and starts providing the appropriate treatment they are
admitting to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

A single DU atom can upend the health of a human body and it is even uglier if that particular
person is also exposed to Strontium 90, U-236, Plutonium 239 or Neptunium 239 that decays back
into Plutonium. All of those are man-made and only come from the inside of nuclear core reactions
in nuclear power plants. Each of those isotopes are known to be extremely deadly and harmful to
the health of anyone that comes into contact with them.

Medical and scientific experts have known for years that radon is dangerous to your health,
concentrates in basements, and causes lung cancer and other types of malignancies. The US
government does not even pretend that radon is not harmful.

So, what is Radon? 


2. What is Radon?

Radon-222 is a radioactive gas released during the natural decay of thorium and uranium, which are
common, naturally occurring elements found in varying amounts in rock and soil. Odorless,
invisible, and without taste, radon cannot be detected with the human senses.

Radon-222 decays into radioactive elements, two of which -- polonium-218 and polonium-214 --
emit alpha particles, which are highly effective in damaging lung tissues. These alpha-emitting
radon decay products have been implicated in a causal relationship with lung cancer in humans.

Radon is created during the slow breakdown of uranium that is naturally occurring in the
environment. It is an odorless, colorless, deadly gas. 

"We know that radon is a carcinogen. This research confirms that breathing low levels of radon
can lead to lung cancer."

Now, if it is deadly as a gas in your basement, how much more dangerous and deadly is it if the
decaying is happening in your body?

As disclosed in the Depleted Uranium, Twenty-First Edition, uranium is a metal in the actinide
class of metals and can seek out to bond with other elements to create hydrides, fluorides,
chlorides, hydrides, oxides, uranates, a water-soluble form known as uranyl, and organometallics.
It is also known to have an affinity for phosphates and can emit alpha particles within the human

body that can break both chains of the DNA because it is "point blank" so to speak and inside of the
human body.

I was stunned and infuriated when doctors and nurses at Landstuhl, Germany confirmed that they
were finding DU positive soldiers and were ordered to make no written record, take blood, freeze it
and the Pentagon would check back in two or three years. That folks is nothing short of criminal
negligence in its sheerest definition..

You have to stop and ponder that the leaders of the land of the free and the home of the brave are
merely a bunch of cowards and war criminals that refuse to face the consequences of their own

Our military soldiers go into service as some of the most physically fit people on this planet and
come home chronically ill. That is a fact and that is something the U.S. government does not want
you to know. They would rather ignore the problem, but we say enough is enough in the ignoring
the problem to death, figuratively and literally.

We are moving to use an arsenal of detoxification methodologies, internal medicine and
nanotechnology at the human body level and in a new generation of medical devices.

In a way, it will be a different type of war but this one is to save those neglected and abandoned by
our own government.

Next time you see one of the D.C. twits smiling for the camera with the troops, remember all that
you have learned about DU recently. They are not great leaders; they are callous and inhumane
people on both sides of the aisle. They are war criminals, guilty of genocide and should be viewed
and treated as such.

The DU, Strontium 90, U-236, Plutonium 239 and Neptunium 239 that decays back into Plutonium
cause the types of medical abnormalities listed above and some that are not on that list. Even the
anthrax vaccine is known to cause early onset of amyloidosis at far greater percentages than the
normal adult population and that alone is known to cause melanoma, a deadly form of cancer.

They (Democrats, Republicans, defense contractors) are wrecking the lives and health of tens of
millions of people and therefore are not fit for leadership of this Republic. The only thing they
deserve is a court, a jury, and justice handed down to them for their actions.

Best regards,


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