FBI E-Mail Refers to Presidential Order Authorizing Inhumane Interrogation Techniques

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Newly Obtained FBI Records Call Defense Department’s Methods "Torture," Express Concerns Over "Cover-Up" That May Leave FBI "Holding the Bag" for Abuses


Records Released in Response to Torture FOIA Request (released by the government 12/15/04, released by the ACLU 12/20/04)

07/02/03 12/15/04 Agency: FBI [Referrals from DOJ, Criminal Division]
“REDACTED complained about treatment he has received for his leg injuries. He does not feel the Americans are giving him proper treatment for his injuries.”
Report of detainee interview
#8. (5 pages) FBI.121504.4411_4415









07/13/04 12/15/04 Agent: FBI [CTD/MLDU]
“On several occasions, I did hear loud music being played and people yelling loudly from behind closed doors of interview rooms but I could not say that detainees were present in those rooms. I also observed strobe lights in interview rooms on several occasions but never observed these being used on detainees.”
Memo to Inspection from CIRG re interrogation techniques at GTMO
#9 (3 pages)FBI.121504.4499_4501





Undated 12/15/04 Agency: FBI [CTD/MLDU]
“BAU personnel witnessed sleep deprivation, REDACTED and utilization of loud music/bright lights/growling dogs in the Detainee interview process by DOD representatives.”
Document entitled “GTMO Issues for SAC Wiley”
#10 (1 page) FBI.121504.4585

Undated 12/15/04 Agent: FBI/[CTD/MLDU]
“DIA has never advised the FBI that they were impersonating an FBI agent as part of their interrogation plan with REDACTED.”
Memo from Counterterrorism to Counterterrorism
#11 (1 page) FBI.121504.4629

01/20/04 12/15/04 Agent: FBI [CTD/MLDU]
“We had a meeting with TJ Harrington today and he inquired about the outcome of your meeting with DOD (General Miller) regarding REDACTED interrogations in June 2003 where an FBI agent was impersonated. Was that ever resolved? Is there any paper on your meeting we can provide to TJ?”
E-mails, from REDACTED to REDACTED, Re Impersonating FBI
#12 ( pages) FBI.121504.4630

01/21/04 12/15/04 Agent: FBI [CTD/MLDU]
“Regarding the ‘impersonation,' I'm still not sure what our issue is here. It's fairly clear to me that the “FBI Agent” wasn't successful in gaining the detainees cooperation. Thereafter, (months later) REDACTED carried the day with his ruse regarding REDACTED. Once again, this technique, and all of those used in these scenarios, was approved by the Dep Sec. Def.”
Email from REDACTED to REDACTED, Re: Impersonating FBI.
#13 (1 page) FBI.121504.4631

07/30/04 12/15/04 Agent: FBI [OGC]
Describes Defense Department interrogation witnessed by FBI personnel. “I saw [a] detainee sitting on the floor of the interview room with an Israeli flag draped around him, loud music being played and a strobe light flashing. I left the monitoring room immediately after seeing this activity. I did not see any other persons inside the interview room with the Israeli flag draped detainee, but suspect that this was a practice used by DOD DHS . . .”
#14 (2 pages) FBI.121504.4737_4738




06/29/04 12/15/04 Agent: FBI [OGC]
Notes allegation of detainee at Abu Ghraib: “They tortured me and cuffed me in an act called the scorpion, and pouring cold water on me They tortured me from morning until the morning of the next day, and when I fell down from the severe torture I fell on the barbed wires, and then they dragged me from my feet and I was wounded and, and they punched me on my stomach.”
#15 (2 pages) FBI.121504.4831_4832




Autopsy reports reveal homicides of detainees in U.S. custody

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