Interrogating the dead Al-Qaida, or Are we Stupid?

Interrogating the dead Al-Qaida, or Are we Stupid?
Tue Mar 4 15:19:10 2003

Interrogating the dead Al-Qaida, or Are we Stupid?

Asim Mughal  site down

There are shrill cries of success and sighs of relief surrounding a news report that is being hailed as the biggest catch so far: No.3 man, Sheikh Khalid Muhammad, of the dreaded Al Qaida is captured, alive! The biggest success in the global war against terrorism. This is certainly excellent news and both the Pakistani and the American authorities deserve congratulations.

Unfortunately, while the coalition is claiming success, there is a run for taking the credit. The American version of the news from likes of CNN, Foxnews, MSNBC hardly mentions the Pakistani role and makes it sound like Sheikh Khalid Muhammad was captured somewhere in Texas, not from Rawalpindi. The Pakistani version earlier claimed this to be a joint operation but now it is claimed to be 100% Pakistani operation (News Link Mar 3, 2003). site down

The contradictions do not stop here. Americans claim that Sheikh Khalid Muhammad is in their custody and is now being interrogated for the second day. Whereas, the Pakistanis are saying that he has not been extradited to any country. Furthermre, it is being said that Sheikh Khalid will be extradited to Kuwait.

Now why Kuwait one asks? Sheikh Khalid Muhammad is being referred to as a citizen of anywhere from Kuwait, Pakistan, Yemen, up to holding 20 passports of different countries. What is his real nationality?

Now, about his role as the key planner of all past terrorism acts and all future acts. It is said that Khalid was the chief/key planner of 9/11 attacks? But wasn't that attributed to Osama Bin Laden? But wait! It was not too long ago that it was claimed that "key planner of the attacks on World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, Ramzi Bin al-Shibh" was arrested.

So, who is the real man?

A more troubling problem is that it was reported by both American and Pakistani authorities back in September 2002 that Sheikh Khalid Muhammad was killed in a raid. The reason we remember him vividly was the way his death was dramatized. He was reported as writing words on a wall with his own blood as he was dying ( News Link Sept 15, 2002).

It was reported a few days after the report of a raid that Khalid's wife and children were in custody and being interrogated. ( News Link Sept 20, 2002) site down
So, maybe all this very confusing to an average buch of people like us, but perhaps someone can tell us who the real Sheikh Khalid Muhammad is? How can Sheikh Khalid Muhammad be in America, Pakistan and Kuwait at the same time? If he died in the gun battle on Sept 15, 2002 in Karachi, who has been raided and arrested on March 3, 2003? site down

We will all feel much safer when told the truth, rather than some raids and captures which do not add up, as it seems.
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Interrogating the dead Al-Qaida, or Are we Stupid? Now, I have another story pretty much saying the same thing that, Shaikh Khalid Mohammed is dead. I just got off the phone again with Mary from Newsday, she said that these were all rumors and not true. She sounded again upset that I would be questioning their paper. I called the New York Times and sent this new one onto Vicky Vila who I sent that original article that was posted last night. I also sent this newer one onto Senators Schumer and Clinton asking that they look into this matter. It almost sounds as if these newspapers are afraid of us looking into matters on our own instead of outright believing what they report. One foreign paper I could see being wrong, but now with another paper from another country saying the same thing? Mary!
Was 'mastermind' really captured?


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