"Should Khalid Shaikh Mohammed be tortured?"


"should Khalid Shaikh Mohammed be tortured?"
Tue Mar 4 16:21:24 2003

"should Khalid Shaikh Mohammed be tortured?"

Our forces supposedly caught the alleged "mastermind" Khalid Shaikh
Mohammed, behind the freedom grabbing, socially engineers psy-op event
every American says in unison 9/11.

As this guy is being paraded on major media, with a picture of him that
looks like they gave him the Timothy Leary drug serum to talk (or not
talk about sensitive subjects), many Americans are developing a blood
thirsty attitude (being programmed into them) that makes them no better
than any third-rate terrorist. I say that boldly and that is because I
predicted to a friend just yesterday, that I would not doubt that the
talk would be about torturing Khalid Shaikh Mohammed to "extract"
information from him.

Sure enough, on San Diego's KOGO radio this morning, which is owned by
the media conglomerate Clear Channel Communications (which I fought
against them gaining their monopoly on talk radio and the apparent Tel
Aviv payroll or orientation of most talk hosts who display an anti-Arab
attitude (and I'm not even Arab), KOGO RADIO literally posed the
question on their morning news "should Khalid Shaikh Mohammed be
tortured?" KOGO's so called news anchor (Prescott) then played three
call-in phone recording where each caller strongly expressed support for
torture. I think there was mention of "American values." I was expecting
someone to say this was a Christian thing to do, or that we could watch
the torture at the new ballpark while gorging our obese nation on hot
dogs and demanding the return of $1.50/gallon gasoline for our oversized
SUVs that we won't be able to make the lease payment on in 6 months.
Apple Pie, baseball and torture of what we are told are men who flew
really shiny fast airplanes into big tall shiny buildings (with little
or no flight training).

To cap the news report on torture, the news anchor's very next news item
was how the gal on one of the bachelor reality TV shows (which most
people now watch as if that is for-real and their life's major concern)
admitted on last night's episode, that she posed nude in a magazine.
This was major news in San Diego!

I'll say it again, our nation is in SAD and SURREAL times. We have
declined as a people more quickly than I will submit, most other nations
(I respect the French now more than our leadership). I don't think this
country has too much longer before it implodes because the people have
become possessed by their media controllers.

/s/: Darren- AvIntel and InfoEdge Groups




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