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There has been a revived energy revolution movement going on around the world the past 20 years that has not been covered or reported by mainstream press, establishment scientific journals or university research publications.
The first question that usually pops into a skeptic's mind is that if the technology is for real and discoveries have been made, such as Pons & Flieschman's cold fusion cell or Rory Johnson's fusion magnetic motor, why has it not been reported or mass produced for use by our energy-hungry world? The answer is suppression.
Suppression can be an active type -- where a corporation or oil company or OPEC, who does not want the invention marketed, will blow up or destroy the lab and the invention and threaten to kill the inventor if he again attempts to market the revolutionary device. 

Inventors Beware! The Deadly Campaign Against Free-energy Devices


Rory Johnson is actually Howard Rory Johnson, Elgin, Illinois, claims development of a magnetic motor that operates by a cold fusion, laser-activated process. The device weighed 475 lb (215 kg). The fuel source was said to have been 2 lb (1 kg) of deuterium. The device reportedly produces 525 hp (391 kW). Johnson stated that it would drive a large truck or bus 100,000 miles (160,000 km). Johnson entered into several contracts over his device. Johnson later moved all his lab equipment to California and died shortly afterwards

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After a year of hearing nothing but silence from Johnson, Greyhound agents tried to contact him-only to be notified that he had passed away unexpectedly. This is a particularly troubling part of the story, since he had been in his early fifties and in robust health. Later, Greyhound learned that shortly before he died, Johnson had inexplicably moved our of his laboratory in the middle of the night and taken all of his motors and technology to California.

Another bizarre fact then surfaced: The U.S. Department of Energy had placed a restraining order on Johnson's company, Magnatron, Inc., prohibiting it from producing the Magnatron engine.






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The Permanent Magnet Motor
by Howard R. Johnson and William P. Harrison, Jr.
Introductory remarks (by Mr. Johnson)
Today when energy is so expensive, it is not hard to drum up interest for most any avenue that offers a breath of hope or a way of escape, but this was not necessarily so in 1942.
In our permanent magnet motors the timing is built into the motors by the size, shape, and spacing of the magnets in the stator and armature. The focusing is controlled by the shape of the magnets, pole length, and the width of the air gap. This air gap, through which magnets oppose and attract each other, is a rare phenomenon. Usually when a magnetic air gap is increased, the field decreases inversely as the square.
When the air gap of the permanent magnet motor is increased, a curious but definite change takes place. There is a large decrease in the reading at south pole of the armature and an increase in the
reading at the north pole. Thus, a Hall-effect sensing probe will give a higher gauss reading at the north pole and a decreasing count at the south pole. This helps explain why the thrust is better with a larger air gap than a smaller one. The attracting field is minimized and will not produce a locking force, while the repulsion of the crescent magnet is great enough to generate a thrust vector component that will drive the armature.
As I tried to explain in the patent, I believe that the permanent magnet is the first room temperature super conductor. In fact, I believe that super conductors are simply large wound magnets. The current in a super conductor is not initiated by a strong emf, such as a battery, but is instead actually induced into existence by a magnetic field. Then, in order to determine how much current may be flowing in the super conductor coil, we measure its magnetic field. This appears to be something like going out the door and coming back in the window.Another rather unique feature of super conductors is the fact that their magnetic lines of force experience a change in direction. No longer do these lines flow at right angles to the conductor, but they now exist parallel to the conductor. Theoretically, the heavy conductor currents exist in the fine filaments of niobium within each small wire of niobium tin from which such super conductors are made. Isn't it interesting that the finer the wire the less the resistance until eventually there is no resistance at all?

The Rory Johnson Gallium-Deuterium Fusion Magnetic Motor

Deuterium plasma interactions with liquid gallium

Read Me-Basic Fusion

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Magnetic Motor Parts

LAB MEMORANDUM_______________________CTEC, Inc.
Date: November, 1999

SUBJECT: Characterization of Howard Johnson’s Magnetic Gate




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Join together to make things actually happen! Now! No one individual or
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can do anything! Group actions are the most effective means to promote
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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.

“Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be
driven by power obtainable at any point in the is a mere question of time when men
will succeed in attaching their machinery to the
very wheelwork of nature."
- Nikola Tesla

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