Terri Schiavo Document's Page

Theresa Schiavo, her mother & Father. 1984

Terri Schiavo Speaks with dad

Luke 8:17
For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

UPDATE: 03/04/05 - Friday  DCF INTERVENES
State officials want to investigate 30 allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation in the care of Terri Schiavo, including experimental procedures allegedly performed improperly.


UPDATE 02/25/05: Judge Greer has ordered that Michael Schiavo execute Terri through
starvation and dehydration to begin on March 18th at 1 pm Eastern Time. 
His order does not "allow" Michael to pull the feeding tube; it ORDERS him
to do so! See Doc. http://www.apfn.org/pdf/02252005.pdf



The Bone Scan performed on Terri - 1 year after her collapse

Affidavit of Dr. Alexander Gimon

Affidavit of Dr. William Hammesfahr

Complete Report of Dr. William Hammesfahr

Affidavit of Dr. Jacob Greene

Affidavit of Dr. Richard Neubauer

Affidavit of Dr. William Russell

Affidavit of Dr. Fred Webber

Affidavit of C Iyer
Former caregiver

Affidavit of H Law
Former Caregiver

Affidavit T Capone
Former Nursing Staff

Affidavit of C Johnson
Former Caregiver

 Schindler's Motion for Clarification and Temporary Stay
(Guardianship case - February 21, 2005

2nd DCA Denies Motion to Withhold Mandate
(Guardianship case - February 21, 2005

 Schindler's Motion for Rehearing for relief from void judgment
(Guardianship case - February 18, 2005)

Schindlers' file Motion to Stay Mandate with 2nd DCA.
(Papal Appeal - February 15, 2005)

Schindlers' file new Motion for Stay with Judge Greer.
(Guardianship - February 15, 2005)

Schindlers submit Notice of Deposition of Michael Schiavo
in regards to their petition to remove him as Guardian.
(Guardianship - February 15, 2005)

Schindlers file Subpoena for the Deposition of Jodi Centozone.  (Guardianship - February 15, 2005)

 Judge Greer denies Voidness Motion. 
(Guardianship - February 11, 2005)

Schindlers file Supplemental Brief with Judge Greer in Voidness Motion. (Guardianship - February 7, 2005)

 Second DCA denies Schindlers' Motion for Clarification, Rehearing, Rehearing en banc, Written Opinion, and Certification.
(Papal Appeal - February 4, 2005)

Judge Greer Temporarily Dismisses New Motion for Stay
(Guardianship - January 24, 2005)

 Motion for New Stay to Prevent Michael Schiavo from Removing Feeding Tube Immediately
(Guardianship - January 13, 2005)

 Supporting Brief for Voidness Motion before Judge Greer
(Due Process - January 13, 2005)

 Petition for Rehearing to 2nd DCA in "Papal" Appeal
(Papal Appeal - January 12, 2005)

New Petition to Judge Greer to Remove Michael Schiavo as Guardian (Guardianship - January 11, 2005)

 Motion Asking Court to Void Order Removing Terri's Assisted Feeding (Due Process - January 6, 2005)

2nd DCA Ruling Dismissing the "Papal" Appeal 
(Papal Appeal - December 29, 2004)

Terri's Family files Appellants' Initial Brief with District Court of Appeals
(Guardianship Case - November 22, 2004)

Terri's Family requests Oral Arguments with District Court of Appeals
(Guardianship Case - November 15, 2004)

Terri's Family files opposition to Schiavo's motion to vacate stay
(Guardianship Case - November 15, 2004)

Schiavo Appeals 2nd DCA to Vacate Stay
(Guardianship Case - November 4, 2004)

Terri's family files objections to Schiavo's guardian plan
(Guardianship Case - November 4, 2004)

Stay Issued
(Guardianship Case - October 29, 2004)

Motion for Stay
(Guardianship Case - October 26, 2004)

Notice of Appeal
(Guardianship Case - October 26, 2004)

Order of Emergency Stay
(Guardianship Case - October 22, 2004)

Order Dismissing Memorandum of Law
(Guardianship Case - October 22, 2004)

Motion for Protective Order
(Guardianship Case - October 21, 2004)

Memorandum of Law
(Guardianship Case - September 2, 2004)

Motion to Compel and for sanctions and Motion for continuance
(Guardianship Case - August 26, 2004)

Writ of Certiorari
(Guardianship Case - August 6, 2004)

Schiavo Answer Brief
(Schiavo v Bush - July 26, 2004)

Motion for Relief from Judgment + Appendices
(Guardianship Court - July 19, 2004)

Brief of Amici Curiae in Support of Appellant Governor Jeb Bush
(Schiavo v Bush - July 12, 2004)

Judge Greer dismisses Quo Warranto
(Guardianship Case - July 6, 2004)

Governor Bush's Initial Brief to the Florida Supreme Court
(Schiavo v Bush - July 6, 2004)

Opposition to Motion to Stay Proceedings
(Filed by Schiavo)

Motion to Stay Proceedings
(Filed by Governor)

Second DCA Order of Transfer
(Transferring case of Terri's Law to Florida Supreme Court)

Letter to Judge Greer from Attorney George Felos
(After June 16, 2004 Hearing to Dismiss Writ of Quo Warranto)

Response from Attorney Patricia Anderson to Judge
(To Attorney Felos's communications with Judge Greer) (pg not there)

Order Accepting Jurisdiction of Schiavo v Bush
(Florida Supreme Court)

Order restoring Visitation - 06/04/04
(Guardianship Court)

(Schiavo v. Bush)

Judge Greer's Denial of Motion to Show Cause for Contempt of Court
(Guardianship Court)

Affidavit of Mary Schindler
(Guardianship Court)

Affidavit of H. Law
(Guardianship Court)

Motion - Contempt of Court
(Guardianship Court)

Opinion of Second District Court of Appeals - 02-13-04
(Schindler v Schiavo)

Petition to Modify Visitation - 01-07-04

Order Denying Reinstatement of Guardian ad Litem - 01-08-04

Petition to Reinstate Guardian ad Litem - 01-05-04

Affidavit of Bishop Robert Lynch - 12-12-03

Affidavit of John Stargel - 12-11-03

Affidavit of Kate Adamson - 12-11-03

Affidavit of Stephen Wise - 12-11-03

Motion for Continuance - 12-11-03
(Governor Bush petitioning for continuance and for expedited discovery)

Opinion of 2nd DCA - 12-10-03
(Appeals Court's order denying Governor Bush's request to remove Judge Baird)

Notice of Appeal 11-26-03
(Appeal of order denying the Schindler family intervention in Schiavo v Bush)

Response to Petition to remove Schiavo as Guardian 11-26-03

Order for Case Management 11-25-03
(Scheduling of Case Management conference for December 2, 2003)

Motion for Protective Order 11-25-03
(Filed by Michael Schiavo requesting the court block deposition of witnesses in Schiavo v Bush)

Notice of Hearing 11-25-03
(Notice of Hearing December 19, 2003 on Summary Judgment in Schiavo v Bush)

Emergency Motion for Stay 11-20-03
(Filed by Michael Schiavo requesting a stay from discovery in the guardianship case)

Answer Affirmative Defenses Demand For Jury Trial Of Respondent Jeb Bush, Governor Of The State Of Florida 11-19-03 (pg not there)

Motion Of Respondent Jeb Bush, Governor Of The State OF Florida For Disqualification Of Judge 11-19-03 (pg not there)

Brief of Respondent Jeb Bush, Governor Of The State Of Florida 11-19-03

Motion Of Respondent Jeb Bush, Governor Of The State Of Florida To Strike The Petition And Petitioner's Brief 11-19-03

Motion for Protective Order  11-19-03
(Filed by Michael Schiavo to block discovery in the issue of Dr. C. Walker's findings of Terri Schiavo's bone scan)

Emergency Motion for Stay 11-14-03
(Filed in the Second District Court of Appeals by Governor Jeb Bush)

House Amicus Brief 11-10-03
(Friend of the Court Brief filed by House Speak Johnnie Byrd  in Schiavo v Bush)

ACLJ Amicus Brief 11-06-03
(Friend of the Court Brief filed in Schiavo v Bush)

Petition to Dismiss Schiavo v Bush 11-05-03
(Governor Bush files a Petition to Dismiss in the case of Schiavo v Bush)

Denial of Petition for Intervention 11-04-03
(Judge Baird denies petition for Terri's parents and ACLJ to intervene directly in Schiavo v. Bush)

Petition to Remove Schiavo as Guardian 12-02 (To be heard at 11-05-03 hearing)
(Document cites numerous violations of Guardian law in Florida)

Motion to Dismiss Petition 12-06-02
(Deborah Bushnell on behalf of Michael Schiavo)

Intervention Package 10-03
(Filed by the ACLJ on behalf of Terri's family)

Appointment of Jay Wolfson as Guardian ad Litem 10-03
(Dr. Appointed by Judge Demers of 6th Circuit)

Attorney Anderson's Response to Guardian Appointment 10-03
(Patricia Anderson representing the Schindler family)

Attorney Anderson's Suggestion of Bias 10-03
(Bias suggested on the part of proposed guardian, Jay Wolfson)

Denial of Injunction 10-03
(Judge Baird's denial of emergency injunction by Schiavo)

Michael Schiavo v Governor Jeb Bush 10-03
(Schiavo contests the constitutionality of Terri's Law)

Visitation Revoked 10-03
(Attorney Bushnell's letter revoking visitation from Terri's family)

Terri's Law 10-03
(Final of Terri's Bill)

Executive Order 10-03
(Governor Jeb Bush's Executive Order)

Amicus Brief 10-03
(Friend of the Court Brief from Not Dead Yet)

Denial of Petition for Immediate Therapy 09-03
(Judge Greer's denial to the Petition for Immediate Therapy)

Order of Death 09-03
(Judge Greer's order to remove nutrition and hydration to commence Oct 15, 2003)

Petition for Intervention 09-03
(Petition for Immediate Judicial Intervention)

Motion to Disqualify 09-03
(Motion to Disqualify Judge George Greer)

Letter from Attorney Bushnell to Judge Shames 05-97



There is much information about Terri Schindler Schiavo on the web. Some of it may be found at the website of the Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation by searching through the pages there. You can also find many documents at the Children of God for Life and other sites.

We are placing some of the documents here to help the public find some of the most important documents. Some of these files are quite large, but they are ALL extremely important and worth reviewing. Please share these files with others. Let others know what these ORIGINAL source documents say. They contain testimony from those who know Terri and/or Michael Schiavo directly. They completely obliterate the picture of Terri presented in the major media. They completely obliterate the testimony of Michael Schiavo, who contradicted himself many times, even when sworn to tell the truth!

Affidavit of Alexander-Gimon-PhD-05-29-01

Affidavit of Alexander-T-Gimon-PhD-08-03

Affidavit of C Johnson 08-28-03

Affidavit of Heidi Law 09-03

Affidavit of Iyer-Carla-12-15-03

Affidavit of Jacob-Green-MD-PhD-05-01

Affidavit of James-A-Avery-MD-02-21-2001

Affidavit of Mary Schindler 03-04

Affidavit of Richard-Neubauer-MD-05-01

Affidavit of Sara-Green-Mele-Speech-Therapist-07-25-03

Affidavit of TrudyCapone-05-09-01

Affidavit of William Hammesfahr MD 06-01

Affidavit of William Hammesfahr MD excerpt

Affidavit of William-Scott-Russell-MD-05-01

Depostion of Dr Walker re T Schiavo Bone Scan

Deposition of Dr. Hammesfahr re Neck Injury similar to strangulation case


Report of Guardian Ad Litem Richard-Pearse-Jr-12-29-98 re Terri Schiavo

Report of Neurologist William-Hammesfahr-MD-09-12-02

Terri Schiavo 1991 bone scan from 1991 image

Terri Schiavo 1990 exam

Michael's former girlfriend speaks out
(Audio file)

The following REAL video files with the .rm or .ram file ending must be played with
the free REAL VIDEO Player, available for download at Real.com

Almost Five Minute Long Video of Terri
This (2280 KB) file may take a while (8-10 minutes to download if you have slow dialup) but it is well worth it! We have tested the file and it definitely works with the REAL Player. You should NOT use other players for this file.

See the story of Terri's family releasing this tape at CNS News.com

Terri Opens Eyes - REAL video file

Terri: "How's That cold?" REAL video file

Terri's Mum - REAL video file

Terri Music - REAL video file

Terri Swab - REAL video file



Subject: Terri DOES have legal protection! Why can't you see that?
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 09:13:13 -0500
From: eleanor@raven1.net
To: eleanor@raven1.net

Here is a note I just left at a petition site for Terri:



I am at my wits end, because you SUPPORTERS of Terri's cause 
are IGNORING the absolute legal protection provided by Florida and
Federal law concerning witholding water and food from the disabled:

(Read my lips here):

I-T  I-S  A-G-A-I-N-S-T  T-H-E  L-A-W !!

Why in God's Holy Name are you not invoking this?

michael can ONLY remove the feeding tube if that act does not 
interfere with providing Terri water and food.  What michael did last 
time was absolutely illegal and he should be in jail for it, witholding
water and food.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA),
42 U.S.C. Sections 12101 provides that 
necessary and appropriate rehabilitation 
services and physical/motor skill therapy 
may not be denied a substantially disabled 
patient in the United States of America. 

Cf 28 CFR, Ch 1, Subpart B, Sect 35.130 
States "Nothing in the Act or this part 
authorizes the representative or guardian 
of an individual with a disability to 
decline FOOD, WATER, medical treatment, or
medical services for that individual." 



Eleanor White
Hamilton, Ontario
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