Theresa Marie Schiavo's Bone Scan:

a surprise move the state's social welfare agency asked for an indefinite delay to investigate potential abuse of the severely brain-damaged woman. 02/23/05

State-Funded Agency to Probe Claim of Spousal Abuse in Terri Schiavo Case

LISTEN TO: Dr. Hammesfahrs:

Terri Schiavo Speaks with dad

Dr. Hammesfahr revealed that not only has Terri NEVER had a heart attack as
widely reported in the major media, she also NEVER even had a cardiac arrest
(her heart never stopped)! [she had arhythmias of the heart but not a
"stopped heart."] He explained that Terri's injuries were multiple and
showed injury TO her. He stated that Terri had marked injury to her neck
which still exists today, and that he has only seen a similar injury, with
spinal cord involvement as well as brain injury, in one case where a patient
had been strangled. He stated that Terri had an L-1 injury to her spine,
which he stated is common among persons being thrown against a table, for
example. Dr. Hammesfahr confirmed that Terri could talk and was improving in
the very first year when she was getting some rehabilitation (BEFORE Michael
got the money), and that the medical records confirm, that after Michael got
the money, rehabilitation was completely stopped!
Dr. Hammesfahrs contact information:
Web site is
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