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Subject: Our Sister Terri was murdered today The Terri Schiavo Tragedy + George Orwell & Terri Schiavo +

This is a Hospice Patients Alliance Newsletter March 31, 2005, 1st edition, sent out periodically reporting about news affecting hospice and end-of-life care.

Dear friends,

Pray for Terri's Family & Our Nation!

Our sister Terri is dead.

Terri Schindler was murdered today, 9:05 a.m. Eastern time, March 31, 2005 at the Hospice of the Florida Suncoast, a hospice known for its active participation in the spread of the euthanasia agenda, in the elimination of the severely disabled, cognitively disabled and other vulnerable citizens.  Its leaders, George Felos and Mary Labyak, are well-known for their links to the pro-assisted suicide and euthanasia movement.  The practices they promote are directly connected with the former Euthanasia Society of America and the Nazi agenda to kill the severely disabled, those they considered unfit for life or "useless eaters."  Terri was among the targeted.

Terri Schindler's murder was ordered by the court at the request of Terri's (in name only "husband") and guardian   Michael Schiavo by dehydrating her to death.  Judge George Greer ordered her death when he ordered that no nutrition or hydration be given to Terri, even though she could take in food or liquids by mouth.  Judge Greer forbade further tests to determine Terri's cognitive condition with certainty, and forbade tests to see how well Terri could take in oral food and liquids.

Terri Schindler was made to be disabled under suspicious circumstances in 1990 after a huge fight with her husband, Michael Schiavo.  Terri's friend asked her if she wanted to stay over at her house that night, Terri decided to stay at home.  That was the last conversation Terri's friend had with her.

Michael Schiavo was found to be doing nothing to help Terri when Terri's brother, Bobby Schindler, Jr., and the emergency medical services arrived and found Terri face down at the time.

Michael used Terri's disability in a malpractice suit to win more than a million dollars supposedly for Terri's care, but Michael heaped years of abuse and neglect upon Terri shortly after taking control of the money.  He immediately began to search for a way to kill Terri, trying one method such as withholding treatments for infection, and then others, according to the court records and affidavits.  Strikingly, Michael Schiavo never mentioned Terri's wishes to be killed until after he met up with pro assisted-suicide guru, George Felos

Judge Greer refused to hear any testimony or evidence that might have saved Terri, while accepting blindly anything put forward by Michael Schiavo, though Michael's statements were contradicted by his own prior actions and statements and, though the court's own appointed guardian ad litem for Terri, Richard Pearse, found that Michael was unfit to be guardian.  

Scott Peterson has been sentenced to death for killing his wife. Michael Schiavo has been assisted in killing his wife by the system of justice that should have found him guilty.  This is a tragic day for our nation!

Book of Nahum 1:2-6

 2.  God is jealous, and the Lord revengeth; the Lord revengeth, and is furious; the Lord will take vengeance on his adversaries, and he reserveth wrath for his enemies.

 3.  The Lord is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the Lord hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.

 4.  He rebuketh the sea, and maketh it dry, and drieth up all the rivers: Bashan languisheth, and Carmel, and the flower of Lebanon languisheth.

 5.  The mountains quake at him, and the hills melt, and the earth is burned at his presence, yea, the world, and all that dwell therein.

 6.  Who can stand before his indignation? and who can abide in the fierceness of his anger? his fury is poured out like fire, and the rocks are thrown down by him.

Terri Schiavo's beliefs?  "Where there is life, there is hope."

     [spoken to her best friend Diane Meyer in regard to Karen Ann Quinlan]

Terri's torture and ordeal is over.

For us, our nation's torture and ordeal is just beginning.

Now we must decide how to deal with the open murder of a nonterminal patient in a nation that once regarded the right to live as "inalienable," something that could not be questioned.  If the citizens do not raise their voices in an outcry over this murder and stop the wave of killings that are victimizing our nation's vulnerable, we will have become what we once detested, a nation that implements the values of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Third Reich.


Articles & Updates

The Terri Schiavo Tragedy

George Orwell & Terri Schiavo,

     Euphemisms about life and death


The Terri Schiavo Tragedy

by Mitchell S. Felder, M.D.

by Mitchell S. Felder, M.D.

March 31, 2005              

During the time of the Holocaust the Nazi SS sadistically punished rebellious prisoners by simply putting them in a cell without food or water. The hapless victim would be driven insane with hunger and thirst and would die a horrific, excruciating death. This would serve as an example to the other victims of the utter hopelessness of their condition. The man-made laws of Nazi Germany enabled the legal murder of millions. Likewise, the distorted logic of the American legal system has allowed a patient to be condemned to death in the cruelest fashion imaginable.

As a board certified attending neurologist, I would immediately question the constant refrain during this tragedy that "Terri didn’t feel a thing" during her forced starvation. I would contend that the opposite is much more likely. Terri was brutally trapped in the worst of all worlds. Widespread laminar necrosis of the cerebral cortex is typically found after the anoxic encephalopathy that Terri initially suffered. However, the more primitive areas of Terri’s brain: the hypothalamus, amygdala and brain stem remained intact. As Terri was starved, the primitive factors that regulate food intake such as blood glucose and amino acid concentrations set off the physiologic equivalent of an air raid siren in the feeding center of the hypothalamus screaming "feed me." However, the cortical area of her brain which would have allowed for a cognitive comprehension of this dilemma was dysfunctional. Likewise, a massive transmission of pain signals flooded into her hindbrain and thalamus without a subsequent cognitive interpretation. In order to begin to disprove my conviction that Terri suffered during her forced starvation her doctors would have had to perform an (1) EEG (electroencephalogram) showing cortical brainwave activity (2) PET (Positron Emission Tomography) Scan to show a reduction in cerebral metabolism (3) SSEP (Somatosensory Evoked Potential) to show brainstem neurophysiologic functioning and (4) MRI scan of her brain to show anatomical disruption. I understand that either these tests had not been performed in years or were never done in the first place. Although Terri was judicially condemned to death, she met almost none of the standard Harvard criteria for brain death.

Around the time that I first started practicing as a neurologist I was called by my hospital’s emergency room doctor to see a comatose patient. He was apologetic in asking me to come in to see a patient with the absolute worst type of malignant brain tumor, a Glioblastoma multiforme. When I arrived in the ER I was met by the patient’s former wife, who between loud sobs, pleaded with me to "save" her ex-husband. At that point, I wouldn’t have given this 63-year-old profoundly comatose patient a thousand to one odds for remaining alive another hour, let alone having any future life. Reluctantly, I went through the motions of putting the patient in the ICU and putting him on steroids in a cookbook fashion. Miraculously, the man slowly improved, left the hospital and lived another eight years, during which time he joined a number of local clubs. Likewise, even when considering Terri’s purported diagnosis of a persistent vegetative state (in my opinion, not properly supported by the above elucidated tests) "The occurrence of rare instances of very late recovery in adults must be acknowledged." (Adam and Victor’s Principles of Neurology, Seventh Edition, p. 370). Even more disturbing, in this standard teaching textbook of neurology, is the statement on the same page, "At no time after the onset of coma was it possible to distinguish patients who would remain in a vegetative state from those who would die." Killing Terri destroyed the hope for any possible future potential therapeutic modality such as stem cells, hyperbaric oxygenation or neurotransmitter treatment. There have been at least four confirmed cases of patients with persistent vegetative state who have recovered some neurologic functioning. Dr. Ronald Cranford, the neurologist who diagnosed Ms. Schiavo’s condition, was the attending physician in one of those cases. Dr. Cranford later admitted, "Yes, I made a mistake and to this day no one can explain these cases." Isn’t it obvious that this could be yet another "mistake"? The most basic principal in medicine, based on the Hippocratic Oath is to "do no harm." I would tend to believe that actively killing one’s patient violates this most basic principal.

The forced death of Terri by our judicial system sets a horrific precedent. Should we now begin starving anyone with a neurodegenerative condition? That would include patients with Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, ALS, Tay-Sachs Disease, Canavan’s Disease, and the list goes on and on.

Ultimately, a society must be judged by the manner in which it treats its most vulnerable members. Like the one and one-half million children slaughtered by the Nazis, Terri Schiavo was totally helpless and vulnerable. The tragedy of her needlessly imposed death greatly lessens us all.

Mitchell S. Felder, M.D. is a board-certified attending neurologist at UPMC Horizon in Pennsylvania.


National Review  March 29, 2005

George Orwell & Terri Schiavo, Euphemisms about life and death

Denial is not just a river in Egypt, goes the saying. Indeed, it is something very important to supporters of ending Terri Schiavo’s life, judging by their head-spinning evasions.

A woman who might (or might not) be in a persistent vegetative state, but who is otherwise not ill and can continue to live for years despite her profound disability, is dying because we are refusing to give her sustenance. We are affirmatively ending her life, perhaps against her will, because there is no way now to know her will. Supporters of this act feel compelled to try to pretty it up.

They say that Terri is being “allowed to die.” No. She is being made to die. All across America, in hospitals, mental wards, and institutions for the severely disabled, there are people who, if we withdrew our care for them, would die. We wouldn’t call this “allowing” them to die. We would call it scandalous neglect.

George Felos, the lawyer for Terri’s husband, Michael, explains his position in the case thusly: “I firmly believe in the right of individuals to make their own medical-treatment choices.” But Terri is not making her medical choices. Choices are being made for her, perhaps (if you believe Michael Schiavo) on the basis of things she said a decade ago, perhaps (if you don’t) in the absence of any stated preference.

After visiting her bedside recently, Felos declared, “In all the years I’ve seen Mrs. Schiavo, I’ve never seen such a look of peace and beauty upon her.” Maybe Felos has forgotten: If she is indeed in a persistent vegetative state, as he maintains, she can’t feel anything, let alone a sense of peace that would make her radiant with beauty. 

One expert told the New York Times that “no one is denying this woman food and water.” Really? Then why is she dying? Is it merely a coincidence that she might experience kidney failure from dehydration at any time?

This expert’s argument is that, since she is in a persistent vegetative state, she has “no knowledge of food.” By this logic it would be morally acceptable to suffocate her with a pillow since she has “no knowledge of air.” She could be dropped out of a 15-story window because she has “no knowledge of gravity.” She could be shot because she has “no knowledge of ballistics.”

Then there is the misuse of words that are thrown at Republicans to prove their alleged hypocrisy. For example: Why aren’t conservatives respecting the “sanctity of marriage” here? But Michael Schiavo ­ perhaps understandably, given the wrenching circumstances ­ long ago moved in with another woman, with whom he has two children. This is no longer a case of simon-pure “sanctified” marriage.

Or how about “federalism,” supposedly trampled by the GOP Congress? But federalism means a division of the branches of government, all with their designated powers. When state and federal courts willfully strike down or ignore laws passed by democratically elected legislatures, this is not “federalism,” but a perversion of the country’s constitutional scheme.

Felos says Terri would want us to “ask ourselves the questions: What’s the purpose of my life? And how can I best fulfill that? And how can I be of service to others?” Those are important questions, but ones liable to produce answers that might confound all our expectations. Terri Schiavo might have believed, before her tragic injury, that her purpose was to be a loving wife and mother. Now, in circumstances that would have horrified her, her purpose might be to give a kind of comfort to her family and to demonstrate to those around her the value of life, even when our capacities are heartbreakingly diminished.

Despite the spiritual-sounding mumbo jumbo, Felos and his allies want to foreclose the possibility of this purpose. They believe that some people’s lives are meaningless and expendable. There is something chilling about that, which is why they so often resort to weasel words and gauzy euphemisms.

­Rich Lowry is author of Legacy: Paying the Price for the Clinton Years.


"Disabled?   Dead!"

by Ron Panzer  Hospice Patients Alliance  March 30, 2005


Till next time,

Ron Panzer

President, Hospice Patients Alliance

"What I do you cannot do;

but what you do, I cannot do.

The needs are great, and none of us,

including me, ever do great things.

But we can all do small things, with great love,

and together we can do something wonderful." - Mother Teresa





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Action Item ~ Arrest Terri!

Mon Mar 28, 2005 01:49

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Action Item ~ Arrest Terri!
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 23:52:37 EST

There have been a number of postings today, regarding making your "own flyer" that is very informative. Just as I had started the mass campaign to "CALL DCF WITHOUT HESITATION" a few days ago (which seems to be posted a gazillion places now too), I think we all need to gather our thoughts and work together to create the right presentation.

We need to push the issues with both of the Bush brothers. Governor Bush needs to assert his authority and power. President Bush needs to persuade the congress and whatever other powers that be, to follow through with their subpoenas, authority and pursuit of justice for Terri.

The mere fact that Terri is to appear before congress on Monday 28March2005 (tomorrow) means THAT subpoena must be executed. According to many statutes and laws, as well as organizational policies and codes (such as the DCF and other human protection agencies), the Governor CAN (and should) take Terri into protective custody.

To date, however, he has ignored that. I truly believe that Governor Bush wants to "do whatever [he] can" to save Terri. Unfortunately, he found the proverbial Greer (brick) Wall when he tried.

However... (and here is where it takes that extra step, Folks) Governor Bush or Federal Agents as ordered by Congress/President Bush MUST assert their powers and enforce the subpoena. When Terri doesn't show up on Monday, TERRI MUST BE ARRESTED! The Governor and DCF have a duty. The Governor, the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF), the President and the Congress (both house and senate) MUST continue their plight to seek justice for Terri.

The congress and Governor Bush and President Bush and Seantor Bill Frist MUST enforce the subpoenas and ISSUE A WARRANT FOR TERRI'S ARREST!! They know just where Terri is. Go ARREST TERRI!

The state and federal laws, state and federal statutes and organization policies and codes can easily be pursued and brought to life (so to speak).

When she doesn't "show up" for her subpoena tomorrow, Governor Bush (or Senator Bill Frist, who is VERY gung-ho on applying the laws to "judge" Greer as well as Schiavo and Felos) has repeatedly said that "no little judge" is going to... SO!... Let's make sure he holds up to those statements!

So... print flyers - but keep it to the point. There is no need to go into the HUGE number of injustices and one-sided horseshit that goes with this. That will ALL come out when it's necessary. Right now, we have to concentrate on getting Terri the help she most desperately needs.

Please print the flyers, but remember to keep your info short and sweet. In your flyer, invite your friends and families to join the boards at yahoo and visit Terri's site ( and to PLEASE contact their reps and Governor Bush, and DCF and President Bush.

Points to remember and point out:


Although most of us could recite a mountain of reasons for them to pursue this investigation, at this point, those things are "irrelevant." We must pursue JUSTICE FOR TERRI, with the circumstances of RIGHT NOW. Later, we must band together and pursue JUSTICE FOR SCHIAVO too, although I am sure ALL of us want to see a whole different sort of of "justice" when it comes to that sorry son of a bitch. (And I am sure that we will all stick together to make that happen ~ LATER)

However, right NOW, we MUST pursue the Governor and President Bush. Remember, they have both, in concert with the congress, PROMISED TO and went so far as to CREATE LAWS in the middle of the night to PROTECT AND INSURE TERRI'S RIGHTS! Now, let's make sure they live up to their promises.

Hospice... Bob & Mary Schindler have promised to protect Terri's rights.
Bobby and Suzanne and family have promised to protect Terri.
100's of supporters and Terri Warriors fight for Terri's rights.

Florida... Governor Jeb Bush has promised to stand up for Terri's rights.

Congress... Senator Bill Frist has promised to stand up for Terri's rights.
House... Unanimously agreed to stand up for Terri's rights.
Senate... More than 2/3's agreed to stand up for Terri's rights.

Nation... President George Bush has promised to stand up for Terri's rights.

World... The POPE has been very unambiguous about Terri's rights.

We are not alone. We are all fighting for the same rights. Terris' rights! Terri's needs! Terri's love and life and liberty!

PLEASE continue to contact the media, continue to contact the Florida DCF, continue to contact the Governor. My suggestion is below. Please remember to sign your FULL NAME, ADDRESS, CITY-STATE AND ZIP and add your phone number if you wish.

Also, remember to send this "brainstorm" to the media as well. Thanks for listening to the rambling. Please work hard and long on this issue, as time is short for Terri.

Keep the Faith!

Governor Bush,

I am writing to you today requesting that you assert your powers to protect Terri Schindler Schiavo. As you well know, Terri (and others) have been subpoened to appear before Congress on Monday 28March2005.

Most of the others sought to appear by this subpoena are seeking to prevent Terri from appearing before congress. Terri should be required (by law) to appear for this subpoena. Those people, namely Judge George Greer, attorney George Felos and Terri's estranged husband Michael Schiavo have Terri confined to a Hospice Room. She has been neglected, abused and exploited by these men, in order to prevent her from appearing before Congress. Terri is being starved and dehydrated to death by Mr. Schiavo and Mr. Felos and have sought and acquired a judicial order by Mr. Greer to allow the starvation and dehydration, with their exact intentional finality being Terri's death.

Please pursue the subpoena. Place an arrest warrant on Terri and GO GET HER AND ARREST HER AND PROTECT HER FROM THIS TYRANNY!

Please do what's right, Sir. Terri's life depends on it.

Jane Boothe Lagerstrom
1820 Bell Road
Minooka, Illinois


HOUSE SUBPOENA: Dated March 18, 2005

Terri & Michael should be arrested
Two counts of obstruction of justice;
one for killing the witness, two for
allowing the evidence to be destroyed


The Battle for Terri's Life - Latest Update

Family Research Council has obtained an exclusive audio clip, recorded on Friday March 18 immediately following the removal of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube. In this recording Terri can be heard responding to her father as he asks how she feels. To listen to the audio clip, click here.

LISTEN TO: Dr. Hammesfahrs:
Dr. Hammesfahr revealed that not only has Terri NEVER had a heart attack as
widely reported in the major media, she also NEVER even had a cardiac arrest
(her heart never stopped)! [she had arhythmias of the heart but not a
"stopped heart."] He explained that Terri's injuries were multiple and
showed injury TO her. He stated that Terri had marked injury to her neck
which still exists today, and that he has only seen a similar injury, with
spinal cord involvement as well as brain injury, in one case where a patient
had been strangled. He stated that Terri had an L-1 injury to her spine,
which he stated is common among persons being thrown against a table, for
example. Dr. Hammesfahr confirmed that Terri could talk and was improving in
the very first year when she was getting some rehabilitation (BEFORE Michael
got the money), and that the medical records confirm, that after Michael got
the money, rehabilitation was completely stopped!
Dr. Hammesfahrs contact information:
Web site is


Michael admitted on Larry King Live that he didn't know what Terri wanted. His lie about Terri's wishes is the basis of the court's approval of euthanizing Terri. See Larry King Transcript:

CNN LARRY KING LIVE March 18, 2005
Larry King: Do you understand how they feel?
M. SCHIAVO: Yes, I do. But this is not about them, it's about Terri. And I've also said that in court.


Alan Keyes

TERRI SCHIAVO: Jeb Bush is courting dereliction of duty

Tue Mar 29, 2005 21:05


JEB & GEORGE BUSH IS KILLING TERRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeb Bush is courting dereliction of duty
Posted: March 29, 2005
11:44 a.m. Eastern
By Alan Keyes

© 2005
The Florida state constitution declares unequivocally that in the state of Florida "the supreme executive power shall be vested in a governor . ." The word supreme means highest in authority. There can be no executive authority in the state of Florida higher than the governor. No state law can create an executive authority higher than highest in the Florida constitution. Therefore no court order based upon such a law can constitutionally create such an authority.

If the governor tells the local police in Pinellas County to step aside, they must do so, or else be arrested and tried for an assault on the government of the state, which is to say insurrection.

(If Gov. Jeb Bush fears that for some reason they would question the authority of his representatives, then he should take the necessary law enforcement officials to Tampa in person, thus making the situation crystal clear.)

Since Florida's highest law grants him supreme executive power, the governor's action would be lawful. No one in the Florida judiciary can say otherwise, since the whole basis for the doctrine of judicial review (which they invoked when they refused to apply "Terri's law") is that any law at variance with the constitution is no law at all.

Gov. Bush has said that he recognizes the injustice being done to Terri Schiavo but is powerless to stop it. He is obviously not powerless, and his view of injustice is fully warranted.

The Florida state constitution declares: "All natural persons, female and male alike, are equal before the law and have inalienable rights, among which are the right to enjoy and defend life and liberty . ."

The word "inalienable" means that the rights in question cannot be given away or transferred to another by law. Now, by allowing Michael Schiavo to starve his wife to death, Judge George W. Greer transfers to Schiavo the exercise of her right to life, doing on her behalf what the Florida state constitution declares she herself could not do (since an inalienable right cannot be given away).

Schiavo's decision, and any element of the law it is based on that has the same effect, are therefore unconstitutional on the face of it.

The governor of Florida cannot be obliged to enforce unconstitutional edicts, nor can he be faulted for acting to stop an evident violation of the constitution. In his oath as governor he swore to "support, protect and defend the Constitution and government of the United States and of the state of Florida."

As supreme executive, he is obliged to act in their defense, and no court order can relieve him of this responsibility.

Any order by Judge Greer that seeks to prevent him from doing his sworn duty, as he sees fit, is invalid, and any attempt by the judge to incite armed forces to enforce his order would be an act of judicial insurrection against the constitution and government of Florida.

The judge may have whatever opinion he pleases, but when he attempts to use force to back it up, he breaks the law, going against the constitution of the state, which is to say against the supreme law in Florida.

In Federalist 81, when Alexander Hamilton lists the safeguards against "judiciary encroachments on the legislative authority," he cites in particular "its total incapacity to support its usurpations by force."

Accepting the notion that judicial orders at any level may constitute an executive power superior to the chief executive would give the judiciary just such a forceful capacity.

When every judicial decision carries the implied threat of armed insurrection, a key safeguard of liberty and self-government is removed. If any state governor, or the president of the United States acts so as to encourage the judiciary to assume such executive power, or the people to believe that it may constitutionally do so, he undermines the integrity of all our constitutions, and of American self-government as a whole.

This constitutes a grave dereliction of duty and would in saner times clearly be grounds for his impeachment by a legislature intent on defending the Florida constitution against "judiciary encroachments."

By God's grace, however, Terri Schiavo still lives, and Gov. Bush may yet act to redeem himself and his constitutional authority. Courageous action would be an act of statesmanship, defending the integrity of our constitutional system and the ultimate sovereignty of the people.

We have long been awaiting the statesman who could turn a crisis into such healing. Like Ronald Reagan before him, Jeb Bush could prove himself such a man. For Terri's sake and for the sake of constitutional self-government in America, he should act now. For failure to do so, he has no excuse.

Former Reagan administration official Alan Keyes, was U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Social and Economic Council and 2000 Republican presidential candidate.


Ron Panzer

This Week's Rulings by the Death Judge Greer

Thu Mar 10, 2005 01:14

Update on This Week's Rulings by the Death Judge Greer


Dear Terri Supporters:

In summary, the following is a synopsis of what has taken place this week and what is remaining on the table for discussion.



Clearwater Court

Monday, March 7: 1:30 p.m.:

Hearing on 10 Motions, including permitting Terri to be fed by mouth should her feeding tube be removed.

Result: Greer Denied 3/8/2005

Clearwater Court

Tuesday, March 8: 3 p.m.:

Hearing on medical motions and Karen Ann Quinlan testimony with regard to error made on behalf of Greer and dates of Ms. Quinlan's death.

Result:Greer Rejected 3/9/2005
Clearwater Court
Tuesday, March 8: 3 PM

The following neurologists, physicians and other experts in the medical field filed affidavits which said Terri should be retested based on new evaluation and therapeutic technologies that can significantly impact brain damaged and disabled persons.

Dr. Ralph Ankenman, MD

Dr. Pamela Hyikn, SLP

Dr. Beatrice Engstrand, MD

Dr. Jill Joyce, PhD

Dr. Alyse Eytan, MD

Dr. Philip Kennedy, MD, PhD

Dr. Harry Sawyer Goldsmith, MD

Dr. Kyle Lakas, MS, CCC, SLP

Dr. Jacob Green, MD

Dr. Richard Neubauer, MD, PA

Dr. Carolyn Heron, MD

Dr. Ricardo Senno, MD, MS, FAAPMR

Dr. David Hopper, PhD

Dr. Stanley Terman, MD, PhD

Dr. Lawrence Huntoon, MD

Dr. J. Michael Uszler, MD

Dr. Richard Weidman, MD

Result: Greer Rejected hearing all 33 affidavits on 3/9/2005

(Note: only 17 names of the 33 are listed above)


Clearwater Court

Wednesday, March 9: 1:30 p.m.

Hearing on DCF intervention and stay

Arguments took place today in George Greer's court.

The DCF has stated by law because they are a state agency which are mandated to investigate abuse and exploitation issues it is their statutory duty have 60 days to conduct an investigation.

In response, Michael Schiavo's attorney argued, as he has many times before, that the matter before the court was little more than a delay tactic.

"This petition, your honor, is odious. It is transparent. It is nothing more than an attempt to modify, without authority, this court's order," George Felos said, reminding Judge George Greer that two higher courts have ruled in favor of removing Terri's feeding tube. "This court simply does not have jurisdiction to interfere with, hinder, delay, the mandate of the 2nd District Court of Appeal."

Note: Felos's argument is not legally based in truth, the 2nd DCA mandate did not give a specific time frame for anything.

Result: No ruling yet. Greer may issue his ruling tomorrow, 3/10 regarding DCF allowed a 60 day window to investigate.

Capital Builiding
Wednesday March 9, 2005 8:30 AM
House Bill 701

TALLAHASSEE - The bill known as "Florida Starvation and Dehydration of Persons with Disabilities Prevention Act (HB 701) sponsored by Rep. Dennis Baxley was heard this morning in the Health Care Regulation Committee. FRTL lobbyist Robin Hoffman remarked, "We are thrilled the committee voted in favor of this critical bill. This legislation is necessary to protect all Floridians from what Terri Schindler-Schiavo has gone through." It is expected to be heard next week in the Judiciary committee.

HB 701 passed out of committee on a voice vote of 7-4.

Of course, there are typical pro death guardian lawyers who like Deborah Bushnell see this law has hindering their ability to profit by making money over killing those needing a feeding tube. Comments today in Tallahasee were also heard such as:

"I am an attorney who spends all of her practice dealing with end-of-life incapacity guardianship issues. And this bill is a bad, bad, bad bill," Twyla Sketchley said, softly but firmly.

The bill still has to pass through two more House committees, then the House itself, before going to the Senate -- all before the March 18 deadline when Terri's feeding tube is schedules to be removed from her abdomen at 1:00 PM.

At this time, we believe the judiciary committee will not reconvene until next week.

Visit Terri's site:

Cheryl Ford, RN ( ) is not affiliated with any other group and works as an independent volunteer promoting the protection of Florida's disabled community.


From the Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation:

March 7, 2005 - As you may already know, Terri's case has reached a critical point. Judge George W. Greer has ordered that her nutrition and hydration be removed on March 18, 2005. This will begin a long and painful death process for Terri if his order is carried out.

There are still some things that can spare Terri, and disabled people like her, from this type of forced death. Some of them require your help.

1. Florida's House and Senate are considering a dehydration and starvation protection act that would require stronger evidence of informed consent prior to removing assisted food and fluids from an incapacitated patient. If you are a Floridian, a disability advocate or an elder care advocate, you can let Florida's lawmakers know that you want them to consider such an act.

Contact Florida's Lawmakers here. site down - Senate  - House

2. The US Congress will consider a bill titled the Incapacitated Person's Legal Protection Act on Tuesday, March 8, 2005. This bill, if signed into law, would entitle incapacitated persons to the federal review of their rights (known as habeas corpus) and would help ensure that they have been fairly represented. You can encourage your representative to give favorable consideration of this act. Habeas corpus protections are currently available to the worst convicted criminals; this new law would make it clear that disabled Americans are entitled to at least as much legal protection.

3. Seventeen doctors - neurologists, physicians and pathologists, have signed statements in Terri Schiavo's guardianship proceedings to support new neurological testing protocols for her. This is important because of recent findings that may support the position that Terri is not in a persistent vegetative state and can be trained to communicate in spite of her limitations. Disability advocates across North America are calling for an immediate moratorium on deprivation deaths for disabled people like Terri until these new protocols can be enacted as an updated avenue of testing. We ask that you contact your state representatives and ask that they consider such a moratorium.

4. The Justice Coalition has petitioned the Governor of the State of Florida to invoke statutory protections for Terri Schiavo pending an investigation into abuse, neglect and exploitation against her.

5. Terri's family have filed a number of motions and petitions to the Sixth Judicial Circuit of Pinellas and Pasco Counties and continue to process several different appeals in the Florida courts and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Read the latest here.

6. National press and media continue to misreport and misrepresent Terri's situation. Such reporting does a tremendous disservice to vulnerable people and elderly and disabled persons throughout the United States. You can help by contacting the editors of your local newspapers and letting the truth be known.

Download the talking point list here.

7. Over 200 internet bloggers have joined forces to support Terri Schiavo by publishing articles, commentary and information about her situation and legal case. You can join their ranks, read their updates and pass the information along to your friends.

Check out the blog sites here.

Finally, on behalf of the family and legal team working hard to protect Terri Schiavo and vulnerable citizens like her, we thank you for your time and compassion and we hope that you will contact us with links, suggestions and your personal stories. Your continued support is beyond value.

Contact Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation here.

Ron Panzer
President, Hospice Patients Alliance




Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2005 12:32 PM

Subject: Judge Greer denies "any efforts" to protect Terri's life!!!!!!! ACTION ITEM

Judge Greer Obstructing Justice

Terri Schiavo and her family flagrantly denied due process by probate judge

Clearwater, FL – On February 28, 2005, the parents of Terri Schiavo were informed, through their Attorney David Gibbs, III that Judge George Greer of Pinellas-Pasco’s Sixth Judicial Circuit has denied, without access to hearing, motions filed by Terri Schiavo’s immediate family for

  • Updated neurological evaluations based on new MRI testing protocols;

  • A motion to compel the deposition of Michael Schiavo;

  • A petition for extraordinary authority to provide Terri Schiavo with updated rehabilitative protocols;

  • A petition for divorce, citing open adultery on the part of Terri Schiavo’s husband and guardian;

  • An objection to the guardian’s annual guardianship plan ;

  • A motion to remove Michael Schiavo as guardian, citing his failure to comply with Florida Law mandated guardianship requirements. This motion dates back to November of 2002, but the court has never ruled on it.

Judge Greer has stated that he will only consider motions from Terri’s family as they relate to the death process, which include but are not limited to a motion to allow Terri Schiavo to die at home instead of a Hospice facility, a motion for a Florida burial, and a motion allowing her immediate family uninterrupted access to her throughout the death process.

The Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation finds the actions of Judge Greer reprehensible and a clear denial of the due process rights afforded to Terri Schiavo under Federal and Florida law.

With new medical diagnosis protocols and new levels of rehabilitation protocols, Terri Schiavo’s adjudicated condition of ‘persistent vegetative state’ is no longer equitable and any responsible jurist would eagerly recognize and accommodate more thorough means of determining the disabled woman’s true condition – a condition that remains in great dispute.

Additionally, the Foundation finds the behavior of Judge Greer an absolute obstruction of due process for Terri Schiavo by his refusal to hold the guardian accountable for violation of Florida’s guardian laws. The guardian has spent Terri Schiavo’s medical fund on representing his own legal interests, has denied her necessary medical services, lives in open adultery with his girlfriend and their two children, has petitioned the courts to cremate Terri immediately upon her death and has repeatedly and flagrantly failed to comply with Florida Statutes that mandate the terms of guardianship. Judge Greer couldn’t be bothered with those details so long as Terri Schiavo’s death is a guaranteed outcome.

Statement of Pamela Hennessy, Media Representative of the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation: Never in my life have I seen a judge so afraid of the truth. Why is it that admitted criminals are protected to every reasonable measure of law, but our disabled and vulnerable citizens are discarded by the courts as unworthy lives?

So Please sign the petition below to have Judge Greer Impeached!



 A note from Janey.....

Forward this to your lists.  It is very important that we, as a society,
speak up against this absolute travesty.  This is unbelievable... and
I pray we can stop it before it is too late. 
PLEASE stress to your friends and family, to educate themselves on
Terri's Fight for life!  I believe it goes without saying, once the info
is learned, it would be impossible not to have a very strong opinion
on the matter.  Below is a link to request that Judge Greer be impeached. 
Click here: Impeach Judge George W. Greer of Florida's Sixth Judicial Circuit Petition



Terri Schiavo's parents ask judge to let her divorce her husband

TAMPA, Fla. - Terri Schiavo's parents asked a judge Monday to allow the severely brain-damaged woman to divorce her husband, accusing him of adultery and not acting in his wife's best interests.

It was one of a flurry of 15 motions filed by Bob and Mary Schindler, who have less than three weeks to find a way to keep their daughter alive.

Michael Schiavo says his wife, who has spent 15 years in what doctors call a vegetative state, once told him she would never want to be kept alive artificially. Her parents have fought his efforts but Pinellas Circuit Court Judge George Greer ruled that Schiavo can have her feeding tube removed on March 18.

The Schindlers' attorney, David Gibbs, said Greer had indicated he will not hear the divorce request and five of the other motions filed Monday, but that only means that the matters are now on their way to being appealed.

[go online for complete article]


Legalized Murder Looms in Florida

by Michael Reagan

Unless Florida courts or the U.S. Supreme Court reverse themselves, Michael Schiavo will be allowed to kill his wife, Terri, and do it in the most horrific way.


Not long ago, I had the unpleasant task of putting my dog to sleep. I used a hypodermic needle and he simply went to sleep and died. Had I done to him what Michael Schiavo wants to do to his wife starve the animal to death - I would have been arrested. And in Florida which prohibits the inhumane treatment of animals, where the starvation of one's pet is a criminal act, the courts have ruled that it legal to kill Terri by starving her to death.

[go online for complete article]

and see:

For Immediate Release

February 28, 2005


Disability Advocates Shocked By Judge Greer's

Order of Execution for Terri Schiavo

/ - February 28, 2005 - In a shocking move, Judge George Greer ordered court-appointed guardian Michael Schiavo to begin starving and dehydrating Terri Schiavo on March 18, 2005 at 1:00 p.m. "This is not simply a court order removing a judicial stay and allowing the guardian to proceed as he sees fit," said Diane Coleman, President of Not Dead Yet, which was joined by sixteen other national disability rights groups in three amicus briefs filed in support of Terri Schiavo's right to food and water.

"Judge Greer's exact language is, 'Ordered and Adjudged that absent a stay from the appellate courts, the guardian, Michael Schiavo, shall cause the removal of nutrition and hydration from the ward, Theresa Marie Schiavo, at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, March 18, 2005,'" said Coleman, quoting from the three page order. ( "This is an order of execution."

But the new issues before the guardianship court are as significant as new DNA evidence in a criminal case. In fact, the new evidence affects not only Terri Schiavo, but thousands of others. How can it be ignored?

[go online for complete press release]




Sent: Saturday, February 26, 2005 12:17 AM


YOU GO GORDON!  OMG YOU ALMOST DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am sooooooo proud of you, you need help email me..... GOD BLESS YOU... THIS IS HOPE!!!!!!!


Special to The Empire Journal

 LAKELAND, FL--While many parties have become involved in the Terri Schiavo case,
there has been much activity under the radar, not reported by the
mainstream press.
   Terri Schiavo supporters have been bolstered by a surprise, last-minute filing from an unexpected source.

  Lakeland, Fl. resident, Gordon Watts, who filed a
petition for writ of habeas corpus with Florida’s high court on behalf
of Schiavo in late November of 2003, shortly after Schiavo’s feeding
tube was removed and re-inserted, has struggled against powerful
interests who have attempted to discredit and dismiss his involvement in
this high-profile case. Watts also has experience in the U.S. Supreme
Court, which is expected to hear his racial profiling case today, and
can be found at the court’s official website:  site down (mirrored at ) regarding a situation
in which he was asked to leave an establishment based allegedly on his
minority ethnic background.
  In spite of much opposition and ridicule from mainstream media and other
parties, however, Watts’ case has remained alive in Florida’s Supreme
Court for over a year until this past Wednesday.
   Watts, who learned of the Schiavo case in 2003 from news reports,
immediately moved to file as “next friend” to challenge Schiavo’s
alleged illegal detention in hospices, which, according to State Law,
are only allowed to admit terminal patients, which are expected to die
within six or fewer months. Watts’ filings bear many similarities to
filings made by the immediate family, but have additional elements, such
as the direct challenge to the placement of Schiavo in a hospice
facility and the use of the writ of habeas corpus. Watts has said that
the immediate family would be more appropriate to file, but seeing no
one else make these legal arguments, petitioned the court, noting that
he need not be “closest friend” to satisfy legal due process
requirements for the handicapped woman, who has been denied legal
representation for much of her ordeal.
   Watts also took issue with the fact that court orders only spoke to
the feeding tube, but that parties removed both the feeding tube and
also denied natural food, the latter a felony under chapter 825 state laws.
    Due to the recent developments, many parties have asked Watts to request
that the high court issue a stay on the probate court proceedings while
the Supreme Court justices have a chance to review his petitions on an
expedited basis. This past Tuesday, Watts requested the court review his
legal arguments, and late Thursday, it was learned that the court had
quickly moved the previous day to issue a decision. Justices voted 4-3
to uphold a previous tentative decision to dismiss the filing based on
technical errors.
   Voting to dismiss, without a written opinion, were Justices Kenneth
Bell, Raoul Cantero, Peggy Quince, and Charles Wells. Voting to allow
Watts to continue to file on behalf of Schiavo were Justices Harry Lee
Anstead, R. Fred Lewis, and Chief Justice Barbara Pariente. The terse
ruling can be found on the official website at:
and is expected to be posted soon on Watts’ online newspaper.
   Responding to claims that he does not have legal right to challenge
Schiavo’s detention in the hospice network, Watts declares that
“non-lawyers” may intervene in rare instances and quotes “The Operation
and Jurisdiction of the Florida Supreme Court” by Gerald Kogan and
Robert Craig Waters, the court’s current spokesperson (18 Nova L. Rev.
1151, at 624., Fla. 1994), which states that “Even detention imposed on
someone by a private individual potentially can be tested by habeas
corpus. The most common use is where one parent alleges that the other
parent has taken custody of a child wrongfully.” Mr. Watts also cites
other landmark cases to support his claim that he may intervene: State
ex rel. Deeb v. Fabisinski, 111 Fla. 454; and, the U.S. Supreme Court’s
holding in Whitmore v. Arkansas, 495 U.S. 149, which held that that to
be a ‘next friend,’ one need only “provide an adequate explanation--such
as inaccessibility, mental incompetence, or other disability--why the
real party in interest cannot appear on his own behalf.”
     Some in the news media have made issue with the fact that Watts has
filed other cases and labeled him as a “frivolous lawsuit” filer. Watts
responds: “When, in the court of public opinion, a news writer wants to
write multiple articles and deny me any coverage, I do not call him a
‘frivolous news article’ writer, and likewise, when I find several
injustices, I would like to have my right to get a fair day in court to
have our freedoms protected in this country of declining morals.
Therefore, with everyone distracted by ‘Terri’s Law’, I think it right
for me to try to help Theresa Schiavo, the person.”
   Watts, a biology and chemical science honor student and alumni from the
Florida State University, hopes that the combined efforts of many people
can prevent the danger of placement in medical facilities in which they
are prohibited by law.
   After being narrowly denied at Florida’s High Court, Watts plans to
appeal to the United State Supreme Court and ask the nation’s highest
court for permission to directly intervene on behalf of Terri Schiavo.
  For further information, one may visit Watts’ web paper at: or or contact him at <> or 863-688-9880.

His personal website is:




Sent: Friday, February 25, 2005 1:15 PM


Gave Parents until March 18th to say goodbye to Terri... stay tuned for more. 

Take Action NOW CALL & EMAIL

Please contact Governor Jeb Bush and encourage him to take all necessary steps to save the life of Terri Schiavo. You may reach him at:
Governor Jeb Bush
(850) 488-4441


TAKE ACTION Email Judge Greer 02/24/05 pm
Judge Set To Starve Terri Schiavo To Death (Info for Judge Greer at bottom)
Terri Schiavo's life hangs in the balance. Your actions could help prevent her from being starved to death.
Sixth Judicial Circuit Judge George Greer has put a temporary stay on his order to pull the tube on Terri and let her die a slow, agonizing death by starvation. Here is the short version of what's happening.
In 1990, Terri suffered a serious brain injury. In a 2000 trial Terri's husband asked for the feeding tube to be removed. He had abandoned their marriage long ago by living with another woman and having two children with her. He has claimed hundreds of thousands of dollars from disability insurance.
According to Tony Perkins at Family Research Council, her husband pocketed the money and let Terri live without the medical attention he had promised to provide.
Terri's parents want to take care of her, but her husband wants her to die. The court has sided with the husband. Terri's parents have renounced any settlement claims and are willing to care for their daughter at their own expense. The judge has refused to grant their request.
In Florida, starving an animal is a criminal offense but starving a disabled woman is not.
Please ask Judge Greer not to punish an innocent, disabled woman by starving her to death. **Lisa is adding this... Ask him to allow her to have her day in court and for this case to be INVESTAGATED NOW!
Please send the e-mail to Judge Greer asking him not to kill Terri. Please NO treats, that will not save Terri's life. And I personally know her family, they are good people, they would NEVER want that. Hugs, Lisa
Judge George Greer FAX (727) 736-5050
Judge Greer Email Addy
Rm. 484, 315 Court Street
Clearwater, FL 33756
Primary Phone: (727) 464-3933


Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

P.S. Please forward this email to family and friends.

Judge George Greer
Judge Greer
Rm. 484, 315 Court Street
Clearwater, FL 33756
Primary Phone: (727) 464-3933
E-Mail: Judge George Greer, Judge Greer

This is not unsolicited email. To be removed from this list please click here TERRISHOPE@AOL.COM 
and ask to be removed. Please allow up to 72 Hours for removal.
TERRISHOPE is a NON-PROFIT, PRIVATE e-mail group whose
PERSONAL e-mails are for the sole use of it's members, and may contain confidential or privileged
information. No member of TERRISHOPE receives ANY MONETARY or FINANCIAL GAIN of ANY KIND.




Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2005 1:38 PM

Subject: [WETHEPEOPLE_UNITED] Judge Set To Starve Terri Schiavo To Death

Please forward this message to your family and friends!        
Judge Set To Starve Terri Schiavo To Death Dear Marsha,
Terri Schiavo's life hangs in the balance.  Your actions could help prevent
her from being starved to death.
Sixth Judicial Circuit Judge George Greer has put a temporary stay on his
order to pull the tube on Terri and let her die a slow, agonizing death by
starvation.  Here is the short version of what's happening.
In 1990, Terri suffered a serious brain injury.  In a 2000 trial Terri's
husband asked for the feeding tube to be removed.  He had abandoned their marriage
long ago by living with another woman and having two children with her.  He
has claimed hundreds of thousands of dollars from disability insurance. 
According to Tony Perkins at Family Research Council, her husband pocketed
the money and let Terri live without the medical attention he had promised to
Terri's parents want to take care of her, but her husband wants her to die.
The court has sided with the husband.  Terri's parents have renounced any
settlement claims and are willing to care for their daughter at their own expense. 
The judge has refused to grant their request.
In Florida, starving an animal is a criminal offense but starving a disabled
woman is not.
Please ask Judge Greer not to punish an innocent, disabled woman by starving
her to death.
Please send the e-mail to Judge Greer asking him not to kill Terri.

Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association




Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2005 2:34 AM

Subject: You ALL NEED TO READ THIS Please

First OFF I just opened this from one of ours...

THANK YOU Spiker!!  And BLESS YOU!!  :)
US Congressional Switchboard Toll-free Numbers
The White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111
The line only accepts calls from 9-5 EST., Monday thru Friday.
A machine will detain you for only a moment and then a pleasant live
operator says "White House Comment Line" and then you can tell her/him how
you feel.
Also be advised the download is VERY upsetting and some of you may wish to pass, please read this email before downloading it.  xoxox

SEE Documents

Hi Everyone, what a day huh?  I THANK GOD as I am sure all of you do too,
for the 48 hours we have to try and SAVE TERRI.
I want to WELCOME all the new Members that rejoined us from the last go around and all those of you who are joining us for the first time.  THANK YOU, GOD BLESS YOU and please know that none of this would be possible without the support of every one of you, BELIEVE THAT, because it is true!
OR FAX THEM AT (202) 479-3206
I also want to thank Trish for the graphics I have been using and
Steven AKA Baddteddy for jumping in with all "4" of his beautiful feet to help
* FYI to make it simple for me* From now on I am referring to
Michael Schiavo as <MS>!
Many of you have already gone to bed, I want you to know I have not stopped today. 
But I need to get some important mail out to all of you to have when you wake up and sign on. 
I have a lot of mail to open still too.  But I have been asked many questions about Terri's bone Scan.  All I can tell you is, none of her injuries are consistent with what her diagnosis was/is.  Which to this day is still not very clear.  Many of you have read and believed, as even I once did what the Media wrote, much of it is NOT correct! 
I can tell you that!
They continue to state, to date, that Terri is in a PVS.  In other words they 
State Terri is a vegetable, who does not feel, or respond at all o anyone. 
That she just exists. 
I know, this couldn't be further from the truth.  Mike Schiavo wants Terri dead.  Period. 
Today he <MS> could have allowed her to have the new medical tests so
he could PROVE to the world that he is right, that she is in a PVS,
but he continues to rush her to her death!  WHY? 
Because he is wise and he knows that if he does that, he will be seen
for what he is, a Liar!  I feel NO shame is stating MY PERSONAL FEELINGS
about this cruel person. 
I watched the Judge rule to give Terri 48 more hours of life.  I listened and
I thought once again, I do not for the life of me understand this, how can all the
facts FOR Terri continued to be ignored.  It upsets me.  Hey, I am human and I am hearing about this right and that right, what about Terri's rights?  I admire David Gibbs, the Schindler's ATTY.  He has a strength about him, that we all need and conviction.
And God bless Pat Anderson, she did so much for Terri with so little.
I saw her after visits with Terri during those long days in Oct. 2003.  :(
Well, I do not want to bore you, I do however want to tell you that
This is a VERY CRITICAL TIME and as of now, no Judge has ruled in favor
in the long run for Terri.
So please, please, stay with us and FIGHT TO SAVE TERRI
I will send you important things to do. 
Use you heart to drive youUse God's promises for Faith and StrengthUse me as a sounding post,
it's ok, but PLEASE stay with us until we can put Terri in the hands of someone who
doesn't want her DEAD yesterday
Please keep praying for this wonderful family and for Terri and each other.  In my download is the protocol for staff at wood side.  It is the directions on how to treat Terri as she dies of Starvation and Dehydration, it is the real Physician's orders
And you will see that, if you chose to Download and read it.  It's very sad and heartbreaking to me, for my own personal reasons. 
Possibly to many of you too.
And yes, it was used this last Oct. 2003.  If you want more info on this, more
detailed info email me and I will send it to you.  :(
If she doesn't feel anything and she is a vegetable, I have to ask you why would they need the pain Medication and the Valium and all that is on these documents? 
I already know the answer and I know the truth. 
Terri is very, very much alive and she feels everything, everything except the
sunshine on her face and the comforts of a HOME
and secure feeling of a permeant and loving family to be by her side in safe environment.
This is all very real and WILL END in one of two ways.  She will either live or she will be brutally and painfully MURDERED which could take up to 3 weeks. 
You can help or sit back and just hope. 
 Hope is good, but it won't save Terri's life, actions will.
We are FAR from finished.  
I will send you maybe at the most 2 more emails tonight. 
Some ways to further help Terri.  PLEASE act. 
ONE MORE THING ... If you are not getting through to the US Supreme Court,
send me a letter, sign it, by typing your full name, you must have your address
on it and your home phone or cell is good too, but not necessary. 
And I will fax it to them on your behalf, the faxes are
going through and I called t times today and they are receiving many calls
and Faxes! 
Two of the ladies I spoke to were very nice to me and did take my message,
one lady told me the case wasn't in their courts to contact the Florida courts.
  I knew this already, but I believe it will end up in their laps. 
And they need to know we want them to step in and stop this madness and now!  They do have the power to do so!
Below is the Deposition in ref: to Terri's bone scan.  It may answer some of your questions, it may also be hard for some of you to follow, please give it a try.
Also don't forget the download and yes, I have scanned it.
You do need Adobe Acrobat to read it, this is the only way I know how you can read it.  Most computers have it already.
I love you all for FIGHTING FOR TERRI'S LIFE.
HUGS, Lisa A.

Humana Discharge Summary, Terri’s neck was, “somewhat stiff”

As stated in the discharge summary dated May 9, 1990, the doctors involved in Terri’s care, while she was initially admitted and then remained as a patient at Humana Northside, did not know what caused Terri’s collapse the night of February 25, 1990, there was only speculation. 

However, according to the discharge summary the doctor reported that Terri’s neck was somewhat stiff, as well as the rest of her body, the night that Terri was admitted to the hospital.

Since 1993, all medical information including all of Terri’s medical records have been sealed by Michael Schiavo’s orders.  It was just prior to the January 2000 trial that they were released to the Schindler’s lawyer for review.  At that time, there were volumes of information, containing thousands of unsystematic medical documents that the attorney was allowed to search through. 

The discharge summary revealing the information regarding Terri’s neck was discovered only recently, and after Judge Greer made his original ruling, February 11, 2000, to discontinue Terri’s food and hydration.

This information regarding Terri’s neck is consistent with the 2002 testimony of Dr. Bamabkidis and Dr. Hammesfahr stating that they both noticed something abnormal with Terri’s neck, and also the additional testimony of Dr. Hammesfahr where he compared Terri’s neck to that of another patient he treated, which was caused by attempted strangulation. 

Dr. Hamilton, Orthopedic Surgeon, consults Terri a short time after her collapse, on February 25, 1990

While Terri was a patient at Northside Hospital, unbeknownst to Terri’s family, and according to the Northside Hospital discharge summary, Dr. Hamilton, an Orthopedic Surgeon, consulted Terri on May 6, 1990.  This was just two months after Terri collapsed (February 25, 1990) and just three days before Terri was discharged from Northside Hospital.  

Michael Schiavo, acting as Terri’s guardian and in control of what medical information was revealed, and also any medical decisions regarding Terri’s treatment, did not report this information to anyone in Terri’s family.  Therefore, Terri’s family did not have any knowledge that Dr. Hamilton consulted Terri or what was disclosed as a result of Dr. Hamilton’s examination of Terri.

It was only a year later, on March 5, 1991, after Terri was demonstrating painful reactions to physical therapy treatment, that the Mediplex therapist director ordered Terri to have a bone scan.

This bone scan taken of Terri on March 5, 1991, revealed a healed broken right femur bone and healed bone fractures in Terri’s ribs, pelvis, spine and ankle. The injuries more than likely occurred at the time of Terri collapse. The radiologist (Dr. Walker) concluded that "Terri has a history of trauma" and presumed "that the other multiple areas of abnormal activity also relate to previous trauma."   

It wasn’t until November 2002 that Terri’s family discovered this information regarding the multiple fractures found throughout her body.  

Michael Schiavo never disclosed that Terri had a bone scan image taken just a year after her collapse to anyone in Terri’s family and, as mentioned, never disclosed that Terri was consulted by an Orthopedic Surgeon.

OR FAX THEM AT (202) 479-3206

November 21, 2003, deposition

(excerpts) taken from Dr. Walker, a board-certified radiologist at Manatee Memorial Hospital.  Dr. Walker is the doctor that prepared the bone-scan report from the image of Terri Schiavo taken on March 5, 1991.
Q means QUESTION and A means ANSWER
15         Q     What is a total-body bone scan used for
16    typically?
17         A     It's to look for abnormalities of the
18    bone, whether they -- if they would be recent
19    abnormalities.
20         Q     Recent --
21         A     Recent.
22         Q     -- abnormalities?
23         A     Correct.
24         Q     Is it also a technique to diagnose
25    osteoporosis?
1          A     No.
3          Q     And the next sentence, "There are an
4     extensive number of focal abnormal areas of nuclide
5     accumulation of intense type."  What does that mean?
6          A     Well, that means that there are a lot of
7     areas that look black on the images because lots of
8     that radioactive decaying material was happening at
9     those points and was being recorded by the imaging
10    system.
11         Q     Okay.  "These include multiple bilateral
12    ribs."  What would that mean to you?
13         A     Well, you know, there's left ribs and
14    right ribs.  And that would mean that more than two
15    ribs on each side were involved.
13         Q     "Several of the thoracic vertebral
14    bodies, the L1 vertebral body, both sacroiliac
15    joints."  These are all areas that were abnormal on
16    the scan?
17         A     That's what this indicates, yes.
18         Q     "The distal right femoral diaphysis,"
19    what area of the body is that?
20         A     That would be the right leg, the upper
21    part of the right leg.
22         Q     Distal?
23         A     Above the knee.
5          Q     So on the thigh bone above the kneecap
6     but not involving the joint?
7          A     That's what that particular thing says,
8     but I think somewhere in there also, it mentioned
9     that both knees --
10         Q     Right.  Right after that.
11         A     Right after that.  So that's different
12    from the knee activity.
13         Q     And, "Both ankles, right greater than
14    left."  Those are two additional areas that showed
15    up as abnormalities on the scan?
16         A     That's correct.  Correct.
13         Q     Would you draw any conclusions from that
14    how old the ossification was?
15         A     You could say that it wasn't real old,
16    because typically, as we mentioned, the bone is a
17    dynamic structure, and it's constantly being
18    remodeled normally.  So the body tends to take away
19    extra bone eventually to remodel it to look like
20    normal bone.  So typically old bone injuries are
21    remodeled so that eventually they may almost
22    disappear, particularly in young people.  In the
23    very young, a fracture you won't even see in three
24    or four years, it will be totally erased.
8          Q     Then you go on to say, "Most likely the
9     femoral periosteal reaction reflects a response to a
10    subperiosteal hemorrhage."  Would that be a bone
11    bruise?
12         A     Correct.
16         Q     Then you go on to say, "And the activity
17    in L1 correlates perfectly with the compression
18    fracture which is presumably traumatic."
19         A     That's what it says.
20         Q     In other words, the x-ray confirmed the
21    L1 fracture?
22         A     The x-ray shows an abnormality at L1
23    which happens to correspond with the abnormal bone
24    turnover on the bone scan at that point.
7          Q     Is this compression fracture, then, in
8     common parlance, a broken back?
9          A     Yes.
10         Q     Is there any way to tell how old that
11    fracture would be?
12         A     Well, as I've alluded to, the bone scan
13    gives some suggestion of that.
14         Q     More recent rather than less recent?
15         A     Correct.  Typically in trauma the rule of
16    thumb is that a traumatic fracture is not active on
17    the bone scan after 12 to 18 months. 
9          Q     The report goes on to say, "The
10    presumption is that the other multiple areas of
11    abnormal activity also relate to previous trauma."
12         A     That's what it says.
13         Q     And, again, that's based on the fact that
14    Dr. Carnahan is a rehab physician, that you were
15    asked to evaluate for trauma?
16         A     And the pattern of activity is fairly
17    typical of multiple traumatic injuries of relatively
18    recent origin.
19         Q     I realize you can't assign a cause to
20    these injuries that you picked up in this report.
21    But typically in your experience, what would be the
22    causes of this pattern of abnormality?
23         A     In somebody her age, an auto accident is
24    by far the most typical cause.
25         Q     Assume that she was not in an auto
1     accident but that she had suffered an anoxic or
2     hypoxic encephalopathy type of injury from a cardiac
3     arrest and had been bedridden for a year at this
4     point.  What might account for these abnormalities?
5          A     In my knowledge, that type of injury
6     would not account for this pattern of abnormalities.
5          Q     Okay.  Is this a pattern of heterotrophic
6     ossification as reported in the literature that you
7     looked at?
8          A     Not typically.
9          Q     What makes it atypical?
10         A     Well, if I were to pick one thing, I
11    would say the activity in the ribs is not typical.
12    And typically heterotrophic ossification occurs
13    around the joints because they're not being moved.
14    And typically you will see on the radiographs
15    calcium deposits actually sitting there.  And they
16    don't look like periosteal reaction typically
17    either; they have a different appearance.
4          Q     Can you say, then, within a reasonable
5     degree of medical certainty whether this bone scan
6     is consistent with heterotrophic ossification?
7          A     In my knowledge, it's not consistent with
8     heterotrophic ossification as I typically see it.
21         Q     Okay.  And later on in your direct
22    examination you were saying that traumatic fractures
23    typically are not active on a bone scan after 12 to
24    18 months.  Is that correct?
25         A     That's correct.
19         Q     Okay.  Is there any way for you to say
20    from looking at this report when any of these
21    occurrences took place that caused the abnormality
22    to appear on the bone scan?
23         A     I can only say that if they were
24    traumatic that they probably occurred within 18
25    months.
1          Q     Is it possible that the abnormalities
2     that you noted on the right femoral diaphysis and
3     metaphysis could have occurred if the patient was
4     standing and suffered a cardiac arrest and fell to
5     the floor?
6          A     Probably not.  That wouldn't be a typical
7     mechanism of injury that would cause a periosteal
8     bruise.  Typically you need a direct blow of some
9     kind.  I suppose one could speculate that she fell
10    on a piece of furniture, that that could produce
11    that injury.  But just typically falling on the
12    floor would not do that.
9          Q     Okay.  The bone scan and radiographic
10    report shows only one fracture.  And that is a
11    compression fracture to L1.  Correct?
12         A     Well, I should clarify that by stating
13    that not all of the areas of bone-scan abnormality
14    were imaged concurrently.  Okay.  And that's
15    important.  In other words, we didn't x-ray every
16    area that was hot on there.  A couple of typical
17    areas were imaged but not all.  Of those areas that
18    were imaged, the only area that showed what was a
19    clear fracture was L1.
2          Q     The radiographs did not show any
3     fractures of the right femur.  Correct?
4          A     They don't show a typical fracture.  They
5     show periosteal reaction, which could be the result
6     of a bone bruise, which is a bone injury that's not
7     a loss of continuity of the structure of the bone.
8     So to the extent that you define fracture as a loss
9     of structural continuity, then, yes, that is an
10    actual fracture as is typically described.
10         Q     Okay.  If an immobile patient is going
11    through physical therapy and part of the physical
12    therapy is to have manual manipulation of the legs,
13    particularly flexing of the knees, is it possible
14    that that physical therapy would result in an
15    abnormal appearance on a bone scan?
16               MS. ANDERSON:  Objection.  That question,
17         I think, is virtually unanswerable because it
18         is so vague.
19         A     I could only speculate.
20         Q     Okay.  In your opinion, is that something
21    that would show up on a bone scan?
22         A     I would think only if the joint were
23    injured would it show up on a bone scan.  Just
24    simple manipulation of an injured part should not
25    show up as an abnormality on a bone scan.
22         Q     Would a kick be the kind of direct blow
23    that would produce that femoral abnormality?
24         A     That would be a possibility, yes.
25         Q     Would being thrown into a sharp furniture
1     corner?
2          A     That would be a possibility.
3          Q     Would being struck with some sort of
4     blunt object like a golf club or something do it?
5          A     Yes.
22         Q     You mentioned that you have seen
23    fractures in bedridden patients before?
24         A     Yes.
25         Q     How frequently have you seen that?
1          A     Rare.
2          Q     It's rare?
3          A     Yes.
Dr. William Hammesfahr testimony on Terri’s neck injury
PLACE: Pinellas County Courthouse
315 Court Street North
Clearwater, Florida
DATE: October 11, 2002
TIME: All day
Court Reporter and Notary Public
Sixth Judicial Circuit
Page 279
4    Anoxic and hypoxic encephalopathies are
5    characterized by multiple small strokes. So depending
6    upon where that stroke is, is where your deficiency is.
7    In your average stroke, the entire side of the body is
8    affected. But in a hypoxic or anoxic episodes, or
9    cerebral palsy, you will see lots of different areas
10   affected. And there may be another injury, a neck
11   injury with her also, which compounds her examination.
12         Q.   Compounds what, her condition?
13         A.   Her condition, yes. There is a neck injury.
14   There may be a spinal cord injury, also.
15         Q.   How were you able to determine a neck injury?
16         A.   By physical examination. On physical
17   examination, she has several characteristics that are
18   not typical of a stroke. First, she has very severe
19   neck spasms. That's typical of the body's response,
20   splinting the area to prevent injury to that area.
21         Q.   Splinting the area?
22         A.   Yeah. If you injure your arm, you will move
23   it. Your muscles will contract around it to keep that
24   area moving. Her muscles around the neck area are
25   heavily contracted to help prevent movement around that
Page 280
1    area. Later on in the videotape, we actually show that
2    it's almost impossible for her to bend her neck.
3    You can pick her entire body up off the bed
4    just by putting pressure on the back of the neck area,
5    which is not typical in brain injury patients but in
6    neck injury patients. In addition, her sensory
7    examination is nothing like a typical stroke patient or
8    typical anoxic encephalopathy.
9          Q.   Are you experienced in treatment of patients
10   with spinal cord injury?
11         A.   Yes, I am.
Page 282
What is interesting is I'm not able to flex
5    the neck. There I tried to bend the neck forward and
6    she doesn't flex forward. What I'm doing to her feels
7    as almost a massage.
8    We are going to come back to that neck a
9    little bit more because I clearly have not completed all
10   of my examination at that time.
Page 325
Q.   Now, her chin does not go down?
18         A.   Her chin does not go down. My hand is
19   essentially on the back of the scull here, not on the
20   neck area. She is rigid in the upper spine area, and
21   that goes along with a neck injury. And that's
22   important for several reasons. First one is that there
23   is a change in the neurological exam. We had a person
24   essentially here that has had brain injury and probably
25   also a spinal cord injury.
Page 326
1          Q.   Spinal cord or vertebral injury?
2          A.   Vertebral injury, but I also suspect, from
3    other parts of my examination, spinal cord injury along
4    with it.
5    In addition, when you have a neck injury, it
6    causes irritation to the sympathetic nerves that control
7    blood flow into the brain. Much of the blood flow to
8    the brain goes in through that area. So when they're
9    damaged, you narrow the blood flow. There is a
10   restricted blood flow to the brain.
OR FAX THEM AT (202) 479-3206

Today DCF filed a motion on Terri's behalf, more about this is forth coming.  We want this, they could have her death penalty postponed to conduct an investigation into possible abuse chargers because of the bone scan and or treatment she is receiving and could take her into protective Custody, lets pray this happens.  Lisa

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Be Advised Terri's Bone Scan is attached for those of you who missed it.  God bless you all, Lisa

“On the Record” with Greta van Susteren
Interview with Dr. Michael Baden, Forensic Pathologist, New York , October 24, 2003

Greta: Dr. Baden, a potassium imbalance, let’s first talk about if you have a potassium deficiency, can that cause the condition that Terri Schiavo has?

Baden: Um, can, but unlikely. Potassium is very interesting. It’s probably the most lethal poison we have when it’s injected rapidly, and that’s why it’s the poison that kills people, capital punishment by lethal injection. And it stops the heart from beating properly — too much of it. But also too little of it., hypo-potassium, can also cause the heart to stop beating properly and lead to lack of blood flow to the brain and death of brain cells by lack of oxygen. But that’s very unusual, Greta, extremely unusual.

Greta: A normal healthy woman, I assume, would have no reason, for instance, to take potassium supplements unless, perhaps, she’s on a diuretic or some other medication that would cause a potassium depletion. Is that right?

Baden: That’s correct. That’s right.

Greta: Is there any explanation then in your mind, and I realize you were not her team physician, but why would a woman at her age have a potassium imbalance?

Baden: Extremely unusual unless she had certain kinds of diseases, which she doesn’t have. She was in her twenties. The reason that she’s in the state she’s in is because there was a period of time, maybe 5 minutes or 8 minutes, when not enough oxygen was going to her brain. That can happen because the heart stops for 5 or 8 minutes, but she had a healthy heart, from what we can see. The other thing, though. . . I’m sorry Greta?

Greta: No, go ahead.

Baden: Yeah, your staff has provided me with a bone scan that you guys obtained ah from her initial admission in 1991 to the hospital. And that bone scan describes her as having a head injury. That’s why she’s there, that’s why she’s getting a bone scan. And a head injury can cause, lead to the state that Ms. Schiavo is in now, and it does show evidence that there are other injuries, other bone fractures, that on healing-stage, so that....

Greta: So, let me back up a second. Head injury. Could she have had, could she have passed out from a potassium imbalance causing a falling head injury? Is that what you’re talking about, or are you suggesting some pre-existing head injury to her passing out?

Baden: Something totally different. That it’s extremely rare for a 20-year-old to have a cardiac arrest from low potassium who has no other diseases. So the other issue is could it have been due to some other cause, which is raised by the family, has to be looked at.

Greta: Alright, other injuries and bone injuries, what does that suggest to you?

Baden: Some kind of trauma. The trauma can be from an auto accident, the trauma can be from a fall, or the trauma can be from some kind of beating that she obtained from somebody somewhere. It’s something that should have been investigated in 1991 when these findings were found, and….

Greta: They were fresh.

Baden: Maybe there were, Maybe they were investigated by police at that time.

Greta: Alright. Dr. Michael Baden, thank you.

Baden: Thank you, Greta.

[end transcript]


Terri’s Collapse

Feb 25, 1990 Police Report
St Petersburg Police Department

July 27, 1992 Deposition of Michael Schiavo for
Medical Malpractice Trial

January 27, 2000 Trial Testimony





Arrived: 06:33      Completed: 08:55

Q. Now, what - when you saw her, do you know what time it was?

SCHIAVO:  I believe it was almost five a.m..

Q. When you saw her, how was she lying; in other words, on her back or –

SCHIAVO:  On her back.

Q. What did you do, then, after you –

SCHIAVO:  After she fell?

Q. After you found her in the hallway.

SCHIAVO:  I was – I was to her within two seconds. I seen she stopped breathing. I ran to the phone, called 911 within five seconds and panicked.

Q. What did you do, then – after that?

SCHIAVO: I went over to her. I – I thought maybe – I just started talking to her and hold  her. I didn’t know what to do.

Q. Did you do any CPR?


Q. Okay – after 911 and after you were holding her, what was – what then happened, was the next thing that happened?

SCHIAVO: I laid Terri down, I went over and called my – I remember my brother-in-law lived in the same complex; I called him.

SCHIAVO: A few hours later, I was getting out of bed for some reason and I heard this thud. So, I ran out into the hall and I found Terri on the floor. I knelt down next to her and I turned her over because she sort of fell on her face. On her stomach and face.

I turned her over going, “Terri, Terri. You okay?” She kind of had this gurgling noise. I laid her down and ran over and called 911. I called her brother who lived in the same complex as we did. I ran back to Terri. She was not moving. I held her in my arms until her brother got there.


(NOTE- Robert Schindler, Sr. has stated that Michael phoned him. He advised him to phone 911, hung up and phoned Robert Schindler, Jr.)


Larry King Live aired October 27, 2003

KING: Let's go back. What happened, Michael, on February 25, 1990?


I race out there and Terri was laying in the hall. I went down to get her. I thought, Well, maybe she just tripped or whatever. I rolled her over and she was lifeless. And it almost seems like she had this last breath.


So I held her in my arms, and I'm trying to shake her up. I ran over, I called 911. Her brother happened to live in the same complex as we did. I called him. I went back to Terri. And from there, six, seven minutes later, the paramedics...


From NOW until Friday 5 PM CALL & EMAIL Gov. Jeb Bush and ask him to ORDER Terri to be taken into protective custody, until a new guardian is appointed and <MS> is investagated!  (save your email as you will be using it again)
Governor Jeb Bush
(850) 488-4441
PLEASE CONTINUE TO READ THIS .........................
Soooooo many DIFFERENT Stories that he has told and all of this has gone ignored by Judge Greer and the POLICE DEPT.  And because of this, Terri WILL DIE if someone doesn't find a way to save her...
FIGHT FOR TERRI.....................PLEASE Call Governor Jeb Bush
(850) 488-4441


Terri’s Collapse

July 27, 1992 Deposition of Michael Schiavo for
Medical Malpractice Trial

November 5, 1992 Malpractice Trial

January 2000 Trial Testimony

Q. What time had you gotten in?

SCHIAVO:  I didn’t get in until like 12.30, something like that, 1.00. We had late parties that day at the restaurant.

Q. Was your wife awake when you got in?


Q. Did you talk to her at all before you went to bed?

SCHIAVO:  She said good night to me.

Q. Okay, in other words, you went – you crawled in bed and she said good night?


Q. Do you recall approximately what time you got home that evening?

SCHIAVO:  11.30, 12.00.

Q. Your wife up?

SCHIAVO:  I don’t recall if she was up or not.

Q. Do you recall whether or not you had any conversation with her that night?

SCHIAVO:  I might have. I don’t remember the conversation.

SCHIAVO: I got home late from work that night. I came in the house. Terri work up. She heard me. I gave her a kiss good night. She game me a kiss good night.


Larry King Live aired October 27, 2003

KING: Let's go back. What happened, Michael, on February 25, 1990?


SCHIAVO: I work late at night. I used to run -- manage restaurants. I came home around 2:00 in the morning, climbed into bed.


Climbed into bed. Terri said good night to me. Gave me a kiss. She woke up, said good night, gave me a kiss. I gave her a kiss back. I'd say, about 4:30 in the morning, I was, for some reason, getting out of bed and I heard a thud in the hall.




Financial Disputes

Testimony of Michael Schiavo November 5, 1992 Medical Malpractice Trial


Larry King Live aired October 27, 2003

Summary of expenses paid from Terri’s 1.2 Million Dollar medical trust fund (jury awarded 1992)

Q.    Why did you want to learn to be a nurse?

SCHIAVO: Because I enjoy it and I want to learn more how to take care of Terri.

Q.    You're a young man. Your life is ahead of you. When you look up the road, what do you see for yourself?

SCHIAVO:  I see myself hopefully finishing school and taking care of my wife.

Q.    Where do you want to take care of your wife?

SCHIAVO: I want to bring her home.

Q.    If you had the resources available to you, if you had the equipment and the people, would you do that?

SCHIAVO: Yes, I would, in a heartbeat.

KING: OK, the break with the family.

SCHIAVO: Her father and mother came into the room. And they closed the door. And they asked the big question, How much money am I going to get? And I told them I wasn't going to get any money.

KING: Out of the malpractice?

SCHIAVO: Out of the malpractice suit. Then he argued with me for a little while. And then he pointed at Terri in the wheelchair and says, How much am I going to get from her money? And I said, you have to go talk to the courts about that.

KING: She got money, too?

SCHIAVO: Yes, Terri got money.


FELOS: Terri got the bulk of the money.

KING: OK, which was used for her rehab and for her medical expenses?

FELOS: Medical expenses.

NOTE:  In 11/31/1993 Petition Schiavo alleges 6/8/1993 guardianship asset balance as $761,507.50


Atty Gwyneth Stanley -         $10,668.05

Atty Deborah Bushnell -         $65,607.00


Atty Steve Nilson -                  $7,404.95

Atty Pacarek-                          $1,500.00

Atty Richard Pearse -               $4,511.95


Atty George Felos - $397,249.99



1st Union/South Trust Bank


Michael Schiavo


Total  $545,852.34








Treatment and Therapy



January 2000 Trial Testimony of Michael Schiavo

Michael Schiavo with Laura McElroy
ABC TV 28 Aired June 2001

Doctors who have given sworn statements that Terri can improve with therapy

Q. Are you aware of any treatment anywhere that can help Terri?


SCHIAVO: There is no treatment anywhere that can help Terri. No.


Q. If there were, what would you do?


SCHIAVO: I would be there in a heartbeat.

Q. There are six doctors that say that they can help Terri.  Why not let them examine her?


SCHIAVO: That would be up to the judge.


Q. But would you like to see Terri improve if there’s that possibility?


SCHIAVO: Ah, Terri has been through years and years of rehabilitation.  There’s no more improvement for Terri.

Dr. William Hammesfahr
Dr. Alexander Gimon
Dr. Jacob Greene
Dr. Richard Neubauer
Dr. William Russell
Dr. Jay Carpenter
Dr. James Avery
Dr. John D. Young
Dr. William Maxfield
Sarah Green Mele – Speech Pathologist
Myra Stinson – Speech Pathologist


Northside Hospital discharge summary records explain that the doctors involved with diagnosing what happened to Terri Schiavo were mystified with what caused her to collapse

1.)   The toxicology screen was negative indicating that there were no drugs being used by Terri.

2.)   Terri’s echocardiogram was normal, which would rule out any congenital cardiac anomaly.  

3.)   A heart attack – or technically, a "myocardial infarction" or "MI" – is eliminated because her enzymes are not elevated.

4.)    A doctor’s note in the discharge summary stated that maybe a low potassium level may have caused the arrest.  The doctor was not able to think of anything else; clearly puzzled.


Evidence surfaces that Michael Schiavo sought information possibly on funeral arrangements for Terri as early as 1993

It was recently discovered (September 2003) that sometime in the year of 1993 a file was completed on Terri Schiavo at a Pinellas County funeral home.

Interestingly enough, it was January of 1993 that over close to a million dollars was deposited in a medical trust fund specifically for Terri’s life-long future rehabilitation and care. 

Additionally, it was in the summer of 1993 when Michael Schiavo admitted to trying to withhold antibiotics from Terri knowing that the infection she had would have killed her if it went untreated.  

Coincidentally, Michael Schiavo is the inheritor of Terri’s medical trust fund and would have been the recipient of close to a million dollars if Terri would have died in 1993.

October 2002, Michael Schiavo petitions court to have Terri’s body immediately cremated upon her death
October 2002, Michael Schiavo petitioned Judge Greer to have Terri's body cremated immediately upon her death saying that Terri was always afraid of bugs and such, and for this reason would have wanted to be cremated.
Governor Jeb Bush
(850) 488-4441

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Terri Schiavo Documents

Back to The Saga of Terri Schiavo
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