CEO: Mary Labyak
"$$The Death Factory"

The Hospice of the Florida $uncoast

The hospice's C.E.O., Mary Labyak, travels all over the nation speaking at national and state conventions about hospice and end-of-life matters, yet she is willing to pervert the mission of hospice. She wishes to help kill a defenseless woman, Terri Schiavo, in the hospice she controls.

Labyak: "Changing the Way People Die in Our Community"

Labyak believes everything she does is just fine, even conspiring to kill Terri Schiavo. She has written as recently as March 19, 2003, that she has spent her life with the goal of "changing the way people die in our community."

Labyak states that she has "actively upheld the vision, values and philosophy that is the foundation of hospice and palliative care." Nothing could be further from the truth! This lady doesn't have a clue what the foundation of hospice is if she believes Dame Cicely Saunders and Elizabeth Kubler Ross would approve of Labyak's recent activities at this hospice! Or perhaps Labyak has suffered a complete lapse in memory of what the foundation of hospice is? The local community in Florida and around the country will not tolerate making hospice a place of killing and that is what Labyak wishes to accomplish!

Under Labyak's direct leadership, the hospice stands ready to kill Terri Schiavo at any time the judge says "ok." The hospice, directed by Labyak, stands willing to cooperate in carrying out the wishes of Terri's husband who has fought in court for years to kill his wife, who, judging by his actions, is his wife in name only now. Michael Schiavo has chosen to live with another woman and had a child by this other woman.  Yet, Michael Schiavo uses the money awarded to Terri, in order to try to end her life by withholding food and water from Terri. Is this the pioneering vision of Mary Labyak? Is this what she has spent her life working towards? Anybody would die if they were starved to death and not given any fluids. Is this the direction Mary Labyak and the Hospice of the Florida $uncoast wish to lead all hospices in our nation? Only through the valiant efforts of Terri's parents has Labyak (and the hospice) been prevented from killing Terri!

Will Mary Labyak, The Hospice of the Florida $uncoast and its Board of Directors make hospice a place that terrorizes the disabled? The Hospice Industry constantly complains that patients enter hospice too late for the patients to receive the services that hospice has to provide during the end-of-life period. Yet, if hospices are willing to kill patients, like Terri, the Hospice Industry is shooting itself in the foot! Many patients will refuse to enter hospice if this practice is to become more common, as suggested by the leadership of Mary Labyak and the Hospice of the Florida Suncoast!

Articles about Hospice of the Florida $uncoast's patient, Terri Schiavo, who is NOT terminal, have been in the news both locally in Florida and in the national news. Why is a non-terminal patient even allowed to be in the hospice? The board of directors has a duty to make sure the hospice follows the guidelines for running a hospice. All hospice boards and staff know that only patients who are truly terminal can enter a hospice. Why hasn't the board protested the admission of Terri Schiavo into the hospice?

Why does Mary Labyak do nothing when everybody knows Terri is not terminally ill? Why is Terri NOT receiving therapy for rehabilitation as she needs? Why was the temperature in Terri's room set in the 60s until Terri's parents protested? Why are hospice employees forbidden from speaking to others about Terri Schiavo's condition or care, or, how the hospice is treating her? If you don't approve of the hospice actions, call them at: 727-586-4432 and let them know how you feel!

Are Mary Labyak, The Hospice, and its Board of Directors
Remaining True to the Original Hospice Mission?

We want to know how Mary Labyak explains her willingness to keep Terri Schiavo, a non-terminal patient, a vulnerable DISABLED patient, in the hospice? We want to know why Mary Labyak is willing to not only approve of Terri Schiavo being killed; we want to know why Mary Labyak is actively willing to direct her hospice staff to participate in the killing of Terri Schiavo! Killing is not something that belongs in hospice! Hospice is for caring, not killing. As Dame Cicely Saunders, the founder of the modern hospice movement said, "Hospice care is there to make it possible for people who are dying to live fully until they die." Terri Schiavo is not dying! And the hospice is not allowing Terri Schiavo to live fully while she lives.

They are participating in denying Terri her right to rehabilitation and free access from the public. Even if the guardian, Terri's husband Michael Schiavo (who is living with another woman and has another child by this other woman) is  willing to kill Terri  why does Mary Labyak continue to agree to go along with such a shocking violation of everything hospice stands for?? Mary Labyak is leading hospice into an ethical sewer by leading it into acceptance of "killing" as part of the services hospices are to offer.


Ongoing Conspirary to Murder Terri Schiavo!

Do members of the board of directors approve of killing vulnerable patients ?? The answer is obviously, "Yes!" Unfortunately, this hospice (formerly a leader in ethical hospice practices) has taken a turn toward the dark side of hospice practice. Labyak, a right-to-kill zealot, is also on the board of Partnership for Caring. Partnership for Caring is a well known pro-right-to-kill group which advocates adding "aid in dying" to the menu of hospice services. PFC and Labyak's vision: "we are here to serve you," OR, on the other hand, "we are here to kill you!"


Some hospice industry leaders advise us to "go soft" on Partnership for Caring, saying that they offer many valuable services to the public. While that may be true, it is unacceptable for PFC to advocate imposing death on patients through terminal sedation or any other means as a "service" to vulnerable patients. While they "say," they would only kill those who asked to be killed, we know that once the floodgate is opened, many unwilling patients would be killed, just like in the Netherlands where thousands of patients are known to be killed against their will each year!

The phrase they like to use is terminal sedation. Sedation is easy to understand. What does the "terminal" in "terminal sedation" mean? In Byock's vision, like Labyak, it means that the patient will be sedated until they are terminated. The real meaning of the proper use of terminal sedation is that a patient who is terminal is sedated when they are agitated or have uncontrolled symptoms. Mis-use of terminal sedation is a widely practiced method of killing patients without having to report euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide. It's "under the radar" and easily covered up murder.

This hospice, Hospice of the Florida $uncoast, favors being able to offer murder to its "wide range of 'services' to its patients." Of course, it doesn't call it "murder;" that would be too honest!" Hospice of the Florida $uncoast is continuing to cooperate in the conspiracy to to kill Terri Schiavo. And the board members are cooperating in the conspiracy to kill Terri Schiavo. How?

First of all, Terri Schiavo is not terminal. No doctor has ever said she was terminal. She is a vulnerable and disabled woman who is in great need of love, care and therapy. And she is clearly not in a coma, no matter how many bought doctors testify (after being paid thousands of dollars) that she is. The hospice under Mary Labyak's direction, and at George Felos' direction, has admitted Terri Schiavo into the hospice, even though hospice is licensed to care for terminally ill, not the disabled non-terminal!

For a few years now, she has been held captive in the hospice which is willing to compromise the rightful function of hospice as a place of caring for the dying ... and use hospice to kill the vulnerable and disabled! While under the law, a guardian may direct how a patient is to be treated, the hospice is not obligated to participate in Terri Schiavo's execution! And yet, that is exactly what this hospice is doing!

How did this situation arise? Hospice chairman of the board at the time, George Felos, is the attorney representing Michael Schiavo's efforts to kill Terri. When Michael Schiavo contacted Felos, George had just the place to kill Terri: his very own hospice! So, he stepped down from the board, temporarily of course, until the legal battle to kill Terri is over. After the legal battle, we're sure good old right-to-kill-patients-advocate George will be right back on the board. George is a student of Ira Byock, MD (a well known hospice physician) who advocates adding "aid in dying" (through terminal sedation) to the mix of "services" provided by hospices.

Has the Hospice Avoided the Appearance of a Conflict of Interests?

I guess the answer to that depends upon who you ask. We note that attorney George Felos is certainly not "unassociated" with the hospice and its board of directors. But did you know that Judge Greer, the judge in this case, was a Pinellas County commissioner for the county back in 1984 through 1992. Guess who also was a county commisioner from 1984 onwards? Hospice Board member Barbara Sheen Todd was elected Pinellas County commissioner back in 1980 and has served in public office since that time, being re-elected several times. It is certain that for the eight years Judge Greer was a county commissioner, he certainly knew hospice board of directors member Barbara Sheen Todd quite well.

What is the basis of Michael Schiavo's legal actions to have Terri killed in the hospice? In an interview for CNN TalkBack Live discussing the issue "Ending Life Support: Who Decides?" (aired 5/30/01) Michael stated that Terri said she wouldn't want to live this way (or see 1). Who are the other witnesses? "Testimony" from Michael's own brother and another in-law of Terri, that Terri "once said" she wouldn't want to live like this. In other words, there is not one blood-family member of Terri that is saying Terri would want to be killed given her condition. In fact, Terri's family states exactly the opposite, that Terri never said that and would want to live. Not only that; Terri's family states that Terri needs rehabilitation and is being deprived of the rehabilitation that would help her recover.

Is it hard to imagine why Michael Schiavo's own brother or sister would support his side of the story? Why is Michael Schiavo unwilling to even allow Terri to benefit from rehabilitation? It certainly wouldn't take long to prove the issue one way or the other: just give her the rehabilitation and see if she benefits. Why the fear of even trying? He certainly has the money; Terri was awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars specifically for her benefit, yet Michael won't allow it to be spent on rehabilitation.

Now Terri stays prisoner of this hospice. A decision affecting her fate lies in the hands of the courts, but it will be this hospice's staff under the leadership of Labyak that terminate her life, if the court allows it. It is likely they would use terminal sedation on her. Just "put her to sleep" like a dog. That's what this hospice is cooperating in doing. One of the leading proponents of terminal sedation, Dr. Byock attempts to straddle both sides of the fence: saying he is against physician-assisted suicide, but willing to terminally sedate people to death.

Byock is a big proponent of using "terminal sedation" to kill patients by sedating them into a coma and letting them dehydrate to death: the "peaceful hospice death" which disguises murder! Dr. Byock's double-talk on the issue of physician-assisted suicide is quite common among those who advocate killing off certain individuals in hospice. Physician-assisted suicide is illegal in Florida, so to get around it, they choose hospice and terminal sedation. But is there much of a difference between assisted someone to die, euthanizing them and terminal sedation of the vulnerable and helpless?

Of course, there is a valid use of terminal sedation, and that is to ease agitation or delirium in the terminally ill or used in conjunction with analgesics to treat severe uncontrolled pain. Any other use of terminal sedation to permanently sedate a patient and withhold food and water is intentional killing, plain and simple. Byock is not limiting the use of terminal sedation to cases where the patient is severely agitated, in delirium or has uncontrolled pain. And George Felos certainly is not. In Terri Schiavo's case, the deliberate withholding of food and water to cause death is advocated. Felos has a long history of fighting for the right to kill patients (oh, should we say "right to die?") Right-to-kill organization "Compassion in Dying" directly cites Felos' efforts to kill Terri as an act of "compassion."

"Felos ... was a founding member of the National Legal Advisors Committee on Choice in Dying, and served as Board Chair of The Hospice of the Florida $uncoast. Where did the phrase "choice in dying" come from? Well, there was an organization called the Euthanasia Society of America which changed its name to "Choice in Dying" which no longer exists - it merged into the "Partnership for Caring" which was founded by Ira Byock, MD. Mary Labyak is corporate Secretary and Treasurer of Partnership for Caring.

What really is the goal of these right-to-kill organizations? They advocate the right to kill the disabled (as in Terri's case), congenitally defective babies (such as Downs syndrome and other children), those with severe cognitive impairment (such as Alzheimer's disease and others), and other unwanted vulnerable patients. One of their main spokesmen, Peter Singer of Princeton does not hesitate to state he wants to kill these people and that any child less than one month old is not a human person. That's how they get around the idea of their killing people: they deny that the person is a "person." If the patient is not a "person," then how can they be killed? ... or something along that circuitous and bankrupt path of logic.

The goal is not to only kill a patient in order to relieve their suffering due to extreme pain, since they admit that good palliative care can relieve the pain. No, they only try to legalize killing of patients by fooling the public into believing that relief of uncontrolled pain is their goal. But those who read their writings carefully see glimmers of truth that they can't hide: that they will do anything to achieve their goal, including lying and that their thoughts are very similar to the euthanasia project of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. They are not based in Christian, Jewish or even Islamic thought. Their philosophy is immoral and unspiritually based, though they proclaim they are very "spiritually" motivated. They "know" which patients should be terminated, ... of course, always out of "compassion."

Now Felos only stepped down from being chairman of the board of the hospice "to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest!" What a joke! The conflict of interest is so obvious that it cannot be wiped away by stepping down. Those who know who he is and that he was chairman of the board are not fooled by these actions. However, he and this hospice try hard to avoid "even the appearance of wrongdoing," at least that is what they keep saying. It is obvious that the connections between the hospice and Felos are as strong as any possibly could be! Felos and this hospice appear to be doing much harm to Terri, much harm to the good name achieved by hospice as an industry and harm to those who support hospice!

The board of directors has known for the past few years that Terri is not terminal. They know that hospice is not supposed to kill patients. This board of directors knows that hospice is supposed to care for the dying as long as they live, and is not supposed to kill the vulnerable! They also know that board members could intervene directly to stop the hospice from participating in the conspiracy to kill Terri Schiavo. The board of directors has not acted to stop this perversion of all that hospice stands for! Each and every member of the board of directors has NOT acted to protect the hospice from being mis-used as a tool to kill. If any member of the board of directors truly felt strongly about this, he or she could have demanded a vote on the issue and demanded that the hospice not participate in this horrible crime against a vulnerable disabled woman.

If the board of directors voted against any particular board member who objected to the conspirary to kill Terri, that board member could have resigned in protest. Yet, the board members have not resigned. They choose to stay, knowing the hospice is actively working with the guardian, Michael Schiavo, who is hell-bent on killing Terri Schiavo, using the money awarded to Terri for her care, in order to pay attorney's fees (to former, and soon to return, board member George Felos) to legally be able to kill her. What an incredible perversion of what hospice is about, what a guardian is supposed to do and what a husband should do! Terri is not in a coma. Terri is not in a persistent vegetative state. She is responsive and needs therapy.

Is this hospice doing all of this for free? Is the hospice getting paid to conspire to kill Terri Schiavo? We don't have the records, but normally hospices bill for their services to Medicare, Medicaid or another health care insurance company. It is safe to assume that the hospice is taking money to cooperate in this horrible conspiracy to kill the vulnerable and disabled. But who knows? They may care so much for the right-to-kill patients, that they are doing this conspirary to kill Terri for free ... in order to set a precedent, so they can kill other patients!

Of course, they can falsely state that Terri is in a coma or whatever fabrication they wish to make up about her condition, but the truth is the truth. Terri has been videotaped responding to her parents. The hospice is careful not to release that video to the public. They don't want the public to know the truth! And if they succeed with Terri, then watch out! They can kill any other disabled person they choose to!

Now (12/02 through 3/03), the hospice is actively cooperating with the guardian in denying Terri needed medical care for an infection. If they can't kill her by withdrawing food and water (yet to be determined in the Appeals Court), they are trying to make an end-run around the law and kill her sooner by letting her go untreated for a respiratory infection ... possibly develop pneumonia and then die. Do you support this type of hospice? Is that where your donations should be going ... to a killer hospice? If you don't approve of the hospice actions, call them at: 727-586-4432 and let them know how you feel!

Read Terri Schiavo's father's plea for appropriate medical attention for his daughter's respiratory infection to the hospice. Get more information from the Terri Schiavo Foundation.

Extremists who have taken over this hospice are Mary Labyak and Teresa Craig. Mary Labyak is the C.E.O. of the hospice and President of $uncoast $olutions. Teresa Craig is C.E.O. of the for-profit experimental venture, $uncoast $olutions, that is designed to make money for those on its payroll. $uncoast $olutions is not an altruistic charitable undertaking at all: it's all about money!

Hospice Extremists Miss the Mark
What is the agenda of $uncoast $olutions? Making Money! Is it extreme to take millions of donated dollars designated for services to the dying and use them in a money-making venture where people are paid extremely well for their participation in the money-making venture? We think so. We think it misses the mark of what hospice is all about.

What is the mission of hospice anyway? Hospice Patients Alliance and most hospices state that hospice is there to serve the dying, relieve their symptoms and allow them to die a natural death in its own time. That's what Hospice Patients Alliance is working for: to further the mainstream of hospice thought which is the foundation of the hospice industry.

Labyak and Craig Do Not Represent Mainstream Hospice Practice

We know that there are some who have protested the illegal placement of Terri Schiavo in hospice. And we know that some within this hospice have questioned it. Hospice is for terminal patients, however Terri Schiavo is a defenseless disabled woman in need of therapy. Mary Labyak wishes to use the hospice to kill her and make it possible for hospices all over the country to kill the disabled. That is absolutely extreme and evil! Yet, that is exactly the vision that Mary Labyak has. We know that some on the board of directors have questioned Terri's placement in the hospice, but they have not insisted that this hospice NOT be a place of killing the disabled. They have failed to act upon principles basic to hospice.

Labyak admits that more than a million dollars has been diverted from the hospice to the for-profit $uncoast $olutions! She tries to explain it away by saying it is a "loan," but nobody has informed us of any loan declared on the books of the for-profit $uncoast $olutions. We would like to see it if it exists. Everybody knows that if a loan is taken out, a contract is written defining the terms of the loan, commonly with interest to be paid. When the public donated to this hospice, they did not intend for their donations to be used for profit! Not to the tune of more than a millions dollars, which is what Labyak admits. The class action lawsuit and hospice's own internal documents show that over $7 million has been diverted over the past few years to the for-profit. Labyak admits diverting the funds. We believe that the diversion gets "extreme" when we're talking about millions of dollars. Whether it's one million or seven million, it still is unbelievable, unacceptable and a betrayal of the trust of the donors!

That Labyak admits to diverting more than a million dollars of donated funds to the for-profit is astounding. But the abuse of donations goes on in various forms of personal use of the funds. The St. Petersburg Times mentioned a hospice manager who used $3,000 in donations to have her roof fixed while taking advantage of her position as manager of donations coming into the hospice to buy the donated house at below market prices! This appears to be just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

The Nazis killed the disabled. Any hospice worker who does the same, even with court approval, would be guilty of murder. The public knows that each person IS responsible for what they choose to do. Those who follow orders which violate the laws of humanity will certainly answer to a higher authority, eventually. Killing defenseless Terri Schiavo would be a crime against humanity, a crime against Terri and a betrayal of everything mainstream hospice stands for.

Anyone having further information about the Hospice of the Florida $uncoast and its practices is advised to contact the plaintiffs' attorney of record:

Jonathan L. Alpert, Esquire
Florida Bar No. 121970
100 South Ashley Drive. Suite 2000
Post Office Box 3270
Tampa, Florida 33601-3270
(813) 223-4131 - Tel.
(813) 230-9915 - Tel.
(813) 228-9612 - Fax

Mary Labyak, Executorial Director
(supports executing the disabled in hospice)
14820 Rue de Bayonne #304
Clearwater, FL 33520
(O) 588-2700 (Direct) (H) 572-0472


Labyak And Hitler: The Death Agenda
Ron Panzer 12/03
reporting the real story about Hospice of the Florida $uncoast!

Adolf Hitler-leader of the euthanasia movement in Germany in the 1940s What do these two people share in common?

The belief that the severely disabled
should have their lives ended ... ... period!

Both admire[d] themselves and thought themselves to be great examples of "caring" "compassionate" individuals who just happened to believe the disabled are better off dead! Both believe(d) that they knew better than most people what is best for society. Both are pushing the Nazi agenda of euthanizing the severely disabled.

Mary Labyak: leader of efforts to bring euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide into hospices where the disabled can be killed with court approval
Adolf Hitler
Leader of the Fascist Regime where vulnerable people were imprisoned for years and then killed or, directly killed outright because they were "unworthy of life!" Mary Labyak
CEO of the Hospice where Terri Schindler Schiavo
has been imprisoned since 2000; where hospice staff are ready to kill the Terri Schiavos of this world

While Mary Labyak is not a leader of armies of soldiers and is not known to be targeting ethnic groups as Hitler did, she is actively involved in making hospice a place where the severely disabled can be eliminated, with government approval. Hitler also targeted the severely disabled, killing over "200,000 handicapped, mentally ill and other institutional patients who were deemed physically inferior" and used his government to accomplish that goal. Labyak uses her hospice to accomplish the same goal.

Labyak sits on the board of national level policymaking organizations which decide the future of hospice and health care. Labyak agrees with Hitler that there is a rationale for intentionally ending the lives of the NON-terminal, severely disabled and is pushing that agenda. Labyak sits on the board of an organization (Partnership for Caring) with DIRECT historical roots in the Euthanasia Society of America, founded in 1938 in New York, during the HEIGHT OF THE NAZI agenda of killing off the disabled, mentally ill and other ethnic groups, shortly thereafter to become THE HOLOCAUST!

"Choice in Dying a not-for-profit national organization best known for inventing living wills in 1967 has affiliated with Partnership for Caring: America's Voices for the dying." Choice in Dying "traces its roots to the Euthanasia Society of America, founded in 1938 in New York. Over the years, it [Choice in Dying] has had several incarnations (as well as agendas). The group does not oppose physician-assisted dying (it favored legalizing assisted suicide), but its principal work is with the distribution of, and education about, advance directives such as living wills, surrogate decisions, and the like ...."

That Partnership for Caring is a "rising star" within the highest levels of end-of-life policymaking is evident from the recent merger of Partnership for Caring with Last Acts, a huge coalition of hospice organizations, agencies and industry groups. The new group is called Last Acts Partnership. Last Acts was a direct outreach of the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation which has poured money into efforts to change how America thinks about death and dying. There has never been a statement by Partnership for Caring or Last Acts which condemned the right-to-die agenda of The Euthanasia Society of America, later called Choice in Dying which had merged into Partnership for Caring. In fact, the websites of Last Acts and Partnership for Caring mention prominent right-to-die attorneys and physicians. They do not however, openly reveal their right-to-die agenda.

Obviously there were people who agreed with the Nazi agenda in the USA before (during the founding of the Euthanasia Society of America) and during World War II. There are obviously STILL sympathizers with the Nazi agenda of euthanasia, right at the Hospice of the Florida Suncoast, because Mary Labyak IS willing to have the disabled killed, just like Hitler.

This is from the J. P. Das Developmental Disabilities Centre with the subject: Hitler's T-4 Euthanasia Program:

"The Nazi T-4 Program during World War II was designed to "euthanize" people with disabilities. While the numbers of people with disabilities remains uncertain, conservative estimates suggest that at least 120,000 people were killed in this program. Although the program was supposed to have ended in 1940 because of public concern, it continued in secret after that time."

"Ironically, the fires of the T-4 program kindled the larger ethnic holocaust. The Nazis perfected their mass murder practices on people with disabilities, then began to use the same strategies on other minorities. The leadership of the Eastern European death camps were chosen because of their proficiency in murdering people with disabilities. A total of 92 leaders of the T-4 program were sent East to help set up the death Camps of Eastern Europe (e.g., Treblinka, Sobibor). They applied what they had learned there. .... Dehumanization made killing easier. Deliberate brutalization was used to encourage perception of people with disabilities and later other minorities as less than human to make killing more acceptable to those who carried out this grim task."

"Service providers to people with disabilities rarely resisted the idea of killing the people they cared for and many became the most enthusiastic supporters of the T-4 program. The former head of the special education teacher's association became the the chief propagandist for the euthanasia program. Doctors and nurses at Hadamar Hospital toasted the 10,000th murder of their their patients at a staff party to commemorate the mile stone." [emphasis added]

So, Mary Labyak is in "good" company among the Nazi service provider leaders during the Holocaust: doctors, nurses and others who cooperated fully with "the right-to-die" agenda for these persons who were "unworthy of life" and unable to protect themselves from the staff who would kill them outright.

Mary Labyak: "compassionate?" Not by a longshot! Mary Labyak sits on the board of Partnership for Caring (now Last Acts Partnership). Agenda? Kill the NON-terminal in hospices! Mary is the CEO of the hospice, which is a Last Acts "Rallying Points" regional representative for Last Acts. Labyak is actively using her own hospice to further the agenda of the right-to-kill crowd, with Terri Schiavo as the test case supreme to lay a precedent for the killing of the disabled, using hearsay evidence (not "clear and convincing" evidence) of the patient's so-called prior wishes regarding the withholding of care/food/fluids. Pleeeaaase! For the naive, don't give us that line about the "right-to-die!" It's all about making more money by not spending it on the severely disabled, elderly or chronically ill, ... inheriting their assets (court judgments, i.e., Michael Schiavo), balancing the state and federal budgets (reducing expenditures from Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid) and private health insurers... Mary Labyak: promoter of the "duty to die," with Terri Schindler Schiavo as the current target. The right-to-die agenda (which allows for the killing of helpless disabled people like Terri Schindler Schiavo) is a direct, documentable, outgrowth of the euthanasia movement of Hitler.

And what is the financial implication of expanding the "pool" of patients from which hospices may draw, by including the NON-terminal in those able to "access" their "services?" MONEY! MORE OF IT! More patients equals more revenue, more excuses to bill for reimbursement. Patients are not people, they are tickets to reimbursement from Medicare, Medicaid and private insurers! More money for the hospice industry; billions of dollars saved by the state and federal governments! The state and federal governments are willing accomplices in this agenda and look the other way when thousands are killed within some hospices around our country!

the judge George Greer who is ready to have Terri Schindler Schiavo executed

Judge George Greer: Ruler of the Kangaroo Court set on killing Terri Schiavo. Impartial? Not in the least! Worked side by side as county commissioner with Barbara Sheen Todd (county commissioner) for eight YEARS. Barbara Sheen Todd is on the board of the hospice. Also, Judge Greer's fellow judge, Judge John Lenderman is the brother of Martha Lenderman (also on the hospice board! See the Hospice Board members! Greer accepted as the basis of his rulings, the questionable testimony of Michael Schiavo (and his family) that Terri would wish to be killed, yet Michael never stated that before he got about a Million Dollars to care for Terri forever. He waited several years until he hooked up with right-to-kill attorney Felos and then "remembered," Terri's wishes!

Ron Cranford, MD, the main doctor testifying against Terri, stating that she is in a persistent vegetative state just happens to sit on the board of Choice In Dying which promotes euthanasia and assisted suicide. He also is the featured speaker for End of Life Choices, formerly the Hemlock Society, a pro physician assisted suicide and euthanasia group. Cranford does not believe that people like Terri are full "persons" and he believes that they have no right to legal protections because of their status as "nonpersons." This is exactly the same twisted thinking of the Nazi murderers who killed millions during the Holocaust.

The Judge: he obviously accepts the same agenda, having made partial "findings of fact" that formed the basis for all the rulings and appeals that followed. Greer also accepted as the basis of his rulings, the "opinion" of a third doctor who just happens to be the brother of a close associate of George Felos, right-to-kill attorney, and very significantly, former CHAIRMAN of the hospice board! Two doctors brought in by the parents of Terri and two actively against Terri, while the third is connected to the attorney who has the right-to-die agenda! If there ever was a rigged court, Judge Greer's is it!

Judge George Greer

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