From Eleanor
Florida State's Attorney, Criminal Jurisdiction
I just got off the phone with the Florida State's Attorney office with CRIMINAL jurisdiction over the Pinellas Park nursing home where Terri Schiavo is being tortured by witholding WATER. The number is: 1-727-464-6221
I stated that witholding water from a CONSCIOUS person is A CRIMINAL MATTER, not civil, and that his office SHOULD GET INVOLVED.
I got through to one of the DAs and asked him if I were to withold water from him or a member of his family, would that be a crime?
This lowlife actually told me that witholding water from anyone ELSE is DIFFERENT from witholding water from Terri, even though I had just reminded hime she is CONSCIOUS. CONSCIOUS.
He said "<harrumph> It is the official position of this office that we are not involved" and hung up.
I wish I had asked him to remember Terri Schiavo every time he takes a drink of WATER!
I can't believe this isn't a dream!


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There are NO statute of Limitations on MURDER!

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