[TERRISFIGHT] Family anger in coma woman case
Wed Oct 29 17:44:25 2003


Family anger in coma woman case

Doctors say Terri is in a persistent vegetative state

Relatives of a brain-damaged American woman who are fighting a bitter right-to-die battle with her husband have reacted with anger after he publicly questioned their motives.

Michael Schiavo, husband of Terri Schiavo, said that his wife did not want to be kept alive artificially and that her father only wanted "money" and "control".

But Mrs Schiavo's parents, Mary and Bob Schindler, said on Wednesday their daughter had a "remarkable determination to live" and alleged her husband had not given his wife the therapy she needed.

Terri Schiavo, 39 and from Florida, has been incapacitated and kept alive artificially since she collapsed at home in 1990.

'Financial interests'

Terri Schiavo's feeding tube was removed earlier this month after a Florida appeals court ruled in Mr Schiavo's favour that she should be allowed to die.

"Why [does] Mr Schiavo fight so hard to keep Terri from having any sort of therapy? What is he hiding? What could it hurt?" Mary and Bob Schindler

However, it was later reinserted on the orders of Florida Governor Jeb Bush, brother of the US president.

On Monday, Mr Schiavo appeared on several American television programmes saying his wife, whom doctors describe as being in a persistent vegetative state, had never wanted to be kept alive artificially.

"I am going to follow that if this is the last thing I can do for Terri," he told CNN news channel.

He said Mrs Schiavo's father had repeatedly asked for money ever since he won substantial compensation from a medical malpractice suit he filed on his wife's behalf several years ago.

Mr Schiavo also said he and his lawyers planned to continue legal action to challenge the Florida governor's decision.

Donations controversy

Mr and Mrs Schindler have denied Mr Schiavo's allegations, saying in a statement on Wednesday he had provided no therapy or rehabilitation for their daughter.

They said the compensation from the malpractice suit had mostly been spent on legal fees resulting from Mr Schiavo's battles to have their daughter's feeding tube removed.

Mrs Schiavo's parents also dismissed claims they had accepted money from conservative "right-to-life" groups, saying only donations from individuals were accepted.

And they questioned why Mr Schiavo wanted his wife to die, arguing their daughter had the capacity to be rehabilitated despite doctors testifying in court that the noises and facial expressions Mrs Schiavo made were merely reflexes.

"Why [does] Mr Schiavo fight so hard to keep Terri from having any sort of therapy - especially speech therapy - that would wean her off her feeding tube?" they asked.

"What is he hiding? What could it hurt?"

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Bush enters `right-to-life' controversy

WASHINGTON—U.S. President George W. Bush yesterday waded into the politically charged "right-to-life" controversy by praising the decision of his brother, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, to restore life support to a brain-damaged Florida woman, and by promising to ban so-called partial-birth abortions.

Bush also threw a bone to supporters of abortion rights by signalling that he won't press for legislation to ban all abortions, saying the U.S. Congress and the American public wouldn't support the move.

He promised to sign the bill banning a procedure that backers call partial-birth abortion, the most far-reaching restriction on abortion since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1973 that women have a constitutional right to abortion.


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The Florida State Advocacy Center for Persons with Disabilities, has decided to launch an
investigation into the spousal abuse claims!!!!

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