Just One Problem with Speculations on Flight 11

Paul Walker
Just One Problem with Speculations on Flight 11
Wed Mar 13 19:52:53 2002

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Subject: [APFN] Just One Problem with Speculations on Flight 11 and the North Tower
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 11:41:17
From: "Paul Walker" pjw56108@yahoo.com

Time to regroup!

Well some of us seem to be off-base about the North Tower crash. This video
is much clearer and we can't argue with it. Due to higher resolution, it
shows the first plane plowing into the tower in slowmo whereas the Windows
Media version shows nothing at all thanks to Bill Gates (who has horns and a
tail I hear). The size and scale may match a 757, though it could be
something other than that, like a puddle-jumper commuter. This is good
enough for me to erase speculations about a cruise missile for sure, but it
does not prove that it was actually Flight 11 or a 757. Read Operation
Northwoods about painting drone planes to simulate other planes if in doubt.

I was mislead somewhat and this could have been Flight 11 as reported by
media, but the most important thing is that none of this changes the fact
that 911 was a well-crafted frameup by intel and military planners (for at
least five years) who wound up this scenario and let it go. In fact, the way
these photos and videos are being released leads some to believe that there
are attempts being made to entrap and discredit us with disinfo to make us
look like fools and cranks. One of the best weapons they have is ridicule
through disinformation, techniques used for decades and readily accepted by
the sheep. So we have to watch out for that.

There is still no doubt in my mind that the CFR hierarchy gave the order,
that the Pentagon planned the logistics, that the CIA and FBI let it happen
and that the President of the United States sat by and watched it happen
with full prior knowledge and a strange look on his royal simian face. The
established order has had ample practice with these
Problem-Reaction-Solution scenarios with the Lusitainia, the Maine, Pearl
Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, the 93 WTC bombing and OKC so we should not be
surprised to find that they have ways to discredit investigators who might
blow the lid off. Still, I accept blame if I mislead anyone about the North
Tower crash. I just want the truth like everyone else who has a conscience
and a sense of loyalty to their fellow Americans and the strong feeling that
911 was a set-up. But we can't be afraid to be wrong or look stupid. If we
do, then we will not dare to ask questions like the sheep who accept the
official story on cue.

You have to download this (non-streaming) and play it on Real Player.


The real deal is coming from behind the brown building on the right
flying toward tower 1 at incredible speed. You can not see this
without Quicktime, which has much better resolution and sharper
processing routines than whatever Microsoft uses.

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