FACT: Prior Knowledge  of 9-11

Federal Whistleblower on
Extensive TREASONOUS Briberies
and Cover Up Conspiracies
Feds Aiding and Abetting Illegal Muslims
The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear public oral argument in



Mary Schneider's career spans 30 years of service in the federal government, which began in 1971, as a clerk for the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers in Sacramento, California.

In 1973, Mary moved to the mid west working as a legal secretary and then, while working as a sheriff's office deputy, also worked as an on-call WAE (when actually employed) U. S. Customs Inspector inspecting private aircraft arriving from Canada.

In 1975, she transferred to the U. S. Customs District Officer, in Pembina, North Dakota, as a legal secretary and also spent a detail as an inspector at the Canadian border port of Northgate, North Dakota.

In 1980, after graduating from the U. S. Customs Academy Basic Inspector Course at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), Glynco, Georgia, Mary inspected passenger cars, cargo trucks and trains and private aircraft at the Canadian border twin ports of entry, Pembina, North Dakota and Noyes, Minnesota, directly north of Grand Forks, North Dakota and south of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

In January of 1981, Mary made a lateral transfer from a Journeyman Customs Inspector to a Journeyman Immigration Inspector for a tour of duty at the Fortuna, North Dakota Port of Entry, on the Canadian border, straight north of Mt. Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota and south of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

In the summer of 1981, while on duty alone at this very remote port of entry with the closest backup being 26 miles away, Mary held the highest, extremely well-documented, enforcement record of 100 plus inspectors in Customs and Immigration in both contraband seizures, interception of NCIC hits and refusal of mala fide non immigrants.

In 1984, Mary made a lateral transfer to Journeyman Immigration Inspector at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI), inspecting arriving foreign passengers and cargo ships in the Baltimore, Maryland harbor. During this tour of duty, she made an unprecedented, first ever, four-pound marijuana seizure off a Jamaican smuggler and held the well-documented record of making 47% of all enforcement intercepts in the INS Baltimore District.

In 1985, Mary moved on promotion to the Miami, Florida INS District Office as an Immigration Examiner performing as a Political Asylum Officer, during which time she received a commendation certificate from the DOD Army Intelligence for her intelligence cooperation efforts.

In 1987, she made a lateral transfer to Orlando, Florida as the first and sole INS Supervisory Immigration Inspector.

In 1990, Mary returned back to the position of U. S. Immigration Examiner, a position later re-titled as District Adjudications Officer.

From 1991 through May of 1999, as an Immigration Examiner, Mary adjudicated/processed requests to adjust status, consisting mostly of marriage (green card) interviews, and also naturalization interviews.

During this period, Mary intercepted six (6) felony fraud sham marriage RINGS and obtained over 35 signed, videotaped confessions of fraudulent sham marriages. Two of these six RINGS were comprised of illegal Muslims. For this highly documented unprecedented, exceptional enforcement performance Mary was removed and prevented from conducting marriage interviews and assigned only naturalization interviews and given unacceptable performance appraisals by the conspirators with intent to fire Mary from her federal career and sole source of income.

During the past 13 years, since 1991, Mary has held the highest, extremely, well-documented, unprecedented enforcement record in the Examinations/Adjudications Branch at the INS/DHS Orlando sub office.

In unending efforts to protect America the Beautiful and her beloved Americans, and visiting nationals from around the world, since April of 1998, Mary has been a continuous, quintessential whistleblower.

The only result has been for the corrupt officials to be protected, supported and promoted and for Mary to be subjected to unending daily harassment, an extreme "mobbing" hostile work environment, continuous animus, bias, prejudice, reprisals and retaliations, trumped up allegations, and numerous bogus interrogations and investigations, at taxpayers' expense, requiring her to file two separate Whistleblower Retaliation complaints at the Merit Systems Protection Board and a Title VII Civil Rights Violations Lawsuit at the U. S. District Court in Miami, resulting in litigation bankruptcy.

More than three years prior to 9/11 and almost three years after 9/11, Mary continually apprised accountable/responsible officials of extensive, treasonous briberies and cover up conspiracies involving the aiding and abetting of illegal Muslims and other illegal nationals with green cards and ensuing United States citizenship.

For complying with Federal statutes and regulations which require mandatory reporting of corruption, for courageous attempts to protect America the Beautiful and her Beloved Americans and other visiting nationals, Mary has been brought to the edge of bankruptcy in fighting unrelenting efforts to fire her from federal service, her sole source of income.

While men and women in the United States military are placing their lives on the line 24/7, are dying and being maimed in enormous, unreported numbers overseas, their very own fellow Americans, holding positions of the "Public Trust", who took a sacred Oath to the American People to protect and defend the Constitution and laws of these United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, these corrupt officials have continuously taken bribes from illegal Muslims and other illegal nationals for assured green cards with ensuing United States citizenship or have taken pay offs to engage in the extensive cover up conspiracies.

Mary has gone public to expose these extensive, insidious, treasonous corruption conspiracies occurring in the United States government, from Orlando to Washington D.C., from:

President George W. Bush at the White House, to the Congress, to the Office of Special Counsel Elaine Kaplan, the Department of Justice (DOJ) Attorney General John Ashcroft and the DOJ Criminal Division, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Tom Ridge, FBI Directors Louis Freeh and Robert Mueller, DOJ Inspector General Glen Fine and SAIC Alan Hazen, DOJ/DHS INS/CIS Commissioners Ziglar, Garcia and Aguirre, INS/DHS District Director Robert Wallis and John Bulger, etc.,

in dire hope of preventing or minimizing impending terrorist attacks, and further innocent blood being shed on American soil and the blood of innocents on foreign soil.

-- 13 July 2004

Content Copyright 2004 Mary Schneider


Sibel Edmonds' Case for Government Transparency and Accountability

Former FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds Calls Current 9/11 Investigation Inadequate
by Jim Hogue

INTRODUCTION: Sibel Edmonds and Behrooz Sarshar, beginning in December of 2001, began filing reports to their superiors at the FBI. These reports could lead to the collapse of a corrupt power structure that has a stranglehold on the very institutions that are obligated to control it. We cannot excuse these institutions, for while they fiddle, they pass death sentences on their own troops, and on the people of Afghanistan and Iraq.
On April 30th, Sibel Edmonds was my guest for 50 minutes on WGDR radio. What follows is an edited transcript of the interview. The editing is for the sake of a more readable piece.
Sibel Edmonds is a former FBI translator. She blew the whistle on the cover-up of intelligence that names some of the culprits who orchestrated the 9/11 attacks. These culprits are protected by the Justice Department, the State Department, the FBI, the White House and the Senate Judiciary Committee. They are foreign nationals and Americans. Ms. Edmonds is under two gag orders that forbid her to testify in court or mention the names of the people or the countries involved.

"If they were to do real investigations we would see several significant high level criminal prosecutions in this country. And that is something that they are not going to let out. And, believe me; they will do everything to cover this up."
-Sibel Edmonds, former FBI translator

USA Spy Forsaken by US Government

Former Naval Intelligence Officer Delmart Edward "Mike"
Vreeland warned of impending terrorist attacks
a month before 9-11



United States of America v. Vreeland
The Decisions

  Below you may read the decisions of judges in various hearings in the matter
of United States of America v. Vreeland  which have already taken place in
Canadian courts. These were provided to us by Kevin Wilson, the federal
prosecutor who is burdened by these matters. Many issues relating to
Vreeland's story and his impending extradition are addressed by the judges
including his advance knowledge of the events of September 11, the
credibility of Vreeland's claim that he  was an ONI operative, the
courtroom phonecall placed to the Pentagon, his Michigan fraud charges
and issues relating to his testimony against (and risks faced as a result)
against Moore, Tocco and Fonseca.


Vreeland police records!


Mon, 10 Jun 2002 23:34:16 -0400

Hi Guys! Thought you might like to have a look at a police file from Mishawaka, Indiana. One of the cops there was kind enough to send it along. Vreeland was arrested there and claimed to be an FBI agent (internal investigations) despite the fact that he was arrested for stealing a porche B&E and assaulting a cop. Nice cover! This would be funny if it weren't for the fact that this guy took us all for a ride. http://www3.sympatico.ca/ron666/mishawaka.html (site down 12/08) Enjoy! Ron AnicichCKLN Radio

Listen to Terry Weems, Mikes Brother and Cameron Sexton

Delmart Vreeland Language: English >>
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Vreeland interview on CKLN

How did Delmart Vreeland know about 9/11?

How did Delmart Vreeland know about 9/11? Length: 48:09
Summary: Delmart Edward "Mike" Vreeland was just released from jail after spending 17 months incarcerated in Toronto.Vreeland's story involves international intrigue, mysterious death and the contents of a document pouch that could blow the WTC9/11 case wide open.
Type: Regular Show
Recorded: 04/14/2002
Recorded At: Toronto ON Canada
Producer: Greg Duffell_CKLN_Radio
Uploaded On: 04/14/2002
Keywords: Vreeland CSIS World Trade Center 9/11 Naval Intelligence Toronto Ruppert Bastien Gallati Slansky
Restrictions: For non-profit use only.
Contact producer for permission to broadcast.
How did Delmart Vreeland know about 9/11? Language: English  
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TITLE: Vreeland Faxes - Leo E. Wanta - Money Laundering

The Continuing Saga of Leo Wanta


Warning Message

click on message to enlarge

What the CIA Doesn’t Want You to Know
The U.S. Navy says that Vreeland, arrested in Canada on Dec. 4, 2000 and currently fighting a U.S. extradition warrant, was discharged for unsatisfactory performance after only four months of service in 1986. But a growing pile of evidence, much of it filed in court records and undisputed by Canadian or U.S. authorities, establishes clearly that Vreeland was exactly what he says he was -- a spy.
In three previous stories, FTW has described how his military records, acknowledged to be in excess of 1,200 pages, have been tampered with. We have described how, in open court on a speakerphone, his lawyers obtained direct confirmation from the Pentagon that he was a Navy officer. We have also reported that, as of March 14, all Canadian charges against Vreeland were dismissed. He was released on bail and also granted temporary refugee status by the Canadian government until his battle to beat the U.S. extradition request is settled.
Something that Canadian authorities have never disputed is that Vreeland wrote his ominous and hastily scribbled warning a full month before the attacks, and that the warning was sealed away by his keepers, beyond his reach, until Sept. 14, three days after the attacks.
If he loses his extradition fight, both Vreeland and his attorneys believe that his assassination will occur within days of his return to U.S. soil.


Marc Bastien

Was Vreeland Right?
Was Canadian Embassy Worker Poisoned? 1-22-2

Vreeland update!!

Vreeland's attorney Rocco Galati Poisoned on May 23,2002
Thursday, May 23, 2002
I was poison target: Lawyer
Client's ouster stalled


The lawyer for a man convicted of associating with convicted millennium bomb plotter Ahmed Ressam stunned an extradition hearing yesterday when he said his food had been poisoned and he'd been threatened with death.

Lawyer Rocco Galati is representing Abdellah Ouzghar, 37, who is fighting extradition to France where he was convicted in absentia last April of providing forged identity documents to a European-based terrorist network responsible for murder, armed robberies, a subway bombing and a plot to blow up the Los Angeles Airport.


Galati successfully argued that he needed more time to prepare Ouzghar's defence because of the threats and poisoning.

"I was poisoned and I went to see a doctor," Galati said.

The case was postponed to Nov. 5.

Outside court, Galati refused to divulge any details on the poisoning or threats.

In court, Galati also accused the authorities of extraditing his client as "payback for refusing to spy for the French."

Ouzghar's Hamilton home was raided by police during the course of an investigation of another man in 1999. They seized a notebook, a video cassette and electronic surveillance -- evidence the French used to convict him.
http://www.canoe.ca/TorontoNews/ts.ts-05-23-0055.html site down (12/08)

Rocco Galati on Canada's tendency towards a Police State Agenda in anti Terrorism laws

The Truth About 9-11

Canada Court Case Reveals UN Naval Officer
Had Advance Knowledge Of 911 Attacks



Court Case Files & Affadavits:




Mike Ruppert articles on Vreeland (http://www.copvcia.com)
A white knight talking backwards - the full story click here to download
Vreeland released on bail click here to download
Vreeland in canadian safehouse click here to download
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Vreeland's letter to David Corn and Norman Solomon click here to download
Toronto Star stories
Did this man predict September 11th? -
The article that broke the story
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The murder of Marc Bastien click here to download
Vreeland's legal arguments and legal filings click here to download
Notes on the meaning of the warning letter click here to download
Q+A with Vreeland #1 click here to download
Q+A with Vreeland #2 click here to download
Letter from Iraq to Russia click here to download
Marc Bastien story in Ottawa Sun click here to download
J. R. Nyquist articles
"The balance of terror and
the red mercury nightmare"
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"Red mercury and the strange case of
Delmart Vreeland"
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"Wanted" articles
Detroit Times April 27th 2000 click here to download
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Office of Naval Intelligence
ONI History click here to download
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Interview with Ruppert on Jeff Rense show (April 17th)
Vreeland interview on CKLN
Vreeland interview on Meria Heller

7 articles

Red Mercury And The Strange Case Of Delmart Vreeland

By J. R. Nyquist

"If you look too deeply into the abyss, the abyss will look into you." --Friedrich Nietzsche

Last week this column discussed the testimony of a self-described U.S. Naval intelligence officer who was recently granted asylum by Canada. According to documents and testimony entered into evidence during his trial, Delmart Edward Vreeland predicted a major terrorist strike against the World Trade Center, naming Osama bin Laden as the perpetrator a full month before the Sept. 11 attacks. Vreeland also told journalists last October that the death of a Canadian Embassy official in Moscow, Marc Bastien, was not due to natural causes as initially reported in the Canadian press. Adding weight to Vreeland's credibility, on Jan. 21, 2002, the Toronto Star reported the findings of the Quebec coroner that Bastien died "after drinking a mixture of alcohol and clopazine."

Last week I interviewed Vreeland, who claims to possess official Russian documents stolen from Moscow that link the Kremlin to the Sept. 11 terrorist assault and to a planned Iraqi nuclear attack against U.S. cities using Russian red mercury fusion devices. After demonstrating an uncanny knowledge of events in Moscow and elsewhere, I felt that Vreeland's story warranted closer scrutiny. Is he a deranged kook seeking publicity? Is red mercury a hoax?

Last Saturday I spoke with Sam Cohen, a U.S. nuclear weapons expert credited with inventing the neutron bomb. I asked Cohen how he would answer critics who ridicule the idea of red mercury fusion. According to Cohen, "These people don't understand the laws of physics." He further stated that red mercury "is a compound with tremendous energy density." In all likelihood, Russia has successfully fabricated this compound using "ultra high pressure technology," Cohen explained. "You knock all these electrons out so it's not the same atom. It pulls a lot more energy per gram than any other explosive that I've ever heard of."

Its explosive power is so great that red mercury can trigger a fusion reaction. "The Atomic Energy Commission denies red mercury," Cohen said, "but they lie through their teeth. And they have to." I asked Cohen if the secret of red mercury could be learned from captured samples. "I'm just guessing here," he replied, "but I think it's very difficult to tell [how it was made] from examining the substance itself." (In other words, Russia might export red mercury to terrorist states or groups without fear of giving away the secret of its manufacture.)

I asked Cohen about Vreeland's statement that a two-megaton device could be made using red mercury technology. Cohen said, "The answer is it's possible, but not advisable." Expressing doubts about the effectiveness of U.S. sensors set up to detect nuclear weapons smuggled by terrorists, Cohen asked why an enemy power couldn't simply slip a "good old-fashioned fission bomb" into the U.S.? "If you wanted to do damage, a dirty bomb is better," he explained. "Using red mercury is best accomplished at low yields. Although you could turn it into a [high yield] multiple stage device."

I asked Cohen how small a two-megaton multi-stage red mercury device might be. Cohen replied that a red mercury fusion bomb "could be more miniaturized than fusion/fission nuclear warheads. It is void of fissile material. Due to explosive power per gram it has the potential to be very much lighter." He added that, "We've produced [atomic] bombs from 50,000 pounds to 50 pounds."

I asked Cohen if a country other than Russia might have red mercury technology. "Oh yes," he responded, adding, "I think Iraq did get red mercury." According to Cohen's contacts in the nuclear weapons community, U.N. inspectors have found evidence of red mercury transactions between Iraq and Russia.

Those who want to dismiss Cohen's testimony do so at their own peril. In his Dec. 27 1993 National Review article on red mercury, Cohen stated: "In a pure-fusion weapon the weight of the nuclear material required may be as low as a thousandth of that required in a fission weapon." Cohen also stated that red mercury warheads "could be clandestinely tested underground."

None of this absolutely confirms the testimony of Delmart Edward Vreeland regarding a Russian-Iraqi connection to Sept. 11 and future red mercury terrorism against U.S. cities. Cohen's expert opinion merely tells us that Vreeland's claims are not altogether outlandish. Setting aside the question of red mercury, the real test of Vreeland's credibility will come in the weeks and months ahead. Adding to the mystery surrounding this story, I received a phone call last week from an official of a national political party (U.S.) involved in the Vreeland case. The official in question had personally met Vreeland and said there was a nasty bullet wound on the side of Vreeland's face, which occurred when the Russian mafia put a gun in Vreeland's mouth and pulled the trigger. This official also confirmed that Vreeland's military record had been altered and falsified and that Vreeland's case was rated as a secret intelligence matter in Washington.

Two things, however, are disturbing about the Vreeland case. In terms of media coverage, citizen-reporter Michael C. Ruppert has emerged to become Vreeland's leading advocate. But the sinister use to which Ruppert puts Vreeland's testimony must be called into question. While Vreeland clearly indicated to me that Sept. 11 was a Russian-supported Iraqi-Al Qaeda operation, Ruppert's articles argue that Sept. 11 was a U.S. or CIA operation. In addition, Ruppert is a person who has been warmly embraced by leading figures in Moscow, where he has been invited to speak and fraternize. Snuggling up to Vreeland, allegedly dictating Vreeland's choice of legal representation in the United States, Ruppert willingly ignores the fact that Vreeland's information points to Kremlin foreknowledge and connivance in the events of Sept. 11 - not to U.S. connivance.

There is a second point regarding Vreeland's story that must not be set aside. It has to do with the possible use of mind control drugs in relation to this case. Vreeland claims that while spying in Moscow, he teamed up with Canadian Embassy official Marc Bastien, who was found dead on Dec. 12, 2000, six days after Vreeland was arrested in Canada. According to Canadian officials, the drug found in Bastien's body at the time of death was clopazine mixed with alcohol. Clopazine is an anti-psychotic chemical that can be used to remedy drug-induced schizophrenia. Those familiar with Russia's security services know that psychotropic drugs have been used against key witnesses to induce mental illness, confusion, illogical thinking and memory loss. In April 1953 CIA director Allen W. Dulles told his colleagues that Russia had "developed brain perversion techniques, some of which are so subtle and so abhorrent to our way of life that we have recoiled from facing up to them."

Did Bastien and Vreeland successfully penetrate Kremlin security and steal classified Russian documents? Were they subsequently caught and drugged by the Russian security services in Moscow? Was the clopazine found in Bastien's body by the Quebec coroner part of a failed attempt by Canadian officials to reverse the effects of brain poisoning by an unknown Russian psychotropic agent? Furthermore, if Bastien was poisoned with a mind-altering drug (to induce schizophrenia), was Vreeland similarly poisoned in the first week of December 2000?

Given that a Moscow-friendly muckraker like Mike Ruppert has snuggled up to Vreeland, we should not be surprised if Vreeland's secrets are twisted to signify the opposite of what they in fact indicate. We should also fear for Vreeland's safety and his sanity given the known methods of the Russian security services and associated mafia organizations. I have already learned of more than one attempt on Vreeland's life. Now that his name has appeared in the newspapers, now that a political organization in the U.S. is prepared to take up his cause, wouldn't it be logical to discredit him via drug-induced schizophrenia?

According to an article http://tinyurl.com/57psqc   by national security expert Joseph D. Douglass, Jr., with the title "Influencing Behavior and Mental Processes in Covert Operations," Russia has freely used mind control drugs against Western targets in the past. Douglass says that the one-time Chief of Staff to the Czech Minister of Defense, defector Jan Sejna, "knew of over a dozen families of mind control drugs that were actually being used against diplomats, banking and business executives, religious leaders, politicians, political leaders, military units, academicians, and even Presidents and Prime Ministers."

Sejna said that mind-altering drugs were used against the clergy in communist Czechoslovakia during the 1960s. "After two years," noted Sejna, "there were no more reactionary clerics in Czechoslovakia." By inducing suicide, insanity or collaboration (i.e., with "friendship drugs") the anti-communist clergy ceased to make trouble for the regime. In this context, Douglass wrote of "pills used to drive the target insane," and that is exactly the sort of treatment the Russians might reserve for a cornered U.S. spy with vital information about Kremlin involvement in Sept. 11.

Where does that leave us with regard to the Vreeland case?

It leaves us in the "wilderness of mirrors." In this wilderness, facts can be spun in a variety of ways. My research indicates that America's enemies are plotting her downfall, and they are quite capable and serious in their endeavor. Whatever the truth about Delmart Edward Vreeland, his story suggests that a great game is being played in secret and he is the victim of this game.

2002 Jeffrey R. Nyquist April 1, 2002



From Mike Ruppert

Jeff -

Just to let you know that I spoke to Vreeland today. He's angry that Nyquist never identified himself as a journalist during their talk. Vreeland also denied making the statements Nyquist attributed to him. I'll have a REAL Vreeland story out tomorrow and you can post that alongside Nyquist's garbage. Vreeland told me today that Nyquist has violated the National Security Act of 1947 and that he is contemplating legal action against him.

BTW, Nyquist is flat wrong about Vreeland's US legal representation. He has none. And I have had no role of any kind in how Vreeland has obtained his only lawyers, who are in Canada. He had them before I met him.

Yeah, I went to Russia. Bought my own plane ticket. Paid for my hotel room. Covered an economic conference attended by people from about eight countries and spoke for about ten minutes: as did almost everyone else there. And yes, I must admit that while in Moscow I did meet some Russians. That happens to be where they live. I don't know that I was a close confidant of Putin or any leaders. The only one I shook hands with was Zhirinovsky to whom I was introduced at a break.

I'm going to Australia in May. Maybe I'm an Australian spy, too! I was just in Canada and appeared on TV with Canada's former Solicitor General and the MP who has oversight responsibility for Canadian Intelligence. Maybe I'm a Canadian spy as well!



Original at Rense

The man who knew too much about 9-11
By Jim Moore

On August 11, exactly one month before the World Trade Center attack, a US Navy sailor sitting in a Canadian jail handed his jailers a sealed envelope. Inside that envelope was a list of targets – including the Pentagon and the World Trade Center – and the cryptic notation: “Let one happen – stop the rest!!!” The envelope was opened September 14, setting off alarms throughout the US and Canada, and is now an official court document in a very strange trial.

Other named targets include: The White House, Sears Tower in Chicago, World Bank, Canadian Parliament in Ottawa and the Royal Bank in Toronto – and the notation “They will paint me crazy and call me a liar.” The handwritten notes contain several other items, the nature of which is unknown.

He had tried repeatedly to tell his jailers the World Trade Center would soon be destroyed, but they wouldn’t listen, he said, forcing him to resort to putting the warning in writing inside a sealed envelope, placed in the jailer’s custody.

Delmart “Mike” Vreeland has been sitting in a Canadian jail since December 6, 2000 on “credit card fraud” charges stemming from the use of his own credit card. No other information on these particular charges, filed in Michigan, are available “because it is an ongoing criminal matter.” He is fighting extradition to Michigan because he says he will be killed for his advance knowledge of the World Trade Center attack. Two Canadian prosecutors, Rocco Galati and Paul Slansky, agree and have agreed to argue his case in a Toronto courtroom in an attempt to get him into a Canadian witness protection program.

But who is Mike Vreeland and why is he important? He claims to be a US Naval lieutenant assigned to the Office of Naval Intelligence, and recently assigned to travel to Moscow to review and retrieve highly technical and classified documents pertaining to Russian and Chinese efforts to counter the US “Star Wars” system.

Other sources claim Vreeland’s Moscow intelligence assignment was more likely related to drug smuggling, given his background as an informant against organized crime, and the ONI’s history of organized crime alliances going back to “Lucky Luciano and Vito Genovese in WW II. Vreeland won’t discuss specifics and, according to Galati, “We don’t need to know and we don’t want to know the secret details. They’re not necessary for us to do the job of keeping our client alive and in Canada. He faces a special danger in the US because he has also been an informant against an organized crime family in Michigan where the criminal charges originate. The most he is facing there is two years, but we believe he might not live for two days in that system.”

Both attorneys say they themselves have received death threats, harassment and vandalism since taking the case, reporting their car windows have been smashed out and dead cats hung on their porches in the night.

The US government, through the Crown Solicitors in Toronto, claim Vreeland’s whole story is “nonsense.” Vreeland was never more than a loser who couldn’t even make it in the Navy more than a few months. He was discharged shortly after he enlisted in 1986 and never had anything to do with Naval intelligence. To “prove” it, they produced a 1,200 page personnel file.

“How is it,” Galati asks, “that the Navy says he was only in the service a few months and then sends us a 1200-page personnel file? Some of the entries were obvious forgeries or alterations and the sanitizing of his records was done so hurriedly that some dates of medical exams in the 1990s were left intact.”

In a dramatic Perry Mason-type ploy on January 10, 2002, attorney Slansky obtained the court‘s permission to call the Pentagon from open court, as everyone listened on a speakerphone. In front of six witnesses in the courtroom, Slansky dialed directory assistance and got a number for the Pentagon switchboard. Calling that number, he asked the Department of Defense operator to locate the office of Lt. Delmart Vreeland. Just moments later, the operator confirmed Vreeland’s posting, his rank as Lieutenant O-3, his room number and provided his direct-dial number.

The judge and prosecutors were stunned into momentary silence. Then, the prosecution after some hesitation, resumed its case as Vreeland sat shackled in the corner, closely flanked by two guards.

“Why,” asked the Crown Solicitor, “would the US choose, in a case involving some of the most highly technical intelligence, a random seaman with training in the tool and die field?” He then argued that Vreeland, who had been in jail without access to a computer since December 6, 200, had somehow cracked the Pentagon’s personnel records and inserted his name, an office number, and telephone extension into the Pentagon database, thus “setting up” the results of the dramatic in-court phone call.

The Crown Solicitor then argued that Vreeland, who had certain papers in his possession at the time of his arrest, had memorized Russian and Albanian documents and translated them from memory, thus coming up with the mysterious contents of the sealed envelope. Vreeland does not speak Russian or Albanian, the court noted, and asked the Crown Solicitor to restate his point. Her then argued that Vreeland had an unnamed colleague go to an unspecified web site, print Russian and Albanian documents for him, then use foreign language dictionaries to translate them.

The existence of Russian and Albanian documents raises a particular red flag in this case because of the close ties of both US-NATO intelligence and Osama bin Laden to the Albanian-based Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).

Vreeland’s extradition could take years, if he lives that long. His apparent strategy seems to be similar to a standard approach taken in dozens of similar cases involving allegations of covert operations – to not reveal any classified information to his lawyers or the press, in the hope that that silence will provide him with some support from the clandestine services.

Michael C. Ruppert, a former Los Angeles police officer following the case, writes:

Mike Vreeland is one man who, in a rational world, could totally expose the complicity of the US government in the attacks of September 11th. No one has disputed what he wrote and stuffed into that envelope. In a rational world, that would be themost pressing and public inquiry of all. The two questions remaining are whether Vreeland will live and whether or not he will ever tell what he knows. That may be a mutually exclusive proposition.” (Michael C. Ruppert and From The Wilderness Publications – www.copvcia.com., Jan. 28, 2002)

Toronto Superior Court on March 15 released Vreeland and dropped all credit card charges after American Express confirmed there were no unauthorized charges on Vreeland’s card. Vreeland is now in hiding in a “safe house” as he seeks political asylum.

Meanwhile, US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.) has called for a full investigation into events before, during and after the World Trade Center bombing, adding that “persons close to this administration are poised to make huge profits off America’s new war.”

“We know there were numerous warnings of the events to come on Sept. 11th … What did this administration know and when did it know it, about the events of September 11th? Who else knew, and why did they not warn the innocent people of New York who were needlessly murdered? What do they have to hide?” she said in a recent radio interview.

Bush spokesman Scott McLellan dismissed her comments, saying “The American people know the facts, and they dismiss such ludicrous, baseless views. The fact that she questions the president’s legitimacy shows a partisan mind-set beyond all reason.”

Chris Ullman, spokesman for the Carlyle Group, a secretive but huge defense contractor, asked, “Did she say these things while standing on a grassy knoll in Roswell, New Mexico?” George Bush, Sr. works for the Carlyle Group and has heavy investments in its Middle East and Caspian Sea oil projects.

Other Congressmen have quietly raised their own questions, but not publicly. “I’ve heard a number of people say it,” said Rep.. Melvin Watt (D-NC). A Republican colleague and friend of McKinney’s, Jack Kingston (R-Ga.), said, “She’s not as random as people think.”



Vreeland Ordered Released On Bail To Mother's Residence

Address Made Public As In Barry Seal Case

From Mike Ruppert
From The Wilderness


TORONTO/LOS ANGELES (FTW) - Less than two hours ago, a man who claims to be a US Naval officer and who, as acknowledged by Canadian authorities, wrote an advance warning of the September 11 attacks, was ordered released on bail by Toronto Superior Court Justice Hamilton. At the time the judge ordered bail, in response to a previously filed bail-request motion filed last month by Vreeland, he entered into public record and announced in open court the address of a Toronto apartment belonging to Vreeland's mother where Vreeland is ordered to reside. Curfew hours were set between 7 P.M. and 7 A.M.

Vreeland's attorney, Paul Slansky was not present when the judge rendered his decision. FTW Canadian correspondent Greta Knutsen was present in the courtroom and stated that the judge was stern with Vreeland and indicted that he did not have much faith that Vreeland would successfully complete the terms of bail.

The judge's opinion may have more than one meaning.

In 1986, U.S. drug dealer and acknowledged intelligence operative Barry Seal was released on bail from federal custody in Baton Rouge Louisiana and ordered to reside at a halfway house, the address of which was made public. Within days he was gunned down in a hail of bullets outside the halfway house by an assassination team, members of which were subsequently linked to Iran-Contra figure Oliver North and Colombian and CIA covert drug operations.

FTW is currently attempting to reach either Vreeland, whose immediate whereabouts are unknown, or his attorneys.

Yesterday, the prestigious publication 'The UN Observer' contacted FTW Publisher/Editor Mike Ruppert, asked for and obtained permission to reprint our earlier stories on the Vreeland case. Vreeland's assertions, based upon documentary evidence and continuing court proceedings have steadily been gaining credibility in spite of unfounded and meritless attacks by U.S. media that have failed to address any of the specific documentation in the case.

 Marc Bastien

Was Vreeland Right?
Was Canadian Embassy Worker Poisoned? 1-22-2

OTTAWA (CP) - A Quebec coroner's report suggests poisoning was behind the mysterious death 13 months ago of Marc Bastien, an employee at Canada's embassy in Moscow.

The report says Bastien, 34, died Dec. 12, 2000, after drinking a mixture of alcohol and clopazine, an anti-depressant used to treat schizophrenia.

Init ially, Canadian officials said the death was of natural causes.

Bastien had been drinking in Moscow bars and coroner Line Duchesne sa id a concentrated form of cl opazine may have been slipped into his drink.

Bastien, who handled information systems at the embassy, was found dead the next morni ng in the bed of his Moscow apartment.

Duchesne said she agreed with RCMP and Moscow police in believing the computer specialist was the victim of a person - "maybe a woman" - who slipped a clopazine tablet in his drink.

Foreign Affairs spokesperson Reynald Doiron said late last week police continue to study the circumstances of Bastien's death. "Th ere's still some information to be obtained. We may eventually find out the details that we're missing."

Monique Richard, Bastien's mother, dismissed the coroner's report as guesswork.

She said she and her husband Gaston Bastien had waited six months for the report and were disappointed: "It's full of hypotheses, possibilities and undecided elements. There's nothing official in it."

American Delmart Edward Vreeland, who is fighting extradition from Canada on fraud charges, says he tried to warn Canada's spy service of the S ept. 11 attacks. He claimed Bastien was murdered in Moscow.

http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/Conten  site down 12/08

'I don't trust anyone' (says Marc Bastien)

Slain foreign affairs worker expressed misgivings about posting

OTTAWA -- In the weeks before his mysterious, sudden death, Marc Bastien told a close relative he felt he could trust no one.

"He didn't come out and say it, but I think he was starting to realize something was going on," said his uncle Denis Richard.

Bastien, a 34-year-old Ottawa computer systems specialist working for Foreign Affairs at Canada's embassy in Moscow, was found dead in his apartment almost a year ago. Russian police and Canadian officials reported that Bastien had died of natural causes the morning of Dec. 12, 2000, but the Sun has learned major crime investigators are exploring other explanations for the death.

Richard said his nephew -- who was godfather to his own son -- usually kept quiet about details of his job, which he says involved dealing with high-security communications between foreign embassies. But before he departed for Moscow, Bastien told his uncle he was briefed by RCMP and told to "watch out for" three men.

Bastien did not say who the men were, or whether they were Russian, Canadian or other foreign nationals.

In one of his last e-mails, Bastien sounded as if he was having second thoughts about his Russia posting, Richard said.

"He said, 'It's different here, I don't trust anyone,' " he recalled.

Richard was also puzzled when an e-mail to Bastien containing a picture of his son and his report card grades went unanswered. It was highly unusual, given Bastien's close relationship with the boy.

"The more questions we have, the more confusing it gets," Richard said.

An official source close to the criminal investigation said police are hunting for a woman suspected of drugging Bastien in order to rob him, but relatives insist it would be out of character for him to bring a stranger home to his apartment. His parents question the robbery motive because all of Bastien's belongings were returned to Canada a month agao, including jewelry, a watch and his wallet with cash and credit cards intact.

"I think he was set up," the uncle speculated. "Then it was that he knows too much, let's get rid of him."

Bastien's unexplained death has also been the subject of speculation by Delmart Vreeland, a jailed American who claims to be a former navy military intelligence agent.

He believes Bastien was murdered because he had obtained highly sensitive information about terrorist plots -- including information about planned attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and other sites, including Ottawa.

DFAIT has confirmed that two RCMP investigators travelled to Moscow this fall to make sure Russian police had conducted a "thorough, professional investigation."

An official cause of death has never been given to the family by the coroner's office, which is awaiting results of the criminal investigation.

Bastien's family has been told there were traces of clozapine in the body, a medication used to treat schizophrenia that can cause drowsiness.
http://www.canoe.ca/CNEWSLaw0112/10_russia-sun.html site down 12/08


Translated from French....
Saturdays January 19 2002
The doubt remains in spite of the conclusions of the coroner

Sylvain St-Laurent

The young civil servant hullois Marc Bastien, found dead in circumstances nebulas, in year 2000, in Russia, would have been poisoned.

It is at least what supposes a report/ratio of investigation made public yesterday by the Office of the coroner of the government of Quebec. The document implies that the 34 year old man would be deceased on December 12 2000 of a mixed consumption of alcohol and clozapine.

The clozapine is an antidepressant drug which one uses to look after schizophrenia. The coroner who c arried out the survey thinks that a tablet of this drug coul d have been added to something that would have drunk or eaten Marc Bastien.

" the hypothesis adopted as well by myself, coroner, as the various investigators wit h the file (GRC, font of Moscow) is that Marc Bastien possibly returned of the second bar accompanied by another individual, possibly a woman, and that this individual slipped the tablet of clozapine into something which introduced Marc Bastien ", writes the coroner investigator Line Duchesne.

The latter concludes that the young Canadian knew a violent death, but is not able to describe the circumstances of them.

The parents of the victim, G aston Bastien and Monique Richard, are disappointed. They had awaited the report/ratio of investigation for soon six months. They would have wished to draw some more from concrete, less assumptions.

" This document is very full with assumptions, possibilities and unspecified elements. One finds nothing offic ial there ", launched Monique Richard when met by the Right, yesterday afternoon.

The report/ratio of investigation raises however the veil on certain details of the investigation of the GRC and the Muscovite font.

It was learned that Marc Bastien passed the evening which preceded its death in bars by Moscow. It had joined British friends towards 21 H in an establishment baptized Peshera. The group had consumed some beers there before leaving towards another bar.

One does not know if it re-entered to the house only or acc ompanied, at the end of the evening. The cleaning lady charged to clean her apartment found inanimate, in her bed, the following day afternoon.

Marc Bastien deal t with the information processing systems of the Canadian embas sy in Moscow. He handled in his work of the very significant documents.

Investigation always in p rogress

A spok esman of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and international Trade, Reynald Doiron, stated yesterday that the police investigation aiming at determ ining the circumstances of its death is always in hand. It however took care not to reveal the details of them.

" There remain to us certain information to be obtained. We could discover well the details which we possibly miss ", says it simply.

During this time, Gaston Bastien and Monique Richard await answers which will perhaps never come. Was their son assassinated? Did somebody want his death?

" Perhaps that we will know it one day. But that could take much time ", believes Gaston Bastien.

" Of the times, I think that the truth will never be known. There are perhaps people wh o have things to hide ", increases Monique Richard.


Did 'Rogue' US Agent Vreeland
Warn CSIS Of September 11?

By Frank Editor
(October 16, 2001)

The admission that the death of a Canadian diplomat in Moscow was murder may lend credence to the fantastic story arising from an extradition case in Toronto, in which a man cl aiming to be a US Naval intelligence officer says he warned the RCMP and CSIS of the September 11 attacks months in advance.

Delmart Edward Vreeland claims he travelled to Moscow in the Fall of 2000 to obtain military documents regarding Russian counter-measures to US anti-missile defence. His purpose was to see they got into the hands of CSIS, and to fool Ottawa into believing it was a Canadian di scovery, so Canada and other allies might be inclined to drop their objections to "Star Wars."

His contact was a "systems analyst," Marc Bastien, said to be a CSIS agent working out of the embassy. Vreeland says he sensed something fishy with a Russian go-between, and handed over a dummy bag before travelling to Toronto, where he was arrested on December 6 on an immigration warrant.

Only days after Vreeland's arrest by Toronto police, Bastien was found dead in Moscow. Though he was only 35, the death was attributed to "natural causes." The body was returned to Canada for autopsy. Sources with the Mounties have since co nfirmed that Bastien indeed was murdered.

Among the Russian documents Vreeland says he retrieved was one describing impending te rrorist attacks in the United States, naming Osama bin Laden as an agent and the World Trade Center and the Pentagon as likely targets.

Vreeland, with his lawyer, Paul Slansky, took the information to both CSIS and the RCMP last summer, but he was blown off as a crank.

The US Navy claim that Vreeland was discharged in the mid-80s, having failed boot camp, but there is evidence to suggest the military is altering his service record. For example, in a phone conversation recorded from jail in August-before, Vreeland contends, his entire record could be wiped from the system - he is clearly told by a petty officer at a US naval base that computer files confirm his rank as Lieutenant. An impossibility if he'd dropped out of boot camp.

If his claim is true, then why is the US hounding this man, and why does he fear for his life if he is extradited? Perhaps because Russian foreknowledge of September 11th is a can of worms best left unopened.

From Eyes On America editor@eyesonamerica.org



www.copvcia.com  | Jan 28 2002 | Michael C. Ruppert

[Copyright 2002, Michael C. Ruppert and From The Wilderness Publications, http://www.copvcia.com /, all rights reserved. May be reposted, reprinted or distributed for non-profit purposes only when this statement appears with the t ext.]

TORONTO, [Filed January 25, 2002, and Revised January 28, 2002] ? EDITORIAL NOTE: In our original story we indicated that the note written by Delmart ?Mike? Vreeland had been sealed in court records. We based this on a misreading of Canadian press stories. In fact, the warning of the World Trade Center attacks, written by Vree land on either August 11th or 12th has been introduced into open evidence in Vreeland?s case in Toronto. Using court records in our possession, FTW has scanned the document and it is available for viewing in this story. We apologize for the error. Following is a revised story which we feel is the best way to present this important information in context.]

Canada Court Case Reveals UN
Naval Officer Had Advance
Knowledge Of 911 Attacks

A White Knight Talking Backwards
By Michael C. Ruppert

Delmart Edward ?Mike? Vreeland, an American citizen whose claims to being a US Naval Lieu tenant assigned to the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) are being increasingly corroborated in open court, has been in a Canadian jail since December 6, 2000. On August 11 or 12 of 2001, the date is uncertain, after trying to verbally alert his Canadian jailers to the coming World Trade Center attacks, he wrote down key information and sealed it in an envelope which he then had placed in jailers? custody. This event is not disput ed by Canadian authorities. The letter specifically listed a number of targets including The Sears Towers, The World Trade Center, The White House, The Pentagon, The World Bank, The Canadian parliament building in Ottawa and the Royal Bank in Toronto.

A chilling sentence follows the list of targets, ?Let one happen. Stop the rest!!!?

When the envelope was opened on September 14th it set off alarms in the US and Canada.

The US wants Vreeland back in the States on a Michigan warrant for credit card fraud ? using his own credit card. Vreeland, convinced that a return to the US means certain death, wants to stay in Canada in a witness protection program. His lawyers Rocco Galati and Paul Slansky, two former Canadian prosecutors, agree with Vreeland?s assessment. They should. Both have been the victims of harassment and threats including dead cats hung on porches and car windows smashed out in car burglaries.

The position of the United States government, as represented by Crown Solicitors in Toronto, is that all of this is nonsense. Vreeland, says the Navy, was discharged as a Seaman after a few months of service for unsatisfactory performance in 198 6. He has never had anything to do with intelligence according to 1200 pages of Navy record s filed in Toronto Superior Court.

?How is it,? says Galati, ?that the Navy says that he was only in the service a few months and then send us a 1200 page personnel file? Some of the entries are obvious forgeries or alterations and the sanitizing of his records was done so hurriedly that some dates of medical exams in the 1990s were left intact.?

In a January 10, 2002 tactic worthy of Perry Mason, with the greatest possible risk to his client if it failed, attorney Slansky got the judge to agree to let him call the Pentagon from open court. Using a speaker phone, in front of at least six witnesses, Slansky first dialed directory information and got a number for the Pentagon switchboard. Then, calling that number he asked the Department of Defen se operator to locate the office of Lt. Delmart Vreeland. Within moments the operator had confirmed Vreeland?s posting, his rank as a Lieutenant O-3, his room number and given Slansky his direct-dial number.

All of this is a part of the court record.

On January 17, as this writer sat in the courtroom, another mind-numbing event occurred.

As Vreeland sat shackled in a corner, closely flanked by two guards, the Crown Solicitor sought to debunk Vreeland?s assertions that he had been assigned to travel to Moscow to review and retrieve highly technical and classified docume nts pertaining to Russian and Chinese efforts to counter the proposed US? Star Wars? missile defense system. [Ed note: FTW believes this to be a cover story.] ?Why,? said the Crown Solicitor, ?would the US choose, in a case involving some of the most highly technical intelligence, a random seaman with training in the tool and die field.? The point that someone discharged in 1986 with no special training and rank would be sent to review technical documents sounded reasonable ? assuming that Vreeland?s background was as the Solicitor argued.

The reasonableness vanished a few moments later as the Crown Solicitor argued that Vreeland, who has been in jail and without access to a computer for thirteen months, had somehow cracked the Pentagons personnel records and inserted his name, an office number, and telephone extension into the Pentagon d atabase.

No one except for Vreeland and attorney Galati seemed to notice the contradiction.

The Crown Solicitor ventured further through the looking glass by then arguing that Vreeland, having certain papers in his possession at the time of his arrest, had memorized Russian and Albanian documents and then had translated the m from memory. Vreeland doesn?t speak Russian or Albanian. The judge, noticing this stretch of credibility, asked the Solicitor to restate the point. The argument then became that Vreeland had an unnamed colleague go to an unspecified web site, print Russian and Albanian documents for him, and then used foreign language dictionaries to translate them.

Vreeland?s extradition process could take years and his time in jail has not been easy. There have been threats, illnesses and his every move is watched. Galati and Slansky wonder how long his psyche will hold up. The history of jailh ouse deaths of key witnesses leans heavily in favor of Vreeland?s belief that he could be kill ed at any moment. His apparent strategy is to not reveal any accurate Top Se cret material to either his lawyers or the press, hoping that his silence will provi de him with some support from US clandestine services. This a standard approach taken in dozens of similar cases researched by FTW in the past They include the cases ? we ll known in research circles ? of William Tyree and Michael Riconosciuto. Tyree has been jailed on a questionable murder conviction since 1979 and Riconosciuto on a variety or drug-related charges since the early 1990s. Both men have been directly connected to CIA and other intelligence operations by official documents.

?We don?t need to know and we don?t want to know the secret details, ?says Galati. ?They?re not necessary for us to do the job of keeping our client alive and in Canada. He faces a special danger in the US because he has also been an informant against an organized crim e family in Michigan where the criminal charges originate. The most he is facing there is two y ears but we believe he might not live for two days in that system.?

Additional press reports indicate that Vreeland?s intelligence work was connected to dr ug smuggling ? a much more likely reason for his trip to Moscow. And the history of the relation s between Naval Intelligence and the mafia is documented as far back a s the Second World War when ONI officers made deals with convicted mafia don Lucky Lucia no and his lieutenant Vito Genovese to protect New York docks and assist with the subsequent Alli ed invasion and occupation of Italy.

Mike Vreeland is one man wh o, in a rational world, could totally expose the complicity of the US government in the attacks of September 11th. No one has disputed what he wrote and stuffed into that envelope. In a rational world that would be the most pressing and public inquiry of all. The two questions remaining are whether Vreeland will live and whether or not he wil l ever tell what he knows. That may be a mutually exclusive proposition.

FTW has retained the services of freelance journalist Greta Knutsen in Toronto to repor t on developments in this critical case for our subscribers. Important updates will be post ed and sent out via subscriber bulletin to our readers as they become available.

[The Warning Written by Mike Vreeland Before 9-11]

Did this man predict Sept. 11?

Strange story of a jailed spy unfolds in Toronto court | Nick Pron | Staff Reporter |

While jet fighters drop bombs on Afghanistan in the wake of the World Trade Center tragedy and FBI agents search for the source of anthrax letters, an incredible tale has been unfolding in a Toronto courtroom.

It draws together the threads of a narrative some describe as "stunning and fantastic," while others wonder if it isn't just the ravings of a lunatic.

The man telling the tale in sworn court affidavits is Delmart Edward Vreeland, who faces credit fraud charges in Canada and in the United States, where officials are attempting to extradite him.

The 35-year-old American claims to be a lieutenant in a U.S. Navy intelligence unit — a spy who says he knew in advance about the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

In his affidavit, he says he tried to warn Canadian intelligence about possible terrorist attacks on New York and the Pentagon, along with targets in Ottawa and Toronto, but was written off as a petty criminal.

So he wrote the warning on a piece of paper, sealed it in an envelope, and handed it to jail guards a month before the attacks. They opened the letter Sept. 14 and immediately forwarded the information to Ottawa.

His lawyers, Rocco Galati and Paul Slansky, are fighting extradition, telling the court he could face treason charges and the death penalty in the U.S.

In the first stage of hearings, federal prosecutor Kevin Wilson yesterday told Mr. Justice Archie Campbell of the Superior Court of Justice that he was skeptical of Vreeland's claims.

"Is his story possible? I can't go so far as to say it's not possible, but it's not plausible," Wilson said.

The prosecutor said he has seen no evidence to back Vreeland's claim that Canadian embassy official Marc Bastien was murdered in Moscow in December. Canadian officials said the 35-year-old computer specialist died of natural causes. So, who is Delmart Edward Joseph Michael Vreeland II?

According to court documents, Vreeland was 18 when he enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1984.

Two years later, Vreeland says in his affidavit, he joined a special unit investigating drug smuggling into the U.S. by naval personnel. But the navy says Vreeland was "unsatisfactorily discharged" in 1986.

Vreeland also claims he gathered information on a crime family in Detroit and testified against them in 1998. Late last year, he says, he came to Canada to help smuggle Russian military secrets out of Moscow, including Russia's plan to counter the American "Star Wars" missile defence system. While in Moscow, Vreeland says, he met Bastien.

Vreeland was arrested by a police fugitive squad nine months ago. While in Toronto (Don) Jail, he met Nestor Fonseca, who was facing drug smuggling charges and extradition to the U.S. The court documents say Fonseca allegedly told Vreeland of his plans to kill a Toronto judge and others. Fonseca was charged with counselling to commit murder.

Galati and Slansky said in the documents that Vreeland should be put into the witness protection program in Canada because he is the main witness against Fonseca.

Galati writes in one document: "Neither myself, nor Mr. Slansky ... have seen anything as incomprehensibly frustrating, inexplicable and irresponsibly absurd ... as the RCMP's position that they are not interested in reviewing Mr. Vreeland's information." It would appear, Galati says in the brief, that the Canadian and American governments have written Vreeland off as a "nut case," which he says is a "patently absurd conclusion."


Vreeland in Safe House, All Canadian Charges Dropped, Temporary Refugee Status Granted

Copyright 2002, From The Wilderness Publications, www.copvcia.com . All Rights Reserved. May be reposted or distributed for non-profit purposes only.


Michael C. Ruppert

March 15, 2002, 10:50 AM PST (FTW) -- Delmart “Mike” Vreeland is out of danger for the time being.

9-11 whistleblower Delmart “Mike” Vreeland, the US Navy officer who wrote a written warning of the 9-11 attacks, a month before they occurred, was released on bail yesterday after a hearing in Toronto Superior Court in which he was ordered to reside at a Toronto apartment leased by his mother. At the time the bail release order was issued, the address was made part of the public record and announced in open court, raising immediate fears that Vreeland, who has expressed fear for his safety, would become easy prey for would-be assassins. The same pattern was followed immediately before the public execution of drug smuggler and intelligence operative Barry Seal in 1986.

Late yesterday afternoon, FTW Publisher/Editor Mike Ruppert spoke by telephone with both Vreeland and his attorney, Paul Slansky, and learned that Canadian authorities had agreed, shortly after the court hearing, to allow Vreeland to change his approved residence location to an undisclosed address in the Toronto vicinity in order to ensure his safety.

FTW has also learned that all Canadian charges connected to Vreeland’s December 2000 arrest have been dropped and that Vreeland, who is seeking permanent political refugee status in Canada, has been granted temporary refugee status until February 2003, or until his extradition case has been resolved in Canadian courts. Vreeland, who has also served as an informant on organized crime investigations in the US, allegedly while working as a Naval intelligence officer, has stated in Canadian court proceedings that he fears immediate assassination if forced to return to the US because of his ability to prove US government foreknowledge of the 9-11 attacks and because of continuing threats from Russian and American organized crime.

Canadian courts have continually refused to allow Vreeland or his attorneys to present mounting evidence validating his assertions -- in many cases corroborated by official records -- that he was a Naval lieutenant conducting secret intelligence operations for the US government in Russia just before his Canadian arrest on Michigan fraud charges in December 2000. Vreeland’s claims that a Canadian diplomat, Marc Bastien, was murdered in Moscow, originally denied by Canadian officials, have since proven true as a result of autopsy findings. The Canadian government has since acknowledged that Bastien was murdered.

It was on these 2000 intelligence operations in Russia that Vreeland obtained the information which told him attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon -- among other targets -- were pending, and that US intelligence was aware of them. Vreeland’s warning note, sealed and placed in the sole custody of Canadian jailers on Aug. 11 or 12, also contained the ominous statement, “Let one happen. Stop the rest.” That document was entered into evidence in Vreeland’s extradition hearing on Oct. 7, 2001. At that time Canadian authorities acknowledged that the letter had been written a month before the attacks.



FBI (SA) Robert G. Wright: Blows the Whistle on 9-11
Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Another FBI Agent Blows the Whistle on 9-11

FBI Special Agent Robert G. Wright Jr. will
hold a news conference Thursday in Washington
to reveal FBI negligence and obstruction of
counterterrorism investigations targeting
Hamas and al-Qaeda.

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that
investigates and prosecutes government
corruption, said its co-counsel David
Schippers would join Wright at the press

"Special Agent Wright, of the FBI's Chicago
Division, is the only agent in the history of
the FBI to have used the civil forfeiture laws
to seize over $1.4 million dollars in Hamas
terrorist money in connection with a criminal
investigation of terrorist money laundering
operations here in the United States,"
Judicial Watch said.

Minneapolis FBI agent Coleen Rowley
http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2002/5/27/163915.shtml has
corroborated Wright's experiences dealing with
FBI headquarters and senior management, "who
consistently delayed, down-played and
soft-peddled the investigative efforts of
counterterrorism agents in the field," the
organization said.

Stay tuned.


from a trusted source, posted at Vreeland's forum

With these thoughts in mind I would like to get down to some points that I think are fact:

1. Vreeland taken down during the Clinton admin
2. Wanta taken down during the Clinton admin
3. Look at the posts regarding others in similar position all taken down during the Clinton admin.
4. If anyone would research these situations I am of the opinion that you would learn that this type of agent removal happened more during the Clinton admin that in any other period of time in history.
5. A fact to research. There have been news articles posted that a plan was presented by military intelligence to Clinton that if they would take out five of OBL cells they could neutralize this enemy. I am sure you all recall the first WTC event, the Cole, the African American Embassies etc., all during the Clinton admin. I am sure all are familiar with Somalia. Military action and a recommended take out of OBL were squashed by Clinton admin. I appreciate that there was a plan for military action on the Presidents desk for Afganistan prior to 9/11. There is also the likelyhood that this plan may have been the same plan that was on Clintons desk. I do not know but the facts would be better than bashing.
6. A fact that is known. In todays news there are stories about the shoulder fired missil threat. If you research Wanta stories you will note that during the Bush Sr. admin there was a plan in place of buying back the stingers from OBL and Afgan. In fact in the financial papers that have been published most recently I can assure you that not all of the money was going into the hands of private people. Part of these financial transactions were used to do such business. Can you imagine going to the Congress for a budget increase to buy back Stingers. Give me a break. What brought this to a close was taking Wanta down.
7. There are also stories of the Russian briefcase dirty bomb. These were also being tracked and monies from Wanta programs used to buy. There were biological weapons in the Philippines money was needed to buy. The programs to buy these items and the Russian briefcase dirty bombs went bye, bye during the Clinton admin in taking down Wanta and others. WHERE DID THIS COVERT OPERATION MONEY GO AND WHY WAS IT STOPPED BEING USED FOR SUCH PURPOSES. I question where some of the money ended up. I have stated before Marc Rich gets pardoned and Wanta falls.
8. I realize I mention facts but I would also like to toss a hypothetical on the table and let you bash (ha!ha!) around. From the financial sheets you have seen published there are many instances where money was needed to pay for intelligence information. You all think you know the Lt's personality. If his character is as some of you describe I am sure you can accept that he got information by buying and not through charm. Some what of a joke but the fact of life is dirty people that give up information will give up to anyone who can pay. This system of paying virtually fell apart during the Clinton admin. During the Clinton admin there were those who thought we could all walk around holding hands and melt into beloved brotherhood. Lets share our weapons and technology and make everyone love each other. I do not believe anyone questions who sold advance military technology to China. While we were selling technology, making paper chase funny loans to Mexico, ignoring South America and blowing up Bosnia. Our intelligence system fell apart.
9. Look at the Phoenix report and the info from the FBI in Minneapolis. The recent letter from the female FBI agent to Mueller clearly describes an effort to go to the FBI and when that failed an attempt was made to go to the CIA and the agents were scolded. When did these two events happen. Not the disclosure of
the information. When did the events arise.
10. Look at the FBI wiretap story on the taps being tossed out. When did this happen.
11. Does anyone really know the true story on the 250 or more FBI files that just popped up at the White House.
12. I have heard several posts about the list of tenants and vacancies at the WTC on 9/11. Are there any records of offices that may have had active leases and there is a probability some entire offices may not have shown up for work on 9/11.
13. What happened to the 1995 report sent to USA by the Philippines specifically describing plans given to them by an arrested terrorist in Manila to use commercial aircraft as weapons against USA targets.
14. I am sure the congressional intelligence committees received much of this information. What did they do with it? Someone must have been in a position to present reasons for them to discount such information.


More info on Wanta from board:

Dear Vreeland:

I have been reading information concerning your situation for some period of time. On one or more instances you have mentioned other individuals associated with the USG that have (in a manner similar to your situation) been subjected to gross injustice. It is apparent that this gross injustice is not orchestrated by common staff people.

During the past year or more I have become associated with the legal team working with one such individual by the name of Leo Wanta who I believe you have referenced on one or more instances.

On many instances your site and others make reference to information and disinformation. Similar to yourself there are several web references to Wanta. If one was to look at information on Wanta and accept the disinformation it would be necessary at the same time to assume Wanta's problems in the legal arena would extend far and beyond a State of Wisconsin civil tax assessment turned into a criminal tax case and would expand to US Justice Dept investigations and international law issues. The disinformation overshadows the issues with the State of Wisconsin and even the most hardened skeptic would need to take notice.

I would offer a few points for your consideration:

a. Wanta filed amended State tax returns in 1991. Part of the years included are 1988 and 1989. The first line of entry on Wisconsin State return sets the basis for any tax owed in the State of Wisconsin. The first line entry relates to your 1040 return. For the 1989 return Wanta puts a slash on line item 1 and makes note that attached is a letter from the IRS informing Wanta that for the year 1989 Wanta has no Federal tax liability. Wanta puts a slash at the same point for the 1988 return. When Wanta is charged and there is a "0" placed where Wanta put the slash. Wisconsin revenue agent at the trial of Wanta admits entering the "0" on Wanta's state tax returns. The assessment that the State claimed against Wanta is for $14,000 plus dollars. Wanta paid this assessment under protest twice. Yes twice for a total of in excess of $28,000. The state continued to claim at his trial etc. that he failed to pay anything. Wanta is convicted and sentenced to loss of 22 years of freedom. 8 years in and 14 probation. Wanta is sentenced in 1995. The prosecutor in a letter to the judge represents Wanta has never paid anything to the State. There is unquestionable documentation from cancelled check and bank wire that reflect otherwise. In fact a print out from the State shows that in December of 1995 Wanta only owed the state $00.15. Yes there is verifiable and confirming information for the claims and representations made above. At the criminal trial of Wanta the prosecutor makes reference to a book entitled "Thieves World" and stated that Wanta was an international swindler that had bilked billions of dollars from investors and not paid one dime of tax. If this is true where have these investors been over the last ten years. Not one has come forth to question Wanta. If he bilked billions and spent on himself I would anticipate a letter from the IRS other than advising no tax is owed.

b. Wanta is in Switzerland in June of 1993. Confirmed that he met with Vince Foster and set $250,000,000 into the Childrens Defense Fund. Who is the head of this fund? At the same time Wanta is working with two other ops implementing instructions to "bring in Marc Rich". What a coincidence. Wanta is arrested by Swiss authorities and held in prison for 134 days and as time marches on Marc Rich receives a pardon.

c. Wanta becomes the Ambassador from Somalia to Canada and Switzerland. In advance of the Clinton administration arrangements are made for US navy and others to use Somalia deep water ports for refueling etc and arrangement is made for other branches of military to use local Somalia air bases. As part of said strategy Operation Restore Hope is to be expanded with revenue from the sale of 90,000,000 barrels of oil contributed by a Middle East source and bought by USA to be used for humanitarian purposes in Somalia. Oil comes to Houston, payment is facilitated through White Cloud Petroleum and no money goes to Somalia. There are many interesting details during the history referenced herein and can substantially fill in the blanks and add more than mere speculation to what unspoken from the inferences in the movie BlackHawk Down.

d. People seem surprised to read of your advanced information on 9/11. I suspect they would even be more surprised that leads and intel information goes back prior to the Clinton administration. As example look at the information forwarded from the Philippine authorities to USA in 1995. The interest in this information did not just spring up in 1995. The interest in the terrorists had been ongoing for years. Look into the background and history of Wanta dealings in Philippines. RM 20/20, repurchase of Stinger Missiles, Russian Fusion Bomb, remodeling of Dr. Lutz bio lab in Switzerland etc., etc., etc., all tie back to history of present problems and bring to the dance the same players we are looking to either uproot or stop today. Maybe the reason the networking on any advanced knowledge broke down during the Clinton admin is that the people orchestrating the networking were locked up or shut down.

e. At one time there was an agreement for Israel/PLO peace. Recently PLO leader mentioned. Rabin signed and would it surprise anyone to know $10B divided 5 to each side was part of the agreement and the same was never paid. What caused this situation to fall apart during Clinton administration. It is probably assumed that letters from Rabin to Wanta questioning this situation is because Rabin was part of the con job done world wide by Wanta. Is it mere coincidence that Wanta was a witness signer to the reference peace agreement?

f. Wanta worked the PRC and Asia for years. Prior to the Clinton administration sophisticated system to monitor technology going to Korea, China other parts of Asia were in place. At end of Bush senior admin China had limited long distance strike capability. In fact within four months they had 4 lift off explosions in the early 90's. This was a continual problem into the mid 90's and then all of a sudden success. During Clinton admin they learn for some unknown reasons how to develop their technology for long distance strikes. How interesting Dr. Lee, case dropped and presiding judge while sealing the file suggests that maybe the Executive Branch of the USG should be investigated.

I could ramble on and on. If there is question how the above pertains to you etc I suggest people look at who was in the oval office when you went down and who was in the oval office when Wanta and others went down. The present administration had been in office for 9 months. Yes there may have been information floating around but with all known today look at whose administration broke down the system and failed to act responsibly. Maybe the concept of "New World Order" and wanting or thinking one could step to the throne with oil and big, big money is really the crime of 3000 American lives being wrongfully lost on 9/11 and not an overt orchestrated action of one or more cooperating world powers conspiring to tumble the USA. Instead of looking to others to place blame and who planned or participated is there not a potential that through our own stupidity and foolish greed by those at the top that rouge parties both within and without took advantage and moved forth on the advantage. Put another way if outside powers not all that charmed by Clinton and halfbright saw our weakness, realized there were leads out there and we were ignoring so they just sat back and watched what happened. I am sure there are those that could even make the Canadians look like they participated if that was a desire within the power book plan of things. In the real realm of things maybe where we need to look is within the four corners of the USA to place blame, clean up our own system and look to what concept of how to Clinton run the White House maybe not intentionally but at the very least through gross negligence allowed us into this situation.

I could go on and on. The point is people should realize there are documents on top of documents on top of files that substantiate, confirm, verify and endorse what both you and Wanta represent. I am not saying you are the same as Wanta or participated with Wanta. The issue is the current administration has the opportunity to set things right and clean up the best in a manner that respects the rule of law.

I look forward to what comments you have in regard to what I have written and my thoughts.


Posts: 129
(5/15/02 5:19:23 pm)
Community Supporter
Re: There are others facing similar issues

This issue of Leo Wanta is a very serious case of the United States Government Screwing Over An Agent that was
and still is loyal to his Country... People need to look into this.. Search Wanta on Google.. A very interesting issue and the fact is this, Leo Wanta is not a crook, he was set up and left in the cold by the administration he was loyal to...
My best wishes go to Mr. Wanta for a very fast resolution to the issues he faces as I know that they are being worked on at this time...

"Conspiracy theory" is a piss-poor term by any standard. I deal in conspiracy FACT, and, as you will note from my web page, I make no assertions without documentation. That takes things out of the realm of theory, doesn't it?" -- Michael C. Ruppert, Publisher/Editor -- "From The Wilderness" http://www.copvcia.com

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(5/16/02 12:36:41 am)
Re: There are others facing similar issues

Dear Vreeland,

In todays news for the first time there is real confirmation by the administration of warning signals disclosed to the President regarding potential for an OBL directed or planned 9/11 event. The Bush administration had been in office for approximately 9 months. Reading between the lines of the news commentaries there appears to be an inferrence that the current administration failed to act and has committed some type of cover up. There further appears to be the start of a campaign to blame the Bush administration for the break down of the abilities and intelligence information being gathered by the FBI, CIA etc. No ladies and gentleman the deterioration and damaging beakdown of American intelligence and investigative capabilities occured during the Clinton administration.

When looking at the current administration are people so foolish to believe that there was no evolution of warning signals that were either ignored or put in file 13 transpiring in the early, mid and last portions of the Clinton administration.

I am aware of your situation being instituted during the Clinton administration. I know for sure that the situation of Wanta occured during the Clinton administration. I have also learned of more than 100 or more agents that encountered similar problems during the Clinton administration. I have read about the fabricated criminal history records on you. I am also of the opinion that in the Wanta case there was a fabricated FBI report. I have been informed that similar false reports were generated during the Clinton administration on many people. I assume there is reasonable probability that much false information popped up in your files and files of people such as Wanta and this false information was handed over during the transition to the Bush administration. Lets say Bush heard about your memo. He asked aides to follow up. What happens --they check records on you and find out you are some weird one charged with lengthy history of credit card fraud and have been in jail for more than a year at the time of the memo in Canada? Your info like many pertinent reports created from investigations during the Clinton administration go to file 13.

Do you blame Bush for not jumping on the band wagon regarding your memo or is it not more proper to look to Clinton administration as the culprit for making you look like a bad guy thereby creating a situation for Bush to question your credibility.

I have been advised that your networking and the networking of Wanta maintained intel/op observation of various terrorist cells and in the case of Wanta I believe Wanta was in direct contact one on one with OBL. The interest in terrorists has been ongoing for many, many years. There was an established net work monitoring and recording activity. Does Senator Graham with the Senate Intel committee accept that for 8 years there is a void of reports coming to his committee on world terrorism and there is no mention during the Clinton administration of OBL. This a situation where focus should be on where and when did the system break down to the point that when information came forward such as your memo it would appear as if you were a nonexistent person, with no USG employment and a criminal being held in jail in Canada. The press should be concerned with why current administration may not have acted properly. Learning current admin did not respond appropriately to info from a person such as yourself should lead to a question of why. If they get to the question of why maybe blame and culpability will be placed where deserved.

Additional thoughts just questioning how far off the ideas I write about may be from reality.


Category:(Human Interest) Created:(4/24/2002 8:07:00 PM) Viewed (165 times)

I have been in touch with the Lt. via email and he just gave me the latest link to an in depth interview he did answering just about any and every question anyone might have. He was also very upfront about his not so saintly past. The link is WWW.LTVREELAND.COM , here he answer 35 questions in great detail...please take the time to read it..very interesting to say the least. I am beginning to really feel for this man and his situation. You have to know he is stressed to the nine and scared senseless...how can anyone alone, fight an entire government? Persoanlly, I feel this man could use some support and our prayers. I, for one will be praying for him. I can only imagine the horror he lives with daily.
I also emailed with is so called brother a few times and at first he was very talkative and friendly and then I guess I asked one question to many and now he is refusing any more information. He makes alligations against the Lt., but when you question him, he has no answers. I wonder now, if it is even his brother or just someone put in place by the government.
To learn even more go to: http://events.yahoo.com/shows/endoftheline/02archives.html  Go to April 17th and listen. You have to have real player to hear this. It is about 3 hours worth, but very interesting.
Just my thoughts,


Vreeland Attacked In Canadian Jail -
Court Resists Intro Of New Evidence



Meet Leo Emil Wanta, a man accused of, or praised for, crashing the Russian ruble over 1990-1. There is no doubt that he was a currency trader, placing orders for 100 billion rubles at a time. Then there is the matter of gold--Russian gold
Asian-European, the CIA, and Mochtar Riady

1/26/01 by Sherman H. Skolnick

WANTA, Leo Emil – Appleton, WI, now Scottsboro, AL, USA
Status: Arrested on 7/7/93, in Geneva, Switzerland, which resulted in a conviction for money laundering and sentenced to 4 months – then extradited to Wisconsin to stand trial for tax evasion, which resulted in his being sentenced to 22 years – then on 2/1/97 released on $90,000 bail;
http://pub17.ezboard.com/fdiligizerindictments.showMessage?topicID=71.topic&index=23 site down 12/08

5/30/02 - judicial Watch Nation press club on c-span2 this date... whereas FBI (SA) Robert Wright broke down talking
about 9/11.... this links is not up on c-span as of this time.

THURSDAY, MAY 30 AT 9:30AM ET (May 29, 2002)

WHISTLE” ON 9/11 (May 29, 2002)

- Letter from David Schippers to Thomas Kneir - regarding FBI
Special Agent Robert Wright (May 29, 2002)



(Washington, DC) C-Span 2 and MSNBC are scheduled to carry
Judicial Watch client Special Agent Robert G. Wright, Jr.’s press
conference on Thursday, May 30, 2002 at 9:30 AM in the Holeman
Room of the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Special Agent Wright will “blow the whistle” on FBI negligence and
obstruction by senior, supervisory FBI agents and FBI headquarters
Terrorism Unit agents of counterterrorism investigations targeting figures
belonging to and supporting terrorist operations by Hamas and al Qaeda.
Judicial Watch’s Chairman & General Counsel Larry Klayman, Judicial
Watch President Tom Fitton and co-counsel, David P. Schippers, Esq.
will join Special Agent Wright at the press conference.

Check your local listings for channel and time in your area.

FBI Ignored '98 Warning of Arab Pilots

Phoenix memo redux: The FBI admitted today
that it ignored one of its own pilots who
expressed concerns in 1998 about Arab men
seeking flight training in Oklahoma.

The FBI pilot told his supervisor in Oklahoma
City "that he has observed large numbers of
Middle Eastern males receiving flight training
at Oklahoma airports in recent months,"
according to the memo. The pilot warned that
"this is a recent phenomenon and may be
related to planned terrorist activity." He
"speculates that light planes would be an
ideal means of spreading chemical or
biological agents."

The FBI memo, dated May 18, 1998, was marked
"routine" and never forwarded to headquarters.

FBI Director Robert Mueller also disclosed a
second clue today that he said might be
relevant to the investigation into the
September hijackings: A Middle Eastern country
where U.S. shipments are restricted sought
unsuccessfully before Sept. 11 to buy a
commercial flight simulator.

The FBI refused to identify the country but
claimed it was not one publicly connected to
Sept. 11. It said the information came from
another U.S. agency that it would not

Asked whether investigators might discover
more clues already in their possession hinting
at suicide hijackings, Mueller said, "There
may be others out there."

He expressed regret about FBI headquarters
bungling a warning from its Phoenix office
about the large number of Arabs seeking pilot,
security and airport operations training at a
U.S. flight school. He said midlevel FBI
bureaucrats should have immediately given the
memo to top officials.

"There were a number of things that
organizationally should have happened,"
Mueller said.

He said he did not learn about that memo until
after Sept. 14, when he asserted at a news
conference: "The fact that there were a number
of individuals that happened to have received
training at flight schools is news, quite
obviously. If we had understood that to be the
case, we would have - perhaps one could have
averted this."
No more secrets, no more lies.
Start with yourself, and let it radiate outward.

And visit the Whatzit.
NO PLANE hit WTC 1 either.
It was all a carefully constructed fairytale to hoodwink us, the
whole 911 story sham.
If the secret government has technology to make a Whatzit, and
make it fairly Stealth except in Smoke, there's no reason we
should have an energy crisis except so they can continue to
parasite off us and extort our lives.



A confidential, secure and anonymous website to report knowledge of ethical or legal transgressions (e.g. corruption/bribery/extortion/etc.) by the government and/or judges.

Click here to report corruption.


Gov't Credit Cards Used At Casino

Interior Dept. employees misused government credit cards
Source: Fox News/AP
Country: United States
An audit found that Interior Department employees used government credit cards to pay their rent, withdraw money at casinos and buy jewelry and furniture. Almost three-quarters of the department's 79,000 workers have government credit cards. (04/10/02)
Paychecks continue for IRS employees charged in crimes
Source: Washington Times
Country: United States
An Internal Revenue Service employee indicted for bribery and disclosing tax information is still on the IRS payroll. Sen. Charles E. Grassley charges that many tax employees who have been indicted on or even convicted of criminal charges remain on the payroll. (04/01/02)

Four Washington "Wise Men" Discuss America in the Age of Terrorism

Coleen Rowley's Memo to FBI Director Robert Mueller

The Activities at Mena
MENA is no myth!

FBI fails to require money disclosures by agents
Source: Fox News/AP
Country: United States
A security study reveals that the FBI has failed to comply with a presidential order that requires agents who work with closely guarded secrets to disclose details of their finances. The lapse helped spy Robert Hanssen elude capture. (04/05/02)

FBI-Mob Cooperation Case Wraps Up

John Connolly was a decorated Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, but he was actually corrupted into being a prized informant for Boston mobsters, "functioning as a member of a criminal enterprise," a federal prosecutor said yesterday in closing arguments at Connolly's trial for racketeering and obstruction of justice, according to The New York Times.

"John Connolly knew what his obligations were" in limiting his personal ties to his organized crime informants, said the prosecutor, John Durham, an assistant United States Attorney. "But he was on somebody else's team."

Connolly, 61, is accused of leaking information to his own informants that resulted in the killing of three witnesses, of taking bribes and of tipping off James (Whitey) Bulger, the head of a powerful crime family in Boston, about a secret 1994 federal indictment against him that enabled him to flee. The accusations were spelled out in 10 days of testimony by a parade of convicted organized-crime figures, an extortion victim, federal judges and Connolly's secretaries. The jury is to begin deliberations today.

Last year, the Cato Institute hosted a forum for Boston Globe reporter Ralph Ranalli's new book, "Deadly Alliance: The FBI's Secret Partnership with the Mob." Panelists discussed how the FBI's unorthodox informant program went awry and its policy implications. Video of the event is available online.



Why did the bureau make such an almighty hash of things? Because beneath all the usual turf-protection and incompetence lie two fundamental weaknesses. The biggest is that the FBI is a police force rather than a counter-intelligence body. America's spies are all overseas. It has no equivalent of Britain's MI5. The first instinct of domestic spooks would have been to subject Arizona's aeronautical Arabs to covert observation. The first instinct of the FBI's policemen was to see if they had broken any laws, which they had not.
The other big reason why the FBI failed to follow up the Phoenix and Minneapolis memos was fear of being accused of “racial profiling”.

Where gumshoes fear to tread 5-30-02 site down 12/08


The Continuing Saga of Leo Wanta

Bin Laden Met with the CIA in July and Walked Away

Agent: FBI could have prevented 9-11  
Whistleblower claims upper management stymied terror investigations --WND

Seems our govt. are a bunch of liars.

 Whistle-Blowers Pay Heavy Price
The nation’s most respected financial paper says that the FBI's proposed reforms are only rearranging "bureaucratic furniture,” and that even though he took office shortly before Sept. 11, Director Robert Mueller had made clear: "Mistakes will go unpunished or be covered up, especially if they're committed close to the top." Also, Special Agent Robert G. Wright Jr. is one of a long list of patriots punished for alerting the government to security risk. More: Agent Says FBI Could Have Prevented 9-11, learn How FBI Fell Apart, FBI admits 'We Have to Do a Much Better Job,', the FBI Ignored 1998 Warning of Arab Pilots in Oklahoma, the FBI Destroyed Evidence on bin Laden, Attorney General Ashcroft Says FBI Won't Return to Domestic Spying, new FBI Rules Open Mosques to Scrutiny, and the FBI Goes to 9-11 Mosque – to Recruit!
Federal Security Whistle-Blowers Pay A Heavy Price


 Tearful FBI Agent Apologizes To 911 Victim Families


Klayman watches as Wright gets emotional.


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