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Humbled by Truth
Keep Up the Good Work, Steve.
Thu May 31 00:14:26 2001

Humbled by Truth
Keep Up the Good Work, Steve.
Steve, your endeavor is highly respected, interesting, and appreciated, and the efforts that you are putting forth to make this World and this Great Country a better, more informed Community should be made known to the readers, and the writers of the incredibly well designed and insightful APFN Posting Board. I greatly apologize for the Posted and yet, mildly sarcacstic statement, and this posting was not intended to belittle you. Yet, due to the Posting, the readers,and the writers on the APFN Posting Board now have a greater reason to respect what your sincere efforts have been, and are currently. The APFN Posting Board, is one of the most informative if not the most insightful source for information on the Internet. It is apparent from a marketing perspective that the APFN Posting Board will probably expand many times in viewer and visitor activity due to the APFN Web site duly, and effectively attracting some of the most learned, insightful, life experienced, and studied people on the Internet. I am told that many of the top media, and communications leaders visit the APFN Posting Board and Information Archive on a daily basis. Evidently some of these Nationally recognized personalities include Sherman Skulnik , Art Bell (Coast to Coast Radio) , this also includes Barbara Simpson, and Ian Punnet of Coast to Coast Radio, the famous Jeff Rense, and the powerfully inspiring Joseph Farah, . This list of visitors to the APFN Web site also includes highly respected and well known political, governmental, and corporate, American and Foreign leaders. Steve, post more of your thoughts when you can, it is obvious that you are a highly insightful, and important contributive synthesis to what is possibly the finest Internet Posting Board on the Internet and I am sure that more of the APFN readers would like to hear from you again. Truly Sincerely, Respectfully, Humbled


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