The Aryan Republican Army, Elohim City,
and the OKC Bombing


"Don't ever forget Bob Mathews and don't ever forget the
'Order'... because that's what's gonna happen again
soon.... It's coming again!.... Revolution is coming!....
It's coming sooner than you think!"
-- Dennis Mahon, July, 1991, Aryan World Congress, Hayden
Lake, Idaho.



'The Order' will go down in history books as one of

the most violent and notorious domestic terrorist groups of

the 1980s. 'The Order' was founded in 1983 by Robert J.

Mathews, a recruiter for the neo-Nazi National Alliance and

an activist in the Aryan Nations. 'The Order' drew its

members from the National Alliance, Aryan Nations, and

various Klan splinter groups throughout the country.

Adopting a racist ideology and paranoid world-view, 'The

Order' began to commit acts of terrorism, robbery, fraud,

murder, and theft in an ongoing wave of crime that it's

members viewed as a revolution against the 'Zionist

Occupied Government.' Many of the hate-fueled terrorist

acts such as bombing federal buildings and murdering

minorities are described in William Pierce's novel The

Turner Diaries, the same book that Timothy McVeigh

allegedly used as a blueprint for the OKC Bombing. It's no

surprise that the author of the book is a prominent member

of the National Alliance.

The 'Order' even launched a successful

counterfeiting operation at the Aryan Nations compound in

Hayden Lake, Idaho, as well as master-minded a series of

bank and armored car robberies that netted them around

$5,000,000. The 'Order' seemingly perished in December 1984

when Robert Matthews held off 200 law enforcement officers

for over 36 hours before he was killed by gunfire. On

December 30, 1985, nine men and one woman - all members of

the group - were convicted following a four-month Federal

court case in Seattle. They were sentenced to terms of

40-100 years in prison, as well as given stiff fines.

Despite the convictions and the martyrdom of Matthews,

followers of 'The Order' remain in the Aryan terrorist

underground today. (notably Mark Thomas, James Ellison, and

Dennis Mahon)

Emerging from the ashes of 'The Order', a disturbing new

terrorist sect has mobilized in the United States. The

group is adopting the 'Leaderless Resistance' structure of

impenetrable underground cells. [1b] Calling itself the

Aryan Republican Army, the group represents the most

paramilitary and radical of the American neo-Nazi movement.

It is committed to the overthrow of the US government, the

extermination of America's Jews, and the establishment of

an "Aryan Republic" on the North American continent. "We

call ourselves the Aryan Republican Army because in some of

our tactics, and some of our goals, we have modeled the

organization after the successful and yet undefeated Irish

Republican Army," said Commander Pedro [1], in a self-made

video titled ``The Aryan Republican Army Presents: The

Armed Struggle Underground.'' [4]

The FBI discovered this terrorist cell by accident

earlier this year while investigating a string of 18 bank

robberies in the Mid West. [1] The bank bandits made off

with upwards of $500,000 before the FBI caught on to them.

With a tip from a confidential informant, the FBI

was able to pinpoint one of the bank robbers, Richard Lee

Guthrie Jr., member of the Aryan Republican Army. Guthrie

was arrested on Jan 15, 1996. Two days after his arrest,

Guthrie told FBI agents they could find co-conspirator Pete

"Commander Pedro" Langan in a duplex at 585 Reinhard Ave.

on the South Side. On Jan 18, 1996, agents surrounded the

house and arrested Langan after a brief shootout. [2]

Guthrie struck a plea bargain with the authorities

and fingered Scott Stedeford, Kevin McCarthy, and Aryan

Nations leader Mark Thomas, as accomplices in the bank

robberies, all of whom have since been arrested by the


McCarthy plead guilty to three robberies and agreed

to testify against the others, while Stedeford was

convicted of bank robbery in Iowa in November 1996 (and

faces thirty years in prison). Langan was convicted in

Columbus, Ohio, on February 10, 1997. Richard Lee Guthrie

was found hanged in his jail cell shortly after he struck a

plea bargain and fingered the other Aryan accomplices.

Mark Thomas was brought up on charges by a Grand

Jury. The Grand Jury indictment says Thomas "recruited

young people at his rob banks and commit

other crimes on behalf of the Aryan Republican Army," [3]

Thomas has since said he believed McCarthy, a

skinhead he once described as a son, was an accomplice in

the Oklahoma City bombing. He said Richard Guthrie told him

as much in July 1995.

"His exact words were: 'Your young Mr. Wizard took out the

Murrah Building,'" Thomas said. [3]

On February 18, 1997, Thomas plead guilty to

conspiracy charges of plotting seven (of twenty-two) bank

robberies and using the funds to further the cause of the

Aryan Republican Army.

Also arrested on Jan 30, 1997 in

connection with the case was Michael

Brescia of Philadelphia. Typical of the

gang's robberies, authorities say, was a

bank heist in Madison, Wis., on Aug.

30, 1995. Brescia carried a

black-powder pipe bomb into a Bank One

branch and threatened customers and

employees with a 9mm pistol, and

proceeded to rob the bank of $9,845.

[4] Internet postings and a civil suit

by some survivors of the bombing have

accused Brescia of being an accomplice

in the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Aside from robbing banks, the terrorist cell

stockpiled weapons and ammunition, and had every

opportunity to orchestrate a terrorist bombing. The FBI

captured a shoulder-fired rocket launcher, Semtex

explosives, hand-grenade canisters, 11 pipe-bombs, and an

arsenal of guns. "These people had a support system. They

had safe-houses and very good false documents," said Mike

Reynolds, senior intelligence analyst at the Southern

Poverty Law Centre, which monitors Right-wing violence

across the country. "They were clearly preparing for

something beyond bank robberies." [1] As foretold by Dennis

Mahon at the 1991 Aryan World Congress, 'The Order' was

coming back, this time in the form of 'The Aryan Republican




"When they (the FBI) find out what I've really been doing

the past two years, they'll really be surprised."

--Pete 'Commander Pedro' Langan, 1996

Elohim City is a 400-acre compound located near

Muldrow, Oklahoma, about thirty-five miles northwest of

Fort Smith, Arkansas. It was founded in 1973 by Robert

Millar, a Canadian who preaches that white Anglo-Saxons are

God's chosen people, non-whites are descendants of

pre-Adamic species lower than whites, and Jews are Satan's

children. Two dozen of Millar's 34 grandchildren reside at

Elohim City, making up about a quarter of the resident

population. Elohim City is considered a hotbed of terrorist

activity. In 1983, members of Elohim City plotted to blow

up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, which is

documented later in this article. Members of the Aryan

Republican Army used the seperatist compound as a base of

operations in the years before the OKC bombing, where they

mingled with other anti-government extremists, likely

including the elusive John Doe #2 suspect.

In 1994, Michael Brescia moved to Elohim City where

he shared a one-story house behind the compound's chapel

with Andreas Strassmeir, a former German army lietenant and

head of security at Elohim City. By the time Brescia left

Elohim City in 1995, investigators say, he, Stedeford,

Guthrie, and McCarthy were active in the Aryan Republican

Army. [4] At least five active members of the Aryan

Republican Army operated out of Elohim City in 1994 and

1995, and each of these members were in direct contact with

Andreas Strassmeir, who is suspected to be John Doe #2.

McCarthy and Stedford used to stay with Andreas

Strassmeir when they came through Elohim City for R&R

between bank robberies. In fact, they were with him at

Elohim City immediatly before the bombing in April 1995,

according to McCarthy's statement to the FBI [29]



As of yet, Strassmeir has not been identified as a

member of the Aryan Republican Army, however, he was

acquainted with Brescia, McCarthy, Stedford, and other

members of the Aryan Underground. According to Robert

Millar (Spiritual Leader at Elohim City), "Strassmeir and

Brescia were buddies." In a phone interview with John Cash,

Strassmeir said he liked Brescia because ``he had a lot of

self-confidence'' and was ``a smart guy''. [20] Strassmeir

also trained members of the Aryan Nations at Elohim City,

and provided instruction in security measures. According to

ATF Informant Carol Howe, "Strassmeir talked frequently

about direct action against the U.S. government, he trained

in weaponry, and he discussed assassinations, bombings and

mass shootings." [20]

Just Who is Andy the German?

Andreas Carl Strassmeir is the son of Guenter

Strassmeir, "the architect of German reunification" who

was once a top aide to German Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

Andreas Strassmeir spent seven years in the German army,

serving with the Panzer Grenadiers and an elite German

intelligence unit. Part of his work was to detect

infiltration by Warsaw Pact agents and then feed them


Strassmeir told the London Telegraph that "I've never

worked for any U.S government agency, and I've not been

involved in any intelligence operation since my discharge

from the German army in 1988." But he acknowledged he first

lived in the U.S. in 1989 because "I was hoping to work for

the operations section of the DEA. It never worked out."

More revealingly, he noted that "the right-wing in the U.S.

is incredibly easy to penetrate if you know how to talk to

them. Of course it's easier for a foreigner with an accent.

Nobody would ever suspect a German of working for the

federal government."

Strassmeir was assisted in his unsucessful attempts

to get jobs with the DEA or INS by Vinvent Petruskie, a

retired Air Force Colonel and (Strassmeir says) CIA agent

for whom Strassmeir arranged to buy used Boeing 747s from

Lufthansa. Strassmeir received a social security number in

1989 in Virginia, and obtained a Tennessee driver's license

in 1992, using a Knoxville address provided by his attorney

Kirk Lyons. In 1991 some members of the Texas Light

Infantry Brigade, a citizen's militia, followed Strassmeir

to a federal building and observed him entering it at night

using the key-pad. [20, 22]

After obtaining false documentation and a drivers

license, Strassmeir was still unable to find a job (other

than government informant). Because Andy could not legally

obtain a job, and because of his apparant intrests in

'alternative lifestyles', Andy moved to Elohim City in

1993. At that time, he had lived in the United States

illegally for five years.

Zara Patterson III, a long time resident of Elohim

City, summed up Strassmeir's intentions as equally ominous.

"From the moment Andy got here (mid-August 1991) all he

wanted us to do was illegal stuff. I had to keep telling

Andy that we were defensive here... not offensive. I had to

keep telling him that we didn't want any trouble with the


"I never saw anyone so eaten up with military stuff

as Andy was," recalled Zara Patterson III. "I was in the

Marines, but Andy was like nothing I ever saw before. He

said he wanted to take over security and training here at

EC, and I said fine. It was one less headache for me."

According to an FBI intelligence report, Strassmeir's spent

his time at Elohim City fortifying and operating a

terrorist training facility.

A May 10, 1995 FBI investigative report says:

"Strassmeir is alleged to train platoon-sized

groups consisting of approximately 30 to 40

individuals approximately every three months at

the Elohim City facility. These individuals are

comprised of members of various militia groups

throughout the United States."

Strassmeir spent much of his time at

Elohim City in 1995. He associated with

members of the Aryan Republican Army

and James Ellison's CSL. After the OKC

Bombing Strassmeir fled the compound

with fellow Elohim City residents Pete

and Tony Ward. Pete Ward and Tony Ward

would later be named by Carol Howe and

Dennis Mahon as OKC Bombing suspects.

After making his escape from E.C. with the Ward brothers,

it is not clear how Strassmeir managed to leave the

country. (considering he had no passport or identification

papers) However, In a letter to the McCurtain Gazette from

Strassmeir's attorney, Kurt Lyons, Lyons says his client's

sudden departure from the U.S. was aided by members of

Germany's elite counterterrorism unit, GSG-9.

Dennis Mahon, Tulsa representative of the White Aryan

Resistance, has named the Ward brothers as being possible

OKC Bombing accomplices. When shown an artist's sketch done

by ABC News of the person that a witness in Kansas said

used the name of Bob Kling, Mahon didn't hesitate, "That's

Pete Ward." [11] "Ward," Mahon explained, "was known at

Elohim City as 'Andy's shadow'...Ward went everywhere

Strassmeir did and is dumb as dirt." Carol Howe also

identified Pete and Tony Ward as OKBOMB accomplices when

she was debriefed by the FBI at the Oklahoma Command

Center, on April 20, 1995. [30]

In 1992, Catina Lawson, who lived in Herington,

Kansas, remembers seeing Strassmeir along with Timothy

McVeigh, whom she dated. Lawson recalled that Strassmeir

"liked to dress in black, and he was real cold and

arrogant--a real jerk." Two other witnesses, Larry and

Cathy Wild, say they saw and talked with Strassmeir at a

lake north of Herington the week before the OKC bombing

[21] Both of these witnesses indicate that Strassmeir was

in Kansas during the same time frame that McVeigh was, and

that he very well may have been with McVeigh during the

weeks before the bombing.

It is the belief of this writer that John Doe #2, the

second unidentified subject in the April 19th 1995 bombing,

is none other than Andreas Strassmeir. The evidence shows

that Strassmeir spent seven years in the German army,

served in the Panzer Grenadiers, and participated in covert

activities such as detecting infiltration by Warsaw Pact

agents and feeding them disinformation. Just what was Lt.

Strassmeir doing in America from 1992-1995? Why was he at

Elohim City arming and training Aryan Nations members? Did

Strassmeir work as an agent provacateur and informant in

the bombing, on behalf of the Federal Government, in an

attempt at a sting operation gone awry? The time in which

Strassmeir served as head of security at Elohim City placed

him in a situation to make direct contact with Timothy

McVeigh, Michael Brescia, Pete Ward, Tony Ward, Kevin

McCarthy, Scott Stedford, Pete Langan, and Dennis Mahon,

and other terrorists.

Was Strassmeir part of a plot, or an operation? Strassmeir

had this to say about the OKBOMB case:

"It's obvious that it was a government 'op'

that went wrong, isn't it? The ATF had something

going with McVeigh. They were watching him, of

course they were. What they should have done is

make an arrest while the bomb was still being

made instead of waiting till the last moment for

a publicity stunt. They had everything they

needed to make the bust, and they screwed it up."

"Whoever thought this thing up is an idiot, in my

opinion. I am told they thought it would be

better to put a bigger bomb in there. The bigger

the better. It would make them more

guilty....McVeigh knew he was delivering a bomb,

but he had no idea what was in that truck. He

just wanted to shake things up a little; you

know, make a gesture."

"The bomb was never meant to explode. They were

going to arrest McVeigh at the site with the bomb

in hand, but he didn't come at the right time...

Maybe he changed the time, you never know with

people who are so unreliable."

"I have heard that the truck was expected in the

middle of the night, between two and three in the

morning. The truck had a transmitter, so they

could track it with a radio receiving device. I

don't know how they could have lost contact. I

think there was misinformation that the operation

had been canceled."

One wonders where Lt. Strassmeir gets his information.

From personal experience perhaps?



The Federal Government's version of the OKC Bombing

states that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols built a bomb,

then McVeigh drove it by himself to OKC and delivered it.

Upon examination, this case is very weak. First of all,

more than 10 individuals saw McViegh in Oklahoma City on

April 19th and each individual saw him driving in the Ryder

truck with other suspects. It has been proven that Terry

Nichols, the government's only other suspect in the

bombing, was at home on April 19th, 1995. So, just who were

these other men with McVeigh in the Ryder truck? The

logical conclusion is John Doe #2, and possibly a third,

fourth or fifth individual. However, the FBI says that John

Doe #2 doesn't exist. Here is their version, taken from an

Associated Press article:

"After a massive search, the government said it

had determined that John Doe 2 was an Army

enlisted man who had no connection with the

bombing. Agents said the man had been at the same

truck rental facility in Kansas around the time

that McVeigh rented the truck."

The assertion that John Doe #2 was merely an Army

enlisted man with no connection to the bombing is a false

one. The FBI says that Army Private Todd Bunting, who

visited Elliot's bodyshop on April 18th, was the man seen

with McVeigh. This is impossible. Two men entered Elliot's

Bodyshop on Monday, April 17th, 1995. The first man, tall

and slender, was thought to be McVeigh. The second man was

shorter, with a stocky build, wearing a baseball cap. Three

employees saw the second man, and each one seperatly

provided their description of the man to FBI agents on

April 20th, 1995, just three days after they saw him. Each

witness was positive that they had seen John Doe #1 and

John Doe #2. The FBI's is lying when they say that John Doe

#2 is a Todd Bunting, who does not look like the artists's

composite, and had visited Elliot's on Tuesday, not Monday.

Also, the FBI's investigation of John Doe #2 was in

no fashion a "massive search." An FBI memo written weeks

after the investigation by San Francisco-based FBI agent

Thomas Ravenelle writes "The Oklahoma City Command Post has

directed all offices to hold (John Doe No. 2) leads in

abeyance." [33]

Abeyance means inactivity, or suspension. This

memo indicates that FBI agents suspended their search for

the elusive Oklahoma City bomb suspect John Doe No. 2 in

the critical weeks soon after the April 1995 blast, belying

assurances by federal officials at the time that the search

was continuing. Was the FBI protecting Andreas Strassmeir,

who is suspected to be John Doe #2? Stephen Jones,

McVeigh's trial attourney summed it up best when he said:

"It was the grand jury that found there were

others involved in this crime," Jones noted. "But

the government stopped looking for the other main

suspect and ignored what its own grand jury said

because that finding and the existence of John Doe

No. 2 is inconsistent with the prosecution's


So, we know that the FBI did not properly

investigate John Doe #2 witnesses or leads. The FBI lied

about John Doe #2. We know also that the FBI ignored the

Grand Jury's findings. According to an Oklahoma City

Bombing Grand Jury members, "There were at least five men

ID'ed by witnesses as being on the scene the morning of the

bombing." [34] (Many of these eyewitnesses are detailed in

Appendix C, 'OKBOMB Eyewitnesses')

Why was the FBI hiding John Doe #2? Why did the FBI

propose the ridiculous Todd Bunting theory, which should be

called "John Doe #2 Myth", as it is pure fabrication. The

cover-up of John Doe #2 and lack of proper investigation is

a testament to the integrity of the FBI, whose performance

in the OKBOMB case is a travesty of justice.

OKC: THE FIRST PLOT (1983-1985)


"It has the potential, down the road, of being the most

dangerous group (Elohim City) in the country."

--Kerry Noble (former member of Covenant, Sword, Arm of the


Residents of Elohim City being connected with plots

that were intended to blow up the Murrah building did not

begin with the Aryan Republican Army. On April 19th, 1985,

exactly ten years before the bombing of the Murrah building

the FBI and ATF raided members of James Ellison's Covenant,

Sword, and Arm of the Lord group. Ellison is now married to

Reverend Robert Millar's granddaughter and lives at Elohim


The 1985 raid on Elohim City became a siege that

lasted four days before members of the group surrendered to

authorities. After the raid, while preparing a sedition

case against Ellison, U.S. Assistant attourney Steven N.

Snyder, in Fort Smith, Arkansas learned that a plot to blow

up the building had existed as early as 1983. [13] Ellison

admitted in court that he had been involved in a plot to

bomb the Murrah Building. Another member of conspirator in

the 1983 bombing plan was Kerry Noble, now an anti-neo nazi

activist. Nobles said "In 1983 we cased the [Murrah]

building, and made plans to blow up that building." [23]

Richard Wayne Snell, another member of the Covenant,

was a co-conspirator with Ellison and Nobles. Snell has

since been convicted and put to death for the murder of a

black police officer and a businessman he believed to be

jewish. [14] Richard Wayne Snell was executed on April

19th, 1995. The Denver Post reported Arkansas prison

official Alan Ables as saying that before Snell's execution

on the day of the bombing he had "repeatedly predicted that

there would be a bombing or explosion on the day of his

death." Snell also reportedly "chuckled and laughed as he

watched television coverage of the Oklahoma City disaster."




"Timothy McVeigh is my hero.

Wish we had a thousand more like

him. He took action."

--Dennis Mahon

Another person who was living at Elohim City at the

time of the bombing was Dennis Mahon. Mahon is a 47-year

old white male currently living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In the

past, Mahon was the imperial dragon of the Oklahoma Ku Klux

Klan [8] and held a similiar position in the Missouri Ku

Klux Klan [35] but is currently the #3 man in the White

Aryan Resistance which he helped organize. Mahon writes

articles and speeches for racist organizations and

publications across the United States. Mahon also operates

a telephone news line he has dubbed "Dial-A-Racist", where

he spreads information and propaganda with racist


Mahon has been subpoened to appear before the

Oklahoma City Bombing Grand Jury several times and in each

case he did not answer any questions, instead asserting his

fifth amendment right to refuse to answer questions that

would incriminate him. In a deposition taken by John Cash,

as detailed previously, Mahon made incriminating comments

about Pete Ward, Tony Ward, Michael Brescia, Andreas

Strassmeir, and himself. In the deposition, Mahon said that

Pete Ward was constantly with Andreas Strassmeir, and that

Pete Ward heavily resembles the John Doe #1 police sketch.

Mahon has also told Ambrose Evans-Pritchard that he had

met Timothy McVeigh several times. [31] Mahon was also a

known associate of Andreas Strassmeir and members of the

community at Elohim City, placing him in a position to make

contact with members of the Aryan Republican Army, and

other Oklahoma City Bombing suspects. Andreas Strassmeir

described Dennis Mahon as "a good friend."

Ironically, Mahon is currently distancing himself

from the very people detailed in this article. In a

December 19, 1998 Dial-A-Racist recording, Mahon

characterized Mark Thomas and James Ellison as "race

traitors" and suggested that they be tried for treason.

It's no wonder Mahon is distancing himself from these

people as they are the very suspects in the 1983 OKC

Bombing plot and 1995 OKC Bombing plot, the latter of which

Mahon is also a suspect.

In an April 21, 1995 debriefing at the Oklahoma City

FBI Command Center, it is stated that Dennis Mahon had

discussed "targeting federal installations for destruction

through bombings, such as the IRS Building, the Tulsa

Federal Building, and the Oklahoma City Federal Building."

ATF informant Carol Howe said that Mahon and

Strassmeir had "taken three trips to Oklahoma City in

November 1994, December 1994, and February 1995." She had

accompanied the group once, in December 1994. [32] Howe's

assertations about Mahon and Strassmeir are corroborated by

ATF Special Agent Angela Finley, under oath, on April 24,

1997. [36]

So, the ATF has admitted to the substance of Carol

Howe's claims. The ATF knew that Andreas Strassmeir had

discussed blowing up federal buildings in Oklahoma. It knew

that a party from Elohim City (including Dennis Mahon, who

has met Timothy McVeigh) had visited Oklahoma City four

weeks before the Oklahoma City bombing. And, just as in

1983, the target of the Elohim City terrorists was the

Alfred P. Murrah federal building.

It has also been alleged that Mahon knew Timothy McVeigh.

It's no secret that Mahon sees McVeigh as a hero, in his

own twisted way. What is more incriminating is the fact

that JD Cash has Dennis Mahon on tape discussing the

bombing, saying things like "Michael Brescia and Mark

Thomas are up to their asses in the bombing." When Cash

told Mahon that Andreas Strassmeir was an intelligence

agent, Mahon responed by cursing "Oh sweet jesus, I'm

fucked!" This tape, alleged to have been made by journalist

John Cash, is a valuable piece of evidence. If it's

contents are true then it means that Mahon knows something.

The only question now is "How much did he know, and when

did he know it?"



On July 17, 1997, a $20

million bond was set by an Ohio

Judge for Chevie Kehoe, former

resident of Elohim City. [27]

Kehoe was detained for

questioning in the slayings of

Tilly, Ark., gun dealer David

Mueller his wife Nancy, and her

daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Powell,

8. The three disappeared in

January 1996. Their decomposed

bodies were dredged from the

Illinois Bayou near Russellville,

Ark. [15]

Kehoe is believed to have used a .223-caliber rifle,

stolen from Meuller, when he fired 26 shots during the

second shootout with two Wilmington police officers at the

Clinton Electrical and Plumbing Supply. The reader may

recognized this shootout as it has been featured on

primetime tv's 'Cops', 'World's Scariest Police Shootouts',

and 'PrimeTime Live.'

Chevie Kehoe was assisted in the shootout by his

brother, Cheyne Kehoe. Both brothers had spent time at

Elohim City. Robert Millar, the bearded patriarch of this

so-called "Christian Identity" compound, confirms that the

brothers had lived at Elohim City, along with four of the

Pennsylvania men indicted earlier this year in the ARA bank

robberies. [16]

The FBI is currently investigating claims by a former

motel manager who s ays that Chevie Kehoe may have known

months in advance of Timothy McVeigh's plans to bomb the

Oklahoma City federal building. The FBI has interviewed the

motel manager, who said Chevie Kehoe showed up at the

Spokane motel on April 19, 1995, about 45 minutes before

the bombing, and said he wanted to watch CNN. He reportedly

was ecstatic when a news bulletin reported the blast. [15]

The Spokesman Review newspaper in Spokane reported

that the hotel manager said Kehoe said "it was about time''

after the explosion was reported. "Days before that, he had

mentioned to me that there's going to be something

happening on the 19th and it's going to wake people up,''

the manager told the newspaper on condition of anonymity.



What makes this Aryan Army cell so menacing is the

growing body of evidence that its members were in contact

with Tim McVeigh, the prime suspect in the bombing of the

Oklahoma federal building in April 1995.

McVeigh telephoned Andreas Strassmeir at Elohim City

on April 5, 1995, just minutes after reserving the truck

allegedly used in the bombing. [8,9] On October 12, 1993

McVeigh was stopped for speeding on the secluded road to

Elohim City. [10]

It was reported on January 2, 1997, in the McCurtain

Gazette, that Carol Howe saw Timothy McVeigh and Michael

Fortier at Elohim City. This was 10 months before her

testimony at the trial of Terry Nichols. Howe was

interviewed by John Cash and she had this to say:

"Sometime before Christmas a lot of guys showed up at EC

(Elohim City). One that I recall was Tim (McVeigh), who I

only knew as Tim Tuttle. He was there with a guy who used

the name Fontaine, a person I now recognize as Mike


Referring to McVeigh, she said, "I never even spoke

to him. He was considered a 'good soldier' by the members

of the ARA, but not a leader; he was just someone you sent

out on jobs, because he was reliable." [1]

Carol Howe's testimony in the trial of Terry Nichols

adds that McVeigh was seen at Elohim City before Christmas

1994 in the presence of Pete Ward and Andreas Strassmier.

Her testimony is as follows:

Q: Have you seen photographs of Timothy McVeigh?

A: Yes, I have.

Q: Did you ever see Timothy McVeigh at the Elohim City


A: I believe I did.

Q: All right. When did you see him?

A: It was in July of 1994.

Q: Okay. And where did you see him?

A: He was at a section of the compound walking across a lawn

near the church building.

Q: And was he accompanied by any other individuals who you


A: Yes, he was.

Q: And who were they?

A: A man named Peter Ward and a man named Andreas Strassmeier.

Q: About how far away were you when you believe you saw

Timothy McVeigh?

A: Approximately 70 feet.

The, during cross-examination, Carol Howe reveals

the first date in which she identified Timothy McVeigh as

the man she knew as "Tim Tuttle"--the man seen walking with

Pete Ward and Andreas Strassmeir, and the man that went to

Elohim City in July with Michael Fortier. Her testimony is

as follows.

A: It was approximately April 25 or 24. I was at the Tulsa

ATF office. At the time that I was at that office, I was

shown videotape. One videotape included Timothy McVeigh. I

looked at the videotape and I told them that he looked

familiar; that I had seen him at a rally.

Q: You said you had seen him at a Klan rally. You didn't

say that you had seen him at Elohim City?

A: They're all white separatists.

Q: But they're different locations, aren't they?

A: They hold rallies at Elohim City.

Verifying Fortier's presence at Elohim City is the

patriarch of the seperatist community, Robert Mollar. From

an interview on KOKH-TV OKC, Robert Mollar was asked if

Michael Fortier had ever been to Elohim City. His response:

"He might have been here for two or three days. I can't

answer you. I would think it would be before the bombing or

shortly after. Right in that time frame." [2]

Michael Fortier's testimony at the trial of Terry

Nichols also indicates that he was familiar with the

violent tendencies of 'Aryan' criminals at Elohim City.

When Nichols Defense Lawyer Michael Tigar asked Fortier

" said that you were fearful of reprisals from the

Aryan movement if you testified against Timothy McVeigh;

correct?", Fortier answered in the affirmitive, "that is

correct." [3]

In yet another strange turn of events, Timothy

McVeigh's sister said in a sworn statement dated May 2,

1995, that Tim gave her (3) $100.00 bills and asked that

they be exchanged for 'clean money' because, her brother

said, the bills were "from a recent bank robbery in which

he and others had participated." Jennifer McVeigh went on

to say "He had been involved in a bank robbery but did not

provide further details. He advised me that he had not

participated in the robbery itself, but was involved in the

planning or setting up of this robbery. I observed at the

time that my brother had on his person an undetermined

quantity of $100 bills, of which he provided me a small

portion. It is my belief that the bank robbery had occurred

within the recent past. My brother remarked that the money

represented his share of the bank robbery proceeds." [17]

Another confirmation of this comes from Terry

Nichols. While being questioned on April 21st, after he

turned himself in at the Kansas police station, Nichols

seemed to think that McVeigh was going to rob a bank. The

transcripts of the FBI questionining indicate something

very peculiar about Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh's

April 16th, 1995 trip from Oklahoma City to Herington,

Kansas. Nichols said that on April 16th, Timothy McVeigh

told him "You will see something big in the future."

Nichols asked, "What are you going to do, rob a bank?" [18]

What this does indicate, is that Terry Nichols did wasn't

aware of a bombing in the making, but he was familiar with

McVeigh's links to robbery. Why else would Nichols think of

bank robbery right away, unless he was already familiar

with McVeigh's links to such robbery?

Did Timothy McVeigh help plan some of the Aryan

Republican Army bank robberies? The testimony of Robert

Millar, Michael Fortier, and Carol Howe all indicate that

McVeigh was in a position to meet Michael Brescia and other

members of the ARA. The FBI questioning of Jennifer McVeigh

and Terry Nichols both indicate connections to bank

robbery. If McVeigh was planning activities with the Aryan

Republican Army, bank robbery may not have been the only

trick up their sleeves. The ARA professed in their own

video that "Federal buildings may have to be bombed and

civilian loss of life is regrettable but expected."

Other suspicious circumstances that indicate

connections to bank robbery include that when McVeigh was

arrested by State Trooper Charles Hanger, he had 2,000 cash

on him. [19] Later information revealed that McVeigh had

over $10,000 hidden away in a number of bank accounts, and

several thousand dollars stashed in storage units. [5]



There are numerous witnesses on the record that have

placed McVeigh with Andreas Strassmeir and Michael Brescia.

Of these witnesses, there are a few that are notable such

as a group of dancers who encountered McVeigh, Strassmeir,

and Brescia. Five women at a Lady Godiva's of Tulsa have

identified Michael Brescia as the man they saw sitting with

Tim McVeigh on April 8, 1995, 11 days before the bombing.

On a program called "The Fifth Estate," the Canadian

counterpart to this country's "Sixty Minutes," reporters

obtained portions of a security video taken at Lady

Godivas, the Tulsa Strip club. John Cash, of the McCurtain

Gazette has also followed up on this story and acquired a

copy of the video tape.

The videotape was taken in the dressing room of Lady

Godiva's on the night of April 8, 1995. A dancer is clearly

heard saying, "And he said, 'I'm a very smart man.'....

'You are?'.... 'Yes, I am.'.... 'And on April 19, 1995,

you'll remember me for the rest of your life!'" Laughing,

she says, "Oh, really?" "Yes you will," she says he

responded. [25] Smiling wide, the dancer starts to walk out

of the dressing room where the security camera was located,

then turns back to the other girls and says, "Weirdo,"

before returning out front. Today it can be revealed that

from photographs, witnesses at the club identified the man

doing the bragging as Timothy McVeigh, and those seated

with him as Michael Brescia, and his former Elohim City

roommate, Andreas Strassmeir. [26] The witnesses from the

topless club agreed to appear on that Canadian TV segment,

identifying the photos. [25] The FBI has reviewed a copy of

the video from the club and has also interviewed the same

witnesses featured in the CBC program, but the Justice

Department has made no official comment on what they intend

to do with the evidence. After the airing of the Fourth

Estate program, one of the witnesses, Shawn Tea Farrens,

23, was found dead in her apartment. [26]

To summarize, this article has attempted to show that

(1) Residents of Elohim City plotted to blow up the Murrah

building in 1983.

(2) Ex-residents of Elohim City (Chevie Kehoe and Richard

Snell) had prior knowledge of the 1995 OKC Bombing.

(3) Members of the Aryan Republican Army frequented Elohim


(4) Members of the Aryan Republican Army have been named by

Mark Thomas, Dennis Mahon, and Carol Howe as OKBOMB


(5) Timothy McVeigh associated with members of Elohim City

including Andreas Strassmeir and Michael Brescia

(6) Timothy McVeigh was involved in bank robberies

(7) Members of the Aryan Republican Army (Michael Brescia,

Kevin McCarthy, and the Ward brothers) could have been

involved in the OKC Bombing.




[1a] Nazi Organization called Bruders Schweigen, or simply,

"'The Order'" In the early 1980s 'The Order' was the most

dangerous terrorist sect in the United States, robbing $3.8

million from an armored car, planting bombs, and killing, in

an escalating guerilla campaign against the Zionist Occupied


[1b]"Utilizing the Leaderless Resistance concept, all

individuals and groups operate independently of each other,

and never report to a central headquarters or single leader

for direction or instruction...participants in a program of

Leaderless Resistance through Phantom Cell or individual

action must know exactly what they are doing, and exactly

how to do it."

[1] Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The London Telegraph, Issue 564

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Q: "Ms Howe told you about Mr. Strassmeir's threats to blow

up federal buildings, didn't she?"

Finley: "In general, yes."

Q: "That was before the Oklahoma City Bombing?"

Finley: "Yes."

Q: "Now, Ms. Howe actually took some of these people from

Elohim City at your direction to Oklahoma City, didn't she?"

Finley: "She went with them. She probably didn't drive."


Q: "This trip to Oklahoma City by Elohim City residents

occured before the bombing, actually by a few weeks, didn't


Finley: "No, it would be months... the fall of '94."

Q: "Are you sure? So, it wasn't the third week of February?"

Finley: "Oh, I'm sorry, we did send her back."

Q: "I'm asking you whether it is a fact that Ms. Howe picked

up people from Elohim City... and took them to Oklahoma City

in February, the third week, of 1995."

Finley: "I would have took look at the reports again."

Q: "The very next day, you asked Ms. Howe to take you to

Oklahoma City and show you the places they visited, didn't


Finley: "I don't know if it was the next day, but yes, I

took her to Oklahoma City and asked her the places."


[37]   site down

Carol Howe, who had a swastika tattooed on her arm, and a boyfriend were later accused of
making a bomb threat on a racist hot line. She said she was still working as an informant.
At her 1997 trial, she was found not guilty.
These Articles Prove Once Again, That Carol Howe Is Not Telling The Truth: 


BREAKING: Was Oklahoma City bombing wider conspiracy?
Wed Feb 25 19:24:39 2004

Hate Groups - US had clues before Oklahoma City Bombing - February ...
... Dan Defenbaugh, the retired FBI agent who supervised the Oklahoma City bombing
investigation, said the FBI did not know about much of what the ATF learned ...,%20911%20link/hate_groups.htm

The John Doe Times
... the Homeboy Bank robbers, AKA the 'Aryan Republican Army"; ... 14 July 1996: "Aryan 'Rollover'
Bank robber 'Fostered' in ... 17 July 1996: "The Republic You Save May Be ...


Was Oklahoma City bombing wider conspiracy?
Newly revealed evidence hints at links to white supremacist gang

Dan Defenbaugh, a retired FBI agent who led the investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing, says he was never shown several pieces of evidence suggesting a connection between a white supremacist bank robbery gang and Timothy McVeigh, who was executed for the April 19, 1995, attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

The Associated Press
Updated: 1:21 p.m. ET Feb. 25, 2004

WASHINGTON - The FBI believed Timothy McVeigh tried to recruit additional help in the days before the deadly 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and gathered evidence that white supremacist bank robbers may have become involved, according to government documents never introduced at McVeigh’s trial.

The retired FBI chief of the Oklahoma City investigation, Dan Defenbaugh, said he was unaware of some evidence obtained by The Associated Press and that the investigation should be reopened to determine whether the robbery gang was linked to McVeigh.

The evidence never shared with Defenbaugh’s investigators or defense lawyers includes documents showing the Aryan Republican Army bank robbers possessed explosive blasting caps similar to those McVeigh stole and a driver’s license with the name of a central player who was robbed in the Oklahoma City plot.

“If the evidence is still there, then it should be checked out,” said Defenbaugh, who reviewed the documents at the request of the AP. “If I were still in the bureau, the investigation would be reopened.”

More than 160 died in blast
The bombing killed more than 160 people and McVeigh was put to death for it in 2001. His co-defendant, Terry Nichols, will stand trial in Oklahoma next week on state charges that carry the death penalty.

Reuters file

Convicted Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols, in a May 10, 1995 file photo.

Peter Langan, one member of the robbery gang, told the AP he plans to testify at Nichols’ trial and that federal prosecutors several years ago offered and then withdrew a plea deal for information he had about the Oklahoma City bombing.

Langan said at least three fellow gang members were in Oklahoma around the time of the bombing and one later confided to him that they had become involved. The gang “had some liability problems as it related to Oklahoma City,” Langan alleged in a phone interview from federal prison, where he is serving life sentences for the robbery spree involving nearly two dozen Midwest banks in the 1990s.

McVeigh’s ex-lawyer said the evidence obtained by the AP is the strongest to date to show what he has argued for years — that the bombing conspiracy may have involved more people than McVeigh and Nichols.

“I think these pieces close the circle, and they clearly show the bombing conspiracy consisted probably of 10 conspirators,” attorney Stephen Jones said. “They (government officials) simply turned their backs on a group of people for which there is credible evidence suggesting they were involved in the murder of 160 people.”

FBI and Justice Department officials declined comment, citing the upcoming trial.

Agents suspected link between McVeigh, robbers
Agents who worked both the McVeigh bombing and the bank robbery spree — two of the FBI’s highest priority cases of the 1990s — said they suspected a link between the two because of physical evidence as well as statements made by the robbers and a girlfriend.

But the agents said they ruled out a connection when the bank robbers denied their involvement and provided an alibi showing they left Oklahoma three days before McVeigh’s bomb detonated outside the Alfred P. Murrah federal building on April 19, 1995.

That alibi, however, was contradicted by information Langan offered prosecutors and by car sales records showing the bank robbers were still in the Oklahoma area after they claimed to have left, FBI documents show.

Defenbaugh said his investigators never were told about the license, the blasting caps or problems with the robbers’ alibi, all of which he first learned about from the AP this year.

He and other agents said there could be plausible explanations for each — blasting caps are plentiful and the bank robbers were experts in identification fraud — but those questions needed to be answered.

FBI officials couldn’t explain why certain information from the robbery investigation wasn’t shared with Defenbaugh’s team, even though the two teams worked together closely.

McVeigh in 1994 stole from a quarry hundreds of construction blasting caps, some which he used to explode the Oklahoma City bomb. The FBI spent months unsuccessfully trying to locate many of the other stolen caps.

Blasting caps in Christmas wrap
Agents collected witness testimony that McVeigh had placed some of the extra caps in two boxes wrapped in Christmas paper in the back of his car along with mercury switches and duffel bags.

One electric and five non-electric blasting caps were found in the Aryan Republican Army robbers’ Ohio hideout in January 1996, along with mercury switches, a duffel bag and two items described as a “Christmas package,” FBI records show. Rather than analyze the caps as evidence, the FBI allowed firefighters to destroy them at the scene.

The destruction “in itself was in total violation of the FBI’s regulations and the rules of evidence,” Defenbaugh said. “If there was Christmas wrapping paper, that should really have been a key to people. That should have keyed interest, and caused them to be compared by the laboratory to see if these were from McVeigh.”

The FBI took photos of the caps, but refused repeated requests from AP to release them.

Defenbaugh said he also was concerned his investigation was never told the bank robbers had an Arkansas drivers’ license in the name of Robert Miller, the alias name used by Arkansas gun dealer Roger Moore.

Robbery victim's driver's license
The government contended at McVeigh’s trial that Moore was robbed at his Hot Springs, Ark., home in November 1994, and the proceeds were used to fund the Oklahoma City bombing.

McVeigh was in Ohio the day Moore was robbed, staying in a hotel near a bank the robbers would hit just one month later.


FBI agents were so suspicious of a link they analyzed video footage of the robbery to see whether McVeigh participated, but the FBI lab reported the comparison of McVeigh’s picture to the bank surveillance video was inconclusive. That video was destroyed in 1999 by the FBI despite rules to the contrary.

A few months after Moore’s robbery, McVeigh and the gun dealer exchanged letters in which Moore went by the name Robert Miller, the same alias on the license bank robber Richard Guthrie possessed when he was arrested in 1996.

“If the license is the same as our Roger Moore, then I’m really concerned,” Defenbaugh said.

The FBI declined requests from AP to release a photo of the driver’s license.

Defenbaugh said he also was unaware that the government recovered a videotape from the robbers that included surveillance of several properties. Langan said he suspects the tape includes footage of Moore’s home where the 1994 robbery occurred.

Death row inmate adds to intrigue
Adding to the intrigue, a death row inmate who has written a book about his experiences with McVeigh inside prison alleges the convicted Oklahoma City bomber told him the bank robbery gang assisted the bombing plot.

David Paul Hammer, a convicted murderer set to be executed in June, said he has no way of knowing whether McVeigh told him the truth.

His book, due out next month, details what McVeigh told him about the robbers. Hammer claims he kept notes from his conversations and believes prison officials surreptitiously recorded some conversations.

“He (McVeigh) knew they were involved because he said he planned it with them,” Hammer said. “He said they were part of what he called his security detail.”

FBI agents acknowledged they investigated suspicions of a link between McVeigh and the bank robbers.

When bank robber Mark Thomas was indicted in January 1997 he told reporters that at least one gang member was involved in the Oklahoma bombing, according to a newspaper clip in FBI files. “Your young Mr. Wizard took out the Murrah building,” Thomas was quoted as saying of one of his bank robbery colleagues.

Ex-girlfriend tells of bombing threat
Thomas’ ex-girlfriend told FBI agents her boyfriend stated shortly before he traveled to a white supremacist compound at Elohim City, Okla., in spring 1995 that a federal building was about to be bombed.

“We are going to get them. We are going to hit one of their buildings during the middle of the day. It’s going to be a federal building,” Donna Marazoff quoted Thomas as saying during her FBI interview.

FBI agents also recovered a videotape from the bank robbers in which they vowed a war with the government and talked about a “courthouse massacre” while holding up a copy of an explosives manual.

Thomas could not be located for comment, but was quoted in FBI interview reports as saying “he could not recall ever saying anything to Donna Marazoff about blowing anything up or about taking part in any bombings.”

The FBI agents said they dropped the inquiry after Thomas, Guthrie and other members of the ARA gang were captured in 1996 and 1997, denied their involvement in McVeigh’s bombing and provided an alibi.

Questions about alibi
The alibi, according to FBI records, was that the bank robbers left Elohim City on April 16, 1995, and went to a house in Kansas to meet with Langan three days before the bombing. But the FBI’s own records conflicted with that account.

Used car sales records gathered by the FBI showed the gang purchased a truck on April 17, 1995, on the Oklahoma-Arkansas border, then returned to Elohim City to sell an old vehicle.

Langan said he offered to tell prosecutors back in 1996 that the bank robbers’ alibi was bogus. “They didn’t return to the house until the morning of April 20,” Langan claimed.

A January 1996 FBI teletype stated the FBI had received information from an informant that McVeigh had made repeated contacts with the Elohim City compound where the bank robbers frequently stayed.

The teletype said McVeigh called the compound April 5, 1995, on “a day that he was believed to have been attempting to recruit a second conspirator to assist in the OKBOMB attack.” At the time, at least two banks robbers were present, FBI records show.

Defenbaugh said while the evidence was never introduced at McVeigh’s trial, FBI agents did believe McVeigh was seeking to recruit additional help to facilitate his getaway. But he said the FBI failed to find any evidence McVeigh received help or made other contacts to Elohim City except for the one call.

The documents show FBI agents first suspected a possible link in summer 1995 when Guthrie left behind at the site of two bank robberies a newspaper article about the Oklahoma City bombing with McVeigh’s picture circled.

Langan said the robbers became fearful Guthrie might recklessly implicate them in the Oklahoma City bombing, and in fall 1995 discussed killing Guthrie. Guthrie eventually committed suicide after his capture by authorities the following spring.
2004 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


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