We Are At WAR
by Sheriff Mike

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Sent: Monday, May 29, 2000 8:51 AM
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Published: 05.24.00

We are at WAR. That's right, folks. We are again involved in the biggest
civil war America has ever seen. This war is different than most because our body count isn't high, although we do have one. This war is not North and South, this war is East and West. The sad thing is, right now the West is losing just like the South did. The rules of engagement are different and the weapons of choice for the most part are laws and regulations. The big leaders in the East are Clinton, Gore, and Babbitt the (C.G.& B). They do have allies in the West like Kitzhaber, DeFazio, and Wydon in each state. The prize is the land, as in all wars. They have already taken California, and Hawaii. The remaining 12 western states still are at war, but losing.

OK, I will explain. When a war is fought, most of the time it is the taking of land or turf and occupying it that shows who is winning. The victor then gets to make the rules for the people who live in that land and control them through government. That's kind of a basic way to describe war. Another way to help win a war is to destroy industry and roads and limit
the enemies' ability to mobilize and fight back. You can destroy their monetary system and make supplies hard to get. You can also send in spies and others behind enemy lines to disrupt and misguide (like Peter DeFazio). Then you move them out of their well-established homes and displace the leaders. You do not allow them to have any wealth and then you make them rely on you for everything they need to live on. Does any of this start to sound like what is happening in the West today?

First they started destroying our industries by protecting birds and fish. Look around Coos County and the West. You will not see the thriving rural area we had in the 1970's. The only thing we have left is our Ranch's and Farm's. Well, now they are taking them with the 4(d) rule and other land grabs. The C.G.&B. Team are now closing roads on federal land, without any approval from the Congress who is suppose to represent the people. They are taking more of our land with this same Presidential signature, and declaring it "Landscape Monuments," in Oregon, Montana, Colorado, and California. Stop and look at what they are doing in the Steens Mountains right here in Oregon.

Now, for troops, the C.G.& B. are using the city dwellers and turning them into environmentalists and animal rights wackos. They already provide for all the city dwellers' needs because they produce nothing in the way of natural resources or food. That makes them easy to control. However, they allow them to have money and wealth. The tools of power.

We, on the other hand, have only made a very feeble attempt to fight back by hiring our own mercenaries who we send to Congress to do battle for us. Well, that hasn't worked because we made big mistakes and elected the wrong people. We were sold out by people like Peter DeFazio, who by the way, is not from the West - he is a planted spy from the East; he sells us out every time he votes. Look at his record.

Any time we fight back in any way, troops are sent into the West and people are shot down and killed in the name of law and order, or burned out to show that we better not stand up and fight. We are under siege. The National Mainstream Media is also part of this campaign. They, like all our enemies before, use propaganda to indoctrinate us and make us bend to their will. We have been labeled, Hunter, Gun Owners, Cowboys, Red Necks, Patriots, Veterans, and True Americans just to name a few. Those at one time were not an insult and something to be proud of, like Militia.

They, (the C.G.&B.) have done their homework on setting up the War, and they are winning this War. You and I are going to be defeated and enslaved. There is one more step they need to take and that is to disarm us. Then they will not have to send in troops to do real battle with us. Well, the best defense is a strong offense, so we better start saying NO, and sending the right people to Washington DC to fight our battle for us. Send DeFazio back to Massachusetts and the Kennedys where he came from. Vote in a true Oregonian who is a combat veteran, like John Lindsey. He will do battle and help Gordon Smith and others stop this war. Look at local races like House District 48 and send Wayne Krieger to Salem to do battle for us. We need warriors, not wimps. Then and only then can we start taking back our land and rebuilding our industry and develop our natural resources for our use. Please help stop and win this Great Civil War.

Michael E. Cook, Coos County Sheriff, Retired.


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