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BRIGHT SKIES - PART 5 [Nexus Magazine Dec97-Jan98 edition]
Copyright =A9 1997/98 By Harry Mason B.Sc., M.Sc., M.A.I.M.M., M.I.M.M.,
F.G.S. (Geologist-Geophysicist)


On 19th. April 1995, at a few minutes after 9.00 am, Oklahoma City was
blasted by the "terrorist bombing" of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal
Building. One hundred and sixty eight men, women and children were killed,

and hundreds more were maimed or injured in this callous attack. The
building was nearly totally destroyed by the explosion, whilst severe
damage was inflicted on adjacent buildings, petering out at about a
one-mile radius from ground zero.

This event was soon blamed upon a "right-wing militia group" composed of
ex-Gulf War veterans utilising an ANFO bomb composed of from two to five
tonnes of ammonium nitrate and Diesel fuel-oil set up in a hire truck
parked in front of the target building. A robotic Timothy McVeigh was
recently convicted of the OKC "bombing", and his alleged accomplice Terry
Nichols awaits his trial (which is about to commence as this article goes
to press).

On the day of the event, I, like many others, watched the CNN TV feed of
the Oklahoma scene. Intriguingly, there were early reports of missiles
being seen coming down vertically into the building, but these reports
never resurfaced. A survivor with blood over his face was interviewed about

one hour into the rescue effort. He described how his life had been saved
by his previous domicile in California.

When the Murrah Building began to shake violently he recognised an
earthquake, just like those he had experienced in California, so he dived
under his fifth-floor desk. Some five-to-ten seconds of shaking later, a
huge explosion demolished the building around him, but the desk saved his

Then came reports that more bombs had been found, and a utility truck with
a small armoured bomb box in its tray was shown, whilst the FBI/Police
radio net delivered a conversation alleging large drums of mercury
fulminate explosive had been found attached to building support pillars
next to the lift shaft.

I became agitated, since I had never heard of earthquake-type effects
hitting a building before a bomb went off, and I knew mercury fulminate to
be an extremely unstable explosive and very unlikely to have survived a
major explosion. Also, the size of explosive drum reported then and later
photographed would have been far too large to fit in the armoured bomb box
that reportedly drove away with these dangerous prizes.

Explosives experts in Australia, the UK and USA (e.g., the General Partin
report) began to question the nature of the damage at OKC.

The gist of their theses is that low-velocity explosives like ANFO cannot
have demolished so many support pillars in the strange pattern seen at OKC

since the blast pressure falls off according to the inverse cube distance
law - yet some near-bomb pillars were still standing, whilst some further
away from the bomb were demolished by the blast. Their reports generally
invoke a need for very-high-velocity explosives and individual charges
attached to certain pillars inside the building - requiring hours of work
to fit out.

Personal friends with experience in mining explosives and Belfast IRA ANFO
terrorist-bomb damage have confirmed these points to me and have noted that
the crater that allegedly developed at OKC does not fit with the truck bomb
explanation or the truck's alleged parking lot position.

Another possible weapon candidate soon surfaced: the "A-Neutronic" bomb. In
this scenario, a mad criminal scientist (the infamous Michael Riconosciuto,
currently serving time in a US prison), developed for the US Government a
new super-weapon that involved blowing a cloud of chemicals into the air,
charging the cloud with a large excess of electrostatic energy by means of
a small rocket-carried "wire", and then detonating the resultant "fuel-air"
mix to create a small nuclear-type explosion.

I began to collect eyewitness reports and evidence from official source
publications and Internet sites relating to the OKC event. Then, in late
1996, I visited Oklahoma City and with the help of local author David
Hoffman examined the "bombing" site and interviewed local witnesses.

The outpourings of grief and anguish in the messages and card wreaths oF
the victims' relatives and friends, on the targeted building site's
protective fences, made me resolve to give this event my very best analysis
- to try to deduce the true nature of this explosive event and thereby help
indicate the culprits.

Seismic evidence recorded by local seismometers demonstrated a
double-pronged explosive energy event with two nearly identical
three-to-five-second, low-amplitude, multiple wave trains separated by a
null field, occurring over a nine-second interval. USGS geophysicists
argued that these two wave-packets were due to an initial ground "surface"
wave arriving before a secondary wave that had traveled via deeper
reflecting Earth layers, i.e., via the local basement. Other geophysicists
argued that there were two wave-packets, representing the "bomb's"
explosion followed by the building debris impacting with the ground.

These hypotheses were literally blown apart by the US Government's
explosive demolition action on the Alfred P. Murrah Building remains, which
failed completely to demonstrate a two-pronged seismic response that was in
any way similar to the original event recordings. The original and best
seismic recordings have been confiscated by the FBI, along with many other
items of evidence such as the City video-surveillance tapes. Hardly
surprisingly, none of this evidence surfaced in the McVeigh trial.

Along with the evidence of seismic action shaking the building some
five-to-ten seconds prior to any explosion or blast wave hitting the
building, there were several other mysterious pre-explosion events.

A policeman working at his computer noticed electrical sparks and streamers
in the wiring under the table several seconds before the explosion brought
the building down around him. A woman on an upper floor noted a strong
ionising electrical sensation and hot air-flow entering the windows several
seconds prior to the explosion which blew the same windows in on her. The
lights in the building went out some five seconds before the explosion. A
dictation tape recording made across the street from the "bombed" building
recorded a loud "click" a few seconds before it recorded the sound of a
huge explosion. This "click" was probably a local electromagnetic wave
spike of considerable intensity picked up by the recorder circuitry.

An eyewitness located in a car a couple of hundred metres from ground zero
observed a silver-white light flash or beam coming out of the top of the
building, followed by a large blue-white electrical arcing flash or beam,
followed by an orange-red light flash or beam that shot out from the top of
the building.

These electrical and light effects took some five seconds and were
immediately followed by a "loud swarm of bees type vibrational noise" which
preceded the actual explosion. (Reports of missiles may have been mistaken
identification of these pre-explosion energy beams.)

The light flashes with beams and the "swarm of bees noise" were followed
immediately by two explosive shock waves, one trailing immediately on the
other, that propagated out and away from the base of the building. These
waves lifted the ground and buildings violently upwards. The witness called
this the "lid effect". The outgoing expansion waves, that threw people away
from ground zero, were immediately followed by return implosion shock waves
- that threw the same persons back towards ground zero.

Several cars located on the above-ground carpark had electronic ignition
computers completely burnt out electrically by the event. Two cars had
factory-fitted digital magnetic compasses that were later found to have
been thrown out by 180=B0 and 45=B0 respectively. Many nearby office computers
went down with burnt-out circuit- boards. These facts point strongly to
major EM pulse having struck the area associated with the explosion.

The local area damage from the OKC event was huge. I cannot emphasise
enough how devastated this area was. I was quite amazed when I visited the
site. Entire blocks of explosion damaged office buildings had been
demolished since the event, due to their shattered state, some nearly a
mile away from ground zero. Large open spaces, where buildings had existed,
were surrounded by boarded-up buildings with no windows, no roofs, and
heavily shattered internal concrete beams and supporting pillars.

I saw the intense damage inside the newspaper building (which was adjacent
to ground zero and the Alfred P. Murray building) - where internal dividing
walls had been smashed asunder, and horizontal three-foot-square reinforced
concrete beams sagged down everywhere. This building had been built to very
high 1930s standards to withstand tornadoes, yet it was wrecked. Many
buildings had entire windowsills forced back in with their front brick
walls sagging inwards. Nearer to ground zero, large, one-foot-wide,
floor-and-wall reinforcing steel H-girders were twisted like spaghetti into
grotesque shapes amidst the ruins of entire floors blown away to dust and

I showed a suite of local damage photos to retired SAS trooper friends,
with experience in IRA ANFO bomb damage. They were as amazed as I was, and
stated categorically that this was no ANFO damage. They said it would
almost not have mattered how large an ANFO bomb had been detonated, it
could not have caused the damage seen in the photos and/or described in the
US literature.

Funnily, the FBI released film of ANFO car-bomb test explosions that show
significant fireball or fiery effects from such explosives. Yet no
witnesses have described any fiery explosion or flames -just strange,
pre-explosion light flashes or beams followed by pure energy waves, with
very high temperature plasma-type heat effects noted on nearby car paint.

It is my contention that the OKC event was the result of a double-pronged
Tesla type EM weapon strike that caused the Earth's dielectric field to
erupt up through the building - the light flashes. The building shook first
because of harmonic reaction of the building and bedrock to the first EM
wave packet which also blew out the building's electrical supply and
created the various computer, digital compass and ionising hot-air effects.
Having rocked the building sufficiently to effect severe structural
cracking damage, the EM weapon mode was advanced in power and style by a
second strike to initiate explosive atomic-bond rupture and literally blow
the building material apart.

No conventional or nuclear explosive, including a so-called "A-Neutronic"
bomb, can cause seismic shaking and electrical light-energy effects in a
structure, several seconds before the explosion blast-wave hits.

Oblique aerial photos of the Murrah Building show two nearly vertical,
tubelike damage forms running through the building. These represent
slightly displaced near-vertical but divergent beam-pulse orientations,
suggesting an orbital platform was involved in the action.

Any bomb or militia-terrorist character to this event was set in train by
those who hit the building, or by the US Government to ensure that the true
nature of the weapon system and its technology was hidden from public, and
possibly other US Government personnel, knowledge.

This implies that a faction from within, (or above !), the US Government
was responsible. Either that, or the US Government was warned well in
advance that this particular building would be hit that day by an advanced
weapon over which there was no defence - so it quickly found a patsy and
built up a cover story to keep the public in their advanced mental state of
"mushroom" .

"Need-to-know" secrecy policy suggests that there then entered a @#%$-up of
horrific dimensions. Lower-level personnel had been searching for a bomb
earlier that morning, having been told that the building was targeted for
bombing by terrorists, but, in failing to find it, they then did not
proceed to evacuate the building. Higher government levels, having decided
to hide the horrible truth from even their own operatives, had to have a
plausible McVeigh militia-type event on hand. The Alcohol, Tobacco and
Firearms personnel were better served, as were the Judges in the adjacent
court house - they were all warned to stay away that day.

Secret Service personnel engaged in anti-drug operations were in their
offices which lay in the centre of the damage and were wiped out by this
OKC event.

Interestingly, similar terrorist- bombing events in the past were
apparently aimed at the same anti-drug Secret Service in both the downing
of the Lockerbie Pan Am jumbo and the "bombing" of the New York World Trade
Centre. Indeed, it is possible that this entire series of events is being=20
fought over a drugs empire.


"Silence can only be equated with fraud when there is a legal or moral duty to speak, or when an inquiry left unanswered would be intentionally misleading... We cannot condone this shocking conduct... If that is the case we hope our message is clear. This sort of deception will not be tolerated and if this is routine it should be corrected immediately" U.S. v. Tweel 550 F2d 297, 299-300.
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