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Harris pleads guilty, is free

Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 22:14:03 PST

Harris pleads guilty, is free Anthrax case March 25, 1998 By Robert Ruth Larry Wayne Harris, the Lancaster, Ohio, microbiologist obsessed with the threat of germ warfare, will remain free, a federal judge ruled yesterday. Harris, 46, who gained worldwide notoriety in February when he was accused of possessing deadly anthrax in Las Vegas, was able to avoid jail time despite pleading guilty yesterday to violating two conditions of an earlier probation.


Those probation violations came to light during the anthrax investigation. Curtis Griffith Jr., Harris' attorney, called the violations "fairly minor.'' U.S. District Judge Joseph P. Kinneary apparently agreed. Toward the end of a 15-minute hearing yesterday, the judge extended Harris' current probation by five months but did not sentence him to jail. Under sentencing guidelines, Kinneary could have ordered Harris to jail for up to nine months. Kinneary had placed Harris on 18 months' probation on April 22, 1997, after Harris pleaded guilty to a count of wire fraud after illegally obtaining three vials of freeze-dried bubonic plague germs through the mail.


The original probation was to have expired in October, but Kinneary yesterday extended it to March 24, 1999. Asked later about his reaction to the judge's finding, Harris said, "Fantastic.'' Dressed in a gray two- piece suit and dark striped tie, Harris walked from the U.S. Courthouse hand-in-hand with his wife, Carol. Harris' latest run-in with the law began Feb. 18 when authorities in Las Vegas charged him and a colleague, William Job Leavitt Jr., 47, of Logandale, Nev., with conspiracy and possession of anthrax to be used as a weapon. Those charges were dropped Feb. 22 after Army scientists discovered the substance the men had was harmless anthrax vaccine. Leavitt was freed, but Harris remained in jail because federal authorities in Columbus charged him with violating conditions of the probation Kinneary imposed last year.


On March 6, U.S. Magistrate Mark R. Abel dismissed the two most serious probation violation charges -- that Harris committed new federal and local crimes and that he possessed infectious bacteria. Abel also ordered Harris freed from jail on his own recognizance. Yesterday's hearing involved two remaining allegations -- that Harris misrepresented his credentials by claiming a past affiliation with the CIA and that he failed to notify probation officers of his whereabouts while in Las Vegas. Griffith characterized the CIA claims as "misstatements . . . slips of the tongue'' during a TV interview in Las Vegas and during testimony in a trial in Warren County, Ohio. Harris' failure to notify probation officers in Columbus that he was switching hotels in Las Vegas was an oversight, Griffith said. Probation officers earlier had given his client permission to travel to Las Vegas, Griffith said.


Kinneary seemed to sympathize with Harris' remarks on television, blaming a TV interviewer more than Harris. "It's hard resisting prompting from interviewers,'' Kinneary said. "Just watch Meet the Press on Sunday.'' Harris, a former white supremacist turned born- again Christian, told the judge, "I apologize to the court for causing any inconvenience.'' Kinneary also ordered Harris to report each Monday morning in person to probation officers in Columbus for the next two months and to perform 50 hours of community service. Kinneary also prohibited Harris from claiming any affiliation with the CIA or any other federal, state or local government agency. This prohibition is similar to one Kinneary imposed last April. No witnesses were called at yesterday's hearing.


Details for the hearing reportedly were worked out during a closed-door conference last week among Kinneary, Griffith and assistant U.S. attorneys Dana M. Peters and Michael Marous. Since his first arrest in May 1995 on the bubonic plague charge, the government has argued that Harris is a dangerous man with ties to the white- supremacist, anti-government movement. While he once held neo-Nazi beliefs, Harris says, he now is a born-again Christian only interested in protecting America against the threat of biological terrorism from Iraq and other foreign countries. He ordered the bubonic plague germs in 1995 in an attempt to develop antidotes to the plague, Harris contends. He possessed anthrax vaccine in Las Vegas for a similar purpose, Harris has said. ============================================================

Without Justice, there is JUST US! American Patriot Friends Network (APFN) (Founded, Feb. 1993) Kenneth L. Vardon, Founder



Biodiversity Map

us-wild.jpg (330791 bytes)


These maps are based on the strategy and procedures laid out in what is known as the Wildlands Project and the UN/US Man and the Biosphere Program (MAB). Both are based on the need of protecting biological diversity using core wilderness reserves which are surrounded by buffer zones that variably regulate human activity to protect the attributes of the core reserves (see below). Areas not included in core reserves or buffer zones are zones of cooperation where regulations are designed to favor biodiversity and ecosystems.

The Statutory Framework of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves, The Seville Agreement for the MAB Program, and the Strategic Plan for the USMAB all state the MAB Program is designed to help implement the Convention of Biological Diversity, a treaty currently before the US Senate for ratification. Likewise, Section of the United Nations Global Biodiversity Assessment defines the Wildlands Project as the basis for preserving biodiversity for the Convention on Biological Diversity. The Wildlands Project is based on the science of conservation biology and was developed by Dr. Michael Soule', co-founder and first president of the Society for Conservation Biology; Dr. Reed Noss, current editor for the journal of Conservation Biology; and David Foreman, co-founder and longtime leader of Earth First!

The science of conservation biology was largely created by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of nature). These include the EPA, US Forest Service, US National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife Federation, Natural Resources Defense Council, The Nature Conservancy, Society for Conservation Biology, and many others. The IUCN is also one of the primary promoters and developers of the Convention on Biological Diversity. This perhaps explains why the US Government and environmental organizations appear to be working in concert to implement the Wildlands project and Biodiversity Treaty even though the treaty has not been ratified.

This map is drawn under the supervision of a Ph.D. in Ecology, and follows instructions provided by the Wildlands Project, the UN/US MAB, and the rapidly increasing control within US counties through the UN/US Heritage programs. This is especially true for counties having federal land, particularly in the Western US. The map incorporates, when available, actual maps as well as a multitude of government and environmental literature demanding various reserves or national parks interconnected with corridors.


"Conservation must be practiced on a truly grand scale," claims Reed Noss. And grand it is. Taken from the article "The Wildlands Project: Land Conservation Strategy" in the 1992 special issue of Wild Earth, Noss provides the whopping dimensions of this effort.

Core reserves are wilderness areas that supposedly allow biodiversity to flourish. "It is estimated," claims Noss, "that large carnivores and ungulates require reserves on the scale of 2.5 to 25 million acres.

...For a minimum viable population of 1000 [large mammals], the figures would 242 million acres for grizzly bears, 200 million acres for wolverines, and 100 million acres for wolves. Core reserves should be managed as roadless areas (wilderness). All roads should be permanently closed."

Corridors are "extensions of reserves....Multiple corridors interconnecting a network of core reserves provide functional redundancy and mitigate against disturbance....Corridors several miles wide are needed if the objective is to maintain resident populations of large carnivores."

Buffer zones should have two or more zones "so that a gradation of use intensity exists from the core reserve to the developed landscape.

Inner zones should have low road density (no more than 0.5 mile/square mile) and low-intensity use such as...hiking, cross-country skiing, birding, primitive camping, wilderness hunting and fishing, and low-intensity silviculture (light selective cutting)."


While this effort has a noble mission, the implications are staggering. As noted in the June 25, 1993 issue of Science, it "is nothing less than the transformation of America to an archipelago of human-inhabited islands surrounded by natural areas."

According to the Wildlands Project, "One half of the land area of the 48 conterminous [united] states be encompassed in core [wilderness] reserves and inner corridor zones (essentially extensions of core reserves) within the next few decades....Half of a region in wilderness is a reasonable guess of what it will take to restore viable populations of large carnivores and natural disturbance regimes, assuming that most of the other 50 percent is managed intelligently as buffer zone." (Noss, 1992) If fully implemented, the Convention On Biological Diversity would have to displace millions of people through unacceptable regulations, nationalization of private land, and forcing people to move out of core reserve areas and inner buffer zones. It would seriously reduce the production of agriculture, forest, and mining products. In the process, millions of Americans could lose their jobs. In turn, the resulting scarce resources means the rest of us are going to pay double and triple for these products.

This may sound insane, but it's either being planned or implemented right now across America. Land is being condemned or zoned in reserves, corridors or buffer zones under a variety of names to reestablish or protect biodiversity and/or specific species. Should these quasi-religious theories and pseudo-science determine our future?


What science is really showing is that there is no clear evidence that reserves and corridors work or are even needed. Rather, good forest management, including the use of clearcutting, enhance biodiversity and sustainability:

* "The theory has not been properly validated and the practical value of biogeographic principles for conservation remains unknown....The theory provides no special insights relevant to conservation."Zimmerman, B.L. and R.O. Bierregaard. 1986. Journal of Biogeography 13:133-143.

* The theory behind the need for reserves and corridors is being "increasingly heavily inapplicable to most of nature, largely because local population extinction was not demonstrated." Simberloff, D.J. Farr, J. Cox, and D. Mehlman. 1992. "Movement Corridors: Conservation Bargains or Poor investment?" Conservation Biology 6(4): 495.

* "No unified theory combines genetic, demographic, and other forces threatening small populations, nor is their accord on the relative importance of these threats." Ibid.

* "There are still few data, and many widely cited reports are unconvincing....[The theory that reserves and corridors] "facilitate movement is now almost an article of faith." Ibid.

* "Studies that have been frequently cited as illustrating corridor use for faunal movement, do not, in fact, provide clear evidence." Of those that do support the need for corridors, wooded fence rows are adequate for many species, while only a few require well vegetated strips. Hobbs, R.J. 1992. "The Role of Corridors in Conservation: Solution or Bandwagon?" Tree 7(11): 389.

The science used in the Convention Biological Diversity does not work and may actually reduce biodiversity. The implications of this treaty are enormous and must be thoroughly reviewed before it is considered for ratification.

Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 23:49:26 EST
Cynthia & all,

It is water based JP - 8 + di ethylene bromide+ an unknown biological
agent that matastacizes to the lungs to the best of my knowledge thus far.
See Cynthia's important 2nd attachment.

joe 6pk said it

In a message dated 98-04-04 17:56:11 EST, you write:


I was looking at this
page from the website mentioned at the end of this, and saw where
over-exposure to Benzene could trigger allergic reactions to many other
things. I couldn't remember, but thought Benzene was what I had seen
mentioned as being in the jet contrails.

This is a good article about vitamin therapy for Gulf War veterans who
are ill and looks like a pretty good website to check out. You know, it
can't be a coincidence that they are trying to reduce availability to
higher-dose vitamins worldwide through CODEX and spraying to make
people sick and who knows what other ways they have to kill people by
disease. It almost has to be part of the population control program
by the Club of Rome which the article I just saw from Angie Carlson
mentions. These people are truly satanic.


Date: Sat, 04 Apr 1998 09:06:57 -0800


Posted to the web: Mon Mar 30 16:55:39 EST 1998

By William Thomas

VICTORIA, British Columbia, Canada, March 30, 1998 (ENS) - Sergeant
Mike Kipling's refusal to line up for experimental anthrax shots in
Kuwait last week could see the Canadian Forces flight engineer court
marshaled, stripped of rank and locked in a stockade.

But just taking his anthrax pills had already made him sick. And the
experimental vaccine was not licensed for use by Canadian health
authorities. Was Kipling being paranoid or prescient in his refusal to
be another military guinea pig?

Whether inserted into a vaccine or a warhead, this virulent cattle
disease has proven tricky to control. Scotland's Gruinard Island is
still under quarantine following British anthrax experiments during
World War II. Thirty years later, an explosion at Sverdlovsk's secret
Microbiology and Virology Institute spread almost 10 kilograms of dry
anthrax spores over Boris Yeltsin's hometown, killing scores of Soviet
citizens. Pointing to US biowar efforts, AIDS expert Dr. Robert Gallo
also notes that "the anthrax building is contaminated and off-limits
at Fort Detrick."

Saddam's scientists had been weaponizing anthrax since 1988, after 19
containers of anthrax were received at the Salman Pak biowar complex
near Baghdad. The White House approved shipments were later identified
by the U.S. defense department as a "major component" in Iraq's
biological warfare program. They had been sent by the American Type
Culture Collection, a company located just down the road from the U.S.
Army's germ warfare labs at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Washington's hope was to help kill enough Iranian conscripts to save
Saddam's regime from losing an eight-year war it had urged him to
undertake. By 1990, U.S. intelligence estimated that Salman Pak had
produced at least a ton of anthrax, botulinum toxin and another
disease called clostridium perfringens.

Within a week of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, urgent classified messages
from Fort Detrick warned U.S. commanders that anthrax could infect
wide areas if released by agricultural sprayers mounted on Iraqi
trucks. At least 25 al Hussein warheads were also tipped with anthrax,
botulinum, or aflatoxin.

At Tallil airfield in southern Iraq, reconnaissance photos also showed
SU-22 ground-attack jets equipped with spray tanks capable of dousing
allied troops with 2,000 liters of anthrax. U.S. Department of Defence
Intelligence reports reveal that the first wave of anthrax attackers
was shot down.

But on January 19, 1991, as SCUD missiles spread a skin-burning yellow
mist over the coalition centre at al Jubayl, a single enemy aircraft
was logged by Central Command "overhead at time of explosion traveling
at high rate of speed." The American radio net soon reported anthrax
in hundreds of dead sheep and camels outside that Saudi city.

Just five days later, the U.S. Army's 513th Military Intelligence
Brigade confirmed that King Khalid Military City - another big
coalition complex in Saudi Arabia - had been hit by anthrax.

With this record of documented anthrax attacks, there could be no
doubt that Kipling and his cohorts faced further biological mayhem.
But their most immediate germ warfare threat came from their own
forces. Everyone had heard how tens of thousands of Americans, Brits
and Canadians had become ill during Desert Storm after taking
experimental anti-chemical warfare pills and at least 10 different
vaccinations for anthrax and other plagues - often in a single

Among surveyed Gulf War veterans, 43 percent said they became ill
immediately after taking anthrax shots. Some platoons saw half their
members sicken from this vaccine-induced "Saudi flu."

The anthrax inoculations given to 400 Canadian soldiers in Kuwait last
month came from the same U.S. stockpiles. As far back as 1990, the
U.S. Food and Drug Administration expressed concern about a vaccine
that was then nearly 20 years old.

Hoping to boost its effectiveness in time for Desert Storm, American
medicos added an adjuvent called squalene to the anthrax mix. Squalene
is not approved for human use. After the war, nearly three out of four
anthrax-vaccinated GI's tested positive for squalene antibodies.

"We found soldiers who never left the United States but who got shots
who are sick, and they have squalene in their systems," reported an
independent scientist hired by New York's Insight magazine. "The
sicker an individual, the higher the level of antibodies for this
[squalene] stuff."

Pamela Asa, a Tennessee immunologist who first suggested the adjuvent
angle to Gulf War Illness investigators in 1995, says that autoimmune
disorders from squalene vary from person to person. "But it's still
the same disease process, basically...neurological disease."

This sounds scary enough to justify Kipling's caution and defiance.
But the anthrax vaccines administered to U.S. and Canadian soldiers
during the Gulf War were most likely also contaminated by a
sexually-transmissible bug called mycoplasma Fermentans.

Once injected into the bloodstream, this microscopic bacteria can
cause heart problems, organ failure and crippling symptoms resembling
rheumatoid arthritis.

In sworn Congressional testimony, leading Gulf War Illness researchers
Gath and Nancy Nicholson stated that, "With reports of anthrax
detected at KKMC in Saudi Arabia and other exposures possibly by
residue of bombings, anthrax in the sand, or anthrax in SCUD missiles
with airburst CBW warheads, it would appear that the anthrax vaccines

Unfortunately, the impecably-credentialled microbiologists added,
"there is no known vaccine against the m. Fermentans that is present
in anthrax preparations."

The Nicholsons testified that because so many sick veterans had been
vaccinated but never sent to the Gulf, the mycoplasma Fermentans they
were seeing in nearly half of their Gulf War patients must have been
injected into their veins through contaminated anthrax vaccines.

It would not have been the first time. In the spring of 1976,
thousands of U.S. Marines and Air Force personnel were injected with
experimental mycoplasma vaccines. Many became sick with autoimmune
disorders resembling chronic fatigue syndrome or multiple sclerosis.
At least one volunteer later tested positive for both mycoplasma
Fermentans and anthrax.

Was Sergeant Kipling justified in refusing to obey a direct order? A
military court will decide.

{William Thomas is the author of Bringing the War Home, a recently
published book on the Gulf bio-war. The information on military
anthrax experiments by the British, Soviets and Americans comes from
his earlier book, Scorched Earth. Thomas' writing on the lingering
after-effects of the Gulf War have appeared on the Environment News
Service, in the Vancouver Sun, Globe & Mail, and the Toronto Star
newspapers as well as Ecodecision and Monday magazines. His
award-winning Gulf War footage has aired on the CBC, CNN, IKON
(Holland) and NBC networks. He can be reached at Email:
[1] ; Website: [2]

The Environment News Service is exclusively hosted by
the [10]EnviroLink Network. Copyright c 1998 ENS, Inc.


US Admits Biological Warfare Test On Troops

Every one Needs To Read This!!!!

The progression of the killer lie

Flu 'Oddities'

Keep an eye out April 4th-10th 2005!!!! WARGAMES!!!



See about fusarium fungus/virus mutation in

List of murdered scientists..

Population Control

More On Bio-War

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